Arusuvai Ingredients & Cooking From Other Blogs!

Potato Curry

Food blogging has given me a lot of new friends.  One such very special person is Dee.  Sometime (actually very longtime) back she had sent me a BIG package for the Arusuvai Friendship Chain.  She had sent her delicious home made granola, koora podi, aam papad and a gorgeous Kitchen Aid Recipe Box.

The granola tasted unbelievably good, I was munching it on throughout the day and did not have anything left to prepare a dish using it. Sorry Dee it was not my fault that the granola was so delicious.  The koora podi is also so good, it enhances the flavor of any dish it’s added to.  It also tastes good by itself as a side dish for Idli/Dosa.  I use it in all my curries.  Above is the picture of the Potato Roast and and below is the Coconut Rice that I prepared using the podi.

Coconut Rice

Recently I also prepared her Broccoli Patoli/Usli.  It’s something I have never tried before, so I was really skeptical about the taste.  But I tried it anyhow because it’s my husband’s favorite vegetable.  We were not at all disappointed, because it tasted very good and I’m going to make this one regularly.

Broccoli Usali

Thank you so much Dee for your recipes, friendship and more!

Recently I also tried 2 other recipes from other blogs and this is going to be a regular in our house.  

Kalva’s Gongura Pachadi: It was my first try with gongura leaves and we loved the chutney very much.  Thank you Kalva.

Gongura Chutney

Laavanya’s Bhindi Masala: Although I have prepared bhindi masala a lot of times earlier, the tip which Laavanya has given to microwave the okra for 5-7 minutes before sauteeing it is such a wonderful idea.  Try it out ladies, the okra does not get slimy at all.  Thank you very much Laavanya.  Can’t wait to try your oven baked Idli Manchurians.

Okra Curry

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  1. sujeetha

    i like this all recipes. very usful for us.

  2. Kelli Garner

    Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

    Thanks Kelli.

  3. ny catering

    mMmMm!!! bon appetit!!

  4. Pooja

    all the dishes here are looking so good that its enough to kill my hungry stomach 🙁 . pass on some here now :), specially my fav bhindi masala 🙂

  5. Priya

    Congrats on the award and your recipe looks very delicious. It is such a comfort food on any given day!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Bhawana

    Hi Madhuram, recipes looks very tasty. CONGRATES for awards. Ur blog is wonderful.

  7. Swati: Sugarcraft India

    Lovely spread Madhuram.. Can feel your love !!

    Congrats on your well deserved awards too…

  8. sushma

    🙄 I cant take of my eyes with the spread there…. everythng looks yum especially bhindi and allo fry

  9. Lakshmi

    Gongura pachadi looks great and I love it. Arasuvai ..such a nice way of treating fellow blogger!

  10. Uma

    delicious recipes Madhu! Looks so good. Congrats on the awards.

  11. bee

    isn’t dee a sweetheart? those bowls you asked about -i;m not sure where we got them. some place like TJ Maxx, i think.

  12. Kalva

    Wow nice dear.. I am glad you liked the recipe.. My hunt for gongura has started again, since the plant died during the winter… Yours looks lovely!!!

  13. Dee

    Also for the bhendi fry , I just cook it with a lid for the first 7 min in the microwave and then 1 minute without the lid.. they come crisp and like chips… just love them like that , the pics looks so fabulous…

  14. Dee

    Thanks for the hug madhuram , Im touched for thinking of me to be special. Hugs to you and Arjun too !!! Im glad that u liked the arusuvai ingredients…. Did I tell u that gongura is made everyday in my mom’s house…. my dad starts his meal with it… i dont get gongura either… so what my mom does it , washes the gongura , pats it dry , plucks the leaf, fries it in some oil… pan fries it until crisp , adds some salt to it and stores it in a container and uses it for whatever purpose… I think its a great idea for gongura lovers

  15. Madhuram

    Laavanya, thank you very much for the tip. The broccoli patoli tasted good too.

    Ashaji, we also don’t get gongura in our place. I had been to NJ and found it there.

    Laksh, thank you very much.

    Medhaa do try it, the bhindi curry turns out great.

    Mona I found gongura in New Jersey. My grandmother used to prepare it back in India, but this is the first time I’m preparing it.

    Ranji, Aam papad is the dried mango bat, which looks yellow in color. You would have come across it but with a different name maybe. Thank you very much for trying the adai. I’m very glad that you liked it. Ya, it surely becomes a regular.

    Cham gongura pachadi/chutney is the famous dish using gongura and also pickle. We don’t get gongura here in PA, I found it in New Jersey and couldn’t resist buying it, even though I have not cooked before. Fortunately I found the chutney recipe (my grandmother used to prepare it quite often, but I forgot it) and it came out well. Try it.

  16. Roma

    Very interesting arusuvai ingredients. Nice dishes prepared too.

    Thanks so much for the bear hug! One big hug to you too 🙂

  17. Cham

    All dishes re fabulous … Gongura we find it a lot ! But was more sour and ended up eating alone. Got to try Kalva’s recipe next time.

  18. ranji

    nice use of arusuvai ingredients…aam papad huh!!sounds wonderful..never had it b4..should look ut for those…loved all the dishes..
    i made grits and dal adai last night..i made a small change-added some cumin seeds while grinding…it was really lovely madhu..hubby loved it..he said he had similar dosa during his college days in hostel with onion had it with the chutney last night and it was simply awesome…Thank u so much for the recipe :)..its a keeper :)…will post it this week or next..

  19. Mona

    All the dishes look fab, especially the chutney, coz its my fav. Never saw any Gongura leaves (in Urdu, we call it Ambada) here but I am gonna look for those.

  20. Medhaa

    love the bhindi masala, shall try the tip next time

  21. Laksh

    Lovely pics as usual! Thank you for the award. I feel touched!

  22. Asha

    Arusuvai ingredients looks good and so are the dishes. YUMMY!I never seen Gongura here,got to look next time or ask them!:)

  23. Laavanya

    Madhuram…all the dishes look fabulous and I can’t take my eyes of the potato roast – beautiful! The broccoli patoli is also fabulous. I made gongura pachadi for the first time last week too and loved it too. Am so glad that the Bhindi masala worked out great for you.. thanks for trying and the feedback.