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Methi Thepla

I made Roma’s Methi Thepla for dinner on Monday.  Even though she had mentioned that it was a travel food, I could not wait to try these until my next long trip.  So I got methi greens on Sunday and made the theplas on Monday.  We all loved it Roma.  Thank you very much for the recipe.

My Notes:
1.  I doubled the recipe.  So for 2 cups of whole wheat flour I got 10 theplas.
2.  I would like to share with all of you a tip which is very useful while preparing chapathis and puris.  My mother-in-law read this in a tamil magazine.

Chapathi Rolling Technique

Take some sheets of paper (preferably unprinted, so that the ink does not stick to the dough) and staple them to make a book.  Roll out all the chapathis/puris and keep them in each page of the book.  After rolling out all the chapathis, heat the griddle and by the time the griddle gets hot clean the place where you rolled out the dough and start cooking the chapathis one after the other.  There are two uses – it keeps all the rolled chapathis moist without drying and it is also a time saver.  Those in the US can use the grocery store’s paper bags to make the book.  People in India can use the back side of the big calendar sheets.  Try replacing the book every month.

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  1. Ramaa

    where is the link for the recipe for Methi Thepla?

  2. Gayathri


    I’m becoming a frequent visitor of your website. Love your eggless recipies. And this particular idea of storing the rolled rotis in paper seems awesome, for I always call my hubby out for help 🙄 to put it on fire before it dries out. 😉

    Thanks Gayathri.

  3. Suguna

    The book idea is good.But instead of using plain paper which will absorb some moisture atleast from the theplas,use butter paper to make the book.Or you can use plastic sheet.Both are available in India.

    That’s a good idea. Thanks Suguna.

  4. raaji

    Even i follow the same tip….nice recipe collection…

  5. Siri

    I loved the book tip Madhu.. 😆 evey my kitchen is very kutti and I dont have much space to move ur theplas too!

    Siri 😀

  6. Madhuram

    SS, that was very hilarious. My mil also can’t keep chapathis round, so she would ask me to make them.

    MS, welcome to my blog. Thanks for the tip about using 2 tavas. Actually I use 2 tavas while preparing dosas.

    Kamala this thepla has a different taste than the regular methi parathas I do. This one has a lot of ingredients, but it’s worth it.

    Roma I’m really glad that you like the tips. Even I was thinking that it has a lot of ingredients, but once you taste it you know that it’s truly worth every minute you have spent preparing it.

    Ranji, Uma, Laksh, Cham, thanks.

    Spillay, actually I have a hard time trying to please my husband when it comes to food. He is such a picky eater and has a lot of do’s and dont’s.

    Thank you very much Sagari and Sushma.

    Very true Mansi. They are delicious. Even I used to roll and cook simultaneously. But in the house we are living currently, I don’t have enough place next to the range to do that, so I have to walk from the counter top where I prepare the rotis to the stove back and forth. So preparing the rotis all at once and then cooking them saves me from leg pain. But guess I have to get back to the old technic so I can burn some calories! 😉

  7. Mansi

    Aren’t these the best in the world madhu?? Gujjus just love theplas, and in most homes you’ll see a stack of these enjoyed with tea for breakfast! I loved your paper bag idea, though i generally roll and cook on tawa at the same time 😀

  8. sushma

    :mrgreen: They look so delicious.. i hvnt tasted it before.. will give it a try///

  9. sagari

    beautiful theplas madhuram

  10. Spillay

    Thanks for sharing…. You know, your family is a lucky bunch!! 🙂 With all the wonderul food you prepare, they must think that they live in heaven 🙂

  11. Cham

    Madhu sounds good the book idea 😛 , i will try too… Theplas are looking good and healthy too 😉

  12. Laksh

    Madhu, Awesome pictures and great tip. Inspired by your post, I tried a shortcut methi paratha today 🙂

  13. Uma

    the theplas look so delicious, Madhu! Thanks for the wonderful tip. I think it would save some space too. I always spread out my rotis on the dining table.

  14. ranji

    thatsa brilliant idea madhuram!!!It will save so much time:).thanks for sharing.theplas look yummy!!!

  15. Roma

    Thanks so much for trying out Theplas and I am very happy that you liked them. I learnt to make them from my cook who used to work for a Gujarati family earlier. Initially, the list of ingredients seemed so long that I got a bit boggled but when I got them ready I was happy to have followed the procedure.

    I must say the tip of keeping rolled out chappatis in a paper book is really good. In most of your recipes I look out for tips. Thats the section thats really very helpful.

    Thanks once again for trying out the recipe.


  16. kamala

    Amma does this paper method madhuram.I too like the methi flavor in the roti

  17. ms

    Ive wanted to try romas theplas for a while too. Actually you could also use two tavas and use your mil’s book idea to cut the time in half. Nice photographs.

  18. SS

    Your theplas are round 😀 If I followed the book method mine would look like an atlas ..each tepla shape would match a continent 🙂