The Best Eggless Pancakes Ever & Video

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It has been 3 years since I started this blog but I don’t know why I haven’t blogged about something as basic as eggless pancakes until today. My husband and I are not big pancake fans. I do prepare it once in a month or two for my son. Initially I used to buy Bisquick; add some mashed bananas or applesauce for the eggs and add extra baking powder to make egg free pancakes.

Then I tried a couple of right-from-scratch recipes minus the eggs and wasn’t very pleased with the results. At that time I was not able to find a decent pancake recipe without eggs. Later I found a wholegrain pancake mix from Bulk Barn, to which I had to just add water and viola eggless pancakes were ready. Those living in Canada can find this mix in Bulk Barn. The mix is egg free.

Last morning my husband asked me to prepare egg free pancakes for breakfast because we don’t have that in the blog. So making it would serve two purposes. I landed on this homemade pancakes without eggs recipe and after reading the raving reviews I had to try it. The verdict is: “these are the best eggless pancakes you will ever taste”. To tell the truth I haven’t actually tasted a regular pancake with eggs (yes after 8 years in North America, I haven’t tasted it even once) so I cannot compare it with that, but I’m pretty sure that these pancakes are as good as the usual ones.

A couple of reviewers have tried this recipe because they ran out of eggs and they are all praises for it, which means that these pancakes are definitely good. So if you have run out of eggs are do not want to use eggs and are wondering how to make pancakes without eggs, here's the only recipe you have to try.

I also have a vegan pancake recipe, the vegan version of the best eggless pancakes recipe. Do try it!

Eggless Pancake Recipe


Eggless Pancakes Recipe

Prep TimeCook TimeMakes
15 Mins10 Mins6 Small Pancakes
The Best Eggless Pancakes Ever & Video
4.9 from 252 reviews
If you want to make eggless pancakes for some reason or the other, this is the only recipe you should be trying. Don't waste time searching for recipes and going through each one of it.
  • 1 Cup All Purpose Flour
  • 1 Teaspoon Sugar
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon
  • 2 Teaspoons Baking Powder
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Salt
  • 1 Cup Milk (I Used 2%)
  • 1 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil
  • 1 Tablespoon Water
  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • 2 Tablespoons Butter
  1. Whisk together the dry ingredients.
  2. In a liquid measuring mug, measure 1 cup milk. To that add the vegetable oil, water and vanilla extract.
  3. Stir in the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients. Do not over-mix. Lumps are perfectly fine. Set aside for a couple of minutes.
  4. Heat a griddle at medium-high heat. Once the pan is hot add the butter and let it melt.
  5. Add the melted butter to the pancake batter and return the pan to the stove. Mix the butter into the batter.
  6. When the pan is hot enough, pour a ladleful of batter on the pan for each pancake. Cook until bubbles appear on the face of the pancake.
  7. Carefully flip the pancake and cook until its golden brown.
  1. I have said it earlier and I'm going to say it again, these are THE best eggless pancakes. Light, soft and fluffy! You have to have some syrup or something to sweeten it because its not sweet by itself. But I guess that's how pancakes are supposed to be.
My Notes:
  1. The pan should not be over-heated or else the pancakes will blacken. To get that nice golden color I usually have the knob at 4.
  2. I added a couple of blueberries to the batter. You can add about 1/2 a cup of nuts, fruits or chocolate chips for this measurement.

Nutrition Facts
Servings: 6
Per Serving% Daily Value*
Calories 157
Total Fat 7.2g11%
Saturated Fat 3.4g17%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 14mg5%
Sodium 145mg6%
Potassium 217mg6%
Total Carb 19.5g7%
Dietary Fiber 0.7g3%
Sugars 2.7g
Protein 3.5g
Vitamin A 3% - Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 13% - Iron 6%
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  1. WOW! These are amazing! I rarely leave comments, but I just *had* to this time. I bookmarked it and I printed it (I’m old lol) because I do not want to lose this recipe. As an egg allergy mom, wins like this are so important to us! My toddler enjoyed helping me make these this morning. We did the chocolate chip version and didn’t need any additions post griddle. We just ate them like cookies! I will say that I had to use bread flour instead of all purpose, but with the small time frame that these are mixed, I don’t think that the higher protein content in the flour had a chance to form discernible gluten strands. They are still light and fluffy and most of all – delicious!

  2. Delicious pancakes! I’ve been using an egg replacer for my egg allergic son. This is so much better! Thank you! We added blueberries to some and enjoy life mini chocolate chips to the others!

  3. Our daughter surprised us with these for breakfast in bed this morning. Since we have no eggs she searched for an eggless recipe and ended up choosing this one. They are fantastic; although we don’t have dietary restriction I predict they’ll become a regular part of our breakfast repertoire! And they are simple enough for a determined 10-yr-old to prepare unassisted. Great job!

  4. These pancakes were so delicious and fluffy! I couldn’t even tell that there was no egg in it. My extremely picky daughter raved about them. Thank you for this recipe; you saved the day.

    • This is the recipe that has been there right from the beginning, Tee. I’m sorry I’m not aware of which recipe you are talking about.

  5. I have made these pancakes many times and I must say, they are delicious! After finding out about my egg allergy I was devastated..I mean let’s face it, so many things have them in it! This recipe has made me so happy though! I can have pancakes again and they’re even more fluffy than my traditional pancakes I used to make. Thank you so much for sharing, it has brought back some normalcy and happiness into my life again 🙂

  6. Ran out of eggs for our traditional Sunday morning pancake breakfast, so I turned to these. They were just as good and just as filling. Even my fussy husband thought they were delicious!

  7. I made these eggless pancakes this morning and they turned out perfect. They really are delicious and the cinnamon adds a unique taste to them. One thing I did notice is that the batter was a little thick for my liking so I just added an extra tablespoon of water to the batter.

  8. Our eggs in the EU are contaminated so I tried your recipe I did not add sugar did not have vanilla essence but they where delicious I had them with banana strawberries and honey DE LI CI OUS !!! Thank you

  9. I followed your recipe almost to the tee (I used gluten free flour) and it was delicious! I also tried it with almond milk instead of regular and adding a scoop of protein powder, which also tasted great! Then I used this batter to make Chiles Rellenos (I added chili powder, cumin, and a teeny weeny pinch of salt). All of the dishes were simply scrumptious!! Thank you so much!!!

    • You’re very welcome Vivian. Your version of the spicy pancakes sounds absolutely delicious. Thanks for the feedback.

  10. These are delicious! Didnt have eggs but my little ones wanted pancakes for breakfast. My 4yo my sister and my 11 month old nephew loved them!! Myself too. Little advice though make a double batch!! I only got a couple tastes because it didn’t make enough! We’ve decided this recipe is now our Saturday dinners with eggs bacon and fruit!!

  11. Wow! Desperate for some grub, but not having been to the grocery store for far too long I found this recipe and gave it a shot. Expecting a dense, gummy pancake I found them wonderfully light and fluffy, and flavorful too!

    Next time I will add a touch of nutmeg just to up the game a little more.

    Thanks for the great recipe!

  12. Can we use whole wheat flour instead of refined one? Can we increase the quantity of sugar to make them sweet? Do we need to use unsalted butter or salted one will do? Wanna try ur recipe.

    • Yes you can use whole wheat flour but it won’t be as fluffy as the one with all-purpose flour. You can increase the quantity of sugar but I keep mine on the lower side because the kids top it with maple syrup. Using salted butter will make it very salty.

  13. Hey, I have been making pancakes with eggs for a long time. Now that I have tried your recipe, it’s great, have bookmarked it. 🙂

  14. I found this recipe today after looking for a new one that didn’t have an eggy taste to it so my toddlers would eat pancakes; they love pancakes but boxed mix gets expensive over time. This recipe is great! I did tweak it a little bit and used self rising flour instead of ap and it gave it just that right amount of fluff I was lacking before. I also added more cinnamon and vanilla since my kids love cinnamon vanilla pancakes. Next time I will try adding a little more sugar to the mix as it wasn’t that sweet especially since we use sugar free syrup for the kids; all in all, awesome!

  15. Fantastic! I have never left a comment for a recipe before but this recipe deserves 5 stars! I am allergic to eggs and I am always trying to make things that I can eat as well as my two teenage boys that are not allergic to eggs so we can enjoy eating the same thing together. Usually eggless recipes turn out to be a flop and I feel bad for them that I didn’t use eggs. I made these pancakes this morning for breakfast and they raved about them the whole time they were eating. They couldn’t understand why I was able to eat them and I told them because they didn’t have eggs. I added chocolate chips and bananas. They said you will definitely have to make these again! Thank you for the wonderful recipe!!

