Eggless Vanilla Cake

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Eggless Vanilla Cake

When I posted this eggless vanilla cupcake recipe a few weeks back, I was being asked if it could be baked without the egg replacer powder. I suggested to increase the quantity of baking powder to substitute EnerG. Some did it and got good results and some didn't. I too made some changes to that recipe to bake it without EnerG but did not get satisfactory results. The cupcakes did not turn out as good as the ones with Ener-G. So I was looking for another eggless vanilla cake recipe which can be baked with simple ingredients and landed on this one. I have come across this recipe before and somehow didn't get a chance to try it until recently. Since the visitors' request for a simple eggless cake was becoming more frequent I decided to give it a try and I would say that I was not disappointed at all. It was not as fluffy and airy as the cupcakes but was definitely a decent recipe.

After going through the reviews of the original recipe I have made a couple of changes to make it better. The only other thing I would like to try the next time is to use cake flour instead of all purpose flour. I think that particular variation will give a lighter texture to the cake. So do try it when you get a chance.


Eggless Vanilla Cake Recipe

Prep TimeCook TimeMakes
15 Mins27 Mins24 Cake Slices
Eggless Vanilla Cake
4.8 from 246 reviews
This Eggless Vanilla Cake is simple to bake and uses readily available ingredients. The taste and texture makes it perfect for any occasion.
  • 2 and 1/2 cups All Purpose Flour
  • 2 teaspoons Baking Powder
  • 1 teaspoon Baking Soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon Salt
  • 2 tablespoons Sugar
  • 1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk (I used a 300ml can)
  • 1 cup Water
  • 2 tablespoons Vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons Vanilla Extract
  • 1/2 cup Melted Butter
  1. Preheat the oven at 350F/180C for 15 minutes. Lightly grease a 9x13 inch pan and line it with parchment paper.
  2. In a large bowl sift together the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Mix in the sugar.
  3. Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients and stir in the the wet ingredients one by one. Stir the mixture together using a whisk. Some lumps is okay.
  4. Pour the batter in the prepared pan and tap the pan to even it out and break the air bubbles if any.
  5. Bake it for 25-35 minutes. The first time I baked this eggless cake I checked it for doneness after 30 minutes and felt that I could have taken it out 2-3 minutes earlier.
  6. The bottom had started to brown more than it is required to. So I did that the next time and took the pan out the oven after 27 minutes itself and the cake turned out to be perfect.
  7. Transfer the pan to a cooling rack and remove the cake after 15-20 minutes. Place the cake on the rack for it to cool down completely before slicing it.
  1. The texture of this eggless vanilla cake is neither too fluffy nor too dense making it a perfect base for shaped cakes and decorating. It slices off beautifully without crumbling. The sweetness of the cake is just right if you are going to frost it. Actually we preferred this sweetness even without the frosting. But if you are looking for something very sweet than you have to definitely increase the quantity of sugar anywhere between 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup.
  2. This cake was a huge hit in our family and with our friends. If you can't find Ener-G egg replacer and try the best eggless vanilla cupcake recipe then this plain eggless cake with condensed milk is the way to go.
My Notes:
  1. As mentioned earlier try cake flour for the all purpose flour used in the recipe to get a fluffier cake.
  2. Freshly squeezed orange juice and grated orange zest can be used instead of water to give a nice flavor to the cake.
  3. In Canada we get a 300ml can of condensed milk unlike in the US where you can get a 14oz can (which is approximately 400ml). The original recipe uses a 14oz can and I think that's the reason my cake was not very sweet.

Nutrition Facts
Servings: 24
Per Serving% Daily Value*
Calories 141
Total Fat 5.4g8%
Saturated Fat 3.3g17%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 16mg5%
Sodium 124mg5%
Potassium 120mg3%
Total Carb 20.1g7%
Dietary Fiber 0.4g1%
Sugars 10g
Protein 2.7g
Vitamin A 3% - Vitamin C 1%
Calcium 7% - Iron 4%
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  1. Ami

    Made this today with orange juice. Turned out very good. I had to cover t with foil and lower the temperature to let the cake center cook since the sides were already brown but center not cooked.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks for tips, Ami.

  2. Rachel

    Would a water bath help in helping the cake stay moist? Is this something anyone has tried?

    • Madhuram

      Yes it will, Rachel. I wasn’t aware of that technique when I baked this cake. I did start using it once I made this strawberry sponge cake recipe.

  3. anna

    I am dairy free. What would be the best substitute for condensed milk?

    Thank you

    • Madhuram

      Try the measurements and ingredients I have given in this eggless cupcake recipe and substitute the milk with any non-dairy milk of your choice. It’s basically the same recipe and I have used milk and sugar to replace the condensed milk. You can use this cupcake recipe to make the cake as well.

  4. Meena sridhar

    Hi I tried this recipe it came exactly as you said…first time when I tried I made butterscotch frosting…this time I mixed and topped the cake with butterscotch chips…omg…its awesome…and excellent flavor…my hubby loves it…thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us….

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Meena. I have never tried butterscotch frosting. You’re comment is making me drool to make one immediately. I love butterscoth flavor.

  5. Kris

    I wonder if you are able to help please. I want to make this cake in 6 inch pans, i tried using two 6 inch tins and it was not cooked enough in the middle. Any ideas please, would it work in 3 x 6 inch as might be less deep?

    • Madhuram

      Hmm…I’m guessing the batter was way too much for 2 pans. As you have pointed out maybe 3 should work.

  6. Kanchan

    Hello, I tried your recipe and it came out really good. I tried a different egg less chocolate cake which was good in taste but crumbled while cutting it. I was wondering if I use this recipe for chocolate cake (as cutting was really clean and smooth. I was really impressed with myself πŸ˜‰ and your recipe as I never had luck with cake in the past ;)) but not sure how much quantity of cocoa powder. I have to prepare egg less chocolate cake for around 50 people in next 3 days and I don’t have time to experiment anything new. It would be great if you could guide me here. Thanks in advance!

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Kanchan and sorry too. I didn’t see this comment earlier. I don’t know if you need an answer now because it’s already 3 days now. Trust me and try this vegan chocolate cake for best result instead of experimenting with the vanilla cake. That being said, I am unaware of how much you will have to multiply the recipe to make it for 50 people.

  7. Evelyn

    Can I make this recipe in a bundt cake pan? Is so, what changes in the recipe are needed?

    • Madhuram

      You can make it Evelyn. Only the baking time will vary. I think it will take close to 35-45 minutes time range. Test around 35 minutes and increase the time accordingly.

  8. Rahayu

    Thank you for the awesome recipe…this is my first time ever baking from scratch and turn out well…i was using cake flour, as expected, it is so fluffy. I like it very much…thank u and keep on sharing great recipes ya!

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Rahayu.

  9. aneeta

    It was too good
    Instead of salt I used salted butter.and 400gm can condensed milk.thanks a ton

    • Madhuram

      That’s great Aneeta. You’re welcome.

  10. Alla

    Original recipe calls for 1 cup melted butter, but your recipe calls for 1/2 cup butter. Which one is right? I would like to make this cake for potluck, because some fo my coworkers don’t use eggs in their cooking.

    • Madhuram

      Hi Alla, as mentioned in my post I have made some changes after reading the reviews. That’s why I have reduced the quantity of butter to 1/2 cup.

  11. Asha Gupta

    Wht is d alternative ,I don’t HV oven …..Can I do it in a pressure cooker ….If so hw

    • Madhuram

      Sorry Asha, I have not tried making it in a pressure cooker, so don’t know how it will turn out.

  12. Anu

    Is there any substitute to vinegar? Also I wanna ask what can I do if I don’t have parchment paper?

    • Madhuram

      You may use lemon juice instead of vinegar, but I’m not sure if in this recipe you get the lemon flavor because it’s a plain vanilla cake recipe. You could omit the vinegar too but you will get a bit of dense cake. Just grease the pan with non-stick cooking spray or butter/oil and lightly dust it with very little four.

  13. J

    How to make mousse

    • Madhuram

      Sorry I haven’t tried it so far. But I have seen recipes using tofu to make eggless mousse.

  14. Liz

    I’m looking forward to making this for my daughter’s birthday. Do you use salted or unsalted butter? Thanks!

    • Madhuram

      It’s unsalted butter Liz.

  15. Dagar

    Just made the eggless cake with orange juice this time and with a little zest. Turned out amazing, this is the best recipe!!!
    First time I made in my Kenwood with normal vinegar and followed all instructions. However the cake was slightly over brown and dry. Second time round I used cider vinegar and orange juice and a full can of condense milk, and oven on 170 fan- turned out perfect!!! Can I add nuts/coconut /raians to the the batter and keep cooking time the same?

    • Madhuram

      That’s wonderful Dagar. Yes you can add some optional add ins of your choice and still keep the recipe same. Maybe about 1/2 to 3/4th of a cup of nuts, etc wouldn’t affect the recipe.

  16. Zuni

    My cake came out of the oven just perfect.i halved the recipe except for condensed milk,I put full 14 oz can.
    I was looking for eggless cake recipe and stumbled upon your site. Thanks for sharing.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Zuni.

  17. Valerie

    I’m looking forward to making this tomorrow for a kids birthday. It says to make a well and stir the liquid ingredients one at a time. Does that mean you make the well and stir in one liquid ingrefient, then make a well again and stir in the next ingredient, etc? Thank you for the clarification.

    • Madhuram

      Not like that Valerie. Just make a well once, pour in all the liquid ingredients and mix.

  18. Ankita

    Dear madhuram, I tried this cake. It came out OK but felt little dried.i used to make egg less cakes using applesauce n buttermilk. This is first time I tried apple cider vinegar as per your recipe.I want to make 2 tier cake with cheesecream frosting n want to cover with fondant on my baby’s 2nd bday. You may please suggest which of your recipe I can try for that.And what can be the reason for this cake becoming dry. I had made the recipe half.

    • Madhuram

      Ankita, sorry to hear that your cake turned out dry but I’m quite surprised because this is one of the cake recipes that I make quite often. It has a lot of liquid ingredients and can’t believe that this cake recipe would turn out dry. Just want to make sure one thing. You have mentioned that you halved the recipe, did you cut back on the baking time? For half of this recipe you would need a smaller pan and lesser baking time. Maybe that’s where it got messed up. Since you want to use fondant, the cake that you bake should have a good structure to hold it and I can’t think of any other recipe other than this.

      • Ankita

        Thanks madhuram for the reply.i did use smaller pan n baked it for 20 mins but I think my pan was still bigger as per the material.i will try again as per your recipe. I am also planning to try your egg less yellow cake for the stacked cake.

        • Madhuram

          You’re welcome Ankita. I think the yellow cake recipe will work too.

          • Ankita

            Dear Madhuram, yellow cake turned out well. Thanks for the recipe. Can I make egg less vanilla or yellow cake one day in advance and keep outside around 24 degree temp without refrigerator. Will the taste change or can it go bad?

          • Madhuram

            Thanks Ankita. The cake should be fine for a day or two too without frosting at room temperature.

  19. Mala

    Hi Maduram,

    I love your website. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes.
    I just have a question- Could you tell me if this’ll cake is sturdy enough to stack?
    I am planning to stack 2 -9 inch cakes with 2 – 6 inch cakes and cover them with fondant. Of course, I plan to use dowels on the bottom cake but just wanted to check if this cake can hold.
    Thanks for your reply in advance.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Mala. Even though I have not made a stacked cake using this recipe from what I have seen with the texture I’m pretty sure it will hold up well.

    • DrMOM

      This a wonderful recipe and I have made it 5 time in the last 4 months since I tried it! My kids are allergic to eggs so it is wonderful.I even used it as the base in a tres leches cake. Also my kids can make it and they are only 9 and 10! They made me a stacked cake for my birthday (two layer with frosting in the middle) and it turned out amazing! THANK YOU again. They have also made the scones from your site and they are perfect:)

      • Madhuram

        Wow! Thank you very much for the detailed feedback and generous compliments.

  20. Patel

    This taste just like a normal cake made with eggs…nothing flufy about it.

  21. Donna

    Can I use almond milk or soya milk? I’m vegan.

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can Donna.

  22. Vikash boodhai

    Hi, What kind of vinegar should I use in this recipe?

    • Madhuram

      I use apple cider vinegar because it doesn’t have any after taste or smell.

  23. Raj

    Ive used this recipe for cupcakes before and its great so i know it works but for the first time i baked an 18cm/8inch cake with it. I followed the instructions (baked for 27min at 180c) and it was cooked brown on top, bottom, sides but middle was totally gooey just as when it went in. Logic says to reduce temp / cook longer but do you have suggestions on what to try?

    • Madhuram

      Oops! Can you please be more specific regarding the size of the pan you used? Did you use just one 8-inch pan for the entire measurement? This recipe will yield two 8 or 9 inch cakes. If you used just 1 then it’s a lot of batter for it. It will definitely sink in.

      • Raj

        Yes i used just one deep 8 inch round cake pan and the cake was very thick. Thanks for your suggestion makes sense. Will try two pans and let you know how i get on

        • Madhuram

          Yes, the batter is way too much for just one pan.

  24. Anindita Chatterjee

    I am looking for a eggless pineapple vanilla cake..can I add pineapple pieces and follow the same receipe.


  25. Vincy

    Could u please suggest condensed milk quantity in cups… Thanks

    • Madhuram

      I’m thinking it will be about 1 cup approximately.

  26. Isha Pat

    Hi, I’m thinking of trying this tomorrow. This would be 2nd cake ever I will make. My questions are:
    If I divide this in half, how many people it would serve? what size of pan should I be using (round or square).
    Another question, If I keep this same amount of recipe what size of round pan do i need?
    As read the comments you are preferring to use 1tbs or 1/2tbs of vinegar if I use cake flour?

    Sorry for bombarding with questions.

    • Madhuram

      Please feel free to ask as many questions you want Isha. If you want to bake only half the recipe you can either use one 8/9 inch round or square cake pan. If you keep the recipe the same one 13×9 inch pan or two 8/9 inch pans should be used. Yes please use 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of vinegar if using cake flour.

      • Isha Pat

        hey, thanks for reaching out quickly. I made it according to same amount recipe and reducing the vinger to 1 tbs. cake was so good….My husband really like it the bread part of the cake. We haven’t cut the cake yet, but tested pieces I trimmed. Thank you so much sharing your recipe :D.
        One mistake I did on the mistake with the icing. I made whip cream icing but since i was not able to test at time of creating the cream, i had less icing (was fasting πŸ™ ) and we have alredy spread the cream on cake alredy. Found this out later. any way we can correct this? cake is in the freeze. I was thinking to scrape down the cream from top and siides and create little bit of extra cream with extra sugur and mix it with older one and put it back on it again? does that work?

        • Madhuram

          Thanks for trying the recipe and for the feedback Isha. Regarding the icing, removing it from the cake might mess it up. Do you mean that you made icing with less sugar? Maybe sprinkle some colored sprinkles and/or colored sugar nicely over the top and it will look festive and will also be sweet enough.

          • Isha Pat

            So we just end up cutting as it without doing anything….Infact everything came as it supposes to be. For some reason, frosting was like sugarless almost when i test it alone, but trying everything together when cut cake, it was awesome cake, everyone just loved it. My flavor in the cake was cardamom and i put some rasmali milk instead of suger water and crumbled some rasmali pecices between and top of the cake. Mad e the frosting with saffron and little bit of rasmali milk couple tbs of powdered cashew, almod, pista and wipping cream. it was really really yammy! Thanks again for awsome cake recipe

          • Madhuram

            That’s great to know Isha. Whipped cream frosting is usually not as sweet as buttercream frosting. Maybe that’s why you felt that it was not sweet enough.

  27. Tobey

    Hi Madhuram, This is an amazing recipe! I made five times for my baby and my friends, I use 2 cup of butter milk instead of the condense milk, water and vinegar and the result is condense and moist~! However, every times i made, the cakes were cracked and dome in the middle. I tried to use 325 F and round the pan with wet towels , it cracked less but still far away from being a flat top. What should I do, shall I cut down the leaving agent ? If so, Shall I cut down the baking powder or baking soda?

  28. Sam

    Hi, if i wanted to make an eggless chocolate cake with the same recipe how much cocoa would i need to add?

    • Madhuram

      Sam I would suggest that you try one of the many eggless chocolate cakes that I have in the blog instead. Check out this whacky vegan chocolate cake recipe.

  29. Ajhantha

    Why do you add vinegar? It seems so counterintuitive!

    • Madhuram

      It gives a lighter texture in eggless baking recipes.

  30. Carla Leclezio

    Have you tried freezing this recipe?

    Many thanks!

    • Madhuram

      I haven’t but have seen comments from others that freezing works.

  31. Laura

    I was thinking about trying the cake flour, are there any adjustments I should make to the recipe? Would I use the same amount of cake flour as regular flour? – Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can use cake flour. I would recommend decreasing the quantity of vinegar to 1 tablespoon and also avoid using an electric beater. Use a big wooden spoon or spatula to mix the batter.

  32. josh beharry

    Very good

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Josh.

  33. Anne

    For the sweetened condensed milk, did you mean 300mL? Or 30mL?

    • Madhuram

      300 ml

  34. Simran

    Hello. Can we replace vanilla extract with cocoa powder and get the same spongy texture?

  35. Ritu

    Tried the Vanilla Cake. Yum and delicious. Beautifully soft and moist.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks for the feedback Ritu.

  36. Arti

    Hi, my cake flow outside the baking dish while baking , what is the reason?

    • Arti

      Plz reply

    • Madhuram

      I’m suspecting that you would have used a smaller pan for this whole recipe. Which size pan did you use?

  37. Swati

    If I don’t have vinegar what should I do….and without oven how can I do…

    • Madhuram

      Some people bake in pressure cooker but I have not tried it Swati.

  38. Amie

    Hi! If I use cake flour instead of all purpose flour do I omit any of the baking soda or powder?

    • Madhuram

      Not if you use cake flour. You will have to make changes to the quantity of baking powder and baking soda only if you use self rising flour.

  39. deepa

    Hi Can i use wheat flour instead of all purpose flour?

    • Madhuram

      You may use, but the taste and texture will definitely be different.

  40. Natalia

    Can i use self raising flour instead of the plain flower and baking soda/powder?

    • Madhuram

      If you use self rising flour you will have to omit some of the baking powder/soda.

  41. Tara

    I’d like to make this into a children’s birthday cake for my son who is egg free. I’m going to buy a cake topper of his favourite cartoon. What kind of icing would you recommend?

    • Madhuram

      Whipped cream frosting would be my choice.

  42. Sejal

    Great recipe quick n yummy. Instead of a tray I put them in cupcakes:))

    • Madhuram

      Thanks for the feedback Sejal.

  43. Mariam Amin

    How long would I bake this for if I were to make it into cupcakes lined in cupcake paper? Thank you kindly!

    • Madhuram

      About 13-15 minutes.

  44. G. Nelson

    Can this cake be made in 9″ rounds and if so, what is the baking time/ temp?

    • Madhuram

      The temperature will be the same but the time will vary. Maybe 3-5 minutes lesser than the time mentioned in the recipe.

  45. Deepa

    Hi. I m so happy to try this recipe and came out so damn good.. cheers…

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Deepa.

  46. Yeiri C.

    Hi! This is definitely my all-time favorite recipe; it comes out perfect every time!! I’m wondering if I could add drops of Nutella and swirl it in the batter. Do you think it would affect the result when baked?

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Yeiri. That sounds like a great idea. I don’t think adding Nutella will mess it. Now I can’t wait to try it the next time I bake it.

  47. Tiffany

    Is this white venigar or apple cider?

    • Madhuram

      You can use either but I prefer apple cider vinegar.

  48. Sue

    Hello, just wondering if you have tried freezing the cake? If so how long did it last?

    Thank you

    • Madhuram

      I haven’t Sue but have seen comments that some of them have tried it.

  49. Christy

    Can i use coconut condensed milk in place of the regular condensed milk?

    • Madhuram

      I guess so. I haven’t tried it.

  50. Ranjith kumar

    thank you bro
    I like this cake

  51. Binu

    Wow, so simple recipe, I m definitely baking this soon!

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Binu.

  52. Charlene

    Hi! If i want to do a 8inch 4 layer cake (baked in 2 8″ round pans then sliced in half), should I scale up this recipe? Thanks!

    • Madhuram

      If you want to slice the 8-inch cakes, you don’t have to scale up the recipe, if you do so the 4 layers will be too big/tall.

  53. Narinder

    Can you make the sponge or eggless choc cake four days in advance? Want it moist

  54. Sera

    Can u do this recipe without vanilla

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can use any flavoring of your choice.

  55. Audrey

    How many kgs is this?

    • Madhuram

      Sorry Audrey, I don’t know that.

  56. PJ

    Can I make an almond cake with this recipe? Please tell me the changes. Also, if I have to use the cake flour do I still keep the soda and baking powder as 1 tsp and 2 tsp respectively? Please let me know..asap…need to bake in a few hours.thank u.

    • Madhuram

      Sorry PJ, just seeing the comment. What sort of almond cake? Do you just want to mix in some almond pieces? Yes I would keep those measurements same but would omit the vinegar.

  57. Natasha

    Hi Madhuram,

    The recipe is really nice.. it has come out pretty well. Just I felt sugar is little less. How much sugar do you suggest to increase so that I don’t have to add sugar syrup. Also will adding more sugar is going to affect the texture of cake in anyway?

    • Madhuram

      Yes it is a not too sweet cake. I think you can use upto 1/2 cup of sugar.

  58. Payal Jain

    Hi .. I want to make orange cake with this recipe do I have to substitute water with orange juice and omit vinegar..

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can use orange juice and orange zest too for good orange flavor. Do not omit the vinegar, maybe just use half the quantity.

  59. Jenelle

    Hi, have you ever tried mixing chocolate chips or something similar in the batter before baking? Wondering how much I should use and if this would impact the results of the recipe. Also, does this cake need to be refrigerated? Thanks!!

    • Madhuram

      I haven’t tried but that should not be a problem at all Jenelle. I’m thinking 3/4th of a cup of chocolate chips should be fine. Yes you may have to refrigerate if not using within a day or two of baking it.

  60. Sarav

    What can be use instead of condensed milk?

    • Madhuram

      I have used milk and sugar as a substitute for condensed milk in the same recipe and baked it as these easy eggless vanilla cupcakes. Try it out Sarav.

