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Grits Dumplings / Kozhukattai

When Jayasree posted Cornmeal Kozhukattais, I had to try it out because I always like the idea of using American ingredients in our Indian cooking. (Example: Zucchini Daal, Grits Pongal, Grits Adai).  I had bought cornmeal to prepare bread, but somehow did not even get close to finding an eggless cornmeal bread recipe. 

Your Recipe Rocks!I tried the recipe with 1 cup of yellow cornmeal, which is available in the baking aisle in the US.  I got 12 dumplings for this measurement.  Next time I'll be sure to use another cup of cornmeal, because it was so tasty.  Thank you very much for the recipe Jayasree, your recipe rocks!

My Notes
1.  It's exactly the arisi upma kozhukattai recipe which is very famous in all South Indian households, but we are just substituting cornmeal instead of coarse raw rice and toor daal powder.  So you can either follow her method of making these or use any other method which you are already aware of. 

For instance, I don't add whole red chillies and green chillies while seasoning.  Instead I grind coconut, cumin seeds, green chillies and red chillies (as per taste) into a coarse powder and add it while the water is boiling.  This gives a nice aroma and flavor to the steamed balls.  For this kozhukattai you can also omit the toor daal and use cornmeal only.

2.  Another point to be noted, cornmeal tends to lump quickly while adding it to the boiling water.  So I had to mash it with a potato masher after removing the pan from the stove and then shaped them into oval shaped dumplings to steam it.  I think we can avoid this by adding some water to the cornmeal, whisking it and then pouring this mixture in the boiling water (like preparing ragi kanji).

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  1. Madhuram

    Laavanya, try it, you won’t regret it.

    Cham, thank you very much.

    Dee, cornmeal is new to me too. This is the first time I’m using it.

    Divya, thank you very much. My husband was keeping on telling that nobody has said anything about the logo.

    Jayasree, thank you once again for the interesting substitute. It never occurred to me at all.

    Madhavi, will surely try the chickpeas snack. I guess we can try it with all other canned beans also.

    Ranji, it’s fun to create new ways to use a familiar product right?

    Krystyna, Sushma, Bhawana, Rajitha, Sangeeth, Shreya, Kumudha, Kamala thank you very much. We loved the taste, you should also try it.

    Valerie, thank you very much for the link. I’ll check it out.

  2. kamala

    That looks so yummy Madhu…will sure try this

  3. Kumudha

    Cornmeal dumpling sound delicious and nutritious!

  4. Shreya

    really great entry.. love this kozhukattai..:-)

  5. sangeeth

    great entry for YRR dear…i luv kozhukattai….one more to add in my list

  6. Rajitha

    madhu…this is a a different tiffin item…and healthy too!! will try it out…

  7. Bhawana

    Hey Madhu, its looking great. Pic itself mouthwatering. Surely it will be yummy 🙂

  8. ranji

    even i like to incorporate american ingredients in indian cooking..i also bought cornmeal to make corn bread and i made too but both hubby and me didnt like it now on a lookout for other recipes with it…this looks just perfect..i am also going to try this out 🙂

  9. sushma

    Nice reciepe madhu..truley rocks

  10. Madhavi

    Lovely recipe Madhu, look goood!!!

    About Garbanzo, ya they were little crunchy coz of parmesan crust, and taste was awesome, racheal ray rocks 😀

  11. jayasree

    Glad that u tried it. Yours have come out very well. Loved the variation for seasoning. Shall try that next time.

  12. krystyna

    Just for me, thank you!

  13. DivyA Vikram

    Nice substitute madhu..I always wanted to tell this..I like the logo of Your recipe Rocks..

  14. Dee

    lovely recipe Madhu, I have not yet used cornmeal in my kitchen. This is new to me

  15. Cham

    Love ur dumpling even the kozhukattai has a pinkish colour! Beautiful and tempting one! 😛

  16. Laavanya

    This looks awesome – i have a pack of cornmeal.. will give this a try.