    • Wow! Thank you very much Melissa. That was so nice of you to leave a detailed feedback. I’m glad that you could enjoy a lovely breakfast with your boys!

  16. My son has food sensitivity to diary (cow’s and goat’s), soy, wheat, oats and eggs. He’s going through a 3 months food elimination. I bought some gluten free flour that is supposed to use 1 for 1 normal flour. He loves pancakes. I have yet to find a recipes that do not require (or can be replaced with) all 3 of the food he’s sensitive to – eggs, diary, and wheat. I tried gluten free, vegan recipes but it didn’t turn out well. Any suggestions?

  17. I usually like to add cottage cheese to my pancakes for protein for my son. How you think this would be with this recipe?

    • Yes I have tried it gluten-free as well. Depending upon the flour we use the quantity of liquid has to be adjusted.

  18. Great! We didn’t have eggs and I needed pancakes. This was great; I added 1/2 cup blueberries and served with maple syrup. Next time I will double the mixture to make more. Thank you.

  19. Thank you so much. I needed to make pancakes and was out of eggs. It turned out great. I tweaked it by adding more sugar and I completely forgot the baking powder. I did leave out adding the butter but added some extra milk powder( it was just for the kiddos) It turned out exactly the way I wanted. It was eaten up in minutes with some honey drizzle on top. Great recipe

  20. I tried your recipe because I ran out of eggs.. 😉 and it was stormy- nobody wanted to go to the store for eggs to make pancakes.- however I do have to say its one of the best recipes out there the taste is delicious.. I did do 1 teaspon baking powder and then the rest of baking soda-Im not a big fan of baking powder… It did come out very well… Thanks for sharing..

  21. I used this recipe today and after making the first pancake I realized that it was missing something.. salt. I added 1/4 teaspoon of salt to the batter and that helped bring out the flavors of the rest of the ingredients. Thanks for the recipe.

  22. Madhuram I made ths recipe to the letter, but without cinammon as I am allergic to it, and all my ingredients were completely fresh, but the taste of the baking powder was overpowering. Perhaps my tastebuds are super sensitive to it, but I have seen this same recipe elsewhere and people do comment in the taste of baking powder coming through. Nevertheless, it is a good recipe and I will try it again but reduce the baking powder by half to start.

    • Hmm..I made this recipe even yesterday and didn’t notice any after taste from the baking powder. The kids loved it as usual. Maybe you are indeed very sensitive. Not sure. Hope you will like it better when you try reducing the baking powder.

    • I make this for my son who is allergist to eggs almost every weekend.

      We too have encountered the baking powder taste twice and have figured out what was causing it for us.

      The trick is that you have to add the wet ingredients while the butter is melting and WAIT. The time that passes allows the baking powder to create the bubbles for the baking recation (i.e., ‘work’). I realized that when I tried to shortcut the process by prepping all ingredients and melt the butter to add along with the other wet ingredients that we have the baking powder taste. One other thing that I have seen by letting the it sit that ~ 2 minutes is that the batter also thickens up. Don’t forget, don’t overmix, make sure all dry ingredients are wet but let it have clumps… then when you add the butter you can whisk it smooth.

    • I did it with 1- teaspoon baking powder and 1 teaspoon baking soda, there was no overpowering of any sort.. The recipe itself is very good.

  23. Thanks to your recipe this year is the first year my 2 boys have had pancakes due to severe egg allergies. They turned out perfect I even doubled the ingredients to make more. Looking forward to trying more recipes…

  24. My 18 month daughter who is allergic to eggs and dairy has just enjoyed her first pancakes thanks to this recipe!! We substituted butter for her dairy free spread and milk for her rice milk and she has wolfed down 2 pancakes already! Thanks for this they’re lovely!!!

  25. My colleague has an egg allergy so I tried these, having never made classic pancakes before (I’m a crepe lover). Worked really well once I got my patience in check (I kept trying to flip them too early and they were pale and horrible, but that’s my fault and not a criticism of the recipe). Still not sure how to get them quite so golden-brown as yours! But they went down a treat and they (eventually) looked good.

    • Thanks for trying the recipe Ash. The pan should be at the right temperature to get perfect golden brown pancakes. If it’s not hot enough you won’t get well cooked pancakes. If it’s too hot it will cook quickly on the outside burning it too much and uncooked on the inside. I guess with some practice you should be able to master it. All the best.

    • This is the best pancake recipe and I stand by it. Do it almost every week. I’m pretty sure that something must have gone wrong while measuring or maybe the baking powder had expired/gone bad.

  26. We like to eat pancakes for supper. Today a day I didn’t have eggs in the house for my normal recipe. I used this recipe for my 5 kids, quadrupled the recipe, and there is nothing left!

    I did leave out the cinnamon and vanilla for our preference. Worked wonderful. We add chocolate chips, blue berries and pecans to individual pancakes as they are cooking.

    Thank You!

    • Thank you very much for trying the recipe and leaving your comment here KT. I fail to understand how very few people don’t get it right and say that they had to throw it in the bin.

  27. Great recipe! I mistakenly added the butter to the batter mix (melted and added to liquid ingredients) so I hoped it would not affect results too badly. These pancakes were delicious! Thanks for helping me when discovering we were out of eggs and/or pancake mix. This recipe saved the day.

  28. Had no eggs at home; kids wanted pancakes…. found this recipe and decided to give it a go! Needless to say this is our new pancake recipe!!! They are awesome!

  29. I did the recipe the same , the panckes are ok, very thick tho , hard to cook the centre .not bad for eggless, thanks for the recipe

    • Did you try adding some more liquid to adjust the batter consistency? This recipe turns out perfect each and every time. The center cooks very well too. Was the pan hot enough to begin with?

    • Hmm..I’m not sure about that because I haven’t tried it myself. Maybe you can make the pancakes ahead and freeze it instead. That should work.

  30. Amazing! Ran out of eggs this morning and made these. Kids loved them! I also added 1 tbsp flax seed meal and 3 tbsp water, let set in fridge 15 min and omitted 1 tbsp water recipe called for. Super fluffy!

  31. This recipe needs salt! Look at any “normal” pancake recipe with good ratings and it will have salt. Pancakes should have a slight saltiness to them. It contrasts nicely with the sweetness of the syrup. About 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of table salt or 1/2 tsp of coarse sea salt should do it… (most recipes out there have 1 tsp salt for every 1 1/2 cups of flour).

  32. Thank you sooooo much!! My 4 year old has always had an egg allergy.. I will never buy pancake mix again! Mine turn out so thick and fluffy! My kids beg me for them!

  33. Can you freeze the batter? My baby has an egg allergy and she’s only 11 months, so she won’t eat more than 1 or 2 small pancakes.

  34. I wanna try this pancake recipe, but I can’t get my hands on umsalted butter. Will it work with regular salted one? Or can I use ghee as a substitute?

    • You can try it with salted butter if you don’t mind mildly salty pancakes. I think it won’t be noticeable and it should be fine.

  35. Oh baby!!! This pancake recipe is simply THE BEST. I find myself licking the bowl clean, and leftover pancakes are good, even cold. That’s when you KNOW you’ve struck gold!

  36. This is a fabulous recipe! I put organic strawberry preserves on top, (thin layer) and then added a huge dollop of creme fraiche and organic maple syrup. Topped off w/a Pecan and a dash of cinnamon. Thought I would die! This is a keeper!

  37. So I’ve been making these for a while, they are awesome. Today I decided to add some flair for the holiday, it turned out great:

    ADD 1 tablespoon pumpkin purée
    ADD a heavy sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice
    ADD pinch of salt
    Sub coconut oil for the butter or half butter half

    Whisk the wet ingredients including sugar until foamy, then same as normal mix and cook!

  38. I just made these for my children cause i ran out of eggs,they were amazing super light and fluffy,kids loved them,they loved the taste of cinnamon, this is a great recipe i will continue to make it, definitely a keeper.

