Top 12 BEST Proven Egg Substitutes In Baking/Cooking Recipes

Here is the list of commonly used egg substitutes in baking:

Egg Substitutes

Many egg substitutes are available when a recipe calls for eggs. These substitutes can be easily purchased from your grocery and health food stores.

Egg Substitute 101 Infographics

IngredientHow to replace eggs?Best suited for
Egg Replacer (Ener-G Powder)1.5 tsp + 2 Tbs warm waterMostly Cookies
Flaxseed Meal (not ideal for replacing more than 2 eggs)1 Tbs + 3 Tbs WaterWaffles, pancakes, muffins, quick bread
Whole Chia seeds (not ideal for replacing more than 2 eggs)1 Tbs + 3 Tbs WaterWaffles, muffins, quick bread
Pureed fruit/vegetable (applesauce, mashed banana/avocado, pureed sweet potato/pumpkin/prune)1/4 Cup + 1 tsp baking powderQuick bread, brownies, and muffins
Pureed Silken Tofu1/4 Cup + 1 tsp baking sodaCakes, cupcakes, muffins, and bars/brownies
Yogurt/buttermilk/kefir1/4 CupPancakes, waffles, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and bars/brownies
Vinegar (works only for replacing 1 egg)1 Tbs + 1 Tsp Baking SodaCakes, Cupcakes, Quick Bread
Lemon Juice (works only for replacing 1 egg)2 Tbs + 1 Tsp Baking SodaCakes, Cupcakes, Quick Bread
Milk (dairy and non-dairy, condensed milk or heavy cream)1/4 CupCakes, cupcakes, muffins, and bars/brownies
Nut/seed butter (peanut, almond, sunflower, etc.)3 TbsWaffles, pancakes, and muffins
Flour (Chickpea, whole wheat or all-purpose flour)3 Tbs + 3 Tbs WaterCookies, burgers, and meatballs
Cornstarch/Arrowroot flour/Soy protein powder2 Tbs + 2 Tbs WaterCookies, burgers, and meatballs
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Purpose of Eggs In Baking

Egg as binderEgg as Binding Agents: If eggs are binders in a recipe, it can be replaced with Arrowroot, Soy Lecithin, Flax-seed Mix, Pureed Fruits or Vegetables, Silken Tofu, Vegetarian Unflavored Gelatin Powder (agar agar). The ratio is, for every egg replaced, 1/4 cup of the substitute is used, except for arrowroot, soy lecithin and agar agar. These egg substitutions for binding work well as substitutes for baking recipes.

Egg as leavening agentEggs as Leavening Agents: If eggs are leavening agents, Buttermilk, Yogurt, Baking Soda, Commercial Egg Replacement Powder such as Ener-G can be used.

Egg for moistureEggs for Moisture: If eggs are added for moisture, Fruit Juice, Milk, Water or Pureed Fruit can be used.

Substitute for Eggs in Meatballs/Burgers

Whole Wheat FlourIn dishes like meatballs, burgers, or nuggets the purpose of adding egg is to act as a binder to hold the stuff together so that you can shape it without breaking.

Whole wheat flour, cornstarch, coarsely powdered oats, or even mashed potatoes will work fine as an egg substitute in such recipes. You will have to start adding one of these ingredients in little increments, like about a tablespoon or so, until you can shape it into balls, patties, etc.

Substitute for Egg Wash

Simply use oil, dairy/non-dairy milk, or dairy/non-dairy butter.

1/4 cup of light corn syrup thinned with very hot water can also be used for glazing.

Substitute for Egg Whites

aquafabaAquafaba is one of the best substitutes available for egg whites. 3 tablespoons of aquafaba can be used to replace one egg, or egg whites more specifically.

Just make sure that it is of the right consistency. It has to look slimy, like egg white, not too thin or thick.

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Substitute for Egg Yolks

Apparently, soy lecithin is a good substitute for egg yolk, which I am yet to try. It mimics the emulsifying property of eggs.

It’s a by-product of soy oil, making it vegetarian. I read that 1 tablespoon of soy lecithin substitutes 1 large egg yolk.

Other Uncommon Egg Substitutes

The following egg substitutes can be used depending upon the recipes and they are usually best for gelatin puddings, macaroons, cupcakes & quick breads.

IngredientHow to replace eggs?Best suited for
Agar Agar1 Tbs + 1 Tbs WaterPudding, setting cheesecake
Soy Lecithin1 TbsTo Replace 1 Large Egg Yolk
Aquafaba3 TbsTo Replace 1 Egg / Egg Whites

Share your experiences with different egg substitutes that you’ve used during baking, or if you have questions on egg substitutes, share/ask them in the comments section below. Share this page with your friends.
Happy Baking!

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    If a recipe calls for 4 egg yolk how we can replace it with the soy lecithin
    The weight of the flour is 120 grams and the permissible limit is 1% to 1.5 % of flour weight
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    Plz help with the quantity
    How to replace 1 egg yolk with heavy cream .

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      Depending on what recipe you are going to make, 2 tablespoons of heavy cream might be a good replacement for 1 egg yolk.

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    Hi , I want to make noodles and pasta in automatic philips noodle maker.Receipe calls for egg.Any suggestion for best egg replacer?

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