Announcing Egg Substitute Event – Yogurt/Buttermilk

Yogurt/Buttermilk ~ Egg Substitute Event

Like always I have received a lot of entries for the Vinegar event too. This time I have also received recipes from 2 visitors who are not food bloggers. I will post their recipes this week and do the round up next week.

I have chosen yogurt as this month’s theme. Buttermilk is also included. Vegans can use soy yogurt. I think this will be the last substitute in this series. I see that lecithin, gelatin, arrowroot powder, soy flour etc are also mentioned as egg substitutes, but I think that they are not as versatile as the ones which we have covered already. One of the visitor here (Sadhana) mentioned about Chia seeds as egg substitute. I found out that it is similar to that of flax seed powder substitution. You have to powder the chia seeds and blend it with water. So I’m going to take a pass on that. If anybody has any other egg substitute in mind, please let me know.

I’ve not used either yogurt or buttermilk as an egg substitute. From various sources I understand that if there are no other ingredients to make the baked item rise, then one of these can be used in place of the egg. Replace the liquid in the recipe with same amount of buttermilk or thinned yogurt. But I’m also going to try using 1/4 cup of yogurt/buttermilk in place of 1 egg. Let’s wait and see which one works.

Now for the rules of the event:

1. Bake anything from cookies, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, breads, tarts, pies, etc using yogurt/buttermilk/soy yogurt and post about it in your blog between March 18th and April 18th 2009.

2. Post the recipe in your blog, with a picture and link back to this post. Also feel free to share your experiences and tips while using the substitute regardless of the outcome. This would provide the much needed insight about that particular egg substitute.

3. Since the idea behind the event is to help those who are searching for tried and tested eggless baking recipes, you can also send me the recipes which you have posted earlier in your blog using yogurt/buttermik/soy yogurt as an egg substitute. Reposting is not necessary, but link it to this event. That being said, I would really appreciate if you could try new recipes too and post it, because eggless recipes are never enough.

4. Also multiple entries are welcome more than ever for this event.

5. Email me your name, blog URL, name of the recipe, recipe URL, photo in 150wx120h size to ere(at)egglesscooking(dot)com with Yogurt as the subject.

6. Non bloggers are also welcome to send your recipes, tips and picture of your creation and I will include it in the round up.

Check here for recipes using yogurt/buttermilk as egg substitute.

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  2. Priya

    Hi Madhuram,
    I have sent my entry for the event.
    Do have a look.

  3. Maya

    Hi Madhu,
    I just sent you my entry, hope you got it. Thans for this theme.

  4. Stef


    Posted my first entry to the contest…my soon-to-be world famous Berry Buckwheat Pancakes! I really enjoyed making these and look forward to making more varieties.

    Please let me know if you’d like a photo emailed, I’d be happy to provide…

  5. Erin

    I have a tiny blog on myspace I post on from time to time and I have a couple recipes I used buttermilk in. I am nervous to enter for the first time! If I can figure out how to link back and resize my pictures I will submit!

    Erin, will send you a mail shortly.

  6. Uma Ramesh


    As, we dont like the taste of soy yogurt, I usually use curdled soymilk in place of buttermilk. I curdle soymilk with lemon juice.can I send such recipes for ur event?

    Sure Uma, I wanted to mention it, but forgot to. Will include it in the announcement. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Uma Ramesh

    Wow !! yet an another one! great job..

  8. Vaishali

    I’ll try to think of something with soy yogurt. I do use it in baked goods, but usually as a yogurt or buttermilk substitute, and not as an egg replacer. Gotta try it.

  9. Ramya

    I have been following your posts for the past 2 months. I will try to participate in your event. By the way I think you have to change your point 5 to ‘Yogurt’ as subject instead of ‘Vinegar’

    Thanks Ramya. I will change it.

  10. A&N

    I’m going to try seriously this time. Promise!

    Hope you can make it.

  11. Sumathi

    I have never tried yogurt/buttermilk.. Will try sending in an entry..

  12. Aparna

    I seem to miss out on this every time! Let me see if I can do this one.:)

  13. Sunshinemom

    I just posted a cake with balsamic vinegar and missed the last event. Buttermilk is out and we do not get soy yogurt!

  14. Cham

    Do u remember, I said that I ve an eggless recipe but waiting the right substitute? Yes, it is curd/yogurt, My recipe is ready this time for u 🙂 They are excellent substitute Madhu!

    I remeber it Cham. Waiting for your entry. Thanks.

  15. Divya

    I’ve posted a recipe for eggless choc cake using yogurt and milk sometime back.But the cake was made by my bro and I couldn’t taste it too.So I might make that cake for this event..!!

  16. Priya

    Will try to send my entries Madhu, i tried cakes with yogurt but they rnt eggless…One more wonderful event!!

  17. Asha

    Yogurt! Good one. With this I could find something for you I think, I will try.

    I just caught up with first anniversary post. B’days were so busy, even on Monday, we just kept on going! 😀

    Anoop ROCKED the dawg house y’day, I am so happy! YAY!!

    Yes it was “doped” as Randy would say. I was very happy for him too.

  18. Happy Cook

    I always seems to miss all your event.
    I will try to join in the event,

    Wow HC, that was super quick.