Pizza Recipes

Find a collection of pizza recipes including Vegetarian Stromboli, Twirly-Whirly Pizza, Vegan Pizza Pepporanata, Chocolate Pizza, Pizza without Cheese, Spicy buns and more.

Simple & Delicious Vegetarian Stromboli

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Want to make homemade stromboli? Follow this easy recipe for vegetarian stromboli and it will be in ready in no time. Kids will also have fun making this veggie stromboli. Use any vegetables of your choice or whatever is at home to make this. It’s that easy!

Vegan Pizza Pepporanata

This no cheese vegan pizza is easy to prepare and tastes good too!
Pizza Recipes

Spinach and Mushroom Pizza Pockets Without Cheese

A very simple recipe to prepare a healthy and tasty pizza pocket without cheese, using spinach and mushrooms.

Mini Chocolate Pizzas for BFB

Happy Puthandu and Vishu wishes to all of you! A couple of months back I saw Giada preparing chocolate pizzas in her Food TV show, Everyday Italian.  It looked so delicious that I...

Eggless Spicy Buns made with Pizza Dough

I don't know whether I can call this dish a bun, but it was inspired by Shilpa's Spicy Stuffed Potato Buns. Maybe we can also name it as Stuffed Pizza, Indian Style. It's very...

Twirly Whirly Pizza

Twirly Whirly Pizza can also be considered a healthy pizza, because it requires only half a cup of cheese and has spinach.

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