  39. I just found this recipe. Thank you so much. I did make some substitutions because of our diet. I used Bob Mills Gluten Free All Purpose Flour, honey in place of the sugar, and olive oil. I also stirred in mashed bananas after the melted butter. The bananas made it sweet enough for my 1 year old so no syrup was needed. Thanks again

  40. Wow these are so easy but they taste amazing. Really crispy!! Best pancakes and I’ be tried many recipes . Happy I ran out of eggs and have someone ask for pancakes or I might never have tried these. Thanks for posting

  41. My 1 year old was recently diagnosed with a few food allergies (egg, soy, and nuts to name a few). I have been struggling to find a recipe that is free of all that, that the other kids would eat and love. Than I stumbled across this recipe. My picky eating kids and the baby loved it (my husband and I couldn’t believe how good they were). I did make a couple changes (because of the soy allergy) I used canola oil instead of vegetable and used smart balance butter (non dairy). Thumbs up to you and this will be my forever recipe.

  42. I had no eggs .. This was really good. Only thing I changed was I used 2 tsp of sugar. Put some mashed fresh raspberries in them. They were super yummy!! I will make them again and again. Thanks for the recipe!

    • I’m thinking maybe the pan was not hot enough to begin with or the batter might be too thick and you might have to add another tablespoon or two of water.

  43. The Recipe was amazing!It turned out fluffy and sweet.Finally found a perfect pancake recipe without egg!Delicious thank you so much for the recipe it’s the best one so far!Love it

  44. Awesome!!! Really delicious…just added some more light brown sugar for taste preference. So happy even I ran out of eggs I could still prepare pancakes! Whoo!!

  45. Amazing! I searched for an eggless pancake recipe because I was out of eggs, and didn’t want to go to the store to pick up ingredients to satisfy my pancake craving. This made the best pancakes, and will now be my go to recipe. I added some fresh blueberries, and I would definitely suggest this because they made the pancakes even better. Next time I will add more sugar just to suit my personal tastes, but thanks for an awesome recipe!

  46. No idea what happened with these! The batter was very thin, but I went with it. Even with a little added sugar, they tasted bland. The outsides burned quickly, and the inside was a little undercooked. I played around with the heat settings, but nothing worked. Help!

    • There is no way that this recipe will go wrong Anna. I make it every weekend. It works with whole wheat flour too. The batter won’t be thin. I’m wondering if you added more liquid than mentioned in the recipe.

  47. The pancakes turned out pretty well though i thought the batter was too thick and added around a tbsp more water after making a couple of pancakes. I topped them with chocolate syrup and my younger sisters loved them.

  48. Thanku for this yummy recipe. My mum and I are vegetarians and we’ve tried eggless pancakes before but this one was perfect! definitely going to make this every time!

  49. I added 2 mashed bananas and a little less milk and they were awesome. my family can have eggs but I just didn’t have any in the fridge. haha
    your recipe is great and will definitely make them again!!

  50. This recipe is very much appreciated. There are times when we are out of eggs and we still need breakfast. I occasionally substitute half of the flour for coconut flour. Fabulous recipe.

  51. My granddaughter who is allergic to eggs loved this recipe!! I tried it also, and it is delish! The hint of cinnamon along with the vanilla is great! Will definitely keep this recipe!

  52. Have tried this recipe several times and both hubby and kiddo love it. Love your recipes. Have tried adding banana, blueberries, chocolate chips to it. Always comes out great.

  53. Hello Madhuram! Thank you so much for this recipe! I had ran out of eggs and searched for recipes online & I’m so glad I found yours!! Definitely sharing it with everyone I know <3

  54. I am using Einkorn flour and it turned out doughy? Could it be that my baking powder is too old ? It expires this month?

  55. Used vegan butter and soya milk instead and made this for my partner who is a vegan. He tried a bit and liked it, I had some and I loved it. Very good recipe ! Cheers

  56. I loved this recipe and actually prefer it over recipes with eggs. I added blueberries and/or chocolate chips and the kids love them as well. I am wondering if anyone has tried to substitute almond milk for the milk?

  57. This was the best recipe I’ve tried so far in terms of fluffines, texture and taste. The cinnamon was a bit overpowering but I’ll just leave it out next time. I used buttermilk and a couple tablespoons more of water so it wasn’t thick. It was great!

  58. I use Ener G Egg Replacer. No dairy, no egg product Vegan. I have used in most of t=my baking
    muffins, cookies, Vegan Meat loafs and most everything that calls for egg. I found the Product and
    Fred Meyers.

  59. This recipe is spot on! My grandson was just diagnosed with an egg allergy, so we’re looking for substitute items we can send send with him to day care. I’m ready to try a cake recipe for his 1st birthday cake

  60. These were quite good. I ran out of eggs and this recipe provided nice fluffy pancakes. Definitely ones to eat with syrup or another topping. Not sure how I felt about the cinnamon and vanilla extract, so might try it without those next time, but will definitely be making these again!

  61. Followed to the T, came out with great fluffy texture but taste was waaaaay off. Idk how people who normally use eggs give this recipe praise, but next time i will go out of my way to get some eggs! Im sorry, but to my taste this was just NOT American style pancakes at all.

    • I’m suspecting that the baking powder might have gone bad or something. We make these pancakes almost every weekend and my kids love it.

  62. These were great & fluffy. Can be easily made vegan with almond milk etc. I added a little cocoa powder for enhanced taste! Thank you

  63. So many great reviews here, imo they are overselling these. I have made eggless pancakes with a different recipe that were much better. Wasted calories on cheat day. 🙁

    • I don’t think Sharona. I have been making these for years now and it turns out light and fluffy each and every time.

  64. Just made theses with Pamela’s gluten free pancake mix and just reduced the baking powder to 1/2 tsp and used applesauce in lieu of the vegetable oil, and they were great!

  65. I made these for my daughter who has several food allergies, including egg. These were fantastic and the best egg-free pancakes I’ve tried from the many recipes posted online elsewhere. Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes, they’re a gift to our family!

  66. Loved them. We put a little maple syrup in as well. We usually have eggs but we ran out so we tried this recipe and now we don’t use eggs! We topped with stewed apple. And maple syrup. Oh so good.

  67. Love the fluffy texture I’ve never tasted pancakes like this before! I added a little more brown sugar with nutmeg and cinnamon Makes a nice treat.

  68. This is the best eggless pancake recipe! I ran out of all purpose flour so added about 1/3 cup wheat flour, used 1 cup of almond milk, and the texture was perfect!! Thanks for sharing this recipe

  69. Fantastic receipe! Ran out of eggs and kids wanted pancakes. Don’t think I’ll bother using eggs again. Thank you so very much.

  70. Blessing to you for all your recipes! As a person with a soy AND egg allergy, I had pretty much given up baked goods and so many recipes like these. I have also made your oatmeal cookies (with chocolate chips). So good. And they passed the family test…they disappeared fast!

  71. Nom nom, simple fast and fluffy. Definitely a good sunday morning brunch (especially if the cupboard is looking a little bare 🙂 )

  72. I was about to give up on eggless pancakes! I an also dairy free and gluten free. I’ve tried several other recipes and they left a lot to be desired. I substituted gf flour, almond milk, and earth balance non-dairy butter and these turned out soo good! I also like to put blueberries or bananas in my pancakes. I highly recommend these pancakes!

  73. I didn’t believe they were going to be the “best” egg-less pancakes. I would have settled for good. But I was wrong and boy am I glad I was. These are better than any other pancakes I’ve had before. Thank you 🙂

  74. These are the absolute best. My children have an egg allergy and it’s been a struggle finding tasty recipes. Easy and delicious.

  75. My quest for eggless pancake ends here. It is indeed the Best eggless pancake. Thanks Madhuram for the yummy recipe. My husband and 5yr old gave a double thumbs up! This recipe is a keeper. Thanks again, keep up the good work!

  76. This recipe is so easy! I am out of eggs and wanted pancakes so I looked up eggless pancakes recipes. I made this with self rising flour since it is all I have on hand. I am also out of milk so I used done canned evaporated milk and added a little more water. The batter was sort of thick and made thick and fluffy pancakes. I was wonderful. No need for eggs anymore!

  77. We found this recipe because we were out of eggs. Turns out we were out of veg. oil too and all purpose flour. So we did bread flour, 4 tblsp butter, added an extra tsp of baking soda, and they were delicious! I don’t think we’ll ever use eggs again. Thanks for this great no fail recipe!

  78. OMG!!!! This recipe was totally awesome. Previously I had always used eggs in my pancake mix, but I didn’t have any so I looked online and found your site. Thank you!!! My husband loved these pancakes so much, I’ll never use eggs again!!!! I’ll be trying more of your recipes for other foods. Thanks again!

