The sides and the base of the bread turned crisp. The bread seemed to brown too quickly on the outside. Why?

    A couple of reasons and solutions for this problem.

    1. Use a light-colored aluminum pan instead of dark non-stick metal pans because it absorbs heat and browns the loaf. Don't even think of using a glass pan because it's the worst. Glass acts as an insulator and will burn the bread.

    2. Baking time and temperature matters. Most quick breads take anywhere between 50-75 minutes or sometimes more to bake. Such long temperatures do tend to brown the base and the top of the bread. So if you are baking in a dark pan it is suggested to bake the bread at 350F for a while and then reduce the temperature to 325F the top covered with aluminum foil for the rest of the time. This vegan banana bread bakes in 60 minutes. Since I used a light pan I didn't have to do this. The bread baked perfectly fine without any change in the temperature.

    But if you are using a dark metal pan then bake at 350F for the first 30-35 minutes and then reduce the temperature to 325F, cover the pan with aluminum foil and bake until it's done.