  61. spandana

    Made this cake for my daughters birthday and it was very nice. I do have one question though…I wanted to frost the cake so kept in the fridge overnight. I frosted it next day but because it was in the fridge the cake was a little hard. Should I have left it on the counter for a few hours before cutting it?

    • Madhuram

      Yes you have to leave it out for a while before serving or should soak the cake in sugar syrup to keep the cake moist.

      • Natasha

        Hi, how much sugar syrup should we use to soak this amount of cake? So that it doesn’t get soggy.

        • Madhuram

          I’m not sure about the exact measurement because most of the times I end up having made more sugar syrup than needed and throw away the rest. So maybe try with 1/4 cup of sugar and some water. Poke holes in the cakes with a fork and brush it a couple of times.

  62. Jill

    Hi Madhuram,

    I’d like to try the Eggless Vanilla Cake recipe with 1 1/2 times the ingredients to make a slightly bigger cake. How do you think that would effect the cooking time? Add an extra 15 mins? Maybe its just a case of trial and error? Thanks for your help!

    • Madhuram

      I think it should work fine Jill. The baking time will depend on the size of pan you plan to use.

  63. natasha

    Can I double the recipe to make a larger cake? Have you tried doing it?

    • Madhuram

      I think I have tried once and made it as a sheet cake, remember vaguely.

  64. Ramnik

    I loved reading the comments and Madhuram, your replies. Too kind. I m gong to try and post my experience

    • Madhuram

      Thank you very much Ramnik.

  65. ....

    Is maida and all purpose flour the same thing?

    • Madhuram

      Yes it is.

  66. michaela

    Do I have to add the vinegar?

    • Madhuram

      Yes, it makes the cake lighter.

  67. Aditi

    Can I substitute vinegar with lemon juice

    • Madhuram

      Usually it works, so it should work in this recipe too.

  68. Rebecca

    I replaced the sweetened condensed milk and water with 2c buttermilk and skipped the vinegar, since the buttermilk was acidic enough, and glazed it instead of frosting it. Absolutely amazing cake!

    • Madhuram! That’s amazing. Will keep in mind for the next time Rebecca. Did you increase the quantity of sugar?
      Thanks for the feedback.

  69. Lindsey B

    Hello I haven’t made this as yet ~ it will work well as cupcakes?

    • Madhuram

      Yes it will.

  70. Thea Mulholland

    Hi there, can I freeze this cake? Love this recipe.

    • Madhuram

      I haven’t tried but I think it should work. Somebody else had mentioned in the comments earlier.

  71. Amanpreet

    Which vinegar do I use?

    • Madhuram

      Apple cider vinegar preferably but white vinegar should also be fine.

  72. Mani

    Thanks for this wonderful recipe.
    My cake turned out good. I have used 9*9 square pan. I baked it for 27 mins at 350. It was good from the outer layers but a small area in between was not fully prepared. Please advise.

    And can we skip condensed milk? its make cake heavier.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Mani. Did you half the measurement or use the same measurement in the recipe for the 9×9 pan. I’m guessing you didn’t scale down the recipe for the pan and that’s why it didn’t cook fully in the middle. That recipe will yield two cakes for the size of pan you have used. That’s also the reason for the cake to be heavier. Otherwise it is not a heavy cake.

  73. Srilakshmi Munukutla

    Can i skip vinegar?

    • Madhuram

      The cake will be dense. It won’t be light and airy.

  74. Natalie

    Can I half fill a 10 inch round cake tin with this mix and expect it to rise?

    • Madhuram

      Yes it should work in a 10 inch pan.

  75. Gurpreet K Singh

    Hi! Please disregard my earlier question about size of the pan. Didn’t notice that it was mentioned in the beginning of the recipe. Thanks!

    • Madhuram

      No problem.

  76. Gurpreet K Singh

    Hi! Would you please clarify the size of the pan? Thanks!

  77. Beena Ahuja

    I have used this recipe thrice and it has always turned out well. The third time, I replaced 1/4th cup of flour with 1/2 cup cocoa powder to make a chocolate cake and that was good too. This time I also creamed the butter with some sugar and then added condensed milk, vanilla & vinegar and whisked it some more before adding the dry ingredients. It gave me a much better rise than the earlier attempts.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks for the tips Beena.

  78. Sophia

    This cake is delicious!!!!

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Sophia.

  79. Denise Grande

    Hi Madhuram!

    Thank you for this recipe. My great niece cannot eat eggs and I am going to try making her this special cake for Palm Sunday. I see where you said it was perfect for shaped cakes. Would that be bundt cakes? If yes, could you tell me the approximate cooking time of a bundt cake and the mini bundt cake that has 6 to a pan? I am terrible with times!

    Thank you!!
    Denise Grande

    • Madhuram

      Hi Denise, bundt cakes should work. I’m assuming it will take about 25-30 minutes. I’m guessing too.

    • Beena Ahuja

      I made this thrice using a bundt pan. It needed about 45 minutes and turned out really well.

  80. nicole

    oh and if I use self raising flour do i skip baking soda & powder

    • Madhuram

      Yes you will have to skip the baking powder, but can keep the baking soda.

  81. nicole

    hello Madhuram,
    I was wondering if I tripled the mix would I have to change anything, I have 70 children to cook for in a daycare center (regular cook is sick)

    • Madhuram

      I’m thinking it should work tripling the recipe. I haven’t tried it though.

  82. Guy3

    I tried this recipe yesterday and it turned out amazing! Thank u so much! I’ve never been able to get an eggless cake right, but this gave me the confidence to try more! Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome. Thank you for the feedback.

  83. Anthony sowerby

    Will this work as a chocolate cake using cocoa and cream cheese

    • Madhuram

      Maybe you can try substituting about 1/2 cup of all-purpose flour with unsweetened cocoa powder. How do you want to use the cream cheese? Didn’t get it.

  84. Richa Nigam

    Wow superb! I looked this recipe for egg less cake. It was so smooth and fluffy and crumbled textured cake. I just made some changes from my side. I made all purpose flour to cake flour and used 1 cup milk instead of 1 cup water and I added vinegar in that milk for 5 mins. Thanks Madhuram.

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Richa.

  85. Fatima

    May be because this is the first time I’m eating a eggless cake πŸ™‚ are eggless cakes little dense? I followed the recipe properly, can I add some egg replacer to get softer? If so how much? Please help it’s urgent.

    • Madhuram

      It depends upon the recipe Fatima. I wouldn’t say that this cake is a dense one. If you use cake flour you will get a lighter texture.

  86. Fatima

    Hi I made it yesterday it was a bit hard What can be the reason?? I’m making it for a vegan friend this Saturday what can I do

    • Madhuram

      Hmm..I have never faced this problem. It’s not hard at all. Did you use the vinegar? Did you happen to bake for more time? Try it with cake flour and it might help.

  87. Fatima

    Madhuram please tell me if I use cake flour should I put baking powder and baking soda?

    • Madhuram

      Yes you will still have to use the leavening agents. You wouldn’t have to use it if you are using self rising flour.

  88. Prashant

    Can u suggest how to prepare self raising flour with( maida + baking powder )or (maida+baking powder+baking soda).

    • Madhuram

      I see that it’s 1 cup of all-purpose flour (maida), 1.5 teaspoons baking soda and 1/2 teaspoon of salt to make a cup of self rising flour.

  89. Kathy

    Hi Ma’am.
    Can this recipe be easily doubled i need to bake a 30cmx30cm square cake . Thank you for your assistance.

    • Madhuram

      Hi Kathy, I’m pretty sure that it should work.

  90. Geetha Ramesh

    Hi Madhuram,
    Thank you! I followed the recipe to the T. It was good. Tried it again with a small change. I replaced the butter with oil and also used cake flour. The cake was much more moist and stayed that way. Thanks again!!

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Geetha.

  91. Rupal Joshi

    Hi Madhuram, nice recipe… just needed to clarify one thing… vanilla extract and vanilla essence are twk different things right? I do not hav vanilla extract however i will be using vanilla essence so thw quantity would be just few drops right?

    • Madhuram

      Vanilla extract is actually extracted from vanilla beans while essence is artificial flavoring. That’s the difference, but you can use either one.

  92. maureen

    Do you have an eggless passion fruit curd recipe?

    • Madhuram

      Sorry Marueen. I don’t have one.

  93. Rehana shiraz

    Hi, Do u have a recipe for a light and airy eggless
    Sponge cake? I want to make fruit gateaux

  94. Isabel

    Is it really TABLESPOONS of vanilla extract? Seems like a lot!

    • Madhuram

      Yes it is 2 tablespoons vanilla extract.

  95. Jane

    I’m not sure what I’ve done is what is it is
    Suppose to be the outcome. It came out
    Moist and the sides were crunchy. I preheat
    My oven at 175 for 30 minute before put in
    Cake. And baked it for 55 minute. Cos at
    30-35 it was still uncooked in the middle.

    Taste was good. I’m just not able to comment
    Much as this is my very first eggless cake
    So I’m not sure what’s on my pan is what
    The actual output should be.

    I will email u the photo. Perhaps u can advice me frm there

    • Madhuram

      Hi Jane, I saw the picture. Is it an 8-inch round cake pan you have used? This recipe will yield 2 8-inch round cakes. Please let me know what size pan you have used.

  96. jane azaria

    Hi, can you please advice what is 1/2 cup Melted Butter into grams ?.
    Do i have to wait for the butter to cool down complete before adding into the mixture

    • Madhuram

      According to the baking measurements chart I have, 1/2 cup butter is 112 gms. So measure that first and then melt it, Jane. The butter doesn’t have to be cooled down completely. Somewhat lukewarm is ok.

  97. Santrile

    This is a wonderful recipe. Thank you so much for sharing. My friend wants me to make a ELC for her son will this work with adding fondant on the cake? Or will it be to heavy?

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Santrile. I’m not sure about using fondant in this recipe. I have only used buttercream and whipped cream frosting on this and love the whipped cream combination on this cake.

  98. MsYeiri

    I’ve used this recipe SO many times, always perfect! I’m planning to make an eggless roll cake, do you think this recipe will go for it too? And since the tray used for roll cakes is to make a thinner cake, what would be the adjustments in time and temperature? Thanks in advance!!

    • Madhuram

      Hmm..I’m not sure Yeiri. This is a lot of batter for a roll cake. My guess is halving the measurement might work.

      • Yeiri C.

        Well, you what… I did try it and it turned out amazingly good!! I made a roll cake (here in Puerto Rico we call it “Brazo Gitano”) filled with Nutella and everybody loved it!! Now we know that this is a very versatile recipe. Thanks, Madhuram!

        • Madhuram

          Wow! That’s awesome Yeiri. Now I can’t wait to try it as a cake roll. Thank you very much.

  99. Puneet

    Amazing cake recipe. It came out very fluffy and light. I was out of vinegar so put some lime juice. Also i added some pineapple juice for a twist. It came out perfect. Thanks Madhuram for the recipe.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Puneet.

  100. Mala

    Hi can i use cake flour beside all purpose flour or self rising flour. Thank you

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can, but I would suggest you to cut down the vinegar to 1/2 tablespoon.

  101. Anna

    Hi Madhuram!

    Used your recipe to make an ombrΓ© cake, made a few tweaks though. I’d run out of extract, so I used a vanilla pod and sliced it to get the beans, and boiled it with a cup of milk, which gave a much better, richer flavour. Since I’d used a cup of milk I omitted the water. I also divided my batter into 4 parts and cooked in small tins with different colours. It cooked beautifully, the sweetness was just right, so I could easily use my buttercream icing without it being overwhelmingly sweet. One thing though, it didn’t cut as smoothly as the other cakes I’ve made, and it was going slightly crumbly. Tasted great though, and it was really moist, but I still simple syruped it anyway.

    In case you want to see the final result:

    • Madhuram

      That’s lovely Anna. Please mail me the photo of the final cake. Would love to see it.

  102. Sammy

    My cake has been in for 50 minutes already and the middle is still not cooked..

    • Madhuram

      Was the oven preheated enough?

  103. SBM

    I forgot to mention that i had used self rising flour instead of all purpose and did not add the baking powder as mentioned.

    • Priya

      Madhuram is my maternal family name my grandma was called madhu and my grandfather called raman. Anyway thankyou for this recipe it great.

      • Madhuram

        That’s interesting Priya. You’re welcome.

  104. SBM

    Hi Madhuram,
    Finally..Finally i was able to bake a great eggless cake with this recipe of yours. I did use fresh orange juice. I was able to cut the cake w/o any …i mean any crumbs what so ever. Thank you so much. The only question i have is that i felt the cake was a bit dry. What can i do for this cake and what can i do next time to make it a little bit more moist? Appreciate your response and all the work you put in to create these great recipes
    I have tried a couple of your other recipes but this was great. Also requesting a few frosting recipes that requires minimal ingredients.

    • Madhuram

      That’s great to know SBM. Thank you very much for taking the time to leave your feedback. Did you by any chance bake it a little longer or reduced the liquid ingredients? Because I can’t think of any other reason for the cake being dry. But you can make a sugar syrup and brush it on the cake to make it moist. Most of the frosting recipes are very simple which call for butter/shortening, icing sugar and milk. Please check the eggless cake recipes page for frosting recipe/ideas.

  105. Sheetal

    Hi Madhurima,

    I baked this cake twice and both the times the cake is uncooked inside while the sides are cooked perfectly, if I bake more the sides are getting harder….Where am I going wrong?

  106. Poonam

    Hi Madhuram

    Great recipe!
    If I wanted to make a 12 inch square cake please can you advise how to upscale the recipe.

    Thank you

    • Madhuram

      I think this recipe should be fine as it is because it makes a 13×9 inch cake.

  107. Devi Jeetun

    Hi Madhuram
    Can I reduce the sugar to 1 tablespoon or not add it at all as my family don’t like sweet cakes. Secondly why did you use vinegar…is this necessary as I have never heard of vinegar being used in cakes. Thirdly the ingredients does not show that you have used Energ-G egg replacer so why you are mentioning it as I don’t know what it is. Thanks.

    • Madhuram

      Hi Devi, yes you can reduce the sugar, but even with the sugar I have mentioned in the recipe the cake is not at all very sweet. It’s less sweeter than the usual cakes. Vinegar is used in eggless cakes to make it a bit light and airy. I have not used Ener-G in this recipe. The text mentions that I have another eggless cupcake recipe which uses it.

  108. Joe

    Just to clarify, sweetened condensed milk is packaged by weight in the US, rather than volume. One can of 14 oz (400 g) of SCM is the same as 10 floz (300 mL).

    • Madhuram

      Oh is it? Thanks Joe.

    • Heba hamood

      Wow thanks. I was about to measure out 300ml from the 14oz can

  109. Hermione Granger

    My sister and I made this cake today and it came out beautifully! Thank you for the recipe.

    • Madhuram

      You’re most welcome Hermione.

  110. Veena

    Can we use 200 grams condensed milk in stead of 300 gram full can and add sugar please suggest me one more thing some times my eggless cake sink in the middle after taking out from oven

    • Madhuram

      Hi Veena, yes you may try the combination of condensed milk and sugar and some more liquid too. Sometimes cakes sink because if you over mix the batter and also if you tend to open the oven door quite often.

  111. Suwaiba Idris

    Thank you Madhuram. I made this cake at my dinner party today and it was a huge success! My nephew has gluten allergy so made two gluten free and normal flour they both came out lovely. Although I forgot to put sugar in the gluten free one so made an orange and star anise syrup and poured on it whilst still hot so kind of varied one.

    • Madhuram

      You’re most welcome Suwaiba. That’s a great thing you did to save the cake! Kudos!

  112. Lilly

    I do not eat salt, do u have to put it?

    • Madhuram

      Not necessary. You can omit it.

  113. Rani

    Thanks very much for this wonderful turned out so well. I used oil instead of butter but excellent.

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Rani.

  114. PDixit

    Hey can I try the same recipe with gluten free flour?

    • Madhuram

      I’m not sure because I haven’t tried it with gluten-free flour.

  115. rajul jain

    Mam may I know the alternative of vanilla extract and also the alternative of vinegar as I am jain

    • Madhuram

      You can use lemon juice instead vinegar. Whether it is real vanilla extract or imitation vanilla extract both have alcohol in it, if that’s why you want to avoid it. So I can’t think of an alternative.

  116. Sapna singh

    The recipe is wonderful, taste and smell everything. I’m planning to make it again using self raising flour. Do I need to decrease the amount of baking powder and baking soda? If yes then please tell me how much?

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Sapna. You can omit the baking powder if you are using self raising flour.

  117. Carla pryce

    I just took the cake from out of the oven. I followed your recipe and omg! I love it! Thanks so much!

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Carla.

  118. Leah Ephraim

    Comment: do you mean l can replace condensed milk with fresh milk and sugar?

  119. Walia

    1 cup is how many grms

  120. Ranu

    Read your recipe loved it. But the only thing I got confused was where did you use egg replacer in this recipe. Your notes section mentions it. So was wondering is the replacement used in this eggless cake recipe or not?


    • Madhuram

      I think you have got confused with what I have mentioned in the post. I have written that I tried an eggless vanilla cupcake with Ener-G egg replacer but was looking for a simple eggless vanilla cake/cupcake which doesn’t use it and found such recipe. So this eggless vanilla cake recipe doesn’t use Ener-G egg replacer.

  121. Sapna singh

    Butter can be replaced with refined oil?

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can Sapna.

  122. JJ

    Would fat free condensed milk make a difference?

    • Madhuram

      I don’t think that it would be a problem.

  123. kiruci

    My cake tray is of9*13″ & of height 2.5″ Should l have to increase the quantity of ingredients & baking time as my tray is slightly taller than the normal one. Please explain me clearly.

    • Madhuram

      That’s a tricky one Kiruci. I’m not sure how much to increase because if it’s way too much batter the cake will rise well and then sink down.

  124. SM

    What can I replace the vinegar with?

    • Madhuram

      Lemon juice probably.

  125. Bharati

    Nice recipe. Can ACV be substituted with White vinegar? And what is a substitution for condensed milk?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Bharati. Yes you can replace it white vinegar. You can use one cup milk and 3/4th cup of sugar like I did in this eggless vanilla cupcakes recipe.

  126. Sarah

    I was wondering about the vinegar. Which kind did you use?

    • Madhuram

      Apple cider vinegar.

  127. Jigyasha

    I made this cake following your recipe exactly,the cake was good but there were some brown spots inside the cake. Can you tell me what it could be?
    Thanks in Advance

    • Madhuram

      Hmm..I can’t guess what it could have been.

  128. thea Mulholland

    I used this recipe for the first time last year as my cousin’s son has allergies. It was a huge success. It was the first birthday cake he could eat. Making it for him again this year. He will be 8. Thanks so much.

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome. πŸ™‚

  129. Sophia Haniff

    Does this recipe freeze well?

    • Madhuram

      I haven’t tried Sophia but few of them who tried it have left comments here saying that it freezes well.

  130. Sivasangkari P

    Is there any substitute for sweetened condensed milk? Like cows milk?

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can use milk and sugar instead of condensed milk. I have tried the same recipe as eggless vanilla cupcakes using milk and sugar.

  131. Priya

    Hi.. tried this cake today… i baked it for 30-35 mins… the cake has ” dome in centre & cracked” at the side.. & also the color of top & base is very light… rest the cake is completely done & tastes good… but why did it crack ?? what went wrong?

    P.S make it in convection preheated at 170

  132. L


    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome. Please see the eggless breads page.

  133. Greta K

    THANK you for this recipe!
    I am making a cake for my daughter’s 10th Birthday and one of her best friends is deathly allergic to eggs so hardly ever gets to eat cake.
    I tried your recipe out to see if it would work and it is perfect! I made two 9″ cakes and stacked them (FYI they took 17-18 minutes to bake in my oven). I didn’t have vanilla extract so scraped a vanilla bean into the dry mixture. Also since I was using the larger, US can of condensed milk, I omitted the sugar. What came out was light and fluffier than I expected, extremely moist and not too sweet.
    A definite keeper!!! Thank you!

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Greta. Thanks for the feedback.

  134. Shehani

    Tried the recipe. This was the first recipe I baked and it turned out to be perfect. Thanks alot

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Shehani.

  135. kirucii

    Could I use lime juice instead of vinegar

    • Madhuram

      Yes. Usually you have to use twice the amount of vinegar. But I am not sure if it will give a citrus flavor to the cake.

  136. Rashmi

    Hi Madhuram,
    Would like to know that what is the use of vinegar in baking cakes.

    • Madhuram

      It gives an airy, light texture Rashmi.

  137. Ritta

    How should the consistency of the batter be? Mine was very thick. I followed all the measurements as mentioned above.
    There are various types of vinegar like malt vinegar etc. Which one should I use?
    Kindly advise.

    • Madhuram

      It is not very thick Ritta. I use both white vinegar and apple cider vinegar and the latter is my favorite.

  138. Hema

    If I use cake flour, do I need to adjust any other ingredients?
    Thank you

    • Madhuram

      I think I would reduce the quantity of vinegar to just 1/2 tablespoon.

  139. james mwangi

    Please help was unable to convert cups to grams .also can i use normal milk instead .am in Kenya Nakuru

    • Madhuram

      You can use this baking measurements chart for the conversion. Yes you can use regular milk instead of condensed milk but will have to add additional sugar, about 1/2 cup at least.

  140. Nimmy

    Hi Madhuram,
    Your recipes are too good.
    I am planning to bake a giant cupcake using this recipe. I some how don’t like the texture of the cake if condensed milk is used. Do you feel the same or does this recipe give a good textured cake? Also, I would like to know can I use this recipe to make a giant cupcake? Will it hold its shape? Is this cake very moist and crumbly? Your early reply would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Nimmy. I haven’t made shaped cakes using this recipe but I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback from other visitors who have tried the same with much success. So I’m pretty sure that it should work out well as a giant cupcake too. The texture was not crumbly. All the best.

  141. Kiran

    Can I add curd instead of condensed milk? If yes how much?

    • Madhuram

      Hmm…I’m not sure about that Kiran. In that case you will have to increase the quantity of sugar too and you cannot use vinegar too. So you will have to change the whole recipe.

  142. Therese

    This recipe was great for stacking. I love the flavor of this cake and it is so easy to work with for shaping. Thank you!

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Therese. Now that you mention that it’s easy to shape with it will try it the next time.

  143. Veronica Valencia

    I plan on making a round cake with at least 2 layers….will this recipe make 2 layers or should I double it?

