Fiber and Protein packed Chickpeas Idli and Plum Thokku (Pickle)

April 17th, 2009 Madhuram Posted in From Other Blogs, Idli/Dosa/Adai, Pickles/Chutneys, Vegan Main Dishes, Vegan Side Dishes 25 Comments »

Chickpeas Idly

I don’t remember exactly how I got this idea of including mashed chickpeas in the idli batter. I guess I was inspired by Red Chillies’ soy bean dosa or my chickpeas poori. I decided to grind one can of chickpeas (15.5oz) into a smooth paste and mix it with the regular idli batter. A can of chickpeas has approximately 23-25 grams protein and fiber each. That’s a lot of nutrition. I do agree that to get the entire benefit one has to consume about 40 idlis which is not possible. But I believe that healthy additions like this even in small quantities if done on a daily basis would help us in achieving overall well being. Another bonus if you have kids who don’t eat their legumes this is a nice trick. My son couldn’t tell any difference and he ate more than usual.

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Methi Recipes – Side Dish

December 1st, 2008 Madhuram Posted in From Other Blogs, Side Dish, Vegan Side Dishes 20 Comments »

I cook greens at least twice a week. Earlier it was only spinach and methi. Only recently I started using beet greens, swiss chard, turnip greens etc. Even though methi is bitter we all like it in our family. Our favorites are the methi theplas, sambar in the beet greens sambar method and another dry curry using channa daal and methi leaves.

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Beet Leaves Sambar

September 13th, 2008 Madhuram Posted in Side Dish, Vegan Side Dishes 11 Comments »

Beet Greens Sambar

My grandmother used to prepare a sambar using methi (fenugreek leaves) leaves called “Pulla Keera” meaning tangy greens. It requires little more tamarind than the regular sambar and a tempering of mustard seeds, fenugreek (methi seeds) and green chillies which gives this side dish an unique flavor. Toor daal rice mixed with ghee, spicy potato roast and this sambar is simply a heavenly combination.

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Oven Roasted Cauliflower – South Indian Style

August 11th, 2008 Madhuram Posted in Salt and Spicy, Side Dish, Vegan Side Dishes 59 Comments »

Oven Roasted Cauliflower Fries

Cauliflower is my husband’s favorite vegetable, so I try to cook different dishes with it.  Nupur’s Cauliflower Soup has become such a hit in my house, these days even my mother is asking me to make it quite often.  While searching the net I came to know about oven roasted cauliflower and was so tempted to try it.  There are 1001 recipes available throughout the net for roasted cauliflower and this is my version.

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