Choconut Muffins (in Ice Cream Cones)

Choconut Muffins

I wanted to bake something very quick and simple to satisfy my chocolate cravings. (The truth is I wanted to bake to post in my blog). So I was going through my recipe collection and found this recipe for Chocolate and Nuts Muffins by Mandira of Ahaar. The first things I look in a recipe are its ingredients. I at least should have the main ingredients to proceed with the recipe, nuts and other decorating stuff are optional. I try to modify the original recipe if I’m short of any of the additional stuff. In this case, I added mini chocolate chips instead of raisins, Dutch processed cocoa instead of bittersweet chocolate and omitted almonds. I also check the comments section to get an idea what other people are telling about the recipe. If there is a lot of positive feedback I proceed with the recipe. The comments for this showed that 5 of them had tried this one and it had come out very well. So I knew this was the one and followed the recipe as it is. Click here.

As usual I wanted to give a twist to this recipe. It flashed, why not use ice cream cones to fill the batter instead of regular muffin tins. I remember seeing such a recipe on the of Keebler cones’ box. I had the fudge dipped ice cream cones, where the top has a covering of chocolate. I didn’t have the plain ones. I prepared the muffin batter, it was a breeze. Filled 2 cones and rest of the batter in regular size muffin pan. This is where I learnt a lesson. “DON’T BE OVER CONFIDENT”. I should have tried with one cone and one muffin to see the outcome and baked the rest. But no, I was thinking, “I have  baked muffins twice and both the times the result was good, let me not waste time and electricity, so I will bake everything right away”. I was eagerly seeing how the muffins were baking. The kitchen was filled with a very good aroma of chocolate and vanilla, the muffins were puffing up (even the cones, it looked like a perfect scoop of chocolate ice cream) as they should. See, baking is very easy. I told ya earlier! Wait, no, no, no!!!. My screaming couldn’t stop the muffins from becoming flat with a dent in the center. I was restless and watching the timer. It beeped and immediately took out the pan and inserted a skewer, none of them were done. Moreover the cones slided while removing the tin out and the batter poured out a little bit. Then only I realized that I had overfilled the cones and the muffin tins. So I put back the tin in the oven for another 3 minutes. This time the muffins were done, but it did not look like muffins, the classic tomb shape was missing. And as for the cones, because it was chocolate dipped, that chocolate burnt because of excess heat and so was having a weird smell. So another lesson, use plain ones for baking. The muffins had become dry due to excessive baking and the tops became very hard and it just came off. But the bottom was very very moist and tasty. Wow! eggless and so moist, unbelievable. So I separated the tops and the bottoms. The heavy cream added in the recipe gives it the moist texture. That’s what Mandira has mentioned. One thing I want to tell is, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE RECIPE. THE TASTE WAS VERY VERY GOOD. It was my wrong calculation.

I learnt the following from this experience:
1. Unless and otherwise you are very sure what you are doing, don’t do bake everything in one go, test one muffin first. See how it bakes and do the alterations accordingly for the rest. I think with experience I’ll be able to bake muffins perfectly in the first attempt itself.
2. Fill the batter covering half the tin. Don’t scrape the mixing bowl and add them to the muffin tins. This is how I overfilled, thinking that I should not waste the batter. It’s ok if there is little batter sticking to the bowl. You can eat it just like that, because it does not have eggs.
3. Use only plain cones. If using cones to fill the batter, place the cones in a mini muffin tin, instead of the regular ones. This fits right.      
I did take pictures of the muffins, but I don’t want to post it because it will give a bad opinion about the recipe. I don’t want people to skip this recipe just by seeing the picture without reading my above ramblings.

I was feeling very bad about how this turned out. I was thinking maybe I will try it sometime later and post it. But I couldn’t wait until I can try it again. The “new baker’s excitement” was catching me. I wanted to bake the muffins again immediately, but I didn’t know what do with the ones which I have already baked. Then I got an idea to use every bit of it, both the moist bottoms and dry tops. I will write about it later. Suspense!!!

