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Instant Rava Idli

Last Tuesday I prepared Priya’s Rava (semolina) Idly for dinner.  It’s so much easier than the traditional idli recipe which requires soaking of idli rice and urad daal, grinding them and then fermenting the batter.  No doubt that the traditional idlies are soft and tasty, but rava idly is a quick fix breakfast/dinner.  Even though I was born and raised in southern India, I have not tasted these earlier.  We all loved the taste.  It’s definitely going to be a regular in our house.  Thanks for the recipe Priya.  Your recipe rocks.

My Notes:
For the side dish I prepared coconut chutney.  Always in my chutney I also add half a carrot, grated and lot of coriander (cilantro) reducing the quantity of coconut.  As I have mentioned earlier in my Beet Greens Daal recipe, carrot is a very good substitute for coconut.  Instead of grinding grated coconut, cumin, chillies for the masala for any kootu (daal) recipe, you can simply replace it with carrots.

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  1. Arpita B.Chandur

    For soft & fluffy rawa idlis try below repipe

    Roast the rawa a little with/without oil (best option is a little bit of ghee) till is leaves aroma (you should not roast it too much). Use yogurt(nicely whisked)instead of butter milk. The batter should be thick (thicker than rice idli). Rest the batter for 1-2 hrs. If the batter has become too hard after resting add some more yogurt

    Also fry the vegetables (grated carrot, finely cut beans, green peas)with little oil till they stop releasing water then add it to the batter. Skip the potatoes from the recipe. Also for the best result add milk cream (sai) 1-2 teaspoons. In the end give tempering (with ghee/oil, rai, urad dal, finely cut green chillis, curry leaves, coriander leaves, cashew nuts)

    Thanks for the recipe Arpita.

  2. Jayel

    Hi there,

    Two weeks back I tried the Instant rava idli reciepe and it was an instant hit at my home. My in laws, husband and my kid daughter loved it to the core….

    I tried again last week and yippee…the result was the same soft fluffy mouth watering idlis….

    Well, I dont actually take the exact measurements and go by my instinct at that time…. 😛

    Thanks for trying the recipe Jayel.

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  4. vijirajmohan

    I cannot use buttermilk with my son/he has a caesein allergy. what can be used as a substitute. I found the eggless date cake recipe very interesting. will be trying it shortly

    How about soy yogurt Viji? I have not used it though, but just wondering. Since it’s instant idlis it needs the sour yogurt/buttermilk. Have you checked the instant rava idlis packs (like MTR)? What are the ingredients in it?

  5. Smitha


    I prepared the instant idlis using Priya’s Rava idly. The idli was soft but it was flat. I used about 3 tbsp of oil with the rava and about 1/2 cup of buttermilk. I mixed it and left it aside for sometime. Then added the remaining ingredients. The taste was good but it did not have the look of the usual idli.
    What could I have done wrong?


    Smitha did you add some baking soda? Since we don’t mix urad daal there is no fermentation and hence we need baking soda for the idlis to rise. That’s also another reason why we use sour yogurt, to make it rise. Maybe the buttermilk was not sour enough and it also made the batter watery. Just my guess.

  6. smitha


    I wanted to know if there was a way to make soft, instant idlis using idli rava (cream of rice).


    Smitha, I’m not sure if we can make instant idlis with idli rava. Maybe you can try a small batch (around 1/2 cup) and see if it’s working. I have tried it with cracked wheat and corn grits though and both come out fine.

  7. Nicole M

    This looks so delicious I want to hop up and go to the store and get the ingredients so I can make it right now! great blog!

  8. Madhuram

    @Priya: Thank you very much for the recipe. This was the first time I tried it and it came out very well.

  9. Priya

    Wow, they look delicious. I am so glad they turned out well. I just love them. They have so many veggies in them that I do not need chutney; of course if I have it, I would love to eat with it. thanks so much for trying it out.


  10. Madhuram

    @RedChillies: This is my first experiment with Rava Idly, so I don’t have anything to comapre with. I felt that it was good only. Maybe I should try MTR and see if it has the same taste as this one.

  11. RedChillies

    Even though I am a great fan of Rava Idli, I can never get it right. I always end up sticking up with the MTR ready made mix. I hope I can atleast pull this recipe off 😯

  12. Shubha

    Looks awesome… u know iam craving for idlis from nearly 1 and a half yr….:( Hope to get my idli stand when i go back to india…:)
    Till then iam relishing your pics…. Awesome…:)
    Do check my blog…:)

  13. Madhuram

    Hetal, Uma, Cham, Siri, thank you very much.

    Cham, Mamatha the carrot thing works like a charm. You won’t miss the coconut taste at all. Try it in your kootu also, you can totally omit the carrots.

    Archy, welcome to my blog. I’m very glad you liked my site.

    Thank you very much Sushma, Madhavi, Asha and Ranji.

  14. ranji

    love these idlis any time!!!looks delicious!!!

  15. rupa

    Hey madhu,

    There is a little something for you…please do drop by at my blog

  16. sushma

    🙄 These are my fav idlis i can eat them at any given point of time…

  17. Asha

    I made rice rava idlis too last weekend. Your’s looks flffy and soft!:))

  18. Madhavi

    Mouthwatering idlis, I like to grab’em from the photo :)))

  19. Archy

    Wow, Lovely blog..
    Nice to see an eggless recipe site,..
    Great job..
    Book marked :)!!
    I’m also vegetarian so was looking for vegyy site 🙂 !!

  20. Mamatha

    Substituting carrot for coconut is a brilliant idea Madhuram. Will try it when I make Kootu.

  21. Siri

    the idlis look delish Madhu. 🙂

  22. Uma

    I just posted a recipe for “your recipe rocks”. By the way, Something is waiting for you at my blog, Madhu! Have a look!

  23. Cham

    oh that is definetly a rocking one , looks good and chutney with carrot 2 Madhu 😛

  24. Uma

    this looks delicious too.

  25. Hetal

    hey the Idli looks delicious…