Whole Grain Baking Event – Barley Flour Recipes

Barley Flour Recipes

I would be lying if I told that I was expecting a lot of entries for the Barley event. I knew that I won’t be receiving as many entries as I received for the whole wheat and oats event, because whole barley flour is not easily available like the other two. I thought this time for the round up I would be posting only my entries. Fortunately Priya, Sadhana & Muskaan, Sweatha and Swathi came to my rescue sending 11 entries in total. Thank you very much dear friends for supporting this event.

From cookies to cakes, quick breads to yeast breads, the participants have proved that barley flour is as versatile as whole wheat flour or even better. So check out these stunning barley flour recipes.

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  1. Macy Grace Lipken

    Barley is very healthy. I love Priya’s Banana and Almond Quick Bread. It has easy to follow recipe plus it really tastes good and it’s healthy!

  2. Champa

    I had plans of making something, but never got around to do it. I made something else instead using barley. Check it out if you are interested.

    Will check it out Champa.

  3. jayasri

    hi madhu, as always, a great event from a great host, good many recipes from barley, great roundup dear, as again wanted to try some recipes, with changing versions!!, but never could try them, missed again, may be some day i would definitely participate 🙁 , congratulations priya.

    That’s fine Jayasri.

  4. DK

    My experiment turned out below average. Edible but not good enough to post – and it was too last minute anyways. Next time will do my crackpot experiments way earlier so that I can def. send you an entry! (poor management skills! What else can I say 😉 )

    That’s ok Dhivi.

  5. Sweatha

    Actually,your links came to my rescue and thanks for that 🙂

    You’re welcome Sweatha.

  6. Sweatha

    Impressive round up,Madhu.I loved esp the bread section,savoury and hearty breads there,

  7. nags

    i think that’s still a very impressive list 🙂

    Guess so Nags.

  8. malluspice

    Tough to cook with barley.. i am totally new to it. but good to see so many recipes.I have to try the eggless brownie now.

    It’s as easy as using whole wheat flour. You should try it.

  9. soumya Arun

    I never knew Barley flour can be used as any other flour.Thanks for letting me know about this.Wonderful roundup and Congrats Priya.

    You’re welcome Soumya.

  10. Sadhana

    Lovely round up, congrats to Priya for winning the challenge.

  11. Priya

    Fantastic roundup…u made my day Madhu and am very glad to see one of my entry winned this barley event..Thanks a lot Madhu….

  12. Lata Raja

    Good many recipes with barley flour! Congratulations on a fab roundup.