Baking With Quinoa – Round Up

Quinoa Recipes

Hi friends, I’m sorry that I have not been able to post any new recipes here and also for not posting the Quinoa round up any sooner. Things are quite busy at my end preventing me from posting here regularly. Thanks a lot for all your mails enquiring me about my well being. I really feel blessed to have people whom I have not met in person thinking of me.

Creativity has been at its peak with all the quinoa recipes I have received for the event. I sincerely thank all the food bloggers who have participated in this event. We have got some amazing quinoa recipes and interesting ideas to use this wonder grain more often in our kitchen. No more excuses hereafter! From cookies, cakes, muffins to breads my fellow foodies have got it covered 100%.

When I announced this event I didn’t think of giving a prize like I normally do for the Whole Grain Baking Series but I have decided to do so now. Unlike the previous events where I choose an entry at random for the giveaway, this time I’m choosing the person myself.

It’s none other than Marielle of Mo’s kitchen. Can you believe that she is just 16 and is creating wonders in the kitchen? I don’t remember stepping my foot in the kitchen for anything other than eating when I was 16. She comes up with her own healthy recipes be it baking or cooking. Thanks Mo, you truly are an inspiration for a lot of people. Please do mail me your contact details to admin(at)egglesscooking(dot)com.

The recipes have been classified under various categories.

1Quinoa Bar Recipes

Marielle’s Vegan Pumpkin Quinoa Bars: Do you love pumpkin bars? Then try Mo’s version with cooked quinoa. It’s fat free and loaded with spices which by the way I can actually feel it here.

Priya’s Quinoa Granola: Stop spending a fortune buying store brought granola and make it yourself at home. Priya uses quinoa alongwith the usual oats to make this healthy granola.

2Quinoa Bread Recipes

Champa’s Vegan Sourdough Quinoa Bread: I’m pretty sure that baking breads is as easy as turning the faucet for Champa. Here she comes with a healthy sourdough quinoa bread.

DK’s Whole Grain Quinoa Bread: Those who know DK must be aware that she is a “whole grains addict”. It is not a stretch if I say that I fell in love with whole grains after seeing her recipes. Check out this simple quinoa bread from DK.

Marielle’s Lemon Quinoa Poppy Seed Bread: Mo gives an interesting “quinoa” twist to the classic lemon and poppy seed combination. I bet that this bread is as tasty as its classic version.

Marielle’s Yeasted Quinoa Bread: Here comes another quinoa bread recipe. Mo has also used a good amount of whole wheat flour in this recipe.

Priya’s Eggless Quinoa Corn Bread: Priya has come up with this excellent corn bread recipe which also uses a good quantity of cooked quinoa.

Priya’s Quinoa Mango Yeast Bread: Wondering what to do with a can mango pulp other than preparing milk shake or lassi? Then this recipe is for you. Priya sends us this yummy mango chocolate chip bread recipe using quinoa flakes.

Priya’s Vegan Quinoa Dinner Rolls: Are you bored of the usual store bought white or whole wheat dinner rolls? Then try these quinoa sesame dinner rolls for a change.

Priya’s Vegan Quinoa Flax Seed Bread: Another healthy whole wheat flour and quinoa bread recipe. Added bonus its vegan too.

3Quinoa Cake Recipes

Jayasri’s Eggless Avocado Quinoa Cake: Jayasri with her cake recipe proves that avocado is definitely the most versatile fruit.

Menega’s Vegan Quinoa Pineapple Cake: Pineapple lovers check out this interesting pineapple cake recipe which also uses cooked quinoa.

4Quinoa Cookie Recipes

Marielle’s Eggless Chocolate Quinoa Cookies: With Mo’s cookie recipe using quinoa and other healthy ingredients cookies need not be restricted anymore. Eat to your heart’s content without feeling guilty.

Menega’s Spicy Quinoa Cookies: Another savory recipe from Menega. These cookies are not your usual sweet cookies but spicy ones using quinoa flour and finger millet flour (aka ragi).

Priya’s Strawberry Quinoa Cookies: Strawberries in cookies? That’s something new to me as well. If you are as intrigued as I am then try these quinoa and strawberry cookie recipe by Priya.

5Quinoa Muffin Recipes

Harini & Jaya’s Vegan Strawberry Quinoa Muffins: An interesting recipe for low fat strawberry and quinoa muffins using a lot of healthy ingredients.

Helen’s Vegan Quinoa Banana Muffins: Helen sends us this low fat banana and quinoa muffin recipe. Baking healthy can’t get any simpler.

Kalyani’s Chocolate Zucchini Quinoa Muffins: Kalyani has come up with this excellent almost fat free chocolate quinoa muffins with whole lot of healthy ingredients including zucchini, applesauce etc.

Priya’s Multigrain Mango Scones: Start your day with these healthy scones which uses a mix of flours including millets, soy, oats and whole wheat.

6Quinoa Savory Recipes

Champa’s Vegan Quinoa Zucchini Casserole: Champa has come out with this simple yet satisfying casserole dish which is suitable for any meal of the day with chockful of healthy ingredients.

Menega’s Semolina Quinoa Savory Bread: Menega sends this different savory cake recipe using semolina, cooked quinoa and a lot of vegetables. It’s a welcome change from the usual sweet treats.

Priya’s Vegetable Quinoa Kabobs: Are you in the mood for some easy to make (bake) and a healthy snack? Then this vegetables quinoa kabob recipe is for you.

Sweet Artichoke’s Vegan Quinoa Crackers: I was floored by the picture of these healthy quinoa crackers. It looks just like the store bought ones but much healthier and I bet much tastier too.

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    too bad when I clicked on to Menega’s Vegan Quinoa Pineapple Cake it was in another language, couldn’t understand it;),but sure liked Jayasri’s Eggless Avocado Quinoa Cake recipe. I’ve yet to make it, also liked reading about the interaction with her daughter, and candid about feeling lonely.

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