Low Fat Baking Recipes Round Up

Low Fat Baking RecipesHello friends, the round up for low fat baking recipes is finally here! It got delayed because my husband was quite busy the past week and he was able to help me only today. I would like to thank each and every participant for flooding my inbox with so many healthy baking recipes. I wish I could distribute prizes to everybody, but at this moment I'm restricting to two. Yes, we decided to choose 2 entries at random instead of 1 I had mentioned in the event announcement. Want to find out who the winners are and the prizes?


Ksenia's Low Fat Vegan Upside Down Orange Cake
Whole grain flours, fresh oranges, less sugar, very less oil. How healthy can a cake get?
Madhuram's Low Fat Chocolate Cherry Pudding Cake
The only fat in this cake is the heart healthy good fat from the chopped walnuts.
Shoba's Low Fat Date and Rhubarb Cake
Baking beginners, this cake recipe is for you. With a cup of dates and some rhubarb pureed I think this will the most moist cake.
Abbhi's Low Fat Chocolate Cupcakes
Another version of the whacky vegan chocolate cake using part whole wheat flour.
Johanna's Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes
Although not low in fat technically, how can I resist these avocado cupcakes?
Madhuram's Low Fat Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes
My search for an egg free vanilla cupcake has ended and it's low in fat too!
Sweatha's Fat Free Vegan Mango Brownie Cupcakes
Fat free brownie cupcakes! You heard it right! Canned mango pulp is used in place of the fat to make it healthy and tasty.


Meeta's Coconut & Milk Cookies
Very simple recipe for cookies made with non fat milk powder and powdered coconut. Prepare the dough while the oven is preheating and you can have freshly baked eggless coconut cookies in no time.
2-3 tsp – WHOLE MILK

1) Mix all purpose flour and milk powder in a mixing bowl. See that they mix well and there are no lumps. Then add butter, sugar and baking soda.
2) Now add milk I tsp at a time and knead the mixture into a soft dough.
3) Preheat oven to 375 degree. Grease a cookie sheet now and then powder it with all purpose flour. Form small balls of dough and flatten them pressing coconut powder on top.
4) The mixture will form 30-35 cookies. But it depends on the size you choose.
5) Place the cookie sheet on middle rack. They will take 12-13 min to bake.
6) Take them out and let them cool for some time before taking them off the cookie sheet.

Priya's (France) Low Fat Oats & Dates Cookies
Bake these healthy cookies in a jiffy and see them vanishing within few minutes as well.
Priya's (France) Low Fat Strawberry Shortcake
In search of a low cal and quick fix dessert? Then look no further. Try this strawberry shortcake.
Renu's Low Fat Date Cookies (Mamoul)
Enough of the same old chocolate chip cookies. Be daring and try these exotic date filled cookies full of Middle Eastern flavor.
Sadhana's & Muskaan's Low Fat Oat and Almond Meal Cookies
Gluten free and a healthy version of the classic thumbprint cookies.
Sadhana's & Muskaan's Low Fat Oats and Peanut Butter Cookies
These cookies are not only egg free but gluten free too. A combination of oat flour and quick cooking oats has been used to bake these healthy cookies.
Sowmya's Low Fat Butter Cookies
Baking butter cookies cannot get any easier.
Sowmya's Low Fat Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
The traditional oatmeal raisin cookies gets a healthy makeover by using whole wheat flour and very less fat.
Sweatha's Soy Date Cookies
A small batch cookie recipe with whole wheat flour, soy flour and iron rich dates.

[tab:Quick Breads]

Madhuram's Low Fat Oat Flour Cranberry Muffins
Oat flour, white whole wheat flour, dried cranberries and chopped walnuts. Perfect breakfast.
Priya's (France) Vegan Cornmeal Orange Scones
Scones made with heart healthy oats, almonds and good portion of applesauce. Is it not the best way to start your day?
Sadhana's & Muskan's Low Fat Banana Apricot Muffins
Muffins baked with whole wheat/pastry flour, oat flour, cracked wheat, apricots and walnuts. What better way to start your day?
Aarthi's Banana Raspberry Quick Bread
Check this recipe for moist and light egg free banana bread studded with fresh raspberries.
DK' Plum & Pecan Quick Bread
We may not be lucky like this girl to have a plum tree (and what not) in her backyard, but that's not going to stop us from baking this yummy and flavor packed quick bread, right?
Jaya's Banana Walnut Bread
Bananas, coconut, chocolate chips and walnuts. Mmm… yes, another banana bread recipe it is.
Madhuram's Low Fat Blueberry Coffee Cake
I can't believe that these light and spongy cakes are egg free and low in fat too.
Madhuram's Fat Free Mango Strawberry Quick Bread
This is a small batch recipe for a flavorful mango strawberry bread.
Mukta's Fat Free Vegan Banana Bread
Mashed bananas serve two purposes in the recipe. One as an egg substitute and another as fat substitute and the result is a very moist fat free and vegan banana bread.
Mukta's Comments:
I followed the exact recipe as mentioned in above link. The only change I made was, I baked it in a 9 inch round cake pan and I decorated it with Banana Slices. We had a 'Summer Dessert Bake Off' at work. I was really scared by the look of it; Nonetheless it was a huge hit. I did not add any nuts to keep it fat free. But for next time my parents have already advised me to add nuts and substitute Honey/Maple Syrup for half of the sugar. I was left with extra batter. I added Light Vanilla Soy milk, water and made pancakes.
Parita's Fat Free Banana Bread
Don't throw away the over ripe bananas sitting on the kitchen counter. Save it to bake this moist and fat free banana bread.
Pooja's Low Fat Persimmon Nut Bread
Whole wheat flour, sweet persimmons, ripe banana, chopped nuts, dates and honey to naturally sweeten the bread and tad olive oil. I can eat this all day.
Priya's (France) Low Fat Chocolate Banana Loaf
The classic banana chocolate bread gets a healthy makeover.
Vaishali's Low Fat Vegan Zucchini Bread
Whole Wheat flour, grated zucchini and toasted nuts come together and the result is this very moist and low in fat zucchini bread.


