eggless brownies

Easy Eggless Brownies using Silken Tofu

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Bake eggless brownies right from scratch using pureed silken tofu as an egg substitute. For a vegan brownie recipe use any oil of your choice instead of melted butter.

Chunky Monkey Banana Blondies

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Have some overripe banana and chocolate chips? Not in the mood for the usual banana muffins? Try this decadent chunky monkey banana blondie recipe. Don't hesitate to stir in other ingredients like nuts and dried fruits if you have any.
Fudge Brownies

The Best Fudge Brownies

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Looking for an easy fudge brownie recipe? It can't get any easier than this eggless brownie recipe made from a fudge brownie mix. Yogurt is used as an egg substitute in this recipe.
White Chocolate Cranberry Eggless Blondies

White Chocolate & Cranberry Blondies

Blondies studded with White chocolate, dried cranberries, walnuts is sure to become a hit. Be prepared to bake this over and over again because your family is not going to stop asking for more!