Eggless Muffin Recipes

Hre is the list of eggless muffin recipes that I tried and came out good. All these recipes have step-by-step procedure with pictures. Check them out.

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  1. i really need your help on using my 21 ltr kenstar microwave convection oven to bake a cake or muffins. it always turns into overcooked or under cooked with unpleasant texture and taste. please help and advice me on using the microwave convection oven for good cakes.i always follow the measurement strictly even though it does not work for me. pls pls pls help.

    • I’m sorry Chhavi. I haven’t used microwave oven for baking. So not sure what’s happening, where it goes wrong. Do you preheat the oven?

  2. Hello Mam. Merry Christmas. I am planning for a christmas party and most of the people coming are vegetarians. I was worried a lot about the eggless baking preparations about few hours ago but your blog saved me and its like a thirsty crow found a pot full of water. Thank you very much mam. really great variety in recipes and easy to prepare.

    • I just have one gluten-free cake recipe in my blog. You can check it out in the cakes section. But it’s not like your usual cake. More like a chocolate fudge cake. I’m yet to try gluten-free alternative for a regular cake.

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  4. Hi there,I was looking for some eggless recipes and stumbled upon this treasure throve of yours.I love baking and would usually bring them to class, I recently found out that a classmate if mine is allergic to eggs. Thanks to you,she can now join us.


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