Aarthi's Baked Masala Vadai
Muffin tins are not for baking only muffins anymore. Use it to bake a low fat version of the deep fried South Indian traditional snack.
Madrasi_in_MO's Vegetable Upside Down Casserole
Looking for a one pot meal to feed your entire family? Then check this hassle free, nutrients packed veggie casserole.
Divya's Low Fat Pretzels
Who knew that baking pretzels at home can be so easy?
Madhuram's Baked Banana Flower and Lentil Patties
Guilt free baked vadais.
Madhuram's Low Fat Savory Scones
Bored of sweet scones? Then try these spicy ones for a change.
Parita's Fat Free Baked Methi Corn Cutlets
Bored of the regular potato cutlets? Then why not include sweet corn and methi leaves, bake it instead of frying and give it a healthy makeover!
Priya's (France) Baked Lentil Patties (Masala Vadai)
Want to eat vadais and still stay in shape? Then say no to the fryer and yes to the oven.
Priya's (France) Chickpeas & Bread Rolls
Looking for a healthy and easy to make after school snack? Then these baked bread rolls is the answer.
Priya's (France) Potato and Soy Stuffed Baked Samosas
Spring roll pastry sheets put to a brilliant use. Bake these low cal and low fat samosas and indulge without any guilt.
Red Chillies' Garlic Sesame Sticks
Garlic Sesame sticks are my favorite and now I can make them at home too!
Renu's Low Fat Baked Muthias
Want something crunchy and healthy to have with your afternoon tea? Then you are in the right place!
Sadhana's & Muskaan's Black Bean Burger
Stop spending money on frozen vegetarian burgers, because it is very easy to make it at home itself. Check it out, if you don't believe me!
Sadhana's & Muskans's Baked Pakodas
Yes, you read it right! Baked pakodas it is! Another favorite of mine.
Sandhya' Low Fat Cream Crackers
Can you believe that these cute little crackers can be made without any added fat?
Shri's Low Fat Vegan Eggplant Rolls
I'm sure this simple fat free recipe will turn eggplant haters into eggplant lovers.
Srilakshmi's Baked & Low Cal Malai Kofta
Malai Kofta (deep fried vegetable balls in cream sauce) is not sinful anymore because the koftas are baked and not deep fried and the fat ladden sauce is made with low cal fresh cream.
Srilakshmi's Baked Bean Balls and Spaghetti
Protein packed and fat free baked black bean balls (that's a lot of b's) is on your way!

[tab:Yeast Breads]

Mukta's Vegan Dinner Rolls
Dinner rolls made with white whole wheat flour. Mukta also notes that she used soymilk and vinegar to replace the egg in the original recipe but feels flax meal replacement would be even better. She has also omitted the optional melted vegan margarine.
Mukta's Vegan Focaccia
Get a taste of Italy at home, by baking this super easy Vegan Focaccia bread.
Mukta's Comments:
The changes I made:

1. I used White Whole Wheat Flour.
2. I skipped the salt. (to limit sodium content)
3. My dough was bit dry and hence I added more water little by little. (approximately 2-4 tablespoon)
4. Before baking, I made many deep holes in the dough with fingers.
5. I baked it in a 9 inch round cake pan.
6. I did not add red chili flakes or any other seasoning. Thus we can not call it a Focaccia Bread but me and my roommates enjoyed it a lot with Indian Style Chick Pea Curry (Chole) and Black Eye Peas Curry.
7. I also like to eat it for my breakfast with homemade Hummus or Peanut Chutney.

Hope you all enjoy this Bread!

Pooja Sekar's Low Fat Curry Leaf Buns
Wish I had the patience to bake perfect buns like these! With curry leaf, parsley and sesame adding flavor, no doubt that it would taste great.
Priya's (France) Low Fat Moroccan Semolina Bread
Morocco's traditional semolina bread is on your way!
Priya's (France) Low Fat Sesame and Spinach Buns
With generous quantity of whole wheat pastry flour, oats and spinach, these buns are in top of my favorites list.
Priya's (France) Moroccan Whole Wheat Bread
Moroccan whole wheat bread flavored with anise and sesame seeds.
Usha's Low Fat Oat Pav Bread
Pav Bhaji fans here comes the healthy version of the pav with oat flour and quick cooking oats.


Nithya's Low Fat Banana Dessert
Beat the heat with this low fat frozen banana bars.
Nithya's Low Fat Fruit Stacks
Crispy phyllo sheets, colorful and fresh fruits, crunchy nuts and low in fat too. What more can I ask for?
Priya's (India) Low Fat Granola
Why spend money on high fat, high sugar store bought granola when you have this simple and healthy recipe?
Sadhana's & Muskaan's Low Fat Granola
Skip the pricey and high in fat granolas while grocery shopping because you know that the recipe for heatlhy and low fat granola is just a mouse click away.


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