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Author Topic: Sticky: Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting  (Read 36697 times)
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« on: July 12, 2009, 05:24:09 pm »

Please read through these rules before posting in the forums.

This will help to ensure a more productive and user-friendly environment.

1: Only Lacto-Vegetarian and Vegan Discussions.
Restrict your discussion to vegetarian and vegan topics.  Consider this while submitting and requesting recipes too.

2: Questions pertaining to recipes in my blog.

If you have any specific question in a recipe from the blog, use the comment section in the blog under the appropriate post.  Do not ask it here.  The same thing holds good for feedback too. This will benefit other visitors who intend to try that recipe.

3: Topic titles should be as specific as possible.
For example, 'How much flax seed meal for 1 egg' as opposed to 'flax seed meal'. This makes it easier if other visitors have a similar problem and are searching the boards for an answer.

4: Do not post topic titles or posts mostly in CAPS or with excessive exclamation marks.
This is distracting and is often seen as shouting.

5: Do not to make short posts containing only 1-2 words.
Meaningless posts such as "Okay!" "Lol!" "Haha" etc will be removed without notice.

6: Try not to double post - edit your original post instead if within the time limit.
New posts can be edited within 15 minutes of posting by clicking on the 'Modify' button.

7: Watch your language.
Please be courteous to other members.  If you have any issues click the "Report to moderator" button available in the dialogue box.

8: No Plagiarism.
While submitting recipes, be sure to mention the source of the recipe.  Use only pictures taken by you.  Read more about this in Share Egg Free Recipes Board.

Thank you for reading. These rules are subject to change at any time.

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