    • Madhuram

      You don’t have to double it. This recipe will be fine to bake two layers.

  144. Ankita

    Can you please suggest a substitute of vinegar

    • Madhuram

      You can use lemon juice instead.

  145. Ms Jeeva

    Hi sis, can I reduce the condensed milk? I don’t want the cake to be too sweet.

    • Madhuram

      Hi Jeeva, believe me or not this cake will not be too sweet even with the quantity of condensed milk I have mentioned. So use as it is.

  146. B S Savita

    Hi, tried this cake recipe. It was just perfect. In addition to condensed milk I added tbsp of curd and 1tbsp of vinegar. Tasted yummy. Perfect texture. Soft and moist. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Savitha.

  147. Leslie

    Can you sub the condensed milk for soy, looking to make it vegan

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can. Use this eggless vanilla cupcake recipe and make the cake. This is the same recipe but I have used milk and sugar instead of condensed milk. So you can substitute the milk with soy milk.

  148. alpa

    Is baking soda same as soda bi carbonate?

    • Madhuram

      Yes it is.

  149. Shrimadhy

    Oh vow. My search for a good eggless cake ends here. This cake came out sooooo well! I only used lemon juice instead of vinegar and cake flour instead of plain flour.. else i followed whatever was given here. I have tried tons of eggless cake recipes and waa never satisfied anything came close to cakes with eggs. But this one was tooo good! Almost like a regular cake with eggs! Been ages since i ate a cake with eggs but this really reminds me of that.

    • Madhuram

      Thank you very much for the feedback Shrimadhy.

  150. Betty Bakes

    I halved this recipe and made 12 cupcakes. They turned out well. I had extra batter which I washed down the sink. However, I could have added more batter to each of the 12 because they didn’t rise as much as other cake batter. You could easily fill each cup 3/4 of the way full. Flavor and texture was good.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Betty.

  151. Therese

    Hi there, I am wondering if this cake is strong enough to be stacked? I need a two layer cake for this weekend. Thanks!

    • Madhuram

      Even though I have not stacked it I’m pretty sure that it’s good.

  152. Kamal

    Hi. What type of vinegar did you use?

    • Madhuram

      Apple cider vinegar. But white vinegar should be fine also.

  153. Bhumi

    Hi Madhuram
    Thanks for sharing this recipe, i am going to try it tonight. I have to design a gateux as part of my bakery course n i was looking for light spongy and structured sponge cake recipe and your recipe looks very promising, I hope it works out well. Will update how it turned out!!

    • Madhuram

      All the best Bhumi. I hope so too.

  154. Nil

    How to make this cake chocolate cake?

    • Madhuram

      Maybe you can replace half a cup of of all-purpose flour with cocoa powder. In that case you may have to increase the sweetness too. Instead of that why don’t you simply try this easy vegan chocolate cake.

  155. Prash

    Hi, I was wondering if I can substitute the condensed milk with melted white chocolate? I tried this recipe as is and it turned out very nice. Thank you!

    • Madhuram

      Hmm…that’s an interesting option. But not sure how it will turn out.

  156. B

    I want to try this recipe for my daughters birthday. She is allergic to eggs, milk and nuts. Would you recommend using soy or coconut in place if the condensed milk? Do you think it would turn out okay?

    • Madhuram

      I have made an easy eggless vanilla cupcakes using the same recipe but without condensed milk. Substitute the milk with non-dairy milk of your choice.

  157. Sarah Sluss

    Do you use pure vanilla extract or imitation vanilla ? Clear or dark vanilla? Thanks so much!

    • Madhuram

      I normally use pure, dark vanilla extract. Clear is used only in frosting to retain the white colour.

  158. Usha Singh

    Hi, I tried this recipe today, and it’s the best egg less cake recipe ever! I divided the batter into two portions, added Cocoa powder (3 tablespoons) to one half of the batter and made a marble cake. Extremely soft, baked it at 180 degrees for 30 minutes in a 15 x 30 cm rectangular pan Thank you for sharing this.

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Usha.

  159. Sheetal Totloorker

    Hi Madhuram,

    Tried this recipe today, baked the cake for 27min, sides of the cake were perfect but the inside was still not done and so the cake went inside in the middle when cooled. I did not bake it longer because the sides would be overbaked, where did I go wrong? Should I bake 2-3 min more?

    • Madhuram

      Was the oven preheated? Did you think you over mixed the batter or opened the oven too often to check the cake? These are some of the reasons why the cake would sink in the middle.

  160. Vee

    Tried this today with orange juice instead of water and orange essence instead of vanilla essence. Also used 400 ml tin of condensed milk as that’s what I could get here in the UK. I have fan-assisted oven, so I baked at 160 degrees C for around 30 minutes.

    The cake came out beautiful, tastes yummy. Thank you so much for this recipe, wish I could post the photo!

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Vee πŸ™‚

  161. Sunny

    Can I use oil instead of butter?

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can Sunny.

  162. Jahnavi


    Thanks for this lovely recipe. One Question, is it 2 Tablespoon of Vanilla extract? shouldn’t it be 2 tea spoons ?

    thanks, lots of love

    • Madhuram

      Yes it is 2 tablespoons Jahnavi.

      • Jahnavi

        I baked this cake yesterday, however I took 1 cup of melted butter and 1 cup of sugar. And used orange juice, It was BRILLIANT. Thanks so much ! <3

        • Madhuram

          You’re welcome Jahnavi.

  163. Kim

    I need to bake an egg free and gluten free cake for my sons birthday to cater for a friend. Has anyone tried this with all purpose gluten free flour or another gluten free flour? His birthday is this week!

    • Madhuram

      I’m not sure Kim. Sorry.

  164. Rupali jain

    Vinegar can be substituted by lemon juice right,can u plz tell me the quantity of lemon juice for 2 tbsp of vinegar

    • Madhuram

      I’m thinking 4 tablespoons of lemon juice. But I’m not sure if this would a strong lemon flavour to the cake.

  165. Raji

    Thanks for your reply. I didn’t have vinegar but then I got it and made this cake. it looked fabulous, nicely puffed but felt it to be dry. I used saffola oil 1/2 cup and also used a dark pan for baking, I baked in 325F for 27 mins, felt slightly over cooked. It would be great to have your expertise here.

    I was searching for simple butter cream frosting which is not very sweet! I have tried making it in vain ending up with sugary frosting. Thanks a lot for your time and help! I want to make good frosting for my kids bday party.

    • Madhuram

      Hmm..probably it can be because of the oil. Did you do the toothpick test? If you want a less sugary frosting you should go with whipped cream frosting. Buttercream frosting does use a lot of sugar. Otherwise you won’t get the consistency right.

  166. Dale Saunders


    I would like to make this into a chocolate cake. How much cocoa would I need to add in place of some flour.

    Many thanks.

  167. Raji

    Thank you for the wonderful blog! I wanted to make this cake for my daughter bday. Is there any substitute for vinegar?

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Raji. Is there any dietary reason you don’t want to use it? But if you are worried about taste, you don’t have to because you won’t be able to taste it at all. Especially apple cider vinegar. Substituting vinegar with twice the quantity of lemon juice will work but not sure if it will have a sour taste.

    • Raji

      I did not have Vinegar but then I got it and made this cake. I was very happy with the result! It was a good sized cake. Thanks a lot for your beautiful blog. I used oil instead of butter and felt it to be dry. So, I converted it into tresleche by brushing the mixture of condensed milk and normal milk. It was very good!

      • Madhuram

        That’s great Raji.

  168. Tina Emilia

    Hi Madhuram,

    Thanks for the fabulous recipe. Is it possible to make this cake a chocolate cake?

    Thank you

  169. Usang25

    Hi Madhuram,

    I tried this cake with orange juice and condensed milk of 400gm. The cake turned out perfect. It was very tasty. Could you please confirm to me how much ml of orange juice i should be using. I used appx 150ml. I want to bake this cake for my son’s birthday so want to get all my measurements correct.

  170. Saritha

    Can i use apple cider vinegar?

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can.

      Yes you can.

  171. Keri

    Hi. Would this recipe be suitable for cupcakes? If yes, what would your recommended baking duration be? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    • Madhuram

      Yes it will work Keri. About 14 minutes I guess. Tried a modified version of the same recipe as eggless vanilla cupcakes. Check it out.

  172. Didi Arora

    Thanks so much for this recipe! It works great! … Do you think oil instead of butter might make it fluffier or softer? Or what do you suggest to make it softer ? Thanks!

    (Ps I added lemon extract to give it a lemony flavor – my daughters loved it)

    • Madhuram

      That’s great Didi. Yes oil will probably make it a bit softer.

  173. Allison K

    Will margarine work in place of butter?

    • Madhuram

      It should, even oil I guess.

  174. Grace

    Do you mean 1/2 cup butter, melted
    Or 1/2 cup melted butter?

    • Madhuram

      I did 1/2 cup butter, melted.

  175. Tania

    Hi! Do I need to add food color ( yellow) into batter ?

    • Madhuram

      No Tania.

  176. Vidhi

    Your 1 cup is 250 ml or 200 ml

  177. Bali

    Can I add blueberries or raspberries to this recipe? Thank you so much for your amazing recipes πŸ™‚

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can Bali.

  178. Usang

    I am tempted to try this recipe with cake flour, i guess that means self raising flour. If that is the case do I still use baking powder? Has anyone tried it with self raising flour?

    • Madhuram

      Cake flour and self rising flour is not the same. They are different. Cake flour doesn’t have baking powder in it. It’s flour milled from soft wheat, the gluten content of which is very less making it suitable for tender pastries.

  179. ruchita

    Can I triple or double this recipe and use as stack cake?

    • Madhuram

      I guess so Ruchita. I haven’t done it so far.

  180. Mokshada Laddha

    Vinegar is necessary to use in it

    • Madhuram

      Yes it gives an airy texture to the cake.

  181. Walida


    This is first time i attempt eggless cake for my family.I replace orange juice in the place of water. it is so yummy thanks a lot for the recipe.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Walida.

  182. Nicole

    My son has a dairy allergy, Could I use Rice milk instead?

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can Nicole.

  183. Amisha

    Can we double the quantity?

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can Amisha.

  184. Carilyn

    I am going to try this recipe this weekend. Praying that it comes out great; trying to impress

    • Madhuram

      All the best πŸ™‚

  185. Malathi Krishnasamy

    Is it ok to substitute the condensed milk with an equal amount of sugar and milk, maybe 300ml of milk plus an extra 100gms of sugar?

    • Madhuram

      Probably. I have tried something similar in this eggless vanilla cupcakes recipe. Used this vanilla cake recipe but substituted the condensed milk with milk and sugar.

  186. Deepa

    Can you give in grams or ounce please. Thank you.

    • Madhuram

      Sorry Deepa, I don’t bake using those measurements. But I have a table of baking measurements. Maybe you can use that.

  187. MA

    2 tablespoons Vinegar – which kind vinegar you use?

    • Madhuram

      Apple cider vinegar preferably. But white vinegar is ok too.

  188. Paula

    Hi. Not to ask a silly question, but when a recipe calls for vinegar is it apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. Does it makes a difference? Thanks.

    • Madhuram

      Hi Paula. I prefer apple cider vinegar because I personally feel that it doesn’t leave an after taste/smell like white vinegar. But a lot of people use white vinegar too. I guess it’s personal preference.

  189. Brenda Lee

    This recipe was great but I wanted it to have more height so I added3/4 cup of tofu and it was perfect. Thank you.

    • Madhuram

      Oh! That’s great to know Brenda. Thanks for sharing.

  190. sue

    I’ve tried this recipe and my customer love it! Can i replace the water with fresh milk or evaporated milk?

    • Madhuram

      Yes you may.

  191. Lesley

    This is my first time making an eggless cake. I came across this recipe for an order I have and wow. Amazing cake! Thanks!!

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Lesley.

  192. Brocade blue

    Can i sub the butter with oil? How much of oil do I need to replace the butter?

    • Madhuram

      You can. Just use the same quantity.

  193. Debbie

    I’m wondering if this recipe can be doubled and if so, how ?

    • Madhuram

      I’m thinking it should work. Just double all the ingredients.

  194. Hayley

    I baked this the other day with gluten free plain flour and is the best recipe I have found for eggless cake. I didn’t change anything else in this recipe apart from the using gluten free flour. It’s so yummy I’ve almost eaten a whole cake – oops!

    • Madhuram

      Wow Hayley! Thanks for sharing your feedback. I can’t wait to try the gluten-free option. πŸ™‚

  195. shilpa suhas pandharpure

    mam plz i ask one question is that my cake is not so fluffy like bakery? as i now got a cake order. but i am not satisfied making my cake like bakery. what should i do? plz plz suggest

    • Madhuram

      It depends upon the recipe Shilpa. Try this recipe and I’m sure you will like it.

  196. Bina Budon

    Have tried this version and must say it’s a hit. Would it be possible to make this as a chocolate version by substituting 3 Tbsp of flour for cocoa powder?

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Bina. Probably you can do that or else just try one of the many egg free chocolate cake recipes I have in the blog.

  197. Catherine Hodgkinson

    I made this cake the other day and it actually took a lot longer to cook than the recipe said. I think I cooked it for 20mins more. The cake is very nice and not too sweet, but the smell is what gets me, it is really weird. I guess it’s the condensed milk in it. Even with a really nice citrus frosting on it, the smell of the cake put my children off eating it.

    • Madhuram

      Hmm…I have never experienced any such smell because I bake this quite often. Are you sure that the baking soda/powder didn’t expire or something.

  198. Anne LaFleur

    This cake recipe is the BEST. I have a grand daughter who is allergic to eggs. Vegan recipes are not necessary as all we need to leave out are the eggs. It is so good and it has been a life saver for her. Now I can make her cupcakes for her class and other occasions. We freeze some to have on hand when she is invited to a party where she normally could not indulge in the dessert. I have made this recipe as cupcakes and giant decorative cakes. It holds up extremely well – better than most and is a little like a muffin but still cake-like enough for us. She is 5 and has been enjoying this recipe for 2 years. Thank you so much ! PS- I don’t change anything in the recipe

    • Madhuram

      Thank you so much for the detailed feedback Anne. You made my day. This is one recipe that I bake quite often and really don’t understand when some don’t get it right.

  199. Angharad Haveland

    Any idea if this recipe will work with gluten free flour? So far I have been failing to get good results with any eggless gluten free cakes

    • Madhuram

      Not sure Angharad. I haven’t tried it with gluten-free flour. I’m guessing the gluten-free mix which is available in stores should work instead of the all-purpose flour.

  200. Shama Shaikh

    Hi Madhuram , lovely and the most easiest recipe I have ever seen . Made about 6 cakes yesterday for an order of 100 short glass dessert . Just one question , incase I want to make the same cake in chocolate flavour can I reduce the 1/2 cup flour and add 1/2 cup cocoa powder

    • Madhuram

      Thank you very much Shama. Probably it would work with the cocoa powder substitution but instead try my Whacky Vegan Chocolate cake recipe. It’s too easy to make and has an amazing taste and texture.

  201. Misha

    Hi- tried once and it was perfect! Thank you! I want to try again today but I have no butter. Will rapeseed oil work instead of butter? Do I use the same quantity 1/2cup if using oil? Thanks

    • Madhuram

      Yes you may try using the same quantity of oil instead of butter.

  202. Amutha

    Hi, can i know which type of vinegar u use for it? Wat we can use to replace vinegar?

    • Madhuram

      I prefer apple cider vinegar. You can use twice the quantity lemon juice.

  203. Deeps

    Hi madhuram,
    I tried out this recipe and have to admit, it came out amazing. Best eggless cake I have made so far. Thanks a lot.
    PS.. I did reduce the amount of condensed milk though

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Deeps. πŸ™‚

  204. Aarti

    Hi..i want to make a egg less birthday vanilla cake with layers so that what should I use coke or pepsi ,water or milk in egg less cake… I m confuse ….and which will give perfect result..why we use water ?

    • Madhuram

      You can use this recipe itself Aarti.

  205. DEEPA

    Tried out your eggless vanilla cake recipe…
    The cake turned out so yummy… I did reduce the amount of condensed milk though…. so far the best eggless cake recipe I have found… thank you

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Deepa.

  206. Deepali

    Yesterday was my husband birthday and my inlaws are visiting us and they are vegan. This was the first eggless cake I bake in my life. Always i have bake cake using store cake mix. The cake turn out so perfect and yummy. My Mil is very much impressed with me πŸ™‚ The above ingredients are perfect and instead of vinegar i used fresh squeeze Lemon. It took me 35 minutes for baking at 350F temp after pre heated/warm oven. I checked every minute after 27 min :). My 3 year old loved this cake :), generally she loves to eat the cream/icing cake. But this was the biggest hit :). what else you want when your picky kiddo loving the cake .. Thanks madhuram

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Deepali. Also thank you very much for taking the time to write your feedback.

  207. Rupali

    Nice recipe ..will try for sure… Thank You

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Rupali.

  208. Rukaiya

    Hello can i use baking powder without bakingsoda??

    • Madhuram

      If a recipe calls for both please you both.

  209. Vijayeta

    I tried this cake recipe and it turned out to be really delicious.. Since ages am looking for a vegetarian cake recipe and found the best one at last.. Thanks loads Madhuram

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Vijayeta

  210. Meena

    Thanks Madhuram for the simple yet yummy recipe.. I am beginner to baking and made this one today morning. Both my husband and son loved the cake. I am only wondering how was your cake(as shown in the image) a perfect flat surface whileen mine came out a rounded surface. Did you cut the top layer to make it look flat?

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Meena. I didn’t cut the top. I baked it in a rectangle pan, so it did not have a very big dome.

  211. Bhumika Shah


    I made the cake and followed the instructions as u have mentioned, however my cake was undone in the middle.

    I kept it for 30 minutes. I used round pan, does the size of the pan matter for how long the cake has to be kept inside? also, I used double acting baking powder (Kraft Calumet Baking Powder) – does it have an effect? Please let me know! Want to give this another try!

    • Madhuram

      Yes the size of the pan does matter. Did you use the entire recipe to bake in a round pan? In that case it would have been too much batter for a 8/9-inch pan. Did you halve the measurements? More details please.

  212. Jody

    I need to avoid eggs, wheat flour and dairy. Hoping that soy or coconut milk is ok in this recipe. and what about using olive or canola oil instead of butter?

    • Madhuram

      I’m not sure if you are looking for gluten-free option because wheat is out. Don’t know how it will turn out. Yes any non-dairy milk and any other oil of your choice should be ok.

  213. Bindu

    What can I use instead of vinegar

    • Madhuram

      You can try using twice the quantity of lemon juice.

  214. Allison

    I tried making this for a friend who is allergic to eggs. Turned out great! Really good flavor, and the texture was perfect (for us, anyway). It was sort of dense, not very light and fluffy. But not a brick, either πŸ™‚

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Allison.

  215. Merry

    My granddaughter wants a marble Binet cake for her birthday…can I just use the recipe above and put cocoa in half the batter and swirl into vanilla batter to create marble cake?

    • Madhuram

      It might work Merry. Marble cake is on my to do list. Will get to it.

  216. Cassie Janson

    Hello! Is there an easy way to make chocolate cake?

  217. Aruna Sankari

    Hi! Is it 2 TABLE spoon of vanilla extract? Or 2 teaspoon.

    • Madhuram

      Yes it is 2 tablespoons.

  218. Dani

    I am really pleased with how this cake turned out πŸ™‚
    Thank you for the recipe.
    I added the 2 tbsps of vinegar to whole milk and made a faux buttermilk (to replace the water) and I also added pureed strawberries and swirled it in (my daughter wanted to make a strawberry cake for Dada for Father’s Day). He really loved the taste and that it is not too sweet.
    The entire cake is gone! (after making it yesterday)

    • Madhuram

      Wow, the strawberry idea is so cool Dani. I want to try it too.

  219. Ann Marie

    Hi what kind of vinegar can I use , and is almond milk okay ?
    Kind regards Marie

    • Madhuram

      I personally prefer apple cider vinegar, but white should be ok too. Yes any milk of your choice.

  220. fayola

    I have tried your cupcakes and they are delicious. Very moist and not too sweet. My husband is a teacher and I made for him to sell at school to raise funds for their track and field team and the students loved them. Excellent recipe!

    • Madhuram

      Thanks for the feedback Fayola.

  221. Dani

    Thank you for sharing. I am out of eggs and wanted to make a cake for my husband and this looks delicious.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Dani.

  222. shilpa

    Can I add cornstarch to all purpose flour in this recipe???
    if 400 ml can of condensed milk is used then is it required to add two tbsp sugar?????

    • Madhuram

      Yes for both.

  223. Eun

    Hi there, I want to try out your recipe for a my friend’s kid’s birthday, however I want to make cupcakes. Have used this recipe for cupcakes And if so, how long did you bake for? Thanks!

  224. esha

    I am going to make this recipe for my test in cooking class and was wondering if you need to add the vinegar and if there is an alternative. What equipment do I need. Hope it turns out nice.

    • Madhuram

      Yes vinegar is the ingredient which will make the cake light and fluffy. You can use lemon juice instead and try double the quantity of vinegar. But I’m thinking you will have a subtle lemon flavour. No special equipment needed. Just mix with wooden spoon/spatula.

  225. SuSi

    I tried your recipe but I couldn’t find soda, so I followed all the steps according to your recipe, and in the end before putting the batter in oven I pour lemon juice mixed it quickly within a minute, and then put it in oven. It was the best cake, moist, fluffy, delicious! None of my friends could believe it was eggless! πŸ™‚

    • Madhuram

      Wow! That’s great Susi.

  226. Priyanka Agrawal

    Can you please tell the exact measurement of the cup used for all purpose flour and is it same in all your recipes??

  227. Laily

    Hi! I’ve just tried this recipe for a client and as a pro home-based baker, this recipe gets my 5stars! Just a few tips for best fluffiest results:
    1. Always double-sift the dry ingredients to even out the baking powder and soda. This avoids large air bubbles forming due to large lumps of sodA.
    2. When adding the wet mixture, alternate adding the condensed milk with the water first. Use hand spatula.
    3. Add the vinegar at the last stage to activate the baking soda. This gives u the maximum air bubbles and fluffiness for the cake.
    4. I baked one batch in two 8″ round tins. Because the batter is the heavy type, baking in separate tins helps more even quick baking and avoids cake being dense.

    Thank u for a great recipe. This one’s a keeper!

