Jhiva For Life: Ragi/Finger Millet Round Up

JFI: Ragi Event Round Up

When I chose ragi (a.k.a Finger Millet) for JFI I didn’t expect my inbox to be flooded with so many healthy recipes. Some of these ragi recipes are traditional, some very modern. There is something for everybody, so there is no more excuse for not using this healthy grain regularly. I thank my food blogging buddies for their enthusiasm in participating in this event and making this a grand success. Now let’s check the recipes.

The recipes have been classified under various categories:

8Miscellaneous Ragi Recipes

DK's Sprouted Ragi Flour
DK's Sprouted Ragi Flour

DK's Sprouting Ragi
DK's Sprouting Ragi

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  1. Hi usha,
    yes this is made with “ragi huri ittu” in karnataka. The flour is available in shops,readymade, these days..My mother-in-law adds grated coconut along with it..My son loves it. We call it it chocolate balls instead of using the word ragi 🙂 Kids love it..

  2. Does any one know of a wonderful, sinfully rich ragi snack made with
    puffed ragi flour? Whole ragi is first roasted till it pops like
    corn (arlalu or flower-ragi aral mavu)and then ground fine.
    The flour is mixed with a lot of ghee and either jaggery or sugar and
    some hot milk and made into small-fist sized balls. The stuff was
    delicious. I realize that it probably doesn’t do much for weight loss
    but I remember my mother making this as a special treat for us young


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