Pasta Recipes

Find a collection of pasta recipes including curried pasta, lemon-pepper pasta, vegan pasta with creamy tofu sauce, Pepporanata, Spaghetti Pie and much more.

Mexican couscous salad

Mexican Couscous Salad

Kids lunch doesn't have to be just sandwiches and wraps. Make this vibrant, colorful Mexican couscous salad recipe and introduce them to different flavors and vegetables.

Moroccan CousCous

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Looking for an interesting vegetarian couscous recipe? This Moroccan couscous recipe is the answer! Flavorful, healthy and easy to make, all in one, this dish is a sure crowd pleaser. No doubts!

Bulgur Upma ~ An Indo-American Fusion

Prepare this Indianized version of tabouli using bulgur, which is simple and tasty.

Leftover Spaghetti Pie

Transform leftover spaghetti and sauce into this amazing spaghetti pie.

Spaghetti With Kidney Beans Sauce

A simple yet satisfying vegan spaghetti recipe with kidney beans sauce.
vegan pasta

Vegan Pasta with Creamy (Tofu) Tomato Sauce

(from 2 reviews)
Delicious vegan pasta dish with creamy tomato sauce using silken tofu.
Beet Pasta

Colorful and Healthy Pink Beet Pasta

Beautiful looking pasta dish, tasty as well, made with pureed beets and ricotta cheese to lure any picky eater.

Pepporanata - Cooking this is easier than pronouncing it!

A very simple vegetarian pasta recipe using whole grain spaghetti and peppers.

Curried Pasta and Vegetables - A Vegan Pasta Dish

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A very simple recipe to prepare a satisfying vegan pasta dish using whole wheat pasta, mixed vegetables and curry sauce. The beauty of this recipe is its simplicity which doesn't call for any special vegan ingredients, although adding some nutritional yeast would elevate the taste and flavor.
Vegan Lemon Pepper Pasta

Vegan Lemon Pepper Pasta - A Diet Food

A very simple recipe to prepare a vegan pasta main dish using whole wheat penne pasta, asparagus, bell pepper and seasoned with lemon juice, salt and pepper.

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