    • Madhuram

      Wow! Thank you very much for the tips Laily. I will definitely try it the next time I bake this cake.

  228. Umsr

    I am going to try it very soon and hope it will be a wonderful recipe I have been looking for…

  229. Marie

    Just made this and the only thing I left out was baking soda and just added more baking powder. It turned out to have a rubbery like texture and dough rubberish inside. πŸ™

    • Madhuram

      Baking powder and baking soda cannot be used interchangeably.

  230. Ag

    It’s a lovely delicious cake. Turned out amazing.
    I would like to know the measurements for a single 9 inch cake, please advise?

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Ag. You can just halve the recipe.

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  232. Usha

    Hi Madhuram, I am tryinf this recepie for first time. Can I use store bought orange juice for this cake.

    • Madhuram

      I personally don’t like using store bought orange juice because I feel that it doesn’t taste as good as freshly squeezed juice.

  233. Sandy

    Hi, I am a beginner in baking a cake. I followed the recipe. put fork inside to check; turned out clear after 27 min. let it cool for good 15-20 min on room temperature. I find lots of holes or I dont know if Its air bubbles in my cake. and also it is moist instead of dry. Is it supposed to be moist? How can I tell id its properly baked? what should I do to prevent holes in my cake.

    • Madhuram

      Do you mean holes inside the cake? That’s how it’s supposed to be. If the toothpick or fork in your case comes out clean then it means it is baked properly.

  234. Beljeet

    I have tried so many recipes and this is the only one which has worked – thanks very much πŸ™‚

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Beljeet.

  235. Leslie

    My daughter served this as a birthday cake for her 9 year old. The family admitted that it was the best home made cake they have ever eaten.

    • Madhuram

      Thank you very much for the feedback Leslie. πŸ™‚

  236. Eleanor Nani

    Could you please tell me what you mean by cake flour. i live in Italy and will need to find something similar in order to make a birthday cake for one of my guests.
    thank you
    B&B Balcone Fiorito

  237. Chia

    Hi would it be okay if I didn’t use vinegar at all?

    • Madhuram

      It won’t be as airy as using vinegar.

  238. Priya

    Hi Madhuram, yesterday I made this cake by using cake flour. It was soft from inside but crust was bit hard. Taste was really good but cake has sunk in the middle. Where I went wrong? And just to know what happens if I don’t add vinegar? And in this cake I added distilled vinegar. So is it fine?

    • Madhuram

      Sometimes while using cake flour, if you beat it with electric beater you are over working the batter and you won’t be able to get the right texture or shape. It is advisable to mix it lightly with a wooden spoon or spatula. Also I think while using cake flour it would be advisable to use less vinegar than usual.

  239. Suzanne Hardy

    Could you help please not sure where I went wrong tried 1/2 the mixture as a test used 6 inch tin rose well skewer clean but when cut it wasn’t cooked had it in oven 35 minutes outside seemed quite brown regards Sue

    • Madhuram

      Did you cut it without letting it cool down completely?

  240. Margaret Olivier (South Africa)

    Hi. I have a 2 year old boy who is very allergic to egg, especially the egg white. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to find / make something for him as a “treat”. We all love treats. I tried this recipe today, my very first eggless cake. And I am very impressed. It was easy to make and the ingredients are things that you have in your house. Most importantly, my little boy loved it! Thank you for a wonderful website, I am for ever grateful that I stumbled upon this today!

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Margaret and thank you very much for your generous compliments.

  241. Elaine Farmer

    Hi I have not made this cake yet. I am making it for a Birthday tomorrow. I am using a 1/2 sheet pan–any idea if I should double this or more than double it.


    • Madhuram

      I haven’t baked in a 1/2 sheet pan, so not able to tell. Sorry Elaine.

  242. Sajna

    Hi..can I freeze this cake?

    • Madhuram

      Probably. I think I read a few comments that it froze well.

  243. ASG

    Hi, what can I use to substitute the condensed milk? As i dislike it. Thanks.

  244. Vandana

    Today tried this recipe, everyone loved it. Thank you for wonderful recipe! Keep sharing…great stuff!! All the best!

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Vandana.

  245. hina

    Do I need to add b.p. and b.s if using self raising flour for this recipe as u suggested. ..

    • Madhuram

      I have suggested to use cake flour. Cake flour and self raising flour is different. But you wouldn’t have to use leaveners if you are using self raising flour.

  246. Rohini

    I am very impressed by your recipes and downloaded many. I got a pack of Ener-G egg replacer from my BIL who travelled to India. Have a quick question, can I use that same recipe which you have used to bake the Eggless Vanilla cupcakes for cakes? if so what is the baking time and size of the pan which i can use to bake it. Please advise. Look forward for your inputs. TIA

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can use it bake a cake too. I’m thinking two 8 inch round pans will work. You will have to bake for about 25 minutes I guess. You can also try the other Eggless vanilla Cake. This is great too.

  247. Shay

    I made this yesterday, and my dad LOVED IT!!! Thanks for a great recipe!

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Shay.

  248. Jasmine

    This is such a good recipe!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I love being able to lick the spoon after baking and not worry about raw eggs!

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Jasmine.

  249. Shrut

    I’m looking to make a chocolate chip eggless cake, as with egg cakes – am I okay to just add the chocolate chips or do I need to change anything? Thank you

    • Madhuram

      Yes, you should be fine just adding in the chocolate chips.

  250. Aman

    Came out amazing πŸ™‚
    Very soft and fluffy.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks for the feedback Aman.

  251. Aine Byrne

    So happy went ahead and made this cake for my little guy who had a wheat and egg allergies. It was his first birthday and I really wanted him to have a piece of cake. I used the wilton number one cake tin (for anyone making with the same) and doubled the recipe worked out just enough batter. I used gf self raising flour and omitted baking powder and the salt. Cake was a huge success. Everyone loved it. Thanks so much

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Aine. Did you make it gluten-free? Asking it because you say he has wheat allergies too. Just wondering if this recipe works with gluten-free flour too.

      • Aine Byrne

        Yes gluten free worked great

        • Madhuram

          That’s great!

    • Cherry

      Hi Aine,

      I have the same idea using the Wilton cake tin. Can I ask how long and at what temperature did you have to bake the cake for? Thanks.

      • Aine

        Sorry just seeing this now. I put it in 180c but it did take a lot longer to cook as I doubled the recipe. I would make turn it down after the 30mins and let it cook on maybe as mine did start to overcook edges of the cake tin whilst the middle was still uncooked.

  252. Aine

    My little boys first birthday is Friday. He allergic to egg and wheat. Would this work if I used self raising glutenfree flour.

    • Madhuram

      I don’t know Aine. I can’t tell without trying it because gluten-free baking can be tricky.

  253. karmjit Dhesi

    Hi I don’t have vinegar can i use some else

    • Madhuram

      You can try using twice the quantity of lemon juice.

  254. Deepa Mohan

    Tried the recipe and cake came out Perfect !! Super soft and fluffy. Thanks for the recipe .

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Deepa.

  255. Jaya

    I tried this cake and turned out well. Now 397 ml cans of condensed milk is only available here. How to adjust this in the recipe.

    • Madhuram

      Either use just 2/3rd of the can or use it all and decrease the quantity of water a little bit and add it if needed.

  256. Nancy

    is there a replacement to vinegar

    • Madhuram

      Double the quantity of lemon juice is supposedly the replacement for vinegar but I haven’t tried that in this recipe.

  257. tej

    can we use apple cider vinegar instead of eggs for making this, egg less vanilla cake? if yes,how?

    • Madhuram

      I have used vinegar in the recipe.

  258. Ricky

    I have tried the vanilla cup cake with egg replacer and the condensed milk version. I made 60 cup cakes and each tray results were different. 1 found using the Energy G replacer cakes much softer and fluffy but why do they sometimes go hard on the top while baking looking like scones?
    Can you use oil in the cup cakes instead of melted butter? Should the butter be cooled down? Should the consistency be dropping not too thick? Also cakes remain a light colour?

    • Madhuram

      The hard top can be because it baked a bit longer. Yes you can use oil instead of melted butter. If I remember my batter was a bit runny not too thick. Yes the cakes remain white, it might change if you use oil.

  259. Neha Manohar

    I want to know what is measurement of cup….

  260. Karena

    I made this and tested it at 27mins and then at 30mins the tester came out clean and it looked perfect …waited 15mins and took out of pan…still looked perfect…then after 5-10mins it sank and then i sliced the top off and the hole center was raw still. I’ve put it back in the oven to try rescue it as its just for us to eat but it was a test run for my sons first bday. I thought maybe I do it in shallower tins or add egg replacer as well? Also in Australia so 300ml condensed milk I still find that its sweet and maybe a little less vanilla next round. Been vego all my life and my mum always does eggless cakes in tins with hole in the middle so they cook but I’m endeavoring to find something that works and doesn’t sink so I can decorate it.

    • Madhuram

      This is a no-fail recipe according to me. I have baked it “n” number of times. I really don’t know what’s happening in your case. Not able to guess. Recently made it last month too. I’m pretty sure that you are missing something vital, but don’t know what.

  261. Chan

    Hi. May I ask, can I use full cream milk to replace condensed milk? If yes, how much of milk to put for the recipe? Thanks.

  262. Eggs? Eggs?? What Eggs??? | Good Cake Day

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  263. Sera

    Hi, If I want to get 50 slices do I double it?

    • Madhuram

      I would suggest you to make the batter twice instead of doubling the recipe.

  264. Ajanta Rao

    If using EnerG egg replacer instead of condensed milk, how much of it should I add for this recipe?

    • Madhuram

      For this recipe I wouldn’t suggest doing that Ajanta. You have to sort of change the entire recipe.

  265. Shreyas

    Thanks for the recipe.Will this cake measurement be suitable for two 8 inch pans???I am planning to make this today .

    • Madhuram

      Yes it should be enough.

  266. Qish

    Hi there! How much this cake weigh?

    • Madhuram

      I have no idea. Sorry.

  267. Coralie Agung

    Thanks for the recipe, my granddaughter has an allergy to all milk products and eggs. I have found a coconut sweet condensed milk (made from coconut cream) and will subsitute the butter with a non dairy spread. I am going to make it this weekend, and I think it will turn out well. Thanks for your recipe.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Coralie. That’s a good idea.

      • Amie

        Hi, how is the cake after using the coconut can please because I want make it for my daughter birthday

  268. Gurpreet

    When you refer to cup how much does a cup measure in grams/ ml?

    • Madhuram

      Please check the baking measurements page, but I have to tell that I have never tried measuring in grams.

  269. Deeksha

    Cake is amazing, one small help.,can u tell the measurement of condensed milk in cups measures. My cup measures 250/.for dry ingredients.

    • Madhuram

      Hmm…I guess it will come to 3/4ths of a cups. Not very sure. Sorry.

  270. Jaimini

    Hi, I’ve tried this recipe a couple of times. It’s absolutely amazing in taste! However, when the cake is baking, it rises to double the size and is fluffy. When I take it out for cooling, it shrinks to half the size in height. It goes a bit flat. Why is that? Is there a way to change that?

    • Madhuram

      I’m thinking you are over mixing the batter. Do you think so too?

  271. Shubhi

    Thank you for the recipe. Do you use salted butter or unsalted?

    • Madhuram

      Unsalted. If you use salted butter omit the salt in the recipe.

      • Shubhi

        Thank you for the reply. And what vinegar do you use?

        • Madhuram

          Only apple cider vinegar.

  272. Nira

    Hi I need an eggless cake recipe for a 9inch x 13inch cake tin. Can you tell me how the recipe should be adjusted for this size in order to get a well risen cake? Also what are the quantities in grams and millilitres pls??

    • Madhuram

      This recipe will be perfect for a 9×13 inch pan. I do not use grams so not aware of the measurements using the same. You may use the baking chart to convert it.

  273. mamatha reddy

    can u tell me how much of orange juice and orange zest to use.i want to do today can u reply fast.

  274. sri

    Hi, I have always loved your eggless recipes. Is there anything that I can substitute the condensed milk with? Also, does this cake taste like butter cake? I hope you can tell me how I can alter this recipe into a butter cake as I really love butter cakes. Thanks in advance!

  275. Mini

    Hi Ma’m thank god I find your website…I have to bake an eggless cake this tuesday. Can I use this cake under fondant covered with chocolate ganache? I am eagerly waiting for your answer. Thanks.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Mini. I think it should work fine. This cake has a good texture. Not too crumbly, so it should hold the fondant.

  276. Seema

    Hi, I would like to try this recipe but as a sponge sandwich, so i need to 2 x 9 inch round cakes. How much should i adjust the quantities by? And also the baking time? Many thanks.

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can make this recipe itself into two cakes. Divide the batter between 2 pans. I’m guessing the time would be around 22-25 mins maybe. It can be more or less. Check it around 20 mins once and decide accordingly.

  277. Purnima

    Tried the recipe and taste good but I found my cake too sticky and not sure why. Could you please clarify as I am a first time baker. Thanks

    • Madhuram

      Hmm…do you think it needed a couple more minutes of baking time?

  278. Resmy girish

    Hi yesterday I tried the recipe by adding orange juice really it was excellent in taste. I like to know how much minutes we have to blend batter. Inside my cake some places have holes why it happens? Can u help me please?

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Reshmy. By holes do you mean the sponge like appearance which is shown in the picture? It is supposed to be like that.

  279. Kristen

    Can I use this batter recipe for cupcakes? If so, how long and at what temperature would you recommend trying them?


  280. aditya

    U are Adding salt and non salt butter but can I add salted butter ?

    • Madhuram

      Yes you may.

  281. Karishma Momaya

    Hello Madhuram,
    Is there anything to replace vinegar? Can I use coconut milk instead of water to make coconut cake? Also needed some suggestions to make coconut cake icing with cream cheese.

    Thank you

    • Madhuram

      You may try double the quantity of lemon juice. You you can try it with coconut milk. You can check out the recipe for cream cheese icing from here: Then use coconut flakes to cover the cake. First frost the cake with cream cheese icing, add some coconut extract while making the frosting and then top it with coconut flakes.

  282. Lakshmi

    Hi! Can I make this vanilla cake 3 days before the actual event day?

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can Lakshmi. You can store it the freezer and thaw it overnight.

  283. nat

    Hi I followed the recipe but used oat milk instead of water and used a bit less than stated. My cake has cracked on the top on one side. Do you know what might be the problem? Thank you

    • Madhuram’s not because of using oat milk. I’m guessing either it was over baked or maybe the batter was needed some more liquid.

  284. Bharat Jadav

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. I have a question…actly i make it without vinegar so can you please explain what difference will it make? Is it just for preservation?

    • Madhuram

      No vinegar gives the cake a little bit of airiness/fluffiness. Otherwise it might be a little dense.

      • Bharat Jadav

        oh yes! Without vinegar it becomes little dense. Thanks for the tip πŸ™‚

  285. Poornima bhat

    Hi dear..
    Amaizing recipe and its mind blowing…. Ive started using your recipe for all my orders and its been mind blowing responce…
    I ve made a slight change and thats adding cornflour to the All purpose flour…
    Can you suggest me the cocoa powder ratio to convert this cake into a chocolate cake… Please?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Poornima. Why don’t you use the Whacky Vegan Chocolate cake instead. It’s really amazing.

  286. jpthi kumar pushparani

    Nice you’re cake picture

  287. Poonam

    Hi, I am trying bake this cake in a deeper pan, what temperature and how long should I bake it for? I tried at 150 degrees for 1.5 hours but it was still raw in the middle.

    • Madhuram

      It is always preferable that you don’t reduce the temperature but adjust the baking times according to the pan size instead. 150C is very low temperature.

  288. Tooshita

    This came out perfectly. Used a 350 ml can of condensed milk and skipped the 2 tb sugar. It was just how we prefer it, not too sweet. love love the results. This recipe has definitely become my fave eggless vanilla cake. Thank you!

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Tooshita. πŸ™‚

  289. MsYeiri

    I’ve tried this recipe many times and it comes out perfectly every time! I was wondering what would be the measurements for a 8 x 2 inch cake pan instead of a 9 x13. If you could help me with this it would be awesome!! Thanks in advance!

    • Madhuram

      Thanks. Is it a round pan. In that case this recipe would yield 2 cakes. So I’m guessing that you can simply halve the recipe.

  290. Capri

    Thank you for the fantastic recipe xx

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Capri.

  291. amy

    hiya do you have to use condensed milk or could I use soya milk as lil one not allowed egg or milk. thanks

  292. Sharmila Krishnamurty

    This cake recipe is perfect. I substituted 1 cup flour for one cup coarsely ground pistachios and it was decadent! Thank you for such a great recipe.

    • Madhuram

      Wow! that’s cool!

  293. Nargis

    I think your recpice is allright I Will try and let you on thanks.

  294. Zandile Siya

    I am only 13 and I really love baking my sister is the one who inspired me, I am trying this recipe for desert tonight hopefully th efamily will love it ~ Zandi

    • Madhuram

      How did it work for ya?

  295. Mardi

    Please take me off your emailing list.

    • Madhuram

      Check for the unsubscribe link in the email.

  296. Gloria

    Can I take out the diary? My son has cow milk and egg allergy. Thanks



    Would I be able to put the chocolate frosting from your recipe for eggless yellow cake? If so, do I make the cake the night before and frost it the next afternoon? I will need it for Tuesday evening and I am not home during the day.

    Also, if the cake is made the night before, how do I store it to maintain its softness?

    Please reply soon.

    Tks. Marie

    • Madhuram

      I’m sorry I’m very late. Hope it turned out well.

  298. Nilima

    Can I use salted butter?

    • Madhuram

      Yes you may, but omit the salt in the recipe.

  299. Mohamad

    It’s wonderful but
    My daughter can’t drink milk can I use the rice milk instead of the condensed milk and how many cups shall I use

  300. Bethany

    Cut recipe in half and made cupcakes. Baked for 18 minutes and yielded 11 regular sized cupcakes. They are so good. Also, I bought a 14 oz can of SCM and measured out 7 oz and noticed I had used nearly 3/4 of the can. not sure how that happened but it worked out fine, plus I used maple syrup instead of sugar.

    • Madhuram


  301. Chandni

    I made this cake yesterday. Followed your recipe exactly. The cake turned out really well and delicious. Only issue was that it is bit sticky. What can be the reason?

    • Madhuram

      Maybe another minute or two of baking?

  302. padmalatha Addanki

    Hi Thanks for the recipe… I mixed all the ingredients and realized I don’t have condensed milk, what can I add instead….thanks in advance


    • Madhuram

      I guess I’m very late with the reply. What did you do?

  303. Maduka

    Thanks for the recipe. I need to know somethings.
    Is this 2Kg cake?
    What type of Vinegar should I use?
    Is there substituted for Vinegar or can I skip using Vinegar?
    please need an answer soon.Thank you in advance.

    • Madhuram

      I don’t know the size in kgs. Vinegar is what makes it a bit light. Without that it will be very dense.

  304. Nayana

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe. I tried this recipe so many times for birthday cakes ..every time it’s my fav one..planning to take orders now but I don’t know what prices to charge..
    how do you charge prices for your cake?

    • Madhuram

      Thanks for the feedback Nayana. I’m not selling not sure.

  305. Stacy

    Tried this in cupcakes and the time is about 19 mins

  306. Priya

    Tried this recipe. Flavor was very good! But I guess I over mixed the batter.. texture was more like bread. With bigger air gap compared to the pic on this page. So I guess the next time I try it, will mix just until combined! Thanks a lot for the recipe.

    • Madhuram

      I guess so Priya.

  307. Priya

    Hi, can i use soda instead of water for more airy effect?
    and can i double the recipe…

    • Madhuram

      Hmm…maybe. I haven’t tried it.

  308. Trish

    This is the third eggless cake recipe ive tried and i love it!! I was skeptical about the can of condensed milk but it worked :). i did make 2 changes i used 1cup of milk and cake flour like you suggested and it did make a difference in the color and texture compared to yours. I tested one cupcake and it turned out to be a little lighter in color and texture and it was fluffy! For anyone who needs to know you can use cake flour just make sure you add 2tablespoons for every cup so for this recipe add 5tablespoons. Thank you for an amazing recipe that i can now share with my childrens classmates who have egg allergies

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Trish πŸ™‚

  309. Sara Coppola

    Any idea how many cups of batter this yields? I’m also curious about the Easy Eggless Vanilla Cupcakes. I want to use Wilton’s giant cupcake pan for my daughter’s 1st birthday and the instructions call for 6 cups of batter. Just wondering if I need to adjust the recipe. Thanks!

    • Madhuram

      Sorry Sara. I don’t have that information.

  310. Nina

    What is one cup flour in Grams?

  311. Vv

    What can be a possible replacement for the sweet condensed milk??


    This recipe was very Yummy! I tried it at my home. The result was very good.I Love it.
    Thnx for this recipe.

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Val.

  313. Chitwan

    Hi in this cake can I reduce the qty by half. If I take 1.5 cup of cake flour so other qty can be halved accordingly ?

    • Madhuram

      Yes, I guess halving the recipe measurement should work.

  314. Destiny M.

    I didn’t have vinegar so i just used 2 tablespoons of water instead and added 1 extra tablespoon of sugar. Everything else I did according to the recipe. It turned out great! Sweet but not too overpowering. We didn’t add icing it was great by itself. Also it was dense but not super dry, I’m planning on making this for my son’s birthday! He just requested sprinkles in the mix and chocolate icing with sprinkles on the top. Thanks!

    • Madhuram

      That’s nice. Thank you for the detailed feedback.

  315. Khushboo

    Is there a substitute for vinegar or can i simply omit it??

    • Madhuram

      Vinegar is essential. It gives an airy effect to the cake. You can try using twice the quantity of lemon juice too.

  316. Judy

    Could I try using orange juice bought from the store instead of freshly squeezed orange juice?

    • Madhuram

      I wouldn’t. I personally don’t prefer it because most of the time it gives a bitter after taste.

  317. Prachi

    Hi… I tried this recipe, just a bit concerned abt the texture, i need the cake to be a little more soft, is there anything i can do other than sugar syrup to get the desired softness ?

    • Madhuram

      That’s the only best thing I have tried so far.

  318. Preeti

    thanks for painstakingly posting such wonderful recipe with beautiful pictures and details. I have a small query, you have mentioning vinegar, I just want to know which vinegar will be most suitable? can I used apple cider vinegar?