  79. We just found out that my son has an allergy to eggs although he’s had them several times and I found this recipe, these are Awesome!! So tasty!

  80. Wow this recipie is great! Even works with rice milk, I used vanilla bean paste instead of extract and 1 mashed banana. Delicious dairy and egg free recipie! Thanks

  81. Amazing! Made these for my family
    Great recipe its easy to make and absolutely
    DELICIOUS! I just added a little chopped walnuts extra
    Cinnamon& vanilla extract!

  82. This recipe is way better than any pancake recipe out there. I follwed the instructions then added a little nutmeg. My mom asked me to make again soon. I will definitely recommend to friends.

  83. Perfect! I adapted by adding an extra tablespoon of sugar, an extra 1/4 cup self raising flour and two tablespoons of maple syrup and made mini pikelets! Soooo yum.

  84. I found this recipe yesterday and I’m now making them again this morning!! Wow!! They are amazing! I added blueberries to mine and they were delicious! I will never use another pancake recipe again! Thankyou!!

  85. Very very good recipe i used a little more sugar and vanilla extract the inlaws ( who are hindus so strictly vegetarian ) were very impressed indeed must recommend 🙂

  86. Hi Madhuram,

    I really liked your recipe and would be trying today. Could you please confirm what you mean by 2% in the ingredients mentioned above –
    ” 1 Cup Milk ( 1 used 2% ) ” ?


  87. I made these pancakes yesterday (on what conveniently turned out to be Pancake Day). It was the first time I have made pancakes and they were very simple to make (coming from a novice cook/baker!) and tasty to eat.

    You described everything perfectly and things happened as you said they would (e.g. the pancakes bubbling to tell me when they needed to be flipped). Thank you for the step-by-step instructions, helpful video and conversion from cups to grams. The only variation I made was to melt the butter in the microwave instead (I wasn’t sure if I needed to grease the pan?).

    I have not eaten pancakes for a long time due to the lack of eggless versions so thank you. Now I can make them myself whenever I want!

    This is the second recipe that I have tried from your site and once again, I would only recommend it.

  88. Made this but added date and walnuts and yet were amazing!!! Definitely will do more often, I loved them. Thank you so much! 🙂

  89. Made them with almond milk and left out the butter (just used the 1 tbsp of veg oil). After mixed it was too watery, so I just added enough extra flour to reach a pancake batter texture. I also added a dash of salt. They turned out really well!

  90. These are AWESOME!!! I added more butter than necessary, and added coconut milk, frozen blueberries and hid my protein powder in there as well and everything worked so wonderfully. Glad to know I finally have an eggless pancake recipe!!! The batter is great for making either fluffy or thin pancakes. I experimented. Thank you for sharing!!! I wonder how well this will do in a waffle iron lol.

  91. I made these because my son is allergic to eggs. I find them really dense, and not very fluffy at all. I did double the recipe so maybe that’s why it’s different for me. Also the pancake didn’t bubble when it was time to flip so I just flipped it when it looked cooked.

    • Doubling the recipe should not be a problem as long as you are doubling all the ingredients. This is a no-fail recipe. I think that’s evident from the reviews. I’m wondering if the baking powder you used is stale.

  92. Wanted pancakes but had no eggs – this was the solution! If I hadn’t made them myself I wouldn’t have known they were eggless ☆

  93. […] breakfast for my husband as usual. I have made this eggless pancakes following the recipe from this site but slightly change it by adding a teaspoon of […]

  94. A great recipe! Easy, fast and yummy. Definitely a new go-to recipe from now on, even if I do have eggs on hand. I doubled the recipe and used a 1/3 measuring cup to spoon the batter, got about 15 pancakes. I also added the melted butter right away, rather than melting it on the griddle and pouring the leftovers into the batter. Turned out fantastic!

  95. […] since I started making eggless pancakes and eggless waffles, these have become staple breakfast items every weekend. The colorful rainbow […]

  96. Wanted pancakes, realized I didn’t have eggs, so found this recipe. This recipe was very good. The pancakes came out light and fluffy. I used buttermilk, increased sugar to a TBSP, and added a dash of salt. I’m thinking I don’t need to use eggs anymore. I don’t feel like I have rocks in my gut after eating these as traditional pancakes often do.

  97. Tried this recipe and followed the directions EXACTLY. It come out WONDERFUL!!! I topped with chocolate chips and whipped cream. Delicious! I’ll definitely make these again! THANKS!

  98. Thanks a lot!
    Thats been amazing. I tryed with my kids. I add the nuts, and was a greatfull taste.
    Sorry for my English, regards from Spain

  99. HI Madhuan, great recipe although please can you clarify how much flour and milk are needed in grams as I am very confused!

    On the conversion website there are various references to the equivalents to 1 cup – all purpose flour is 110g and then under baking measurements it says 1 cup is 16 tablespoons or 8 ounces whereas later it says that 8 ounces is equal to 225 grams!

    Would be great if you could specify the gram equivalent for this particular recipe?

  100. I doubled the recipe. I think more flour is needed when you do this… I don’t know why… I added about 3/4 cups more when I double the recipe for a total of 2 3/4vups of flour.

    • Yes Mindy, add both. But I make these vegan these days and add totally 2 tablespoons of oil and still turns out great.

  101. This recipe is amazing, i used soy milk instead of the normal and oil instead of the butter.They turned out fluffy and amazing with maple syrup.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  102. Hi there, I was wondering whether in your recipes I could substitute the all purpose flour for gluten free flour mixes? I am trying to stay away from gluten and also have to avoid eggs for health reasons and so many of these recipes are for things I love to make so would be great to still make them. Thanks.

    • Gluten-free and egg free baking is not that easy Sinead Lawson. It’s a lot of trial and error only. You cannot simply substitute gluten free flour for the all-purpose flour or whole wheat flour in a recipe. You would need xanathan gum too, to give the rise.

  103. I am going to try this recipe but I was told to add flaxseed gel to make it fluffier by someone . Can you tell me how would that make a difference and yes my son loves cottage cheese. I have some pressed cottage cheese leftovers . Can you guide how can I add that in them.

  104. I made these for the first time today after recently finding this website. My husband is allergic to eggs and I always used to mix up two separate batches of pancakes – one for him, and one for the rest of the family with eggs because I never really liked the eggless ones enough to make them for everyone. But these did come out really good after I had to make an adjustment. I don’t see any other posts mentioning it being too wet. Did I do something wrong? The mix was so watery I couldn’t use it! So I added more flour and a little more baking powder and it was fine.

  105. Easy to follow receipt, my son has egg, dairy allergies, so making these was a piece of cake. The only thing I didn’t like to much was the 2 teaspoon of baking soda, for some reason it gives a funny taste to the pancakes. Overall its pretty good, will keep in hand when Bisquick is not around like today. My kids are what??? you are making pancakes from scratch!!!!! No way, guess what they ate them all.

  106. Truly heavenly. These are the best pancakes we have had. Before this i had been using an eggless pancake mix which was never very satisfying but this recipe is the one to which i can come again and again. Thanks for sharing it here.

  107. I was watching Gilmore Girls and suddenly had this uncontrollable urge to eat some pancakes. I didn’t have any eggs, so I wound up here. They were wonderful! Sooo fluffy and crispy and golden. I added some frozen blueberries and chopped toasted pecans and drizzled them with honey… Best pancakes I’ve ever had!

  108. I’ll admit, I had my doubts – I didn’t think this would work. We tried this recipe because we’d already started a pan of bacon and had our appetites set on pancakes when we realized we’d forgotten to pick up eggs. Not only was I wrong, I have to admit these are fluffier than many of the recipes we’ve tried that use eggs. In fact, I think this is probably now our go-to recipe for making up a stack of impressive pancakes when we have company over for breakfast! Thanks very much for sharing.

  109. It was the best fluffy and crispy pancakes I’ve ever had. who needs eggs anyway. So simply and heavenly! Thank you to whoever came up with this recipe and thanks for posting in this site.

  110. Madhuramben!
    I have to tell you that I have been making these pancakes for a few months. My egg and dairy allergic son has been loving them! I was preparing them initially with my homemade nut milk in place of the milk, but forgot to make the milk last night. So this morning when he asked for pancakes, I tried to make them with just water. Oh, my! You must try this. I think they are better with just water. They are twice as fluffy and moist! Awesome recipe that I will share on my website for sure!

