Launching Eggless Cooking Forums

Eggless Cooking Forums

When I started last year, I did not have big plans for it. I was drawn towards baking but did not want to use eggs. So I was collecting egg free baking recipes from various websites and blogs and pasting the links in a Word document, which was becoming very difficult to manage. One fine morning I told my husband that I wanted to start a website to put all these links under one roof. Actually I didn’t even know what a blog was then! At first he did not take it seriously. Why would he? It was not the first time when I’m all excited about a new idea but lose interest after a couple of days! After a lot of nagging, he listened to what I had to tell and started working on it and thankfully I too have not lost interest until now.

The interesting feature of having a blog as against a website is the interaction going between the blogger and the visitor. Food bloggers visit other blogs leave comments, try their recipes, participate in their food events and build a nice relationship. But I felt I was not giving a proper platform to other visitors (non bloggers) to communicate with each other, share their recipes, baking experiences etc. Some of them were posting recipes in the comments section (under various posts) and I was also getting a lot of egg free recipes via email. I thought it was high time I did something about it. So I present to everybody Eggless Cooking Forums!

So non-bloggers, in this forum you can create a support group if you or your loved ones have egg allergies, brainstorm about egg substitutes, share your egg free baking recipes and upload pictures of your creation, request eggless recipes, troubleshoot a baking problem, etc. No more excuses for not participating in the events I conduct in If you have a recipe fitting the event, submit the recipe under the respective category, use Photobucket, Flickr, etc to upload the picture. I’ll pick it from there and include your recipe in the round up.

Wait, wait, wait! Let me make it clear! This forum is open to everybody (bloggers as wells as non bloggers). I won’t exclude you, my dear blogging buddies. You too can post the egg free baking recipes you have posted in your blog, so it will reach the people who are looking for it. You can also benefit from adding your blog’s URL in the Signature field.

What are you waiting for? Join now!

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  1. Keerthana says:

    Maduram, thank you:) I had googled too, but couldn’t find it. Hats off to you! Okay, now i will try asking for Natron and let you know.

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