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Preeti. Yes I use apple cider vinegar too. But white vinegar should be fine as well.

  319. Mardi

    Your condensed milk vanilla cake is nice! Have you a recipe for eggless buttercake.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Mardi. I’m not aware of what cake it is. Please check out my cake page for more recipes.

  320. Anu


    I am making a 6 layer cake. I just wanted to know if this cake needs to be baked as soon as it is whipped together or can it stay out on the counter for a couple of hours. as i can only bake one cake at a time.TIA

    • Madhuram

      I think that should not be a problem Anu.

  321. sehaj

    how many does this recipee serve?

    • Madhuram

      I’m thinking 12-16 squares maybe..depending upon how big or small you cut the cake.

  322. Arlene

    Can you freeze the cake ahead of time so it’s easier to cut??? How far ahead of time do you think??? Thank you.

    • Madhuram

      You can freeze the cake for future use but not so that it’s easier to cut. Even in that case you will have to bring it back to room temperature to frost or cut otherwise it’s going to be too hard.

  323. nxmehta21


    Just had a question, why do we add vinegar in eggless cake?

    Thanks in advance for your advise.


    • Madhuram

      It gives the airy/fluffy texture. But cannot be used in recipes which calls for more than 1 egg.

  324. Tola

    Thanks for this receipe. Is it possible to substitute the sugar with honey or molassess?

    • Madhuram

      Yes it is possible…but you will have to cut back on the other liquid ingredients. I haven’t tried it though.

  325. Suzanne

    This recipe was delicious. Nice and moist cake!

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Suzanne.

  326. Archie

    Hey Madhuram,

    Today i tried This cake for fathers Day on my daughter’s request, it came out awesome and i even put frosting layer and then uses fondants to make a tier cake for the first time it came out excellent thanks a ton for the recipe it made our Day and we had fun baking but since i made big cake i uses 10″ tin i had to bake for bit more than 55 min, as it was not ready to cook i started with 27 min as You mentioned then again for 15 min then 10 then again for 5 min and then i left it in oven for about more 15 min when oven stopped before taking it out bbut it was Worth the wait. Thanks again madhu, You made our day.

    • Madhuram

      You’re most welcome Archie. πŸ™‚

  327. Yee ki

    My daughter is allergy to milk and egg. Could you suggest any substitute for condense milk and butter? Thx

  328. Pooja sood

    I have tried this cake but it goes flat as soon as I take it out the oven…what am I doing wrong??

    • Madhuram

      Oh! not this one. This is absolutely my “go to” cake recipe. Have baked it so many times. Do you keep opening the oven while the cake is baking?

  329. caroline

    Hi what sort of vinegar do I use please and is the sugar caster or granulated?

    Thank you

    • Madhuram

      White or apple cider vinegar. Either should be fine.

  330. Mo

    Thank you for this recipe. I tried it 2 days ago and it turned out really good. My family loved it. I will make it again today and will try using orange juice and zest instead of water.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome MO. I’m glad that your family enjoyed it.

  331. Cyra

    From the notes, would it make a significant difference if i use lemon juice instead of orange?

    • Madhuram

      Yes it might be a little too “lemony”. I guess if you are a lemon fan, you might like it.

  332. Tracy

    I am going to make this cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday. She is requesting 3 layers. If I divided the batter into 3 pans, how long would you suggest baking the cake?

    • Madhuram

      It will depend on the pan size you are using. Is it going to be an 8 inch pan? Probably 12-15 mins maybe to begin with and then you can adjust seeing how it comes out.

  333. Mala

    I tried this recipe today. Wanted to make a small cake first because I want to turn it into a 2 tiered cake. I used cake flour and halved the recipe to bake in an 8 inch cake pan. It just turned out too good. Sweetness could have been a little more but that is fine since I plan to fill and frost later which will give add to the sweetness. Overall a great cake and am bookmarking it ! Thank you for a great recipe.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Mala.

  334. Maria Diloy

    I’m a little confused, if I use cake flour, do I have to omit any of the other the vinegar, or leave everything as is?

    • Madhuram

      Yes the other ingredients remain the same Maria.

  335. Rhea

    I tried this cake out. it tasted fine but it was very dense. WHAT DID I DO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Madhuram

      Hmmm….it’s not a dense cake actually! Neither very light too.

  336. Nithya

    Awesome… It came out really very soft and tasty

    • Madhuram

      Thanks for the feedback Nithya.

  337. Tiffany

    I just want to say thank you! The cake was fantastic. I had an order to do an eggless cake for a couple. I was nervous at how it would turn out, but it tasted great. I used cake flour and did 1.5 T of vanilla extract with .5 T of vanilla bean paste to give it a rich flavor. I did not change the sweetness and it was sweeter than I thought. I’m glad I didn’t add more sugar. The cake seemed to crack getting it out of the pan. Do you think all purpose flour would prevent that. I just loved the texture of the cake though. It did seem to firm up when it cooled more.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Tiffany. I don’t think so though. Did you just grease it with oil or use parchment paper to line the pan? The latter always works whether it is cake flour or not.

  338. swati Koka

    Very nice recipe. Made it multiple times and everyone loves it so much. Thank you

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Swati.

  339. Nanthiny

    Hi, Can i use apple cider vinegar as vinegar or does it have to be a plain vinegar?
    Also, if i use self raising flour, so i still need to add baking powder and baking soda ?

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can use apple cider vinegar too. You can omit baking powder.

  340. Dhanu

    Hi I use egg replacer but how would I use it in this recipe would it be as well as the baking powder an bi carb or instead not sure an is vinegar a must or what else could you use instead.

    • Madhuram

      Vinegar and baking soda is the replacement for egg in this recipe. I haven’t tried it with Ener-G replacer. Sometimes it’s tricky to just guess the outcome.

    • Steve

      If you dont want to use vinegar then any acid would work in replacement like lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. However if you want it to be just a plain vanilla cake then using the vinegar would be your best choice. No matter which of the 2 you use it would be an equal substitute.

  341. nicole

    If i want to substitute with self raising flour. What do i alter?

    • Madhuram

      Hmm…I think you will have to probably omit the baking powder.

  342. Mahesh Khushalani

    how are you sir.
    is it possible withour vinegar or condensed milk. For make egless cake.

    • Madhuram

      It’s possible. There are some recipes using curd. I don’t have that recipe. Google for it.

  343. julia

    i want to make a 2 layer round cake, is this recipe big enough? thank you.

    • Madhuram

      Yes it is Julia.

  344. Simran


    I am going to try this and this will be my first cake. I have a 8” round pan, how do the proportions change ? Kindly advice.

    • Madhuram

      You just have to halve the recipe Simran.

  345. neha

    Hi madhuram,
    Thanks for ur reply

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Neha.

  346. Neha Priyadarshini


    Is this cake firm enough to be placed under fondant.


    • Madhuram

      Yes it is Neha.

  347. Verna Westman

    When using cake flour, how much do I decrease the amount?
    This will be my first eggless cake, it sounds wonderful.
    Thanks for all the recipes.

    • Madhuram

      Probably 2 and 1/4 cups should be fine.

  348. Navya

    Where do you buy the ener-g egg replacer in Canada?

    • Madhuram

      I haven’t found it here when I was looking for it. Got some other brand from Bulk Barn and it works well too.

  349. veesash


    Loved the recipe… i needed a bit of guidance… Am making this cake for big party… I need a 14″ square cake… Should I double your recipe woo that be be enough for a layer cake?

    • Madhuram

      This should be enough for one 14 inch layer. If you want to make it 2 layers you will have to double the recipe.

  350. Palak

    Hi Madhuram,

    Absolutely LOVED reading ur recipes. Since im a vegitarian, and a t.v reporter at that..quick on the go cakes are something im a fan of..i bake a lot, however there’s one issue i often encounter. That is- the soapy taste of baking soda in my cakes. I have tried changing the brand but to my disappointment the smell n taste remained.
    I was told that eggless cakes often reek of baking soda smell although market brought eggless cakes are perfectly fine.
    Im really counting on u to help me solve this problem so i can bake more often without the fear of my cakes being fed to birds!

    • Madhuram

      I have rarely encountered such problem while baking egg free. Even if such thing happens I don’t post it here. So feel free to try one of my recipes and then let me know if you still feel like that.

  351. Nanditha

    Great eggless cake recipe. Taste and texture is very good.I shall be using this overtime I have to bake an eggless vanilla cake.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Nanditha.

  352. Amandeep Kaur

    Hi how much do you mean by a cup?

  353. Marie

    Could I double the measurements to make a cake batter double the size? Then could I bake two cakes in two separate cake pans to bake in the oven at the same time? πŸ™‚

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can Marie.

  354. Nora

    Greetings Madhuram,

    I am planning to make a layered round cake with your recipe. I noticed that you used parchment paper to line the pan – have you tried to bake without the parchment paper (and just use a cooking spray)?

    Thanks so much for providing such a simple recipe!



    • Madhuram

      Nora, that’s how I used to do before, but the parchment paper makes the job so easy and the cakes out perfectly without fail.

  355. Ap

    Can I use milk rather than water for this cake?

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can. But I’m not sure how the taste or texture will be affected.

  356. Priti

    I wanted to know if you have any eggless baking receipes that incorporate whole wheat flour?

  357. Janet

    Can I substitute Almond milk for the sweetened condensed milk? if so

    Thank you.


  358. Melanie

    I wanted to make your cupcakes but do not have corn starch or cake flour. Can I use this recipe and pour in a muffin pan? Thanks!

    • Madhuram

      Yes it will work Melanie.

  359. Naomi

    Thank you so much for this website and in particular this recipe! My fiancιe has an egg allergy and I was always so scared that I’d never be able to cook for him but since I found this I can make him feel like he is less of burden. Thank you so much!

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Naomi. πŸ™‚

  360. Renie

    Hi,tried this cake & it came out awesome! Wanted to make it for an order that required eggless cake. I had heard about eggless cakes, but never made one. This is definely a recipes that I will be using a lot. Thanks!!!

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Renie.

  361. Rana

    Can you give me a larger recipe that serves about 35 people? Because I’m making an animal cell diagram for my class and I have 30 classmates and I just want to have extra just in case. Thanks!

    • Madhuram

      Sorry Rana, I haven’t tried it on a bigger scale. So don’t want to tell something without knowing if it would work.

  362. Rana

    Can you give a larger recipe, on that yields about 35 slices please. I’m making an animal cell diagram for my science class and there are 30 people and I want to have extra just in case.

  363. Geselle

    Wow!!! I came across your page earlier today, because I have done some eggless cakes/cupcakes and it is nothing like this recipe… it was dense and the colour was more of a whitish yellow.. I had nothing to lose, so, I tried your recipe and my gosh it is divine… it does not appear to be eggless… it’s what I have been looking for… It’s really a great recipe!!

    • Madhuram

      Thank you very much Geselle for your generous compliments.

  364. Tiffanie

    If I wanted to substitute coconut oil for butter, what measurement would you recommend?


    • Madhuram

      You can use the same amount as butter, Tiffanie.

  365. Shammi

    Dear Madhuram, you mentioned 2and half cup of cake flour. Can you please let me know about exact weight so that recepie come out great? Thanks

    • Madhuram

      Sorry Shammi, I have not measured in weight so far. Do check my baking measurements page for conversion.

  366. MP

    Hi Madhuram,

    I am very excited to try this recipe out. My daughter has a severe egg allergy and therefore, I have never used eggs in my baking. However, I have not had success getting the texture to be like cakes with eggs and this looks promising. I have one question; not sure if you have a recommendation. I plan to use this recipe in a Lightning Mcqueen Cake plan for my son’s birthday (just at home first and if that comes out good, will also try for his birthday party the following week). The pan I will be using is:
    It says it will be enough for 12 people. Do you have recommendations on whether I should use the same quantity in this recipe (or halve it) to fit the Wilton pan? Also, does the baking time need to be modified for this cars pan compared to a 13×9 pan? Have you ever used this recipe in a pan like this?

    Thanks very much.

    • Madhuram

      I haven’t tried baking this recipe in such fancy pans. So unable to comment/suggest how it will turn out. Sorry for the late reply. I don’t know how I missed it.

  367. Susan

    Thank you so much for this fantastic recipe! Made this for my son’s 3rd birthday cake and topped it with chocolate buttercream icing. I didn’t have the correct size baking tin so split the mixture into 2x 23cm round tins and made a Victoria sponge style cake. Couldn’t believe it doesn’t have eggs! Had wonderful compliments from everyone πŸ™‚

    5 stars!

  368. Ck

    Have used this cake recipe many times…and have had perfect results always…Love this recipe and it is my fav for making cakes! It is nice and spongy and tastes great..

    • Madhuram

      Great to know that this recipe works for you CK. Thanks.

  369. Jaimini

    Can I use white vinegar? If I omit the vinegar out, would the cake still turn out ok? Is vinegar a must for this recipe? I’m afraid of leaving it out if it is important but I don’t know if white vinegar is ok to use. Please let me know a.s.a.p as I need to bake tomorrow for my mom’s b’day….. Thanks!

    • Madhuram

      Yes, vinegar is a must Jaimini. That’s what makes it light. White vinegar is fine. I personally prefer apple cider vinegar though.

  370. Priyadarshini Amarjeeth

    Is Cake flour nothing but Self raising flour.

    Baking powder and Baking soda is required even if we use CAke flour.


    • Madhuram

      Cake flour and self rising flour is different. You may have to make changes in the baking powder and baking soda while using self rising flour.

  371. misha

    Hi could I ask what to add if I need to change this into an orange eggless cake. Need to make it for a friend’s engagement. Thanks in advance.

  372. Kathleen Copeland

    I made this cake with my 3 year old and it was a very toddler-friendly recipe. We halved the recipe and used 200mL of SCM, put little pats of butter on the top and then sprinkled the top with brown sugar half way through baking. The cake was excellent (even better the next day).

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Kathleen.

  373. premilla

    Thank u for this awesome recipe.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Premilla.

  374. Vandana

    Hi Madhu,

    I have tried baking eggless vanilla cake before on sevaral occasions, but I’m not satisfied with the outcome, as I get the raw taste of Maida( All Purpose Flour ) . If you could let me know why is the taste of flour so prominent ? and how can I get rid of that ??? Looking ahead for your tips πŸ™‚

    Thank you…

    • Madhuram

      Are you talking about this recipe? In that case, I really don’t know what’s going wrong Vandana. This a recipe which I have tried so many times and so many others have also tried it and given their feedback that it has come out great. I think you can see it for yourself in the comments section. I have never encountered any such problem with this recipe. Do you think you baked it well enough?

  375. Anushree

    Hello. Thank you for the recipe. The cake tasted fantastic but I was unable to transfer the contents to another dish. Secondly the cake kind off sank in the centre and was undone. The sides were perfectly baked and brown. Could you please help?

    • Madhuram

      This is a flawless recipe Anushree. I have tried it so many times. Did you preheat the oven? The cake has not baked well enough is my guess.

  376. Catheine

    Would this recipe be enough to make two 8″ round layers?

    • Madhuram

      Yes it would, Catherine.

  377. Shalini

    Thanks for posting this awesome recipe! I tried it on new year’s eve and it was a big hit πŸ™‚ I used 400 ml condensed milk, sweetness was perfect !

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Shalini.

  378. Charlotte

    Can I use boxed cake mix for this recipe

    • Madhuram

      Not for this recipe Charlotte, then you will have to change a lot of things. I have come across recipes like using a can of soda with cake mix. I haven’t tried it though.

  379. Subina

    Am I supposed to sift the dry ingredients before I measure them? For example, am I supposed to sift the flour before I measure out 2 and 1/2 cups? I’ve never sifted anything before. I don’t have a sifter. Should I buy one or can I just use a wire whisk to whisk the dry ingredients together? Thank you.

    • Madhuram

      You can measure the flour and then sift it. Sifting is not necessary always but it’s always better to have one handy.

  380. Elizabeth

    Can I half this recipe ? Thanks!^_^

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can halve it, Elizabeth.

  381. Elizabeth

    Hello Madhuram,
    I’m wondering can I use this recipe as a cupcake ? If yes , how much is the total of the cupcake ? Thanks !


  382. Vandana

    Hi Madhuram

    I tried this recipe and My eggless cakes crumble when I cut them. Could you please tell me whats wrong?

    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thanks and Regards

    • Madhuram

      Either it was not baked enough or you cut it too soon, when it was still warm. Did you let it cool completely before cutting it.

  383. Bina

    What kind of sugar is needed: granulated sugar or powdered sugar? Thanks!

    • Madhuram

      Granulated sugar.

  384. emilysnow

    My baby girl is allergic to eggs and her birthday party is tomorrow. I tried this recipe tonight and it came out AWESOME. I used a glass pan and baked it for 25 minutes. Thank YOU!

    • Madhuram

      Thank you very much Emily for trying the recipe.

  385. Selvi Richard


    my first attempt made this eggless cake recently,unexpectedly its turn out so well which make me so happy….Thank you for this recipe and love your blog much,,keep it up..

    Selvi Richard

    • Madhuram

      That’s great to know Selvi. You’re very welcome.

  386. gaya

    Can i make this cake with bread flour. is there any difference between bread flour and cake flour


    • Madhuram

      Both are different Gayathri. Can’t be used in place of the other.

  387. Drew

    I’m a father of a toddler with an egg allergy. This recipe is a life saver. Easy to make, and we all enjoyed it. Thanks so much.

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Drew.

  388. Nathaniel

    I made this recipe as a cupcake for my daughters class at school, for her to give them as Christmas presents. One of the girls has an egg allergy so I decided to make her a special cake. It turned out so well that I decided to use the whole batch. Much moister and tastier than a basic vanilla cake recipe.
    I substituted self-raising flour (Australia) for plain flour and may have over-beaten the recipe in an electric mixer because of having to follow the recipe…. But the second attempt I reversed the order and creamed the butter/sugar, then added condensed milk, water, other ingredients then sifted flour and folded in in gently.
    Your way came out rediculously smooth (maybe because of amount of time beaten) and made a VERY presentable cake. (Pity I can’t upload a photo.)My mix was drier and not as sweet (may have been a measurement issue) and didnt come out with a smooth top. Mine were a lot fluffier and a little drier. More like a standard egg-recipe cake. Again this could have been due to measurements or beating time. Just some ideas to try in the future.
    A great recipe and a great substitute for a basic cake recipe that is moister and tastier (only down side is the price of condensed milk)

    • Madhuram

      Thank you so much for your time Nathaniel. I do buy condensed milk when it is on sale and stock it up.

  389. Smitha

    I baked this cake for my husband’s bday, it came out very well. I had not planned at all, but after seeing this recipe I decided to bake. Its so easy and very tasty. We can make this anytime and eat it. Thanks so much.

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome, Smitha. I’m glad you it turned out well.

  390. cakelover

    Use this recipe and substituted all purpose flour with cake flour also omitted the vinegar and vanilla, I added 2 tsp cardamom powder and one and half tsp chai masala instead and it turned out to be the best eggless cake I ever backed. I have tried several different version of it but this one came out to be the BEST!!

    • Madhuram

      Thanks CakeLover for the variation.

  391. Lee

    Can the vinegar be omitted or substituted with something else?

    • Madhuram

      You can try lemon juice instead, but I haven’t tried it myself.

  392. Kathie

    Madhuram, for Hafsa, my digital scale says the contents of my can of sweetened condensed milk weigh 394 grams-so 400 g would be acceptable.
    I used the same measure of cake flour-2 1/2 cups . Did you know you can make your own cake flour by adding 2 tbsp of corn starch to each cup of all purpose flour.(so 7/8 cup flour and 1/8 cup cornstarch =1 cup cake flour) I realize I’m a month late to help the previous followers , lol, but there it is anyhow.
    I’m trying your cake recipe, and the mango one you linked to for a vegan friend.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks for the info, Kathie.

  393. Win

    Used a cup of honey instead of condensed milk and it tasted great.

    • Madhuram

      Oh! Wasn’t it very sweet though?

  394. Djellza

    Hi dear, is there anything I can use instead of Condensed milk?
    – I can’t find it anywhere in Denmark

  395. Poornima

    This cake did not work for me. The thickness was too less and the cake was starting to burn within 20 mts πŸ™

    • Madhuram

      Did you change the measurement or pan size?

  396. Laysa


    • Madhuram

      Thanks Laysa.

  397. Hafsa

    Dear how much 300 ml ,, i live in dubai and here gram is written in condenced milk can

    • Madhuram

      Hi Hafsa, I see that 1 ml of water = 1 gm of water. But condensed milk is denser than water, so I’m wondering how much it would be. I guess the normal small tin which is available should be fine.

  398. Julie

    You said you would replace the AP flour for Cake flour. Would you use the same amount of flour, or would that change? I need an eggless cake recipe for Saturday (the request was made today!), and I don’t have any eggless recipes.

    • Madhuram

      I’m sorry Julie, I couldn’t get back to you any sooner. I don’t know if you are still looking for an answer.

  399. Gayathri

    Really, I’m desperately searching for an eggless recipe for fluffy cakes. Instead of 1 cup water, if I add 50:50 water:soda, will it turn out fluffy and light? And cut the vinegar out?

    • Madhuram

      I haven’t tried it, so cannot comment Gayathri.

  400. inu

    Hi you HAVE TO replace the water with milk so it makes the cake much softer and tasty.with water it’s harder and does nothing taste wise.
    I have tried and it works wonders.
    Cakes by inakshi on Facebook

  401. nina

    I need to make this vegan is there anyway to substitute the condensed milk ?

  402. Sarla

    If I am using 6 inch pan what shall I do with the measurements?

    • Madhuram

      It’s difficult to convert the original recipe into such a small portion Sarla. I don’t want to just guess without trying it out myself.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Priya.

  403. swetha

    Hi, my cake was bit too much soft, not like the usual one..can you tell me why.? I didnt use condensed milk but sugar and milk

    • Madhuram

      I’m guessing maybe you added too much milk and sugar. Both of it will make the cake very moist.

  404. Anna

    Hello, I was wondering if you can help me, I have tried many different recipes for eggless cakes but I don’t know what I do that never makes them turn out right…they always end up being very moist inside and if you squish it in your hands it turns into dough texture :S what am I doing wrong?

    • Madhuram

      I’m guessing you are not baking it enough. Have you tried this recipe?

  405. Amy

    Hi Madhuram,

    If I need to double this recipe, should I evenly double all the ingredients? I am going to do this at one shot (so will not be baking twice).