  111. As described they really are the best pancakes I have tasted! So fluffy and delicious flavour.
    Just made a batch, easy follow recipe and the taste is perfect.

  112. Thank you for this recipe. We got snowed in and I ran out of eggs. My hubby doesn’t really like pancakes and prefers eggs for breakfast. Made these for him and guess what? He liked it!! Thanks again!

  113. I made these today and it turned out really good. Added little more sugar to the batter and had it with strawberry syrup..YUMMMYY!!! Thanks for all your recipes..

  114. The pancakes are awesome. I have a 5 year old who has had an egg allergy since he was 2 and these are a lot better than the box pancakes. His egg allergy is now gone but we only eat these.

  115. Hi,
    I made these pancakes today for brunch n I have only one word for them. Outstanding!!! I did not expect them to be so fluffy n soft. I had to add an extra teaspoon of water as the batter was not exactly pouring consistency. My dd loved it…thanks.

  116. I tried to make these, but they didn’t turn out very well. The batter was think and cement-like. The batter wouldn’t pour smoothly onto the pan. When I tried adding more milk, it only got very thin and the pancakes wouldn’t cook in the middle. Any idea why this might have happened? I’d love to give these another try-any tips for the future? Thanks!

    • Hmm..I can’t guess anything because so many of them have got it right and I make it almost every weekend. Did you use a whisk to mix the batter? That would help in avoiding lumps and getting an even consistency of the batter. Please check the measurements of the dry and wet ingredients once again. Maybe something went wrong there.

  117. Wow! These were awesome!!! I substituted the milk with almond milk because that’s all I had, and they were great! Thanks for this awesome recipe!

  118. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!!!! My little girl (15 months old) is allergic to eggs and now we will be able to have pancakes as a family 🙂 They are delicious!!!

  119. Just made these for my family and daughters sleepover friends. I used half organic all purpose and half organic whole wheat flour…. then added chocolate chips and macadamia nuts! I’m now the hero of the day! Thanks!

  120. I have had a severe egg allergy my entire life. I can’t even touch an egg! Therefore, I have never eaten a pancake before. I found this recipe and decided to try it. WOW! Who knew pancakes were sooo good?! My first pancake in 34 years. Thank you! BTW, my husband says they are the best he has ever eaten as well:)

    • Wow! that’s great Tabitha. First pancake in 3 years! I’m so happy for you that you got to taste pancakes finally.

  121. I’m excited to try this. My son has an egg and milk allergy. I would like to substitute the milk for almond milk. Do you think I will need to make any other adjustments? Thanks!

  122. I just made these and they were DIVINE! I made a few substitutions for my circumstance and preference. I used cake flour because that’s all I had on hand, I used bacon grease instead of the butter because I was making bacon and it jist felt right. Also instead of the milk I used 1/2 cupsour cream and half cup warm water. It made fluffy, chewy flavorful mini pancakes that my kids and their sleepover crew just adored! Thanks for the recipe!

  123. My daughter has an egg allergy and out of dozens of pancake recipes this one is the best by far! My son doesn’t like pancakes without eggs and he had a second helping! So thankful for this recipe!! Thank you!!!

  124. I wanted to make pancakes but realized that I was fresh out of eggs, so when I found this recipe I was relieved! And even more so, they were super easy to make and cooked perfectly! To top it off, my boyfriend and I liked them much better than my usual ones with egg! They were cinnamony and delicious! Thanks so much for the recipe! I think I just might adopt this and make my pancakes this way everytime!

    • Thank you very much Marina. That’s especially wonderful to hear from a person who normally uses eggs. Thanks for taking the time to give your feedback.

  125. […] no eggs.  This poor guy is allergic to them.  I scoured the web and was inspired by  Madhuram’s Eggless Cooking.  I did my take on it with Madhava Organic Coconut Sugar purchased from Whole Foods, whole […]

  126. Wow- delish! I added two tbsp vinegar to the milk (buttermilk effect) and used coconut oil cuz I didn’t have vegetable. The kids were begging for seconds so I will have to make more next time. Thanks so much!!

  127. Hi, thank you so much for recipe.
    I always wanted to eat pancakes but could never try bcoz it has eggs. .
    And the quest ended with your wonderful recipe.
    It turned out really great.

    I have one question, can I make these with wheat flour instead of all purpose flour..
    I understand there will b taste difference but will texture be the same.

    Thank you.

  128. My boyfriend and I have been loving this recipe! For 9 months, it seems to work fine and produced the best tasting pancakes I’ve ever eaten. However, recently, every batch that we’ve made comes out uncooked on the inside. I don’t know how this could happen all of a sudden when it was working perfectly fine before. We added 2 Tbsp of water instead of 1, because the batter was thick and we like our pancakes thin. The pancakes still turned out great back then. Now, even when we’re following the recipe exactly, the outside seems cooked, but the inside are always uncooked. We’ve also tried lowering the heat on the griddle to medium to give it more time to cook, but still no change. It would be great if you could help us figure out what we’re doing wrong. Thanks.

    • That’s weird! I think the griddle is not hot enough to start with. Being from India, we do a lot of savory pancakes (dosas if you know) at home and if the griddle is not hot enough it does not cook well. So try heating the griddle at a higher temperature initially (for 3-4 min) maybe and then bring it back to medium while preparing the pancakes. I heat the empty griddle at 5 first and when I start making the pancakes bring it down to 4, that way the insides are cooked and the outsides don’t get burnt too. Hope this helps.

      • We asked our friend (who loves baking) to make the pancakes for us following your ingredients list and he got it to cook properly again. He lowered the temperature to 300’F and flipped it earlier (onset of bubbling). The pancakes turned out perfectly cooked and delicious.

  129. Wow! These were delicious and so easy to make. I used all organic ingredients, plus whole-wheat flour and a smashed banana. Served with pure Canadian maple syrup. AND – I’ve never successfully made pancakes of any kind before! It’s been 2 years since I’ve had American-style pancakes and these really fed the craving I had. Thanks for this recipe, I’ll definitely be returning to your site for more.

  130. Wonderful pancakes nut next time maybe less Cinnamon because it can overwhelm the maple syrup. But this will be my goto pancake recipe from now on…

  131. These are the absolute best pancakes ive ever tasted. I added some banana strips once i poured the batter into the pan and some honey on top to serve, mmm mmm!

  132. why my pancake never be spongy?? I did exactly like u asked to do, but still the texture is not satisfied,, can u give me any suggestion??

  133. My boyfriend and I ran across this recipe last week when we were searching for an eggless pancake recipe. We found one with bananas as the main ingredient, but it didnt really do it for us. We then found yours and have loved the results. We did make some changes to the recipe by supplementing almond milk with the milk, Promise butter for the butter and I was wondering if whole wheat flour could be used instead of all-purpose flour. Im a novice cook for anything and I dont really know the real differences between these things.

    Thank you so much for this recipe~

    • You’re welcome Brittney. Yes you can use whole wheat flour but if you are not used to the nutty flavor and taste of wheat flour I would recommend starting with 50% of each and then you can slowly increase it.

  134. We ran out of eggs, and my little boy wanted pancakes for breakfast… I ran into this recipe and it is really good. They are soft, fluffy, great taste. I only made one change: add some mashed bananas since it’s one of our family favourites and a very healthy food, we use them a lot!!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  135. These pancakes were AWESOME! I found this recipe when I googled for eggless pancakes since I realized I was out of eggs and needed to make pancakes this morning. I honestly think this will be my next go to recipe for pancakes whether I have eggs in the refrigerator or not. Thanks for the excellent recipe and making my morning better!

  136. Hey, thanks for the recipe. I tried it yesterday but made the following changes:added more sugar, cocoa powder and chocochips. Since the butter I used was salted, batter was salty. Chocochips melted even before I started making pancakes. But the taste was very good. I couldn’t eat more than one, probably not used to so much maida first thing in the morning.

  137. Thank u for the recipe, I don’t eat eggs so this was right on time! I didnt have syrup so I added a little more sugar and topped w/ cream cheese…super yummy and fluffy!

  138. I was very impressed with their stiffness and “bindability” without eggs.
    Yet personally (as I am egg tolerant) these are not a patch on egg based pancakes
    – sorry.