Cone-Cake Now ready to bake again. I asked my husband to get the plain cones. The instructions called for wrapping the bottom of the cones with aluminum foil, that’s what I did in my first try, but that was making it to wobble. So this time I lined the mini muffin pan with liners and placed the cone. Tried one cone first. Filled it less then half and baked for 20 minutes. It did not puff up perfectly. But I got an idea how much to fill for the remaining. So filled 5 more cones and kept them all in lined mini muffin tin and baked for 20 minutes. And wow! this time I got the perfect scoop like tops on my cones. Now you can ice it  like cupcakes and decorate with sprinkles or top a scoop of your favorite ice cream. We did the latter. It was very delicious. Be sure to check if it’s baked through the bottom inserting a bamboo skewer. I feel that these should be consumed on the same day itself. We have some remaining, I stored it in the fridge and it has become a little hard. I’m thinking of keeping it in the microwave for few seconds before eating. That should soften it. I’ve tried this with my carrot cake also. I store it in the fridge and before eating I microwave it for 5-10 seconds it becomes soft again like fresh out of the oven.

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  1. vaidehi

    I wanna make this for breakfast but I don’t have heavy cream what can I substitute for that? Also, sugar is white granulated or brown?

    Where these soft or crunchy crumb? Are these as moist as cupcakes?

    • Madhuram

      It’s 6 years since I baked these muffins, so I don’t remember the exact texture. You can use whole milk and any type of sugar.

  2. Cheryl Keller

    what a wonderful idea,,shesh,your a genius,gona have to make um, thanks for the oh so cool idea

  3. Kirsten, New Zealand

    Hey there. Was searching for an eggless chocolate muffin recipe and found your site. My son is having his last day at preschool tomorrow and was suggested something eggless for kids with allergies. Have just got the first batch out of the oven and they are delicious!! 🙂 I substituted the chocolate for cocoa and also added some chocolate chips, also substituted the cream for natural low-fat yoghurt. I love the idea of the ice cream cones – what a shame I didn’t have them as they would’ve gone down a treat with the littlies!!! Many thanks!

    Yes, kids would definitely like it in ice cream cones! Thanks for the feedback Kirsten.

  4. Madhuram

    Thank you for the recipe and visitng my blog. This recipe is a keeper.

  5. mandira

    madhuram, thank you for letting me know. It looks delicious, now I have to try the cone recipe 🙂 happy easter

  6. Madhuram

    Thank you TBC. You can do this with cake batter also. Ya, I have to learn a lot, especially when it comes to baking. We topped it with vanilla ice cream and it was very delicious.

  7. TBC

    That is such a neat idea…muffins in a cone!
    and don’t worry, we only learn from our mistakes.:-)

  8. Madhuram

    I’ve baked the carrot cake (with bananas) a couple of times, that was my only experience with baking, prior to starting this blog. Interest only matters, so feel free to experiment and you will definitely catch the “baking fever” sooner than you realize.

    I’m gonna try this one again because it tastes so good for an eggless muffin and get it right in the first attempt itself.

  9. Roma

    The idea of baking in ice cream cones is just too good. I must say that the end result is eye-catching!!

    Since you have taken us through the journey, describing both your attempts of baking, it will really help us when we try our hand at this one.

    I am actually new to baking but when the description is this accurate I feel confident.

  10. Madhuram

    Hi SS,

    It tasted good too. The first batch I made is soft even now (the bottoms alone). For the second batch, I scaled down the recipe to half the original quantity and just filled the cones and the batter yielded 7 cones. Today before eating I just microwaved each cone for 15 seconds and it’s as moist and fresh as yesterday.
    Try this one and let me know. It would be a hit in kids’ birthday parties.

    Also thanks for mentioning about the banana walnut muffin recipe, I have already bookmarked it.

  11. SS

    Does look good, I made Banana Walnut Muffins for Easter, check this recipe in Saffron Hut , she does not blog anymore