    • Madhuram

      Yes you will have to double all the ingredients, Amy.

  406. mridula

    hi Madhuram,

    I am trying the recipe today.. πŸ™‚

    could you please tell that for how long do i need to whisk the batter before pouring it in the pan.?


    • Madhuram

      All the best Mridula! Until the batter is smooth. There is no time limit, just make sure the lumps are dissolved. Whisk it gently.

  407. NS

    Hi Madhuram,

    I just tried this cake today with the exact proportions that you have mentioned with the exception of 2 TBSP of sugar (I used 14 Oz. can condensed milk). I did not notice your instructions in the notes section: “Transfer the pan to a cooling rack and remove the cake after 15-20 minutes.” I think I took out the cake too early, so a part of it was stuck to the pan. But I have put them all together now with Vanilla frosting πŸ™‚ I have not tasted it yet, but it looks good. It is going to be my daughter’s birthday cake this evening.

    I have stored it in the refrigerator. Is it okay?

    Thanks for your efforts and time.

    • Madhuram

      I guess it should be fine NS. Sometimes if the cake is put in the refrigerator it hardens up. I usually put the cake outside at room temperature at least 20-30 minutes before serving so that it softens up. Birthday wishes for your daughter.

  408. NS

    Hi Madhuram,

    If I decide to use 1 Cup of Orange Juice instead of water, can I reduce the Vinegar amount to just 1 TBSP?


    • Madhuram

      Yes you can try that NS.

  409. Vanita

    Hi Madhuram.

    I baked this cake yesterday for my husband’s birthday. I divided the batter into 5 parts to make a rainbow cake. I must say I was a bit apprehensive about mixing the food colours too much and loosing the rise of the cake but I was happy with the end result. I substituted milk for water and I think it made the cake a bit dry.
    Overall I was very happy with the cake. It rose beautifully and cut without much crumbs.
    Thanks for the recipe.

    • Madhuram

      That’s great Vanitha. I too want to try it now.

  410. Saee

    wen u say cake flour, do you mean self raising flour?

    • Madhuram

      No, cake flour is different Saee. It is also called as pastry flour. Has a lower gluten content.

  411. Lorna

    I am making a christening cake for a little girl who cannot eat eggs. I need to make it in advance so how well does this cake keep? Would the eggless cup cake recipe keep any better? It will be wrapped in fondant which will help it not dry out. Thank you I am looking forward to experimenting.

    • Madhuram

      I have heard from a couple of people that it keeps well in the freezer, but I haven’t tried it personally. I think it should work out fine.

  412. roxy

    Can we add rice vinger instead of normal vinger?

    • Madhuram

      I guess so Roxy. I have not tried it.

  413. Trince

    Hello Madhuran,

    Please could you let me know,becouse i am done now and i will waite for your reply before baking my cake.


  414. Trince

    i am going to try right now that’s why i wanted to know in fact i have already started. pls let me know as soon as possible as i do not have vinegar in the house

  415. Trince

    can i bake this cake without the vinegar just wanted to know if i can bake it without

    • Madhuram

      I haven’t tried it Trince. Maybe it should work.

  416. Eggless Cardamom Cake – Aayis Recipes

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  417. Vrinda Gupta

    What kind of vinegar did you use in the recipe? I have white wine and sherry at home right now – can I use either of those?

    • Madhuram

      I usually use apple cider vinegar, but white vinegar is fine too. I haven’t tried any other vinegar.

  418. Heather

    Just had a quick question, maybe it was answered in an earlier thread i didn’t see but can you substitute lowfat 2% milk for the water to help with the moistness? I usually do this for regular cakes…


    • Madhuram

      Yes you can Heather.

  419. Fobjeet

    Hi di I was wondering if I could also bake this without baking soda and also without baking powder or if not without can I replace it with something else?!……….

    • Madhuram

      It won’t work Fobjeet.

      • Person

        Use self-rising flour.

  420. Lisa

    I substituted 2c Cashewmilk (1c cashews, 2c water) for the liquid, coconut oil for the butter (cake had to be vegan) and arranged some sliced plums on the batter. After baking, I drizzled some brown sugar in melted cocnut oil over the cake. This was a beautiful cake and it froze well. Even tasted great reheated in the microwave!

    • Madhuram

      Thank you very much for the amazing ideas. I can’t wait to try your vegan version!

  421. Ravichandran Ceyon

    Greetings from Malaysia!

    Thank sis for all the wonderful vegan recipes. Though I am not a good cook or baker, but I really do enjoy your sites. Great! Thank you so much for sharing. I do share your site to all my FB friends as well !!

    • Madhuram

      Thank you very much Ravi.

  422. Catherine Davies

    I made this recipe mainly because we had no eggs in the house and don’t have any egg replacement either I made the whole recipe and did 12 cupcakes and a round 15 cm cake for number 3 child’s birthday next week I got home from work all the cupcakes gone, a very easy recipe to make when I only decided to do it at 6:30 this morning

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Catherine. I’m very pleased to know that the recipe worked out for you.

  423. Paul young

    Hi I have tried this recipe and it’s great but I’m trying to get it just right, with a 10″ round tin would it be possible to get recipe in 10″ tin please

    • Madhuram

      I’m not sure about it Paul.

  424. Ratna

    Now that explains! I added baking powder as well. Will try again soon. Thanks a million. Appreciate if you could share a simple eggless banana cake recipe as well. ??

    • Madhuram

      I have a vegan banana cupcake recipe in the blog which you can very well bake it as a cake too.

  425. Monika Mehta

    thank you so much madhuram.. I have a question though .. can I use this cake base for fondant cakes? or will it be too soft?

    • Madhuram

      Yes you should be able to use it.

  426. Ratna

    The taste was awesome. I used Self Raising Flour instead. My only problem was the cake crumbled. Don’t know why but I really liked the taste. First time trying an eggless cake and really loved it. Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

    • Madhuram

      Did you cut back on the baking powder in the recipe? Because self rising flour already has baking powder in it, doubling it would end up with the cake crumbling.

  427. Shivani

    Can I add unsweetened cocoa powder and if so, how much should I add

  428. jack

    For the person complaining about the “cornbread” taste or texture, I know what the problem is…you way overmixed the batter once the flour was added, a very common cake-making mistake. With cake batter, you never beat the mixture after the flour is added. In the case of this recipe, a non traditional method is used to assemble the batter, but if you notice, you DO NOT beat the mixture. I actually prefer to blend/beat all wet ingredients + the sugar, then fold in the flour/salt/leavening.

    Or simply follow the recipe as described, no mixer!


    • Madhuram

      Thanks for the input Jack.

  429. candy melon

    YUM! i have no eggs at home today :/ so im gonna make this and give it a simple vanilla or lemon icing, thanks for sharing, cant wait to get cooking today! πŸ˜€

  430. Maria

    This tastes like cornbread. Except without the corn. This recipe sounded good at first but it turned out crumbly and bland. Who knows, maybe I screwed up somewhere but I’ve been baking for years and I don’t think that it was my mistake.

    • Madhuram

      Hi Maria, as you would have already noticed this recipe has got so many positive reviews. Really don’t understand what happened for you.

  431. lucy

    Hi Madhuram, thanks for this recipe it was delicious. I added orange and zest and also needed a 3/4 cup water. This will be a staple – I love your recipes Thank you.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Lucy.

  432. April Kenney

    I would like to try this cake for a party this weekend using cake flour. However, I need to make a 12 x 18″ sheet cake.
    What additional percentage of batter will I need? What temperature and baking time should I use? Should I use a flower nail? Thank you.

    • Madhuram

      Sorry April, I’m not able to guess how much more batter is needed.

  433. Shubha

    Tried this for the first time today and the cake was fantastic! I followed your recipe to the “T” and was amazed how we did not smell/taste the vinegar ( I used Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.) Love the texture and the look of this cake…almost like corn bread. This recipe is a keeper and I will be using this cake as a base for a Berry Triffle dessert or a Tiramisu cake next time. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Shubha.

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  435. jennifer

    I made it this morning in two 8inch square pans. Cooked in 20 minutes but it didn’t brown on top. Stayed whiter than white, haha. Its okay since I am making a strawberry shortcake no one will see the top of the cake! Thanks for the recipe my nephew has an egg allergy so he will be able to enjoy this!!

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Jennifer. Did the cake bake well on the insides?

  436. Neha C

    I tried this recipe twice… the cake was very tasty.. BUt my cake did not fluff up at all.. even after i added the silken tofu and yogurt as you have mentioned in the other recipes… I even used cake flour.. Where am i going wrong please can you tell me?

    • Madhuram

      Did you change the pan size Neha?

      • Neha C

        Ummm no πŸ˜› i used the pan size mentioned above..

  437. priya

    Can I substitute water with milk in the recipe ? Also Please suggest the changes to be made if i were to bake the cake in 7 inch pan.

    • Madhuram

      You can use milk instead of water. This recipe is way too big for a 7 inch pan. I think even if you halve the recipe it will be a lot of batter for your pan. Why not get the aluminum foil pans from dollar store if possible and bake it?

      • Priya

        I was looking for a denser cake recipe to make a smurfs house for one of my friends and I must say this recipe really did held well to carving and tastes yummy too πŸ™‚ thank you . My quest for a good egg free vanilla ends here although I am eager to try all your recipes !!

        • Madhuram

          You’re very welcome Priya.

    • Uma


      What does 1 Cup measure to in ml??

      I think the issue is we cannot do the measurements fine unless the 1 cup measures to something specific. all the measurements are in 1 cup 2 cups half a cup!

  438. priya

    can i add milk instead of water in the recipe ?Also please suggest the changes to be made if i were to bake this in a 7 inch cake pan

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can use water, orange juice (for an orange flavored cake). You need to halve the recipe if you are going to bake it in just one pan. Even little lesser than half should be okay, but that is very difficult to convert.

  439. Vaishnavi

    Tried this recipe now and I must say there is no difference in texture when compared to a cake with eggs.. Simple and lovely recipe!! Will def make it once again. I added chopped & toasted hazel nuts, chocolate chips and 400 ml (vs 300 ml) of condensed milk.. the extra 100 ml was by error and hence increased cooking time till it was done. I also did not have vinegar and substituted with equal quantity of lime/lemon juice. The crumb is firm and is beautiful! Thank you so much for such a wonderful recipe!

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Vaishnavi. Toasted hazelnuts sounds wonderful!

  440. Supermum

    Does a oven in which there are heating rods only on the top and not on bottom will be able to do the job?
    Looking forward for your reply and thanks for such a beautiful recipe. πŸ™‚

    • Madhuram

      I don’t have experience baking in such an oven, so unable to comment. Sorry.

  441. prem

    Hi Madhuram, I tried your cake and it turned out well. I have always wanted to bake cakes but am mostly unsuccessful. Thanks to your recipe and instructions and hints, now I can. I added raisins to the recipe but they sank to the bottom of the cake even though I mixed them with flour before I put them in the mixture. Any idea how I can make it work. oh yea I used cake flour instead of all purpose flour. Once again thank you.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Prem. If you toss the raisins in flour it should not sink. I’m wondering if using cake flour which is lighter than all-purpose flour made it sink.


    Can I bake this cake one night and frost it the next afternoon?
    Also, will this fit in a 10″x3″ round cake pan?
    Does the 2 tablespoon of sugar replace the 2 oz condense milk?

    Please reply soon

    Thanks Marie

    • Madhuram

      Yes Marie, the sugar is used to make good for the lesser quantity of condensed milk. You can bake it a day ahead and frost it the next day. I’m thinking the batter will be in excess for the pan you have mentioned. Soak the cake with sugar syrup to get a moist cake like I have mentioned in this recipe.

  443. Neel

    Hi, I just wanted to know what type of vinegar do I use? Distilt or malt?

    • Madhuram

      Distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar works fine.

  444. Manisha

    Hello Madhuram

    I came across your website , and would love to try this recipe for making vanilla cup cakes for my daughter’s birthday. However , I have not got very encouraging results whenever I have tried baking. Could you please let me know if I can use this recipe for making the cupcakes and how many will it make? How much time should it take to bake in the oven?

      • Manisha

        Thanks Madhuram for the prompt reply. I had aleady seen the recipe that you have mentioned, but the above one looks a lot simpler.Cant’t I just make it with this?


        • Madhuram

          Oh yes, you can use this recipe itself for the cupcakes too. While following the recipe just don’t use the cake’s baking time as well because cupcakes bake a lot faster.

  445. Jaya

    I’m from Sri Lanka. Thank you very much for the recipe. I tried this for the first time. Cake is really good. But I didn’t put Vinegar.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Jaya.

  446. NG

    Hi Madhuram,

    I am a complete newbie to baking. I have a 6 inches round baking pan which is 2 inches deep. Could you guide me what changes need to be done to the quantity of ingredients in this recipe? I dont want to waste the batter. Also, I am planning to bake 2 layers – one each of basic vanilla and basic chocolate cake. For the chocolate cake, how much flour shoild I replace with the cocoa powder?


    • Madhuram

      Hi NG, I’m guessing even halving the recipe would be more for each pan. Maybe you can halve the recipe and divide it among 2 pans for making two layers. I’m not very sure about how it will turn out though. Use the Whacky Vegan Chocolate Cake for a pretty simple chocolate cake recipe. If you use the vanilla cake recipe itself for chocolate cake too, you are dealing with a lot of issues, especially that you are not using the full recipe in the first place. I would seriously suggest either getting a standard 8 inch pan or not going with 2 flavors with the small pan. Since you are a beginner stick to the recipe/pan size initially and then start experimenting once you are confident. This is my sincere suggestion.

  447. Whipped

    What a lovely cake. So tempting and delicious. Keep baking Julia, keep sharing and keep smiling.

  448. vaidehi

    If I have to substitute all purpose flour with cake flour then how much should I take( is 2+1/2+4tbsp cake flour good)

    • Madhuram

      Yes it should be fine Vaidehi. I was thinking of 2 and 1/3 cup of APF and 5 tablespoons of cornstarch. I think either should work fine.

      • vaidehi


        Do u mean 2 and 1/3 cup cake flour + cornstarch.

        I want to use cake flour and not APF.

      • Madhuram

        Oh, I thought you were asking for a substitute for cake flour if you didn’t find it. Your measurement is right.

  449. Julia

    This recipe worked great

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Julia.

  450. alyda

    White distiled vinegar or just vinegar? Thanks!

    • Madhuram

      It’s the same Alyda.

  451. Sahina

    Hi just wanted advice on a recipe for 12inch cake. What would the measurements be?

    • Madhuram

      Sorry Sahina, this comment got buried and I think I’m too late with the reply. How high is the pan, what is the depth?

  452. Neasha

    I did everything the receipe says but the cake hasn’t cook inside any idea why yhis would be?

    • Madhuram

      That’s strange Neasha because I have baked this so many times. Did you set the temperature right?

      • Neasha

        i use gas mark 6

        • Madhuram

          I don’t have experience baking in a gas oven. Maybe there are certain things you should keep in mind while baking in a gas oven. I will try to find it out.

  453. Christina

    Would it be okay to make this one or two days ahead of time and keep it in the fridge?

    • Madhuram

      I hope so Christina.

  454. Sita Shivaraman

    Thanks for your guidance. I followed your instructions and it really came out very well. I am sending a photo of the same. I am from Bangalore in India.

    • Madhuram

      That’s great Sita.

      • Br Aadarsh

        What is the substitute to condensed milk

      • Br Aadarsh

        What is the substitute to condensed milk.

  455. Anita

    Hi – what type of vinegar are you meant to use?

    • Madhuram

      You can use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. I prefer the latter.

  456. Swati

    With what can i replace the condensed milk ?

  457. Hayley

    Hi, I have a question?

    I’m assuming the 9 x 13 pan is rectangular but I would prefer to make a circular cake as it would fit in better with my decorating plans, would I need to make any major changes with the recipe and would I be okay using two 7 inch tins and then sandwiching them together with buttercream?

    Thank you in advance πŸ™‚

    • Madhuram

      Depending upon the size of the round pans you want to use, the measurement and time would vary. This recipe will yield you two 8 or 9 inch round cakes and should not take more than 20 minutes for the cakes to bake.

  458. honeykitty

    I have a egg allergy baby. I made this cake for her first bday and everyone loved it.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Honeykitty.

  459. Sima Patel

    This recipe is brilliant. I substituted oil for melted butter and made a 6 layer rainbow cake for my twins b’day last weekend. Color was added to the wet ingredients. Layers were sandwiched with butter cream. Went down a treat. Too bad I can’t upload a photo it had to be seen to be believed. Thank you for this recipe.

    • Madhuram

      Wow, that’s amazing Sima. Send a link to me if you have uploaded elsewhere.

  460. chinks

    Hi, my trouble is that every time I bake a cake, it either gets over cooked or it left under cooked. What should I do ?

    • Madhuram

      You have to keep a close eye on the oven. If a recipe tells you to bake for 15 minutes. See how the cake/cupcakes rises (with the light on inside the oven) around the 12th minute. If it has risen considerably then do the toothpick test and decide if it’s done or whether you have to bake it for another couple of minutes. I think with experience you will get it and you will be able to tell from the aroma if it’s ready or not.

  461. Samy

    I love this cake. My Mom’s vegetarian so I wanted an eggless cake. I made it last night and it was awesome. Thank you.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Samy.

  462. Sweta

    Came out really well..just made a few changes..thanks

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Sweta.

  463. Nav

    Tried this cake for the first time ever and it’s the best home-made cake EVER!

    My 4-year old son helped with putting all ingredients together and he feels SO proud along with the way it’s turned out so well!

    Thank you!

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Nav.

  464. Nora

    Oh god! thank you so much! Had a last minute event and i had no eggs! this recipe saved me!! thanks so much! πŸ™‚

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Nora.

  465. Mandeep Kaur

    I have used CocaCola and Sprite. These are effective in eggless recipes.
    I came across a recipe suggesting the use of fresh orange juice.Thought occurred to me to try Tang Orange.
    I found the cake baked with Tang Orange to be tastier.Further more,there was not the taste of baking soda.

  466. Mandeep

    I use Tang Orange as an egg substitute. The cake rises very nicely.

    • Madhuram

      I’ve also come across recipes which use either Sprite or Coke but haven’t tried it.

  467. sowmya

    Could you pl provide the recipe of vanilla/butterscotch eggless cake with bisquik….thanks…..

    • Madhuram

      I have not tried it Sowmya.

  468. Jeya

    Hi Madhuram,

    Is cake flour same as cake mix? In this recipe, which kind of vinegar to use?


    • Madhuram

      It’s not the same, Jeya. Cake mix has all dry ingredients mixed (flour, leavening agent, some fat, sugar etc). You just have to add some eggs and water to bake it. But cake flour is all-purpose flour with a finer texture.

  469. Gretchen Nelson

    Can this recipe be used for cupcakes? I have some condensed milk to use and need cupcakes so I would rather use this recipe than your vanilla cupcake recipe (which uses milk, orange juice,etc…). Look forward to your input! Thanks! PS-just wondering if you think the cake texture is also a suitable cupcake texture…

    • Madhuram

      It will work out for cupcakes too.

  470. Jane MNT

    Thank you very much for the Eggless Vanilla cake . Came out perfectly . I am so proud of myself . This is 1st time I ever made it . So easy and healthy to do and to eat.

    Thanks and deep appreciation .
    Jane MNT

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Jane.

  471. Sujatha

    I tried Eggless Vanilla Cake recipe and it came out perfect. My kids loved it. Thanks so much for the recipe.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Sujatha.

  472. S

    U copied this recipe from Bhavna’s This is not ur skill.

    • Madhuram

      FYI, I have given the link for the original recipe right in my post. I wish you were brave enough to leave your name and a valid email ID.

  473. Mike

    When making cakes, I typically use boxed cake mixes and when using an 11×15 inch pan, it calls for 1 and 1/2 mixes (although I make two box mixes and wind up throwing the rest out). I assume I would need to double this recipe to fill the 11×15?

    Also, can you substitute margarine for the 1/2 cup melted butter?


    • Madhuram

      Yes you would need to double the recipe and melted margarine/oil can be substituted for the butter.

  474. Jeya

    hi Maduram,
    if i use unsweetend condensed milk, how much sugar is needed? bacause my hubby doesn’t like to use white sugar. the condensed milk i get here has with white sugar. so please help me

  475. Saran

    My cake cracked. Would you hv an idea as to why? I did exactly the same.

    • Madhuram

      I’m guessing that the oven was too hot. Did you bake it longer than mentioned in the recipe?


    i am a 13 years old boy.i like cooking.this recipe is very very simple.but the cake is a beauty in looks as well as taste.i will certainly try other recipes.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Saleel.

  477. pooja

    hi Madhu could I use just sugar instead of condensed milk?? would that change the baking …??

  478. Charlott

    What else can I use than lemon juice or vinegar

    • Madhuram

      You need either one of it to get the fluffy texture.

  479. Leah

    Fantastic! Had no lemon extrac/zest on hand so I substituted 1/3 cup of OJ and added a touch less milk–turned out wonderful and had a nice zip to them.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Leah.

  480. Sam

    I was wondering if I could use self raising flour or plain flour instead of the all purpose flour???

    • Madhuram

      I think it should work Sam. Maybe I would omit the baking powder in that case.

  481. Parul

    Thanks for such a lovely recipe! My cake came out really good, although I was a bit generous on butter & condensed milk. Please don’t stop posting such delighting recipes. :0

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Parul.

  482. lakshmi

    if i dont have vinegar
    can the vinegar be replaced with something else?

    • Madhuram

      Twice the amount of lemon juice is a good substitute for vinegar.

  483. mai

    Seems nice with all your recipe , i’ll try this first , thank you

  484. V.LAVANYA


  485. Deepthi

    Is this cake one kilo?

    • Madhuram

      Sorry, I don’t know Deepthi.

  486. Nirisha


    If I use cake flour instead of all purpose, should I still use 2 and 1/2 cups?
    Also our condensed milk can is 385 grams. Should I still use the whole can?

    • Madhuram

      Yes you can use 2 and 1/2 cups cake flour instead of all-purpose flour and the whole can of condensed milk because the original recipe did use more of it. So you should be fine.

      • Chhaya

        I used the whole 385g of condensed milk cake came out lovely, thanks for your recipes will defo try others x

        • Madhuram

          You’re welcome Chhaya.

