Your Recipe Rocks Round Up – May 08

My sincere thanks to all the participants who took the time and effort to try a fellow food blogger’s recipe and blog about it. This is the “Your Recipe Rocks” round-up for May 2008.

Laksh’s Pasta Upma by Madhuram
Priya’s Rava Idli by Madhuram
Roma’s Methi Thepla by Madhuram
Jai & Bee’s Barley with Spiced Yogurt by Madhuram
Cham’s Rava Kichidi by Madhuram
Sailu’s Sabudana Kichidi by Dee
Ashwini’s Cold Cucumber Soup and Spicy Bean Salad by Dee
Archana’s Beetroot Pasta by Dee
Meeta’s Aubergine Tomato Gratin by Dee
Asha’s Saagu by Cham
Richa’s Carrot and Orange Soup
by Cham
Annu’s Tomato Pasta by Uma
Raaga’s Vegtable Cutlets by Arundathi
Laavanya’s Mushroom Soup by Rajitha
Kalyn’s Pinto Bean Salad by TBC
Pooja’s Ghaaroda by Uma
Uma’s Ginger Chutney by Divya Vikram
Mansi’s Tres Leches Cake by AKay

Originally I did not have the idea of doing a round up. Since I received a few mails from other bloggers with the details of the dish they tried and the links, I decided to do the round up. So click here to know about the changes I have made to the “Your Recipe Rocks” event.

On a different note, if you like my Finger Millet Sweet Dumplings, please vote for me here.

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  1. Leon

    One question…Are you for real or is this some personae you cooked up to get readers?

    Check here.

  2. Debroah Chochrek

    Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

    Thanks Debroah.

  3. Madhuram

    Thanks a lot everybody for your support. I’ll definitely try to improve it the next time, by adding photos and description.

    Shubha, it’s ok. The idea is simply appreciating fellow bloggers’ efforts and honoring them by trying their recipes. So as far as you are doing it (which I’m totally impressed with) it doesn’t matter if you have not sent the entries. Hope you can send it this month.

  4. Hetal

    Thats a nice round up….hey i feel so bad that i could not participate in this wonderful event….next time i will for sure….

  5. Shubha

    Madhu I am An idiot… from the past 15 days I am just posting recipes from fellow bloggers as a appreciation and I never knew about this event…:( Otherwise i would have sent u loads of entries… hmmm….

    Lovely roudup though..:)

  6. Mansi

    i’m glad you did a roundup Madhu! its good to get all the recommended recipes on one page:) thanks for your effort!

  7. Siri

    A Roundup every month for YRR is a good idea Madhu.. :grin:have bookmarked some..will make and let u know!!

    All the best for Open Sesame..


  8. A-kay

    That was a nice round-up Madhu. Will try to particpate next month as well 🙂

  9. Cham

    Lovely roundup, that will help us to choose some other recipes Madhu for June 😛

  10. Swati: Sugarcraft India

    Lovely round up Madhuram!! Some really good recipes worth trying….

  11. arundathi

    nice round-up and i have a few more for the next one…

  12. Uma

    lovely round up Madhu!

  13. TBC

    Thanks for doing this, Madhuram!