Laksh’s Pasta Upma – Your Recipe Rocks

Pasta Upma

This week I was able to try only one recipe for this series.  It’s my friend Laksh’s Pasta Upma.  It’s a very simple recipe and a wholesome one.  All you need is just any variety of pasta and some vegetables.

My Notes:
I used 1 cup of Barilla Plus Elbows.  This is a multigrain pasta with 17gms protein and 7gms fiber per cup of uncooked pasta.  It is also a good source of ALA Omega-3, which is an essential acid that promotes heart health and not found in traditional pasta.  I have also used a handful of soya nuggets along with other veggies.

Thanks Laksh for sharing this recipe.  It was very tasty and we all loved it.

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  1. Sobha

    Hi Madhuram,
    I am not able to see the recipe. Is the link working?

    • Madhuram

      Hi Sobha, its pretty simple. Just prepare the pasta according to package directions. Fry vegetables as you would do for regular upma after the tempering. Once the vegetables are cooked mix in the cooked pasta.

  2. Deepa

    Great idea. I usually do make whole wheat spaghetti and pasta desi style, as the spices cover up the whole-wheaty taste. One comment about the nutrition point you made – Omega 3 fat chains are gone when you heat somethign with it, so products that require heating, and mention omega3s – they’re not really going to help you get in any omega3s.

    That’s true Deepa. I read the same about the omega-3s in flax seed meal also.

  3. Vani

    Love the idea of pasta upma! Your pictures are all so beautiful, Madhuram!

  4. Madhuram

    @Uma: I live in the suburbs of Philly. Definitely let me know if you happen to visit here and I’ll too.

    @Laksh: Thanks for the recipe dear. It’s like rava upma, onnum illana, takkunu pannidalam, but tasty too. Actually I did not add tomatoes, that’s why it looks like that.

  5. Laksh

    Glad you tried and liked it Madhu! Your version does look like pasta salad. I think when I made it the tomato kind of coated the pasta and it looked a tad orange 🙂 Will have to check with you to see what variation you made and try it out.

  6. Uma

    the past upma looks awesome Madhu! This is one great event.

    I loved your sweet comments on the meme, Madhu! It will be really nice to get in touch with you. I live near Sacramento in CA. Where do you live? If it’s near may be we can meet up, what do you say?

  7. Madhuram

    Swati thank you very much for the input. I guess I will roast it for a bit longer the next time and see how the upma tastes. I’m also not a pro Swati. Just experimenting like you. 😀

    Cham, it’s looks like salad only. The only difference, we cook the vegetables too.

    Arundathi, got it. Thank you. Hope you read my comment too.

    Swati, notyet100, hetal thank you very much.

  8. Hetal

    Hey check out my blog,have something for u..

  9. Hetal

    Hey this is a gr8 recipe…love it!!I subscribed to ur blog today…

  10. notyet100

    looks delicious…

  11. Swati: Sugarcraft India

    Hi Madhuram..I am back after my short break..
    This looks so colourful and delicious… Great and quick recipe 🙂

  12. Cham

    Looks like pasta salad Madhu 🙂 Very Healthy 😉

  13. Swati Raman

    aah i had read that one nad a pic was important to tempt me and urs does d work … i love all urs pics..
    as far as oats upma is considered, we didnt experience any bitter taste, i guess that mite occur if its not roasted properly, well iam not d rite person to comment, coz all i do are experiments and am not too sure abt d behaviour of ingredients .. 🙂 u guys know it better…