          • geeta narula

            can we make this cake in microwave

          • Madhuram

            I have not tried it Geeta, so don’t know how it will turn out.

  487. Chhaya

    Hi, when you say vinegar which one do you use?
    Many thanks,


    • Madhuram

      I prefer apple cider vinegar over white vinegar.

      • Chhaya

        Thank for this I made it last nite its came out lovely only thing I need to do next time is place the baking dish on a wire rack whilst baking. My centre was this a little in done even after baking for 35mins. But was scared as the top was browning to much.
        I pre heated the micro-oven for 20mins at 180 so not sure why it wasn’t fully cooked in the centre.

        Many thanks

  488. Dhani

    Thanks for your recipe. My cake only took 23 minutes to bake. It did not fall in the center. However, I did not like the taste and texture of this recipe. The taste was quite bland and the texture was quite firm, not spongy.

  489. Kelle

    I tried your eggless vanilla cupcake recipe for a little boy who is allergic to eggs and it worked a treat πŸ™‚ I’ve now got to make an eggless chocolate 8″ round cake (which I will be covering with fondant).. can I substitute some of the flour for cocoa and use this recipe? Thanks in advance.

  490. Sree

    Hi Madhuram,

    I tried eggless vanilla cake recipe WOW it came exactly as your picture. Thank you very very much to posted such a beautiful recipe my daughter and husband are going so crazy about your recipe overnight they just finished all the cake.

    Please post some recipes for diabetics also that would be appreciated.


    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Sree. I’ll definitely post some diabetic dessert recipes.

  491. Audrey

    Is this recipe ok to freeze

    • Madhuram

      I have not tried freezing it but somewhere in the comments I read that one of the reader froze it and it was still good.

    • Madhuram

      Crockpot cake!? That’s so cool Kelly. The photos look great too. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  492. Tina

    Hi will this recipe work with cupcakes? If so will it have a smooth top because I want 2 try this recipe for cupcakes

  493. bhushi

    Instead of all purpose flour and baking soda and baking powder can I just use self rising flour? Please reply asap. Thanks.

    • Madhuram

      I’m not able to guess it, Bhushi. You would have to try it for yourself.

  494. Malar


    – Can I use Self Raising Flour
    – For 1 and 1/2 cup flour I used 125g butter as ur receipt can I use 150g butter.
    – Can I avoid Vinger

    • Madhuram

      You can use lemon juice instead of vinegar, but I’m not sure about the self rising flour. Give it a shot.

  495. Madhu

    Hi, how can I alter the recipe for an eight inch round cake and also can I substitute lime juice for vinegar?

    • Madhuram

      This recipe will yield two 8 or 9 inch cakes. But if you want just one halve the recipe. Yes you can use lemon juice instead of vinegar.

  496. nina

    hi i was wondering if you have tried to bake this in a larger quaity im looking for a 14 inch sponge cake x

    • Madhuram

      No Nina. I guess you will have to double the recipe.

  497. Heidi

    I wanted to bake cupcakes for the children I teach in Sunday School at church, but one child is allergic to eggs. I tried this recipe and it turned out perfectly! I used one cup of orange juice instead of water and some orange zest as well, I also increased the sugar to 1/4 cup. I made frosting with orange juice and zest added to it as well. The cupcakes are delicious! I will definitely make them again! I baked the cupcakes for 22 minute, they were brown on the bottom so they could probably have baked for only 20. For some reason I can’t get the stars on here to work, but I would give this recipe 5 stars.

    • Madhuram

      Thank you very much for the feedback Heidi. I too have tried the same recipe as cupcakes with orange juice and zest here:Easy Eggless Vanilla Cupcakes

  498. Soenita Yadav


    can you tell me how much a cup is. I work with grams.

    thanks a lot!


    • Madhuram

      Check the baking measurement page for conversion details.

  499. Priya


    I recently got to know abt this site.
    Today i made Vanilla cake. It did not bake in the centre.
    The cake turned brown too.
    What to do in that case?

    • Madhuram

      Was the oven hot enough? Did you preheat the oven? How long did you bake it for?

      • Priya

        Yes, the oven was preheated and hot on 350F. I baked it for nearly 35mins.
        Do we have to mix the batter for quiet sometime or just mix it and put it in the oven to bake?

        • Madhuram

          Just mix it and put it in the oven.

          • Priya

            I measured the flour with the cup that we usually get it with rice cookers.

          • Madhuram

            That’s not the standard cup size Priya. You need to get measuring cups and spoons.

  500. sadia

    can i use pure milk instead of condensed milk.If i can then can u tell me the amount

  501. Akshita Palliwal

    Hello, will 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract be too much? Because usually the other recipes call for 1 teaspoons.

    • Madhuram

      It won’t be Akshita.

  502. Greg

    Thank for this recipe. I forgot the vinegar too and it was still good.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Greg.

  503. Laetitia

    Great recipe. I just had to adjust the cooking time depending on the shape I was using, but overall it was όber easy and tasty. No one noticed the cake was ‘different’ when I served it.

    • Madhuram

      That’s great Laetitia.

  504. A

    If I halve the recipe can I put all the batter in an 8inch round pan? And then cut across horizontally to make two layers? since I dont have a 9inch pan.


    • Madhuram

      Yes, it could work A. But I’m guessing that the layer might be quite thin and slicing it could be a tricky job.

  505. Day 62/90 | COOKING WITH SOME HELP

    […] number one:  Source: EGG FREE VANILLA CAKE WITH AWESOMENESS ON TOP  What you need:  Two and a half cups flour  […]

  506. Malenda

    Could the vinegar in this recipe be replaced with lemon juice? I would like to know before I attempt it πŸ™‚

    • Madhuram

      Usually twice the amount of lemon juice is used in place of vinegar. So try it out.

  507. Abhishek Gupta

    Last Sunday I tried this recipe and it was just perfect. Everyone liked the cake very much.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks for the feedback Abhishek.

  508. annnie

    Hi Madhuram, I just tried your eggless cake recipe! Thank you so much. It turned out great. Been looking for a good recipe for a really long time! Thanks and I hv to say thanks for your eggless pancake recipe! They’re a hit at home. Looking forward to more of your recipes. Cheers.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Annie.

  509. athorson

    Hi. I was wondering what kind of vinegar you used? Do you think apple cider vinegar would be good to use for this recipe?

    • Madhuram

      You could use white vinegar too but I prefer using apple cider vinegar.

  510. nanima

    Dear Madhuram

    I am wanting to make vanilla cake for wedding about 12 or 14 ” round cake. I think Ener G will work only for 2 or 3 egg recipe and your recipe will not be advisable for there will be too much of the levening powders which will spoil cake taste. I do not wish to make with fruit puree or banana. Please advise on steps to make wedding cakes. Enjoy reading your recipes now I would like to make. Please help with my request. Thank you.

    • Madhuram

      Hi Nanima, I think this recipe will work for a 12 or 14 inch cake. Why don’t you try the whole recipe in a 14 inch pan and see how it turns out.

  511. Yeiri C Serrano

    I’m interested in trying a Nutella Cupcakes recipe I found but I’m allergic to eggs. I’ve already tried your eggless vanilla cake recipe ant it’s wonderful! My question is: should I use this same recipe for the Nutella Cupcakes or the other one you have for eggless cupcakes. (Nutella Cupcakes recipe asks for 1 cup of nutella on the batter). Thanks in advance!

    • Madhuram

      Can you send me the link to the recipe you want to use, so that I can give you an appropriate solution/substitution.

      • Yeiri C. Serrano

        Here’s the website link of the original recipe ( There’s a bunch of cupcakes recipes on this site. The one I’m interested in is the “Nutella Cupcakes with Hazelnut Frosting” recipe.

        Thank You!

        • Madhuram

          Hi Yeiri, I have replied to your very first comment where you had given the link for the cupcake. I had suggested you to use 1/2 cup of yogurt and 1/2 cup of puree silken tofu for the 4 eggs to be replaced.

  512. Giselle

    Hey my son is allergic to eggs, so when it comes to his birthday we always sing with ice cream. This year it’s going to be so different. We tried this recipe my best and it worked great! I did 25 cupcakes with chocolate whip for his brithday tommorow…love it!

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Giselle.

  513. Priti

    Can i try this recipe in uk? will the result be the same?

    • Madhuram

      Yes, but you have to convert the recipe from cups to gms.

  514. Cissa

    Love it! I added a teaspoon of butter extract to get rid off that flour taste, and added 1/2 cup of water. The batter was almost liquid and cake texture was unbelieveble.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Cissa.

  515. Bhuvana

    Thanks so much. I’m very happy. I just tried this recipe this morning for lunch pack, since i did not have any idea of what to make. I followed the recipe exactly, excepting baking on cup cake pan for easy packing. Each cup has given a high rise piece, very soft and moist too. 12 cup cakes more than enough for 2 kids, my husband and me. I have baked the remaing batter in a bread loaf pan. It’s also looking beautiful. I’m going to decorate with chocolate frosting for afternoon. It was a great experience in the morning. Pl keep up the good work. I love you.

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Bhuvana and thanks for the love.

  516. sarbjeet kaur

    Hello I send you email because I like your cakes.your cakes recipes very good.i made cakes for my kids birthday and family but I like to make big cake like 1/2 1/4 sheet please help me I want cake’s more soft and moisturizer please help me thank you your biggest fan sarbjeet kaur.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Sarbjeet. Will check it out.

  517. Tanuja

    I want to make same cake for 100gm All Purpose Flour
    What measurement I should take


    • Madhuram

      I’m sorry Tanuja. I’m not familiar with the “grams” measurement so I don’t know how to change the recipe.

  518. Ranjeeta

    ya i tried it and got good result thanking u.

  519. priti

    I need a microwave cake recipe, or how to bake in a cooker or pan. How can I make the cake in this pot?

    • Madhuram

      You have to Google it, Priti because I haven’t baked without an oven.

  520. Sarbjeet Kaur

    Hello I like your all recipes. Please help me more.

    • Madhuram

      Sure Sarbjeet. Tell me how can I help you.

  521. Vibhuti

    I tried this recipe, all was good except the cake sink in between. can you tell why?

    • Madhuram

      Did you change the pan size or make any the changes to the recipe?

      • Vibhuti

        pan size was 3.1 inch height and 10.4 inch breadth.
        I did not change the recipe.

        • Madhuram

          That is a very small pan for the entire recipe.

  522. Amogha

    hi, i am trying to use this recipe to make a three tiered wedding cake (12″, 9″ and 6″). Do you think it will stack nicely? Also do you think 3 times the original recipe will be enough batter? Thanks

    • Madhuram

      Yes, 3 times the recipe looks like enough. All the best.

  523. lrivera777

    Terrific! I did not have baking soda, so I used 5 tsp baking powder. I had evaporated instead instead of condensed milk, so I compensated by reducing the water to 1/2 cup and adding 3 xtra tbsp sugar. Baked for less than 25 minutes. It came out moist, delicious, perfect. Will definitely do this again!

  524. Carla Lalezari

    Is this recipe double?
    I need to make a cake using two 8″ round cake pan. Do I need to double the recipe?

    • Madhuram

      This recipe makes one 9×13 inch cake or two 8-inch cakes. You don’t need to double this recipe.

  525. Sue

    what can I use in place of the condensed milk? want it to be dairy free if possible.

  526. Vibhuti


    I tried this cake, it was tasty except for the cake sinked in between after taking out from the oven. Can you help?

    • Madhuram

      Hi Vibhuti, can you tell me what size pan did you use? One reason for the cake to sink is if the batter is way too much for the pan. Another reason is opening the oven door a couple of times while the cake is baking, which lets cold air inside and affects the temperature at which the cake has to be baked.

  527. simhani

    Is there anything i can use for replacement of vinegar?

    • Madhuram

      You can use lemon juice.

  528. Gurpreet


    I have made this recipe a number of times and the taste is divine.

    I usually make cupcakes or a 10inch round and it turns out perfectly.

    However I recently baked this cake in a 9 inch square tin and the taste was as always lovely, but the sponge turned out very dense and hard to cut through. I wanted to check if you have any idead why this is.

    I baked the cake at 160c for about 40 to 45 minutes.

    Did I bake this too long? Not sure why it turned out so hard.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas.


    • Madhuram

      Hi Gurpreet, I’m guessing you used 2 tins because the batter is way too much for just one tin. Yes 40 minutes is quite a lot if you used 2 pans.

      • Gurpreet


        Yes I did bake it in one tin. I will try out the recipe again spread between two tins. I have also read the thread about coating the cake in a simple sugar syrup. Is this to be done once the cake has fully cooled down?

        • Madhuram

          Yes the cake should be cool enough to level it and then apply the simple syrup.

  529. Sheilah Link

    Tried it and loved it. At last a cake my husband can eat as he is egg intolerant and this tastes like a “real cake”.

    • Madhuram

      That’s great Sheilah.

  530. Selvarani

    My cupcakes turned out well but the next day the paper cups separated from the cakes is something wrong with the mixing. Plse help as I need to prepare 200 cupcakes and I hv to bake over 2 days

  531. Sarah

    I was wondering what type of vinegar do you use in the eggless vanilla cake please?
    Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Madhuram

      Personally I feel that white vinegar has an after taste so I always use apple cider vinegar in my baking recipes.

  532. VidhyaGiri

    Hi Madhuram mam,
    I came across your site and you have yummy recipes which is egg less. I am new to baking. Can u suggest any good book on basics of baking so that it will be helpful theory wise for example explaining form the scrach about the ingredients, measurements, leaverners etc. I being a pure vegetarian would prefer more egg less recipes.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Vidya. When I started baking I got myself a copy of Baking for Dummies and it was very helpful.

  533. Kaur

    Your recipe is very good, thank you so much!
    But, I’m having trouble to make it fluffy and light. The cake turns out very nice, but it’s very dense and extremely moist. It doesn’t rise too much either, and it sinks. I have a fan-assisted oven, I’m not sure if that effects the cake. I use self-raising flour, as there is no ‘cake flour’ down here where we live. I used the exact same measurements and the exact same pan size. I kept an eye on the cake, and the oven was correctly preheated.
    Thank you.

    • Madhuram

      I’m guessing you have to change the temperature in your oven. I think you have to reduce the temperature by 25 degrees for convection oven and bake it a bit longer.

  534. ARTI

    hi i have to bake a 3kg cake and was wondering is this recipes turns out to be 3kg?

    • Madhuram

      I’m sorry Arti. I don’t have a clue when it comes to cup to kilogram conversion.

  535. Laurie

    Thank you so much for this recipe. My son is severely allergic to eggs and he likes white cake better, and there are so few eggless cakes that are either not chocolate or are vegan. This will be our go to recipe for all things cake!

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Laurie.

  536. Sandy

    I have never done much baking as most recipes need egg, but was interested in baking. I came across your receipe and found all the ingredients are at home do not need a hand mixer.
    The receipe looked great, easy to follow instructions and quick.
    I gave it try and it turned out amazing. The best eggless cake i have eaten.
    Thankyou for this wonderful receipe. I am hooked to it πŸ™‚
    You are doing a great job.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Sandy.

  537. dia

    I just put the cake in the oven. I’m a little concern because my batter was super thick and more like dough? Is that the way its supposed to be or did I screw up somehow?

    I’m thankful for this website, my husband is deadly allergic to eggs. Thanks for all your effort on this website, its so helful!

    • Madhuram

      It should not be that thick.

  538. Selvarani T

    Hi was very happy to see your eggless cake recipe and don’t know why my cake rise when baking and sank when I took it out of the oven. When I cut the cake the centre was uncooked. Baked the cake for 27 mins and the color was perfect.

    • Madhuram

      Did you use the same measurement and the same pan size? Did you keep opening the oven door in the middle to see if the cake was done? Was the oven preheated enough?

  539. alisa

    I am making a train cake for son’s b-day and would love to try your recipe since he is allergic to eggs. I need to bake cake in 2 loaf pans. do you have suggestions? Also, we can do dairy,could I substitute buttermilk for the sweetened condensed?Thanks!

      • alisa

        One last thing, this recipe calls for 2 1/2 all purpose flour and your cupcake recipe calls for 2 1/2 cake flour. I am confused as they are both the same and thought you have to convert recipe if you substitute?Thanks!

        • Madhuram

          All-purpose flour and cake flour differ in their protein content. The latter has lesser and makes the pastries lighter. Usually you do need to make some adjustments to use one for the other but when I tried cake flour cup for cup of all-purpose flour in this recipe it turned out super great.

  540. Amandeep

    hi! im using spelt flour instead would that work fine?
    and when do i add the butter to the batter?!

    • Madhuram

      I have never baked using spelt flour, so I don’t know how it will affect the taste and texture. Add it together with the rest of the liquid ingredients.

  541. Manta

    This site is splendid. i really love your recipes i tried the egg less vanilla and chocolate cake. My family real enjoyed it. Keep up the excellence.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Manta.

  542. Dianne

    Can I replace the sweetened condensed milk with something dairy free? My daughter can not have dairy or eggs….

    • Madhuram

      Check this Easy Eggless Vanilla Cupcakes recipe, Dianne. It’s the very same version of this cake but I substituted the condensed milk with milk and sugar. I have tried a vegan version too using almond milk and it comes out fine.

  543. Manjit

    I will definitely be trying this recipe as my first eggless cake! Could I substitute the vinegar for lemon or lime juice?

    • Madhuram

      Yes it will work, Manjit.

  544. sho

    Hi dear,,love ur i want to make it as a strawberry flavour..can u suggest how can i add fresh strawberry into this recipe.

    • Madhuram

      You could try this Vegan Strawberry Cupcakes recipe instead. You will get 2 layers for this measurement. Or else you could try adding about a cup of crushed strawberries in the vanilla cake recipe. Add the puree first and adjust the quantity of water depending upon the consistency of the batter.

  545. Amanda

    Hi Madhuram, not sure if you got my comment yesterday so am resending.

    Thank you for this recipe. Absolutely delicious and perfect texture. However, I have had some trouble getting the cake to rise. I halved your recipe as I was baking in a 24cm round pan (approx 9 inch, just slightly bigger), thought that should be fine but perhaps that was the issue. It cooked well in about 20 mins in the oven but just didn’t rise, only very slightly so that it ended up just under 2cm high, very thin. Everything else was perfect.

    Any suggestions on what I might do to fix? I am wanting to use this as the base for my daughter’s 1st birthday cake next week so will be testing again on the weekend.

    Thanks, Amanda

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Amanada. Yes 9-inch round pans don’t give a very tall cake unless you add a little more batter, but that could be tricky too because if it’s too much the cake is going to sink in the middle. So for the measurement you have used that’s what you can expect. So use the whole recipe and bake it in 2 pans and with the filling and frosting around the cake you should be able to get a decent height. Or else try an 8-inch pan, in that case you could get a decent height in one layer itself.

  546. Sheilah Link

    My husband is egg intolerant and this is the first really delicious cake I have ever been able to produce for him. He loved it. So did I. This website is a dream.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Sheilah.

  547. Parul

    Firstly I must say I love your site and anytime I want to bake anything sweet I go to your site. Thank you for being vegetarian and such a good baker.

    In your receipe you say melted butter, does that mean you melt butter then measure or if it is otherwise, how do u measure 1/2 cup butter. Here in UK we use measurements.

    Will appreciate your quick reply. As I m making cake and cup cake for my inlaws 50th anniversary party. Any tips will be very much appreciated.

    Keep up the good work.

  548. Veena

    Can you please let me know if the all purpose flour which is mentioned in your recipes already has baking powder included in it or is it what we class here in the UK as Plain Four ? we get either Self raising Flour which already has baking powder added or just plain flour.

    I am trying to get a good sponge cake recipe for large portions that is suitable for 2 x 12″ cake. Sometimes, doubling up the ingredients just don’t work. Have you got any suitable recipes ?

    I generally use condensed milk as it works great.

    Thanks for all the great tips

    • Madhuram

      Yes Veena, all-purpose flour is nothing but plain flour. You should be fine doubling this recipe.

  549. nuria

    Hi I’m making an eggless wedding cake very soon, would this sponge be ok to freeze aswell as your chocolate one? Could I work on it for 2 days at room temperature and lastly will the sponge be ok for the guests on the 3rd day?

    • Madhuram

      Nuria, to tell the truth, I have never freezed any of the cakes I have baked so far. I have frozen muffins and cookies and they all were good after thawing. So I really don’t know how the cake willl turn out. But one of the visitor has mentioned in the comments section of this recipe that she tried freezing and it did not affect the taste or texture. So that’s the only thing I have got. Do brush the cake with sugar syrup though and maybe freezing later should work.

  550. JackL

    I am sure the answer is in the comments, but… Does this recipe bake enough batter for two 8″ or 9″ round pans?

    I appreciate that you took the comments from reviewers of the “original” recipe, made and tested the changes, and published the revised recipe. Sounds perfect for what I am looking for!


    • Madhuram

      Thanks Jack. Yes, this recipe will make 2 8/9-inch layers.

  551. archita

    Madhuram – I wanted to make a 12″, round cake (12 x approx. 2″ pan). Do I still bake for around 27 – 28 mts?
    Also, will using a 400 ml can of condensed milk and Cake flour require any changes to the baking time?
    Thank you so much!

    • Madhuram

      I have not baked in a 12″ pan, so I too have to take a guess with respect to the baking time and also I’m not sure if the pan would be small for the recipe. This recipe either makes two 8-inch/9-inch cakes or one 13×9 inch or one 15×10 inch cake. But this 12 inch comes in between and I wouldn’t know unless I try it for myself. As for the baking time, check it around 22-23 minutes and proceed from there on.

      • archita

        Many thanks! I’ll try it out and report back. I have used the 12″ pan for other reciepes meant for two 8″/9″ pans, so will give this a try as well. Thank you so much for your prompt response πŸ™‚

        • Madhuram

          No problem. Let me know how it turns out.

      • archita

        Madhuram – It worked out well πŸ™‚ Not sure exactly how long I had it in the oven as hit the reset button by mistake at one point πŸ™‚ But everyone loved the taste – so thank you!

  552. Simran

    Hi, this is a great recipe and it tastes delicious, better than any cakes with egg but, there was only one problem when I baked it. I followed the recipe exactly and I baked it for 28 minutes, it came out of the oven and it was great, rounded top though…after it cooled the middle had sunk in but the cake was still cooked, any suggestions? I’d really like to ice it next time but I don’t want it to cave in

  553. Abubu

    Thanks Mate

  554. Razman

    This looks like a wonderful recipe. Can I try to make about half the size of this. I will half all the ingredients. But how much bake time should I use?