    DO NOT TRY substituting the cow milk with SOY MILK. They taste awful

  139. I didn’t have eggs this morning, but I didn’t even miss it in this recipe. It taste just as good. If anyone is instrested in making these Vegan, I used 2 tablespoons of coconut oil instead of the butter and it was perfect. I also added some quinoa for protein.

  140. Awesome recipe!!! Thank you, Madhuram. I just tried this recipe. It made 4 thick fluffy pancakes. My 9 year old gave up eggs a couple of years ago and along with it went his favorite breakfast item. I found your recipe today. Tried it right away – my son is thrilled. He loves the texture, the flavors and the color. They are indeed the best pancakes ever:)))

    My husband who was working upstairs walked down with a huge smile on his face saying the house smelled delicious.

    This was my first time making pancakes from scratch. Feel good experience all because of you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Love your blog too. I intend trying out more from here and spreading the word.

    • You’re most welcome Sangita. Thank you for showering me with your wonderful compliments. All credit goes to the original recipe developer.

  141. I am quite the regular to your site since my little girls were diagnosed with egg and gluten intolerance. It is by and far, the best around! Everything you post has been wonderful. Your notes are one of THE best things on the site. I tell everyone I can about you and keep your site on my favorites bar. I modified this recipe to make it gluten free and it was wonderful as well. In place of the flour I used:

    1/2 cup millet flour
    1/4 cup oat flour
    2 tablespoons brown rice flour
    2 tablespoons tapioca flour (starch)
    1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum
    1 1/2 tablespoons ground flax seed

    I also added the zest of one lemon, just because I love it. I also modified your vanilla cupcake recipe to the rapture of everyone who tasted them. Thank you thank you thank you!

    • Thank you very much for your kind words of appreciation, Del. It means a lot to me. I have a question for you since you bake gluten-free too. What happens if we omit xanathan gum while baking gluten-free?

      • You are quite welcome Madhuram. As you may already know, xanthan gum does leave a distinct and undesirable aftertaste if too much is used. I have been trying to move away from additives, however I find that if I omit the xanthan gum that things tend to fall apart. However, if it is a small quantity or if there is something else to help bind it then it may be omitted. I can successfully omit it in brownies. Your recipe using flax in the mix was wonderful and my girls also like it when I use avocado to bind in-lieu of the egg. When I make your vanilla cupcakes I cannot omit the xanthan gum unless I make them very small, which can work as my girls love cake pops. I am also experimenting with using more oat flour, which seems to bind quite well. As soon as I can get some organic beets I shall be attempting your oat flour and beet brownies!

  142. My mom wanted me to make pancakes but we had no eggs so I came upon this recipe and its the best pancakes I ever made!

    Thank You

  143. I haven’t done any grocery shopping so I was out of a lot of things and trying to make breakfast for a picky boyfriend. I added chocolate chips to the batter and I thought they were okay tasting and fluffy. All my boyfriend said was, “these are good, you should make them again” for the first time ever.

      • Dear Madhuram
        Thank you for publishing your lovely pancake recipe.
        I have vegetarian guests this weekend and was about to make pancakes when I realised my recipe had eggs in it. I was so glad to have found your recipe as it was easy to make and lovely and fluffy and tastes greatwas even asked for the recipe.which I printed and gave to them. Thanks so much.
        I will visit your blog again I think!

  144. I decided to do a breakfast dish for dinner and I tried this recipe. Let me begin by saying I have very picky eaters…they devoured each bite! The only thing I did differently was I doubled the vanilla extract. Awesome recipe!

  145. Thank you for this site. I am now able to make my son everything he wishes he could eat but could not because of this egg allergy. So far we have enjoyed all the recipes that we have tried.

  146. Just made these for me and my son and I LOVE THEM!! I actually like them more than with eggs…
    I’m pregnant and for some reason eggs make me want to gag. SO THANK YOUUUU!!

  147. Seriously some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had!! Thank you so much for sharing this! I made mine with some choc chips and it was blissss!

  148. Just tried this with small portion (1/4 of this recipe) and it came out nice! I always find recipes for pancakes are too big portion for myself (and i can’t cut 1 egg into 1/4 egg) that’s why I was searching for an eggless recipe. I was too lazy to melt the butter first, so I just put in my room-temperature butter, and my pancakes seem still pretty nice. Mine came out a bit crispy on the outside and I love it! Next time I might add more sugar in the batter because I like to use very little bit of syrup (to keep it crispy!), hopefully it will still turn out nice.

  149. These pancakes were A-Mazing!!!!! I added a bit more cinnamon and topped with strawberries for added sweetness. Soooooo good! Thank you for this eggless recipe!

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  151. […] childhood traumas, I googled eggless pancakes to see if that was possible and it was!  I tried this recipe and thought I would share how they turned […]

  152. Tried making these as I had no eggs in the house but had a real craving for pancakes, they’re excellent, look great and taste delicious. Thank you!

  153. I have an allergy to milk so I used water instead, also, I didn’t have vanilla. They would have been better with the vanilla and a touch of salt. Can’t wait to make them again! I also omitted the butter and used coconut oil for the vegetable oil.

  154. Thank you so much for this recipe, I’m definitely sharing with my friends. I managed to blacken only one of my pancakes, but that’s because I’m a terrible and inattentive cook, nothing else! They’re delicious!

  155. These are amazing! My toddler has an egg allergy and this was my first attempt at egg free pancakes. We all loved them-even without syrup! Thanks a bunch!

  156. So, I want to make funfetti pancakes but we have no eggs and I really dont want to run to the store. If I use this recipe and just add the extras from the other recipe, would it work?

    • Hi Ashley, I had to Google to find out what funfetti pancakes were and wow it’s a cool idea. This recipe should definitely work. I’m going to try it too.

  157. Thanks for sharing I only had one egg and wanted to double my usual recipe; came across this recipe. Doubled the recipe and used 1/4 tsp of cinnamon; yummy. Perfect with my favourite fruit spread, peanut butter and cheese.

  158. […] around online (Swagbuckin’ of course!). I made homemade blueberry pancakes (I always use this recipe) for breakfast. My hair is unwashed – which I hate, but it would be stupid to wash it […]

  159. Thank you so much for this website! I have been struggling since I developed an egg allergy after getting the flu shot and have been pretty lost. I love pancakes and am about to try this now. Thanks!!!

  160. I just finished making and then eating these pancakes….And they were better then one I make with eggs! Thank You for sharing this awesome recipe 🙂

  161. Can’t tell you how grateful I am for sharing this recipe; I did try it and the pancakes came out great! even without eggs!

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  162. […] Pancakes are a favorite in this household. So since it’s Pancake/Shrove/Fat Tuesday, Iknew I had to make some for the little one and hubby. But wait!There was just one problem. Iremembered that hubby had used the lasteggyesterday. What now??? No need to panic, I thought, I can just check online to find an eggless pancake recipe and then I came across “The BEST Eggless Pancakes Recipe” ( […]

  163. I have an egg allergy and always wanted to try pancakes. Made this in 15 mins. Great! The cinnamon adds to it immensely and I used 2 tsps of sugar. Top stuff..

  164. I have an egg allergy and always wanted to try pancakes. Made this in 15 mins. Great! The cinnamon adds to it immensely and I used 2 tsps of sugar. Top stuff.

  165. Thanks a lot. I can’t eat egg, but I’m a pancake-fun, so I have been searching for a recipe like this for ages! I’m going to try this on tomorrow morning.

  166. This is agreat recipe. My son is allergic to dairy and eggs so the first time I made this I followed the recipe just with soy milk and I added a little applesauce. They were fantastic! I’ve tried them a few different ways now. I’ve added a variety of beries and find that mashing a few makes it to take more bery flavor on. Also using different milks ie: vanilla, coconut, chcolate works well. My favourite tweaks are adding a little apple pie filling and when avialable using soy egg nog and using coconut milk with a topping of candied nuts, syrup and shredded coconut. Raspberries with coconut milk is a very good combination in this pancake recipe. It is important to let the batter set a few minutes before cooking. If not it might be be slightly runny.

  167. Just made these pancakes. Fluffy and delicious.

    I used multigrain flour (a combination of whole wheat, spelt and kamut) and skipped the sugar. I added some mandarin peel and frozen sliced cranberries.

    Great pancakes!

  168. These Pancake were Excellent! My brother who is allergic to egg has made pancakes before but has found most of them tasted too much of sodium bicarbonate this one he enjoyed so much he ate nearly all of them! The vanilla is a nice touch to the pancakes Thank You so much! 😀 x

  169. I LOVE the recipe,they turned out l-o-v-e-l-y, fabulous and great. I am looking forward to making another one of your
    egg-less recipes.

