Low-Fat Baking Recipes

Fats like butter, oil, margarine play an important role in baking. It not only provides richness to the baked goods, but a good taste and texture too. So it is not recommended to omit the fat in a recipe totally but just a portion of it. Some recipes might turn out well with little or no fat at all. Eggs contain consider amount of fat and that contributes to the recipe’s total fat content too. Because we are baking egg free too, omitting the fat totally is not advisable.

Here I have tried and tested low-fat baking recipes, some are non-fat but doesn’t taste like it’s a healthy treat. The taste and texture won’t be compromised. The trick is to find the correct ratio of fat and the fat substitute that is being used in the recipe. Still can’t believe. Try it for yourself and be ready to be wowed!

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