Announcing Low Fat (Eggless) Baking Event

Low Fat Baking

First I would like to thank each and every one of you for stopping by and congratulating us.

Now coming to the event announcement. Usually I take care to see that I cook healthy, which includes using less oil/fat, including whole grains, going for clear soups instead of creamy ones, steaming/baking instead of deep frying in oil to mention a few. But do I bake healthy? The answer will be “not always”. It’s not that I like to dump sticks of butter but it so happens that baking is something new to me relatively. Like most of us from India the concept of baking was so foreign while growing up and even after coming here. I was not confident enough to change the proportions and experiment. So I always try to stick to the original recipe while making few healthy changes here and there. I have been baking for the past 1 year and I think I’m sort of ready to experiment a little further and I would also like everybody to join me and give Low Fat (Eggless) Baking a shot.

At first I wanted to go with Fat Free Baking after seeing the amazing fat free vegan baking recipes by Susan. Already there is the challenge of baking eggless, so I want to make it easy for everybody to participate in the event and hence Low Fat (Eggless) Baking it is! But I’m more than happy to receive Fat Free baking recipes too.

By low fat I mean using less oil/butter/margarine, using low-fat/non-fat milk/cheese/yogurt, using pureed fruits instead of fat. Try to limit the fat content to 2-3 tablespoons. It’s okay to use nuts because they contain good fat.

Now for the rules of the event.

1. Bake anything eggless which is either low in fat or fat free and post it in your blog between June 4th 2009 and July 3rd 2009. It can be anything sweet, salty or spicy. The recipes must be either vegetarian and eggless or vegan. Update: Recipes already low in fat from books/blogs/websites are most welcome too. But please link back/mention the original source.

2. Also multiple entries are welcome more than ever for this event.

3. Email me your name, blog URL, name of the recipe, recipe URL, photo in 150wx120h size to lfb(at) with Low Fat Baking as the subject.

4. Non bloggers are also welcome to send your recipes, tips and picture of your creation and I will include it in the round up.

Now here comes the interesting part. Since I want to gear more people towards low fat (eggless) baking, we have decided to make this event a Giveaway Contest. One entry will be selected at random to receive a small gift.

What are you waiting for? Bake something healthy and send it to me!

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  8. Manvantara

    Hi Madhu,
    I have sent in my entry for this event – the dish is a family favorite and I hope there are others who like it!
    Can’t wait to see the other recipes!

    Checked it and sounds really good. I too saw that book in the library, have to pick it the next time. Thanks for sending it to the event Manvantara.

  9. RedChillies

    Madhuram, what is the last day for this event? July 3rd or 10th?
    The post says “between June 4th 2009 and July 3rd 10th 2009” 🙂

    Tomorrow being a holiday, I plan to bake something.

  10. How to Bake Savory Scones? | Madhuram's Eggless Cooking

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  11. pooja

    hi madhuram, i have a question. i have just posted a recipe for bun .. it is fat free but i have used yeast can i send it over for this event?

    Sure Pooja, send it.

  12. Date-Rhubarb Cake « The Duo Interpretation

    […] usual and hit upon this website called , where Madhuram had announced an event for fat-free , egg-free baking and so baked this. I usually bake the date-walnut cake , to which I add little oil to make it […]

  13. Hi Madhuram

    I have sent the recipe…do check it out

    Thanks for the entry. I’ll check it out.

  14. Sowmya

    Hi Madhu,

    Congrats for hosting such a healthy event. And love to see such eggless low fat recipes. Have sent in my entries.

    Your blog is very nice and I love your recipes. Thank you !

  15. Parita

    Dear Madhu, i have updated my post for the sour milk clarification you had asked for, hope it helps, let me know, thanks.

  16. Priya

    Hi Madhuram.
    Sent in my recipes.
    Do check out.

  17. Resmi Jaimon

    Still there’s hope. One of my friends, a college girl makes eggless cakes in microwave ovens. She says it comes out well, like the usual cakes – though I have never got the chance to taste her recipie.

    I hope you got my response regarding Metro Plus.

    Warm regards,
    Resmi Jaimon (Freelance writer, Kochi, Kerala)

  18. Aparna

    I shall try and be a part of this one. Low fat appeals. 🙂
    Bread would be an easy one but I think it would be more challenging to find a recipe with fat and try turning it into alow fat one.
    I’m not sure I can, but let me see.

    Aparna, recipes which are already low-fat/fat free are most welcome too. I’ll include it in the announcement.

  19. Resmi Jaimon


    I came across your blog in March 2009 or so, after I read about your blog in The Hindu’s Metro Plus. My husband and I are pure vegetarians and we bought mircowave two years back, with the main of baking eggless cakes. Though you still can’t call my cakes “cakes,” (except a couple of times it turned out better!) probably because I prefer using less butter and there are no eggs too, I like making my own special recipe! Anyway, I have experimented with different ingredients and a contest definitely sounds exciting. Occasionally, I read your blog too, to know if I can find a tip.

    Hope to send in something or post a recipe in one of my blogs.

    With best wishes,
    Resmi Jaimon (Freelance writer, Kochi, Kerala)

    Thanks Resmi. I think microwave oven makes it even more difficult to mimic the regular cakes. I once tried a cake recipe in the m/w oven and it did not taste any good. So I never even tried to use mw oven again. Do send in your recipe. And do you mind telling in which issue of Hindu my blog appeared because I’m not aware of it.

  20. anudivya

    Hey Celebrity girl! 🙂 I will try to make something eggless and send it to you. Low fat/Fat free is not a problem at all! 😀

    Anu, I know that healthy baking is your forte. Waiting for your recipe(s).

  21. Kiran

    What a great idea, it will be hard to make it fat free or reduced fat. My past attempts have been too dry or not tasting as rich as with the butter. Sometimes it is good to add butter rather then margarine as it has too many hydrogenated fats and oils. So good to have as a treat as opposed to regular routine. All the same I will try and crate something.

    Great to see you on the FOX news, very proud of you, I have plugged you on BBC’s cooking message board a couple of times. Really admire you for experimenting with egg less cooking 🙂

    Oh, that was you Kiran? I saw a message thread in bbc forum. Thank you very much.

  22. Vaishali

    What a lovely idea, Madhuram. Will try and post something for this soon! 🙂

  23. nithya

    Am in for this…thanks for hosting such wonderful events.Appreciate it:)

  24. Uma

    Interesting event! Will try to bake something low-fat!! 🙂

  25. Dhanya

    Congrats dear:). Will try to whip up something for the event. 😆

  26. Priya

    WOw Madhu..wat a great event..Will definitely send my entries soon!! Thanks for reminding about the event calender i have completely forgotten…

  27. Divya Vikram

    Great event Madhu! We are shifing in a week! Will surely send in something after we move.

  28. Usha

    Sounds like a fun event, look forward to lots of healthy bakes at the roundup !

  29. Sweatha

    Love the event,Let me see what I can bake.I hope to come up with something.

    Sweatha, I’m going to try one recipe from your blog and make it low fat. Hope it turns out well

  30. Ramya Kiran

    Wow, great event for people looking for low fat bakes. I would love to participate in this event. Will definitely try and come up with something.
    btw, you have a very cute set of measuring spoons and cups! 😉

    Thanks Ramya. I bought it in Dollar Store in US.

  31. Parita

    thats my kinda event..i too love to bake low fat..not that i have not tried but results not as good as the original ones..will def bake something and send.

    You can also try some recipe which is already low-fat. I think that will work because it has already been tried.