    Do you have any recipes for bread?

  170. Woke up wanting pancakes but like most my family had used all the eggs. This recipe was pretty good, I used self raising instead so didnt need to add the baking powder. Some turned out better than the others. But was pleased with the results nevertheless 🙂 ate some with Nutella and the rest with golden syrup and icing sugar! Thanks for this recipe! Defo being saved as a bookmark (y)

  171. For the Pancake I have added 1/2 cup of buttermilk & 1/2 cup of milk instead of 1cup of milk. The result was even fluffier pancakes.

  172. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe! I was convinced that eggless pancakes are not possible since I have spent some time in the past trying to make them and failed every time. Today though, I was ready to make normal pancakes then I realised I ran out of eggs so I had to try and make eggless pancakes again (I was craving pancakes :)) Your recipes IS AMAZING!!! It just works! I mean, I didn’t do anything special, just followed your instructions and here I am now enjoying delicious healthy pancakes 🙂 Thank you again!

  173. These were FANTASTIC! My husband loved them! He didn’t even realize they were eggless! The only thing he noticed was how light and fluffy they were!

  174. I was just wondering if one can cut the cinnamon out? I made them once and they are great, but I’ve never been one for cinnamon in pancakes, and I was wondering if it was there for a reason other than flavor?

  175. Good recipe!
    I didn’t realize I didn’t have eggs this morning when I started making my regular pancake recipe so then I searched online for a recipe without eggs and found this one. Although I will most likely continue to use eggs when I have them, it is nice to know there is an alternative as well. The only downfall to this recipe is that there is a lot of butter and oil whereas the usual recipe I use uses less than half the amount this one does.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  176. Hello,

    Just got home from getting groceries – and realized I had forgotten to get eggs for the pancakes my son had been requesting for two weeks.

    Got your recipe – and they are super!!!

    Thanks for saving the morning!

  177. That’s nice i didn’t have butter so I subsituted it with sunflower oil and I added 1 table spoon of castard(fine corn starch) it is great I love it ….

  178. Thank you for this! I had promised my kids banana pancakes this morning & discovered we had no eggs when I went to make them…came up with this site on a quick google & decided to give it a try. I can’t comment on what they’d be like plain but with mashed banana in them, they were excellent & I did not miss the egg!!! My 3 yr olds are gobbling them up. Thanks!!!

  179. I ran out of eggs this morning and decided to give this recipe a try. Wonderful! These were better than pancakes w/eggs! My son (7yrs old) had a friend over and his friend ate 3 pancakes!! Very light & fluffy! Thank you for the recipe! I will be making these instead of my buttermilk, egg and butter pancakes! These are so much more healthier!

    • That’s a great compliment for the recipe, Oumalay. Especially coming from somebody who usually uses eggs. Thanks for the feedback.

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  181. Great recipe! My husband’s family has a history of allergies, including eggs, so we’re being very careful with the food we give our 11 month old daughter. This recipe is wonderful for her. She loves the pancakes. We make them silver dollar sized, just the right size for her little hands.

    I added 3 tbsp of pumpkin to the last batch, with a dash of nutmeg. They were delicious! They were very moist (I probably could have reduced the amount of milk and oil, I’ll try that next time), but still very good.

    • Thanks Chryse. What a surprise that you used pumpkin? Because I’m actually typing the recipe for vegan pumpkin pancakes, which I tried over last weekend. Mine was very moist too.

  182. Hi Madhu, I have tried your this recipe many times and love it. I also use Whole wheat pastry flour and I didn’t notice lot o changes in texture. Thanks again for a yummy recipe

  183. OMG, TY for this recipe!
    I did make a few minor changes due yet more food allergies in my family and to add some nutrients…I used equal parts of flax seed flour, whole wheat flour and self rising flour in place of the regular flour and I left out the cinnamon.
    Let me just say, I have been cooking no egg pancakes for 11 years now (since DS first developed food allergies when he was 2) and thought I had got it as good as it was gonna get but THIS recipe is just like having eggs in the mix.
    Wow, this is a keeper for sure.
    Thanks again! :0)

  184. Hi,
    I tried out this recipe – the taste was great! (Even though it was the first time I ate pancakes…)
    I had one tiny problem though – My pancakes were very thin – I couldn’t get them to be thick and fluffy like in the video… Any ideas where I might have gone wrong?

  185. hey Madhuram…
    Thanks a ton for this lovely recipe….I was in US for 3 years and my 5 yr old daughter loved pancakes…I am back in India and was not able to find perfect recipe. I found it on your site and believe me pancakes turned out fabulous. Just a question..what can replaced for all purpose flour (maida)? I wanted to use wheat flour….

    • Thanks Bhakti. I too have tried replacing it with whole wheat flour and the texture is okay. I would suggest using half all purpose flour and half whole wheat flour instead.

  186. I tried this recipe this morning because my younger one is allergic to eggs. I must say it turned out great. I was a bit apprehensive because I have only ever made pancakes with eggs before. But this was as good as (or even better than) the ‘egg’ ones. I think the vanilla and cinnamon make a real difference. Going to hold on to this recipe.

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  188. I must appreciate this recipe. It really works for some guests in a short time. I will try this and it seems delicious too. Thank you for sharing.

  189. Thank you very much for the easy and amazing recipe.
    Not only do we make this practically every Sunday for breakfast but I have shared this recipe with others (I showed them your blog) and they love it too. 🙂

  190. I just made these pancakes and they were DEEEE-lish! I’m vegan so I’m always on the lookout for eggless recipes. I substituted whole wheat pastry flour, and used almond milk. The batter was wonderful and I was a little concerned because I though it was too runny. But I let it sit a few minutes as you show in the video and it thickened quite nicely. The pancakes were light, fluffy and tasty! Yummmmmm! Success!

  191. […] The BEST Eggless Pancakes Recipe & Video | Madhuram’s Eggless …Jun 27, 2011 … I tried this receipe today for pancakes day. I made them using exactly the receipe you have mentioned, my batter was to stiff so i added a bit … […]

  192. These were so delicious!!! I had them with store-bought blueberry jam, and man, they blew my mind 😀

    Thanks a LOT!!!

  193. I’ve tried this recipe previously and it is flawless.

    Today I made 3 changes (1) I added 1 cup of frozen blueberries to double this recipe, added to dry ingredients after mixing them to coat blueberries with flour. This ensures they don’t sink to the bottom of the pancake. Then add liquid ingredients. The extra liquid from frozen blueberries didn’t ruin the recipe (2) I used melted extra virgin coconut oil instead of vegetable oil (3) I used white wholewheat flour. The results were again flawless.

    Thank you for all your work, Madhuram!

  194. Tried this recipe when I realized I didn’t have any eggs to make my usual blueberry pancake recipe. I left out the butter, substituting canola oil instead. Also did half fat free sour cream and half fat free milk. My family did not miss the eggs and I will definitely keep this recipe on hand!

  195. My family loves this recipe! Made them twice now just as the recipe states, and they are tasty! I put Maple Praline syrup on top to make it even better! So yummy, better than pancakes with eggs!

  196. I’m on a candida diet and I really like to eat pancakes every morning,but I couldn’t do that everytime because of the eggs. Now I’m really happy 🙂

    I made it with coconut oil instead of vegetable oil,baking soda instead of baking powder and water instead of milk. I used 1 tbsp natural yogurt too and it turned out delicious. Thanks for the recipe!

  197. Excellent! I made these with rice milk as my son also has a dairy allergy. They turned out great! Next time I will leave out the cinnamon and add a little more sugar. Just a personal preference. Thanks for another great recipe!

  198. We tried this recipe last week and it was awesome. I didn’t have vannila extract so I skipped it. The pancakes were so good and fluffy didn’t need anything more.

  199. Hi! Thank God I found your site! I just made your eggless pancake for my son who has egg allergy. He loved it. I omitted the cinnamon though. I just have a few questions: can I omit the butter (2 tbsp.) and if I include any strawberry/other berries jam/preserves, should I omit 1 tbsp. water or lessen milk? Thanks a lot!

    • If you do omit the butter, I think it would be better if you substituted it with some other fat. Adding a tablespoon or two of jam etc should not affect the texture of the pancakes. Just make sure that you don’t dilute the batter very thin.

