Instant Cracked Wheat Idli – Your Recipe Rocks!

Cracked Wheat Idlis

Last week I tried Cham’s Wheat Idlis and it came out very well.  Thank you very much for such an easy and healthy recipe Cham.  Your recipe rocks!  Needless to say this is going to be a regular in our house hereafter.

My Notes
1.  I did not get the fine wheat rava, so powdered cracked wheat and made the idlis.
2.  I added chopped carrots, handful of frozen green peas and grated ginger (just like Rava Idlis) to the batter to make it more healthy.
3.  I also prepared the batter 2 hours before making the idlis.  This step was not required in the original recipe, but anyhow I did it and the idlis were very soft and held its shape perfectly.

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  1. hi,
    how r u? i followed recipe cracked wheat idly.but i got no it came out like upma.did u add anything?

    No Shanthi. I simply followed the recipe and it came out as it is in the picture.

  2. I had this recipe bookmarked for a long time and today got a chance to make them…loved the way carrot n peas blend in this Idli.Thanks for the recipe.

    Thanks for trying the recipe Soumya.

  3. Hi, these look great, and idli-sambar is one of my favourite foods. My son has gluten allergy so I want to try something other than rava. Any idea what other grains I could use? Thanks.

    Thanks Ronnie. I have made it with corn grits too. It comes out very well.

  4. Sivajini, no problem. Cracked wheat is “godhumai ravai”. Here in north america we get two types of this cracked wheat, one is very fine and the other not so fine. The color also varies, sometimes it’s very reddish brown and sometimes it’s like pale yellow. This time I got the reddish brown coarse cracked wheat, so I had to run it in the mixie once, to get the texture of regular ravai (sooji).

  5. looks great as ALWAYS.
    Sorry, dumb question. Do you mind telling me the Tamil name of cracked wheat? I’ve googled it and looked at the picture and I don’t know what it is and my literal translation of the words in Tamil so that I can ask my mom if we have that at home is not really working. Thanks 🙂

  6. Ur idlis got beautiful red color 😛 Glad to know that u like it Madhu. As we stick to idlis always, i found it is healthy to make often!


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