Indian Bread Recipes

Find a collection of great collection of Indian bread recipes including apple puran poli, protein-fortified poori, aloo paratha, mashed bean roti, ragi poori and more.

Ragi Poori (Finger Millet Bread)

Try these ragi pooris for a change from the usual whole wheat flour pooris. These pooris have an interesting color, making it curious for both children and adults alike.

Fiber and Protein Fortified Poori

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Chickpeas and white beans puree are mixed with whole wheat flour to prepare fiber and protein enriched pooris.

Apple Puran Poli

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A very innovative recipe to use apple to make poli, a traditional Indian sweet.

Mashed Beans Roti

A very simple yet healthy recipe to use mashed beans and whole wheat flour to prepare rotis.

Potato/Aloo Paratha with a twist.

An interesting twist to the regular potato paratha by including mint.

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