      • Thanks! I used 2 tbsp. olive oil instead of butter.
        I also increased sugar to 1 tbsp. (used brown sugar instead)
        Also I used 1/4 tsp. baking soda and used 1/2 cup goat’s milk
        + 1/2 cup kefir (somewhat like buttermilk). It turned out
        great! Thanks for the recipe. Next time I’ll add apricot
        jam to the batter.

  200. Hi, I just made these pancakes and they turned out really beautiful texture wise but somehow I had this overpowering baking powder taste in my mouth. I did follow the recipe exactly except in the end I did not add 2 tablespoons of butter. Did anybody else also felt the same thing??? Please help. Thanks.

    • Not adding the butter is not an issue Anita. Either the baking powder must be past its expiry date, or it was lumpy and it didn’t dissolve completely.

  201. Thank you very much for the easy, quick and full of flavour recipe. My family of picky-eaters loved it and this is recipe is a keeper. 🙂

  202. Although I did lessen the cinnamon to 1/4 tsp for my picky son, these pancakes were awesome. Wonderful recipe. In fact, I love your website. It’s amazing how many goodies I miss not being able to have eggs. (but it’s been good for my diet:)
    I’m going to try the brownies next because I haven’t had brownies since I beacame allergic to eggs seven years ago.
    Thank you so much,

  203. I have to say, I was a skeptic at first-I have a 2 year old with egg allergies and I have tried many recipes. THIS IS THE BEST! I am so happy I found this website. My next recipe, blueberry muffins.

    • Thank you very much Thomas. I don’t have a waffles recipe because I don’t have a waffle iron. Maybe you should try this recipe itself as waffles and let us know how it turns out.

  204. Hay madhuram

    For pancake Tuesday I said to my kids, I will make eggless pancake, They were not too sure how it will taste. They normally go to my sister for pancake with egg and my husband do not like it so I was very happe when I saw your eggless pancake receipe. Cannot thank you enough for this.

    It tasted lovely and I got biggest hug from my son.

    Only one thing… My dough was sticky and lumpy so I could not make pancake like dosa, I let it set for nearly 15 mins before I added butter, could that be the reason.

    Thank you once again

    • You’re welcome Parul. Can you elaborate on what do you mean by, “you could not make pancake like dosa”? Are you talking about spreading the batter like we do for dosa? If that’s what you are telling, then I would say that pancakes should not be spread like that. You just have to pour the batter with a ladle or directly and leave it undisturbed for it to cook. Lumps are perfectly fine for pancakes and leaving the batter for 15 minutes is also not a blunder. Actually I have heard that you could prepare pancake batter the previous night itself for the following day’s breakfast.

  205. Hi,

    I tried this receipe today for pancakes day. I made them using exactly the receipe you have mentioned, my batter was to stiff so i added a bit more milk and the pancakes didnt turn out as fluffy as per your picture, they looked like dosas, but kids loved them with nutella. Where am i going wrong?

  206. hi madhuram,

    firstly want to thank you for being such an awesome help by sharing these eggless recipes…i am in a process of figuring out whether my daughter has egg allergy or not and if not what is it? any way these days we are starting eggless foods and this pancake recipe is just tooooooo gooooooood to be eggless….its even better than the egg pancake recipe I’ve been using for years thinking that was good… thumbs up..Awesome as it is!!!

    God bless You!

    and i would love it if u could help out a bit about figuring out egg allergy..

    thank uuuuuuu

  207. Hi! Was just wondering if milk is better or buttermilk? I always thought pancakes require ‘khatta dahi’ butermilk. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks

    • Hi Komal, there are pancake recipes which uses buttermilk, but I haven’t tried it so far and I haven’t tried substiuting buttermilk for milk in this recipe either. So I wouldn’t know how it will turn out. But I can assure you that this recipe if followed exactly will turn out very good with milk itself.

  208. Loved this recipe. I added cocoa powder to it to make chocolate pancakes, me and boyfriend love them on a Saturday morning 🙂

  209. I just made some of these, I didnt have any milk so I used water.. nor did I have any baking powder, but i still made them and they turned out amazing!!

  210. I just had this for breakfast this morning, it was delicious. These were the best egg-less pancakes I’ve tried so far.
    I added Otaheite apple to the batter, but the flavor of the apple was too subtle to add anything to the pancake. I had my pancakes with warm maple syrup and butter.
    I also used 2tb of sugar instead of 1tsp.

    I was just wondering why the melted butter is added to batter at the end.

  211. Hi, looking forward to trying this recipe for my parents. Sorry for asking a basic question, but is all purpose flour available in Bangalore? any idea where? Thanks for posting the recipes.

  212. I was excited for pancakes this morning until I realized we were out of eggs. Well, thank goodness for the internet, the morning was not lost! This recipe was wonderful! I used whole milk instead of 2% and I added apples. This saved my morning, thank you!

  213. These were the best pancakes I have ever tasted, as suggested i added frozen blueberries to the batter, it turned out fluffy and light. My hubby is a big fan of pancakes but me being a vegetarian do not get eggs at home, i surprised him last weekend and he couldn’t stop raving about them. I topped it up with maple syrup and made some mix berry sauce which was just divine. Highly recommended guys!

    Appreciate the recipe, Thanks a ton. You made our weekend so special!

  214. Hey, the eggless pancake recipe was fabulous. I never knew that pancakes would be so simple to make. I added mulberry and blueberry topping along with a bit of honey and we all loved it! Thanks for sharing.

  215. I tried it and it turned out pretty good! As a guinea pig I tried it for myself for 1/2 cup flour. But I added almost 1cup milk. Not proportionate! Need to add 1/2 cup milk or little less. But overall turned out great. Thanks for the recipe.

  216. Try this using 30% soya flour in the mix. They will be more “eggy” but without the eggs, and also delicious. Soya is high in protein too. Just make sure it’s GMO free.

  217. Hi, I had to modify the ingredients for my taste. Instead of sugar I used a packet of Stevia. Added 2 T. Wheat Germ for fibre. Omitted the vanilla and added 3 T. unsweetened apple sauce. Heating the milk to tepid before adding to flour mix really helps. Thanks for the initial base mix the consistency is perfect. I just turned them over and to my surprise they browned perfectly. I am impressed.

  218. Tried this recipe this morning, and it was excellent!! I did use some flaxseed in place of what an egg might have done. For the recipe above, I combined 1TBS of ground flaxseed with 2TBS of water, then omitted the water in the recipe. THANKS SO MUCH!!

  219. Made this for my son this morning. He loved it! Ate 5 small pieces on one sitting. I ate 6 small pieces after I dropped him at school! Definately a keeper. Btw, I added butter and maple syrup after I flipped the pancakes because I liked the melted butter effect and my syrup warm.

  220. I just made these wonderful pancakes! It’s unbelievable how they turn soft and fluffy even without eggs or anything 🙂 Thanks for sharing 😉

  221. Wonderful wonderful wonderful. I have tried so many recipes before and this is hands down the best. I would like to try this mix in the wafflemaker- do you think it wilkl work or are there adjustments that you reccomned?

  222. They are absolutely fantastic! I did add blueberries, and that was heaven. You are absolutely correct, the best pancakes ever, eggless or otherwise.

  223. These pancakes were easy to make and turned out excellent. Not too sweet at all, delicious with maple syrup on top. I also added frozen blueberries and bits of fresh strawberry to have blue and red for today’s 4th of July. Thank you very much for this recipe.

    A request- a pancake recipe with wholewheat flour or white brown flour, please.

  224. How…. How does it work??! its just my grandmothers pancake recipe with the 2 eggs omitted basically. Little more milk, oil,butter but the same?! its magic! I am making these on friday, it has been decided.

    If your recipe works, I will never forget you!

    • Maybe the amount of baking powder is more than your grandmother’s recipe. Whatever it maybe, this recipe works Ling. You should definitely try it.

  225. Thanks a lot Madhuram for this recipe,I never tried pancakes but now I will definitely try this because I totally trust your recipes.

    I tried Vanllia cup cakes but mine was not light n fluffy,it was kind of soggy. May be I over mixed the batter. Anyways I will try it again,may be cake this time.

  226. The whole grain pancake mix you refer to in your article has whey powder in it as an ingredient… this means it HAS DAIRY in the mix!!
    So a person with an allergy needs to beware!
    On the other hand… your recipe for pancakes very good and I look forward to trying it out when next the grandchildren come for a visit. Thank you.


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