Here is a collection of baking and cooking recipes using fenugreek as one of the ingredients. This page will be updated on regular basis.

Brown Rice Dosa

Brown Rice Dosa

Healthy and tasty brown rice dosas. This dosa batter requires fermentation.

Super Soft Sponge Pumpkin Dosa

Turn meal time into fun time by preparing these colorful dosas using a variety of vegetables and greens.
Idli Recipes

Fluffy Cracked Wheat Idlis

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Do you think preparing soft idlis is a cumbersome job? Not at all with this short-cut recipe. It's easy to prepare, has a soft texture, tastes great and is healthy too.
Brown Rice Okra Dosa

Brown Basmati Rice and Okra Dosa

Make fiber-rich brown basmati rice dosa batter with pureed raw okra pieces. Trust me it wouldn't taste, smell or look weird! Makes soft or crispy dosas!

Protein-Rich Pearl Millet Dosa

If you are new to millet and looking for recipes to incorporate it in your diet, this dosa recipe is the perfect one to start. It tastes like your regular dosa but has the goodness of millet instead of just getting the starch from the usual dosas made with rice.

Egg Substitute 101