Uma's Murmura Upma - Your Recipe Rocks.

Poha Upma

Yesterday I prepared Uma's Murmura (Pori) Upma.  The upma was absolutely delicious.  It's a very light meal, suited for breakfast with some tea/coffee or juice or can be given as after school/work snack.  I made it for my husband, but that day he came from office around 6.15pm.  We usually have dinner around 6.30pm.  So he ate the upma and I also prepared his favorite cracked wheat kanji for dinner.   

I followed the basic recipe, but the modifications I made were adding some peanuts while tempering, 4 tablespoons of crushed tomatoes instead of fresh ones, some curry powder and 4 cups of murmura (pori) instead of 2 cups mentioned in the recipe.  I wish I had prepared some more.  I would suggest using 4 cups of pori per adult.  While measuring the dry pori you would think that it's a lot, but once you soak it in water, drain the water and sauteed it wilts.  Uma, your recipe rocks!  I'm gonna keep preparing this regularly.   I can already imagine a number of variations to this basic recipe.