A New Beginning!

January 14th, 2010 Madhuram Posted in Announcements, Festivals of India 29 Comments »

Pongal Greetings

The title must have made you curious right? Before I proceed to make the announcement I would like to wish all my Hindu readers a very Happy Pongal/Makara Sankranthi.

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EgglessCooking.com on Fox News!

June 1st, 2009 Madhuram Posted in Announcements 103 Comments »

I’m very excited to announce that EgglessCooking.com was featured on FOX Morning News in Houston and was selected as the website of the day (May 26th, 2009). Here is the video clip!

It’s been a year already!

March 15th, 2009 Madhuram Posted in Announcements 56 Comments »

Yes, EgglessCooking.com has turned one today. When I started it, I was not much of a baker. My baking experience was limited only to Indira’s Banana and Carrot cake. I had tried that cake a couple of times with various modifications. I would say that the continued success from trying that recipe only kindled my passion for baking. Even though I was visiting her blog regularly, at that time I didn’t know that it was a blog and there were so many other food blogs maintained by people passionate about baking and cooking. While exploring her blog I saw the food blogs list. I started visiting each and every blog in search of eggless baking recipes, bookmarked as and when I found any. While doing this I realized that there were many people out there searching for eggless recipes. One day I got this idea, why not put all the eggless recipes I have collected so far under one page so it would be helpful for others too. My husband liked the idea too.

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Announcing Egg Replacement Event – Flax Seed Meal

October 15th, 2008 Madhuram Posted in Announcements, Egg Replacements, Food Blog Events 51 Comments »

Flax Seed Meals

This page specifically describes how to use flax seed meal as an egg substitute in baking. Check out other possible egg substitute ingredients, quantity, and best suitable baking recipes here.

Do you know that flax is grown both for its seeds and for fiber? Yes, don’t be surprised. Various parts of this versatile plant are used to make fiber, dye, paper, medicines and soap. The next 30 days we are going to try recipes which use these flaxseeds as egg substitutes. Flax seeds come in 2 basic varieties, brown and yellow/golden and both these types are the most concentrated source of essential omega-3 fatty acids, so it should be a part of our diet even if it is not used as an egg substitute. I top it on both cold and hot cereals, smoothies, milkshakes and salads.

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