Eggless Scones

You don’t have to be English or relish tea to make scones/tea biscuits and enjoy them. Also scones can be made in no time, given that you don’t even have to bring the butter to room temperature. Check out this list for amazing egg free scone recipes.

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  1. Now on batch 50 something, I make the cranberry for parties. I have changed the recipe to make cinnamon/raisin scones by subbing the cranberries and chips with 3tbsp cinnamon and 3/4 cup raisins. Then I make a slurry of confectioners sugar and a little amount of milk for icing to drizzle over them. Had one guy from England said they were the best he’s had! My egg allergy wife says your recipes are a Godsend!
    Jacksonville FL

    • You made my day Mike. Thank you very much for your generous compliments and also for taking the time to leave a detailed feedback. Your variations to the recipe sounds interesting. Awesome!

  2. I’m so thrilled to find this website! I’m allergic and have food intolerance to a lot of food.. eggs too. and have recently had to adjust to even lesser foods to eat. I am down to the ability of eating pork and carrots. Potatoes are hard on my stomach, sometimes; it’s really hard to be with my family and have to watch them eat cake. Makes me very depressed. and here, you show me eggless recipes! Wow!! I am so grateful!!

    • That’s really sad Sheila! 🙁 Hope these recipes can help you have cake along with the others. All the best. Happy baking!


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