Uma’s Murmura Upma – Your Recipe Rocks.

Poha Upma

Yesterday I prepared Uma’s Murmura (Pori) Upma.  The upma was absolutely delicious.  It’s a very light meal, suited for breakfast with some tea/coffee or juice or can be given as after school/work snack.  I made it for my husband, but that day he came from office around 6.15pm.  We usually have dinner around 6.30pm.  So he ate the upma and I also prepared his favorite cracked wheat kanji for dinner.   

I followed the basic recipe, but the modifications I made were adding some peanuts while tempering, 4 tablespoons of crushed tomatoes instead of fresh ones, some curry powder and 4 cups of murmura (pori) instead of 2 cups mentioned in the recipe.  I wish I had prepared some more.  I would suggest using 4 cups of pori per adult.  While measuring the dry pori you would think that it’s a lot, but once you soak it in water, drain the water and sauteed it wilts.  Uma, your recipe rocks!  I’m gonna keep preparing this regularly.   I can already imagine a number of variations to this basic recipe.

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  1. Hi Madhuram,

    Hope you could recognise me,Maya -we met at Lakshmi’s house.I have been thinking to scrap you for longtime.I did try your Murmura Upma with a change,I ran out of pori that day,I used Millet puffs instead it turned out to be good.I also tried your Almond Butter Bread with Cashew Butter.My duaghter liked it so much.
    Grea Receipes.You are doing a great job with a toddler at home.
    I’m going to try the Spinach Chickpeas gravy this week.


  2. Madhu, thank you for passing on the award to me..I am honored…murmur upma looks yummy…congrats on getting yours..I will have to check out your eggless page..thats really inspiring for me to see recipes without eggs!

  3. 🙂 I made this once for my dad, I added a little lemon juice for the tang and a little pudina – mint chutney … it felt yummy 🙂 so sayeth daddy dearest

  4. yes, it is little tangy in taste Madhu, but the sugar suppresses most of the tanginess and the dessert tasted little sour and mostly sweet. (I am talking about my dessert here, he he!)

  5. Congrats! You so deserve this. I really appreciate you passing it on to me – you have made my day (big smile on face).

  6. COngrats Madhuram.. u really deserve the award dear..:)U inspire so many with ur lovely eggless creations… including me..:D
    I loved the idea of the recipe submit form… too good..:) will post my eggless recipe here too 😀

  7. delicious upma madhu….good for a light and healthy meal:)…congrats on ur awards too..u inspire many of us too with ur n number of eggless baked goods:)…love them all…

  8. That photo itself making me for some,I used to make it B’lore. It’s hard to get those thick Puri like India for me. Good one Madhu.
    Enjoy the award and thanks for giving it to me.I will add it to my list. Hugs to you!:)

  9. Thanks for trying out my murmura upma Madhu! I am glad that you liked it. I love the tips and the variations for this. Next time I make this, I am going to follow your variations. Congrats on the awards! You truly deserve them. Have a good day dear! 🙂

  10. Madhu,

    This is my MIL’s favourite and super hit receipe. She also adds shredded carrots to this. Gives the upma a nice colour and crunch. I usually add some lime juice in the end since I like it a little tangy.

    Thanks for reminding me of this dish, this is what I am making tonight for dinner!! 🙂 Easy and quick 🙂



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