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Instant Rava Idli

Last Tuesday I prepared Priya’s Rava (semolina) Idly for dinner.  It’s so much easier than the traditional idli recipe which requires soaking of idli rice and urad daal, grinding them and then fermenting the batter.  No doubt that the traditional idlies are soft and tasty, but rava idly is a quick fix breakfast/dinner.  Even though I was born and raised in southern India, I have not tasted these earlier.  We all loved the taste.  It’s definitely going to be a regular in our house.  Thanks for the recipe Priya.  Your recipe rocks.

My Notes:
For the side dish I prepared coconut chutney.  Always in my chutney I also add half a carrot, grated and lot of coriander (cilantro) reducing the quantity of coconut.  As I have mentioned earlier in my Beet Greens Daal recipe, carrot is a very good substitute for coconut.  Instead of grinding grated coconut, cumin, chillies for the masala for any kootu (daal) recipe, you can simply replace it with carrots.

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  1. Arpita B.Chandur

    For soft & fluffy rawa idlis try below repipe

    Roast the rawa a little with/without oil (best option is a little bit of ghee) till is leaves aroma (you should not roast it too much). Use yogurt(nicely whisked)instead of butter milk. The batter should be thick (thicker than rice idli). Rest the batter for 1-2 hrs. If the batter has become too hard after resting add some more yogurt

    Also fry the vegetables (grated carrot, finely cut beans, green peas)with little oil till they stop releasing water then add it to the batter. Skip the potatoes from the recipe. Also for the best result add milk cream (sai) 1-2 teaspoons. In the end give tempering (with ghee/oil, rai, urad dal, finely cut green chillis, curry leaves, coriander leaves, cashew nuts)

    Thanks for the recipe Arpita.