    • Madhuram

      Yes, you can halve the ingredients and the time will depend on the size of pan you are using.

  555. Eggless Vanilla Cake | Hand made bazaar

    […] in the cakes with eggs.  I tried various versions of the eggless vanilla cake and finally found Madhuram’s recipe was close to what I would like, I made some modifications as it wasnt sweet […]

  556. Adelina

    Do you use SWEETENED condensed milk, or plain? That would make a difference.
    “Some lumps are ok”? oh no! πŸ˜‰ that would put me out of business!

    • Madhuram

      It’s sweetened condensed milk. I use the term evaporated milk for the plain one. I said lumps is fine while mixing the batter. The cake does not come out with lumps in it. It dissolves while the cake is baking. If we start to stir/beat the batter just to dissolve the lumps, you could end up having a “not-so-light” cake.

  557. aman

    Dear Madhuram,

    I need to ask 1 question.

    When ever i make a cake, initially it get fluffy and baked from inside [checked using knife] but after some time whole cake gets flat. Can you please suggest what i should do.


    • Madhuram

      Baking it for longer time, or too much liquid in the recipe or too much batter for the pan are some of the reasons for the cake falling flat.

  558. lakshmikumar

    dear madhuram,

    i dont have vinegar…without that can i try this recipe?

    • Madhuram

      Omitting vinegar should not be a problem.

      • lakshmikumar


      • kate

        can i use almond flour? Thanks!

        • Madhuram

          It won`t work unless you use xanathan gum.

  559. Yeiri

    This recipe is wonderful! I was actually looking for an eggless plain white cake to make a dessert called “Tres Leches” and this recipe came to be perfect for it! Thank you so much!

    Btw, I was worried about the whole vinegar stuff too (I hate it haha!), but there’s no taste of it whatsoever! Thanks again!

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Yeiri. I too want to try a Tres Leches cake. So it’s great to know that this recipe worked out fine for it.

      • Yeiri C. Serrano

        Hi again!
        I actually posted something about wanting to make some “eggless” Nutella cupcakes and you replied telling me to give you the link for the original recipe to check it out. I can’t find that post so I’m using this old post instead. :))
        Here’s the link:

        Once again, thank you!

        • Madhuram

          Hi Yeiri, I checked the recipe and I would suggest using 1/2 cup of pureed silken tofu and 1/2 cup of plain yogurt. I too am going to try that recipe. It looks gorgeous.

  560. Sarbjeet Kaur

    Hello Madhuram,
    I really like your recipe, but I wanted to know the recipe for a bigger cake, like a quarter sheet? And I also wanted a recipe for chocolate cakejust like the white cake but chocolate flavor instead of a layered chocolate cake. I want to make a sweet sixteen cake for my daughter. Thank You.

  561. Rama

    Can I use applecider vinegar instead of white vinegar-thanks!

    • Madhuram


  562. Donna

    Why the vinegar?

    • Madhuram

      To make the cake airy and light.

  563. Shivani

    Awesome cake..thanks for the recipe….I just made it( our thanksgiving desert) and it came out very well….perfectly cooked in 27 minutes..I had divided the ingredients by 2 and made a smaller cake…I also added Milk(instead of water) with chocolate syrup sweetened and unsweetened cocoa….plus of course some nuts and choco chips….

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Shivani.

  564. Jayalakshmi

    Hello Madhuram,

    Recently we bought a small round eggless cake from this store in Charlotte.It was eggless blackforest i think. The cakes were super moist and a bit watery as if they had immersed it in water or something . Now do you think this is common for the commericial stores to do that to get the texture right.

    When I asked them they were not ready to divulge their secret recipe ,would you know? Next week I am making 1/2 sheet eggless cake for an event and need to get the moist factor correct .

    This will be my first time baking eggless cake.Any advice is appreciated .

    • Madhuram

      Hi Jayalakshmi, I figured out the “secret” only recently. I was going to do a post about it with the recipe I had tried. It’s nothing but brushing the cake with sugar syrup. By doing this the cake remains moist even after 4-5 days in the refrigerator. Earlier my cakes would become dry after 2 days in the refrigerator, so I would have to bring it to room temperature before serving but not so in this new method. Actually this is not a new method, because I have seen it in Wilton’s recipes and a couple of other places, but didn’t try it until recently. It definitely works. Once the cake is cooled, level it off by cutting the dome portion and brush some sugar syrup on top of the cake and let it soak for at least 15 minutes. I didn’t measure how much syrup I used but I did use a lot. The cake soaks it up all. If doing a layered cake, do the same for all the layers and then proceed as usual with the filling and frosting and you would have a moist cake even if served directly from the refrigerator.

  565. Augusttea

    I normally do not leave comments. But OMG! I thought it would be unjust this time if I didn’t. I don’t bake often so I was a bit nervous however this recipe made me look like a pro. It came out so soft and spongy. And well held together, it literally fell out of the pan in whole, no sticking to edges or crumbling which usually happens to me. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Augusttea. Thanks for rating the recipe.

  566. Shivangi

    Hi there,

    Tried this recipe on Friday, turned out very tasty. I did use orange juice and rind, some tinned pinapples and walnuts. So easy. Love that your recipes are so easy to follow. Thumbs up!!!


    • Madhuram

      Thanks for the feedback Shivangi.

  567. Julie

    Hi! I wondered if the cake could be baked and frozen for a few days before decorating. I am trying to get a head-start on an order.


    • Madhuram

      I haven’t tried it myself but I guess it should be fine. I think somebody else had mentioned in the comments section that they froze the cake and it did not affect the taste or texture.

  568. Manisha


    I have made this cake so many times and I thought it was a shame not to thank the original creator! I personally feel the cake comes out fluffier and lighter than a egg based cake. I am planning to use the same recipe for my son’s first birthday party!

    • Madhuram

      Thanks for the feedback Manisha, though I cannot take full credit for the recipe. I hope the 2 star was an accident.

  569. Shalini

    Hello Madhuram,

    I have a birthday coming up on Sunday, Can i use the same recipe to
    make cupcakes , since i have all the ingredients in my pantry.



    • Madhuram

      Yes you can Shalini. This Easy Eggless Vanilla Cupcakes recipe is the cupcake version of the cake recipe. I also substituted condensed milk with milk and sugar.

  570. uma

    I tried this recipe. It was a super hit. Thanks for the recipe. I tried half the quantity. It was done by 17 min.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Uma.

  571. Subash

    Dear Madhuram,

    Thank you for the wonderful site which is so helpful to food lovers without a clue of cooking. God Bless You.

    What I would like to know about this recipe is the weight of flour to use instead of cups, as cups can be big small etc. in every household.

    Thanks and best regards.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Subash. I use US standard cup sizes. You should be able to get those cups and teaspoons etc. in all grocery stores and dollar stores. Since I do not use weight measures I don`t want to post estimates because I wouldn`t know how the recipe will turn out. has a very good conversion chart for cups to grams. Check it out.

  572. Ak

    Can u give me a recipe for 4 people it looks amazing

    • Madhuram

      Why don`t you just halve the recipe, AK. That`s the easiest way to do it.

  573. AH

    Hi, I am trying to bake a cake for the first time. Chose eggless recipes due to Narvratri time πŸ™‚
    Does the vinegar have to be white vinegar? I have Balsalmic vinegar, which is brownish. I have heard that it is stronger than the regular vinegar. How much quantity should i use?

    • Madhuram

      I have not tried balsamic vinegar while baking so I cannot comment on it AH. I always use apple cider vinegar.

  574. Mithra

    As per notes, you said Water can be substitued by Orange juice, which gives a different and a nice flavour. Orange juie has a Tangy taste. Wont that affect the taste of the cake.

    Also , can we we bake this in a Mocrowave.

    I am completely new to baking. I want to know about the pan sizes. I have seen that bigger pans have a greater depth and smaller has lesser depth. I would like to bake a ckae for a single person or 2 , with a maximum of 4 medium sized slices. So what would be ideal size. I had checked Wilton Baking pans. The smallest one looks ideal for my purpose. But again , I am scared if the cake will overflow.

    • Madhuram

      Hi Mitrha, freshly squeezed orange juice gives a very nice flavor to baked goods. The cake does not become sour or tangy. But I can guarantee that if you use store bought juice the cake will have a slight bitter after taste. I personally don’t have experience baking in microwave oven. Maybe you could try it and just cook for 4-5 minutes. As for the pan size, a 6-inch cake pan should fit your needs but you cannot use any recipe in any pan. The measurements have to be scaled down if you are using a small pan. Again halving and doubling the original recipe does not work out well in all recipes. So trial and error is your only choice or you have to find recipes which make small batches. If you live in the US/Canada, see if you are able to find a book called Small Batch Baking in your local library. I have seen cake recipes which serve just 1 or 2 people baked in an empty can.

  575. Sukyee Ng

    This was the 1st cake I made for my daughter since we discovered she has an egg allergy. The cake was tasy and she enjoyed it.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks for the feedback Sukyee.

  576. Cindy

    Is the condensed milk supposed to be sweetened condensed milk or plain condensed milk? Doesn’t sound like it will be very sweet with only 2 tablespoons of sugar if plain milk.

    • Madhuram

      Yes it is sweetened condensed milk, Cindy. The cake is not very sweet by itself (which is perfect for us). If you are going to frost the cake this should be fine though.

  577. Nisha

    The Cake turned out very good.It was very delicious.
    I added 2 tsp of baking soda by mistake,still came out good.
    Though was not very fluffy,but tasted good.Will Bake again with proper proportion.

  578. Elene

    I just made some eggless vanilla cakes using this recipe. It is really delicious!! My son is allergic to eggs and I have been baking using eggless recipes since he started developing this allergy. I have tried your other recipes like eggless waffle, eggless pancakes (out of the world btw), cupcakes, etc. All came out supper yummy! Thank you very much. Please keep posting more recipes πŸ™‚

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Elene. Thank you very much for the feedback.

  579. Aruna

    I read the recipe.. and I am going to bake cake for the first time. I have a question, can i skip the vinegar. Can you tell me whether the cake would be good without it.

    • Madhuram

      Hi Aruna, vinegar is a key ingredient in this recipe. Maybe you could try substituting it with 1/4 cup of lemon juice. I haven’t tried this substitution in this recipe though.

  580. Priyanka

    Love your recipes! Thanks so much for sharing them! The pics are always so tempting!

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Priyanka.

  581. RACHNA


  582. Danielle

    I have to say that I absolutely love your website. I
    have a seven year old daughter with multiple food
    allergies including an egg allergy and I have tried
    and failed on many occasions to get find a cake
    recipe that we can all enjoy. Most of my previous
    attempts have all failed because the cake would
    sink in the center and become as flat as cardboard,
    or they would just not bake at all in
    the center. I am anxious to try this recipe but I
    have one question — please forgive me if this was
    already asked, but what would you suggest as a
    substitute for the condensed milk, as her allergies
    also include milk so that is not an option for me.
    Thanks so much.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Danielle. Please don’t apologize for asking questions. I’m more than happy to answer my readers’ queries. I do have another version of this recipe minus the condensed milk. Check out this recipe for Easy Eggless Vanilla Cupcakes and substitute your choice of non-dairy milk and oil/vegan butter substitute for the butter and you should be good to go. I recently tried this vegan version for my son’s birthday and it turned out awesome. Hope this helps.

      • Danielle

        Thanks so much – I will definitely try the
        recipe. I am so grateful!

        • Madhuram

          You’re welcome Danielle.

  583. Shannon

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I am baking the cake as I write this. My daughter will be one this Thursday and has a severe allergy to eggs. Do you happen to have a buttercream icing recipe that does not include use of eggs? Thanks again!!!

  584. Deepa

    Tried this today; the result was fabulous. I’m going to try cup cakes next. Thank you for your wonderful recipe and excellent tips and accurate measures.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Deepa.

  585. Ashley

    I just baked this recipe and it is cooling as I write this. I intend to freeze this then split, fill and frost it for my son’s upcoming birthday. So far the cake looks great but I was curious if freezing it would have a negative effect on it? Also I was wondering if it was possible to make this recipe into a chocolate cake by adding some cocoa powder? Or would that throw the recipe off? I looked at your other chocolate cake recipes and do not happen to have the other egg replacements on hand. Thank you, Ashley

    • Madhuram

      Hi Ashley, I don’t know if I’m too late with this reply. I think you should be fine freezing it. Even though I have not tried it myself, I think one of the readers here had mentioned that she froze the cake and thawed it later for frosting and it was good. You could use 1/2 cup of cocoa powder and 2 cups of all purpose flour to make it a chocolate cake. I think it should be fine.

      • Ashley

        No your not too late at all. I went ahead and froze it and was able to split it and fill it just fine without it crumbling. We havent tasted it yet but I cant wait till my son tries it. I am looking forward to trying a chocolate version of it as well. Thank you for the response and the great recipes πŸ™‚ -Ashley

        • Madhuram

          You’re welcome Ashley.

  586. zahra

    What type of vinegar do you use in this recipe?

    • Madhuram

      I usually use apple cider vinegar in all my recipes, but white vinegar should be fine too. I personally feel that white vinegar leaves an after taste.

  587. Alanna

    I am so glad I came across your website. I recently found out that my 1 year old daughter is allergic to egg. I made her birthday cake with this recipe and it came out EXCELLENT. Everyone at the party loved it. I made it a day in advance and put it in the fridge (because of frosting and fondant) Took it out a couple of hours before serving and the texture was perfect. I am looking forward to making more of your recipes!

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Alanna. Belated birthday wishes to your daughter.

  588. RadhaBalaji

    Dear madhuram,
    I tried this cake and it turned out great.Can you please post plum cake and carrot cake without eggs.Thanks in advance.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks for the feedback Radha. Hope you can rate the recipe too. I have a christmas fruitcake and carrot cake recipe already. Please check the eggless cakes page.

  589. Kann

    This recipe is fantastic… If you’re looking for an eggless cake recipe then look no further! I didn’t try the recipe the exact way it is stated though. I substituted a few ingredients and add in one thing extra. Here’s what I did to achieve the outcome that I loved!

    -The can of condensed milk I used was 390ml not the 300ml stated
    -Instead of water I used low fat milk
    -I didn’t have any vanilla extract so I used vanilla essence, I put in like 5-6 teaspoons of that because it’s weak
    -And I put in some cinnamon… about 1 or 1 1/2 teaspoons

    The only thing I would do differently next time is add a little more sugar cause it wasn’t too sweet but if you don’t like too much sugar it’s fine!

    • Madhuram

      Thanks for the feedback Kann.

  590. Anita B.

    Thanks for the info. How well does the cake freeze, as
    the sandwiches must be frozen after the sandwiches are

    • Madhuram

      I haven’t tried freezing this cake but somewhere down the comments you can see a comment that it does freeze well.

  591. Rubi

    I made the cake today, it turned out nice. I used self rising flour with out baking powder and tea spoon of baking soda. Many thanks for the recipe.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Rubi.

  592. shanoo

    Hi Madhuram, this cake tastes divine, no matter my mistakes. I have used a 22″ round pan. My over has no baking mode, both top & bottom elements heat up (plus it’s fan assisted) so I reduced the temp to 160, instead of 180. My cake was baked for 40 mins but still uncooked in the center. Like a 3 ” radius was uncooked.

    I didn’t have all purpose flour, i used 1 cup self raising flour, & 1.5 cups multi pillsbury aata, and didn’t add anymore baking powder.

    Can you please help what I am doing wrong?

    With best regards

    • Madhuram

      Is yours a convection oven? I heard that convection oven bakes quicker than the regular oven. I’m unable to comment because of the changes you have made. But my guess is using whole wheat flour makes the cake denser and also requires extra time to bake. Maybe that’s why it was uncoked in the middle.

      • shanoo

        Hi Madhuram, Thanx for the prompt reply. Also would like to correct a typo from my previous question. I used a 22cm round pan. Yes it is a convection oven, it does cook faster, thus as suggested in most recipes I baked at 160. The rest of the cake came out great, except for the center. I baked totally for about 45 mins, as I kept checking, and the center was uncooked, however the top got quite brown, so I stopped the baking.
        I guess using the 9×13 inch pan is the best way to go, I will have to go buy one!

        Thanks! And best regards, shanoo

  593. Gurpreet

    Hi, I baked this cake and it turned out very nice, however I frosted it with fresh cream and fruit and placed it in the fridge overnight ready for the next day. When we cut in to the cake the next day the centre of the cake was very hard and not spongy and it was quite hard to cut through it. When baking was done I poked a skewer in to it and it was definitely cooked. Do you know what went wrong??

    • Madhuram

      Hi Gurpreet, how did you store the cake in the fridge? Did you place it in an air tight container? The texture does change quite a bit after storing it in the fridge but I wouldn’t expect a very hard one though. Did you try tasting the cake after leaving it at room temperature for an hour or so? Did it sort of soften then?

      • Gurpreet


        I stored the cake in a cake box, so no it wasn’t airtight. I didn’t try that cake as it was a birthday cake I prepared for my mum. I have made it a few times since and I am getting the same thing happen. The cake is spongy around the edge but then towards the middle it is not very spongy. I am baking the cake for 32 min and then testing it is fully cooked by poking a toothpick in to the middle and it always comes out clean.

        I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Do you think I need to bake it for slightly longer?

        • Madhuram

          I’m sure that the texture changes because of storing it in the fridge because I too have stored the cake pieces in the fridge and didn’t like the texture that much. But I’m guessing that bringing back the cake to room temperature before serving might improve it.

  594. allergy-free birthday cake | Living Well Kitchen

    […] **Based on this recipe** […]

  595. Anita B.

    I have a grand daughter who is allergic to eggs and I want to try this recipe to make cake for ice cream sandwiches. The cake pan has twelve cavities to make a total of six sandwiches. It is suggested to spoon two tablespoons of batter in to each cavity. How many cakes will I be able to make with this recipe?

    • Madhuram

      Hi Anita, my guess is the recipe could make about 12-15 cupcakes. My estimate is based upon the fact that this recipe makes about 15 cupcakes. I use about 1/3rd cup batter for each cupcake. 1/3rd cup is 5 tablespoons approximately. As per your comment each sandwich uses about 4 tablespoons of batter. So give or take you should be able to get at least 15 sandwiches.

  596. Kamal


    I tried Eggless Vanilla Cake but it was not soft and spongy inside. Can you please suggest me what could be the possible reasons for that. I have been trying so many different recipe for Egg less Cake and it never turns out a perfect soft, spongy and well cooked.

    Thanks in advance

    • Madhuram

      Hi Kamal, I’m thinking that you could have over baked the cake and it sort of dried out. I have tried this recipe a couple of times and not once I have been disappointed. Did you make any substitutions for any of the ingredients or did you bake the cake in a different size pan? Let me know and maybe I’ll be able to guess what went wrong.

  597. Neha

    Hi Akka,

    My friends and I attempted this recipe yesterday and found that the batter stayed together in a big clump (almost like bread batter) – what did we do wrong?

    We ended up adding a touch of water but the consistency didn’t change too much.

    The end result still turned out very well and was a hit with everyone who taste-tested, however I still feel like we made a mistake in the recipe somehow.

    Thanks for this great website!
    – Neha

    • Madhuram

      Hi Neha, I don’t remember the batter being so thick. Did you use the right measurement for the water and butter? Did you use a liquid measuring mug for the water? Or did you by chance used more flour than specified in the recipe?

  598. jen the cook

    cake flour and pastry flour are not the same– cake flour is much finer almost with a texture of corn starch, pastry flour is fine but not as much as cake. it is some where in between cake and all purpose.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks for the info Jen. I looked into it after reading your comment and did find that there is a minute difference between the two. Cake flour is chlorinated and pastry flour is not, but both are made from soft wheat.

  599. Priya

    Hello Madhuram:
    I love, love this recipe. I have made it quite a few times. Instead of water I added pineapple juice or orange juice. It’s pretty amazing how soft and moist this cake is. Thank you for sharing!

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Priya. Pineapple juice sounds like a lovely idea. I too am going to try it the next time I bake this cake.

  600. Uma

    Hi Madhuram, hats off to you dear for such a wonderful recipe! i tried and can honestly say – this is the first time i got such a nice soft eggless cake. i tried several several recipes in the past but none of them came out so good. thanks a lot. i baked at 300 F for 45 min instead of 350 F for 27 min. i wish i had more stars to tick!! luv, uma

    • Madhuram

      Thank you so much for your generous compliments, Uma.

  601. Meenakshi

    Hi Madhuram,

    Though my cake didnt turn out that good last time, I thought of giving it a try again this time.Hence I baked the cake but since my cake flour was over, I went to Whole Foods and decided to try all organic stuffs. There I didnt find any cake flour but Pastry flour, on which was written good for cakes and pastries.So got it and tried this vanilla cake with pastry flour and a cup of thickened whole milk( boiling it till it reduces in half quantity) and 3/4 cup of sugar instead of condensed milk, keeping all the rest ingredients same….But this time it was even a big disaster. First the cake overflowed out of my 9 inch round cake pan( last time, i kept aside the batter for two big muffins and used the rest in same pan, when it didnt rise that much and hence this time I used the whole batter in 9″ pan). My mistake…Then it got flattened from middle. Also it was looking very glazed on the surface plus little browning on the centre surface and sides. when I checked on it being done after 27 minutes, the middle was still undone and so kept for more 5 minutes. when the cake cooled down, I wanted to frost it to cover it up. but it started breaking into pieces on lifting it and crumbled easily. hence the whole cake was just pieces, i couldn’t even frost.touching it from any sides with the spatula was breaking it. What went wrong..?.Please help me seriously…. My anniversary surprise ruined…please explain me wherever I am wrong.

    • Madhuram

      I’m sorry about the baking disaster Meenakshi. The biggest mistake you have done is baking this cake in a 9 inch pan. This recipe gives a bigger cake so you should have either used the 13×9 inch pan I have mentioned or two 9 inch pans. Otherwise you should have halved the measurements and baked it in a 9 inch pan. I wouldn’t even recommend that because halving a recipe does not end up right always. When you don’t use the right pan, it will definitely mess up big time. So all the things that you have mentioned could have been avoided had you used the right pan.

      Cake flour and pastry flour is one and the same.

  602. Rich

    Quick question
    Does the recipe call for sweetened condensed milk or evap milk?
    Am trying it this weekend