Upma Stuffed in Green Bell Pepper

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Upma and Green Bell Pepper

Yes, it's just upma stuffed in green bell pepper (capsicum).  As simple as it sounds.  I saw this recipe in a tamil magazine.

Bell Pepper Stuffied Upma Recipe

Prep TimeCook TimeMakes
25 Mins10 Mins1 Bell Pepper
Upma Stuffed in Green Bell Pepper A very easy recipe to prepare bell pepper stuffed with upma.
  • As Needed Any Upma (Semolina, Vermicelli, Cracked Wheat)
  • As Needed Green Bell Pepper (Depending Upon The Quantity Of Upma)
  1. Wash the bell pepper and cut off the tops carefully, because you need it to close the pepper and cook.
  2. Cut off the top section

  3. Now remove the seeds inside the pepper and those sticking to the stalk.
  4. Remove seeds side

  5. Fill the upma inside the pepper and close it back with the top.
  6. Fill in upma

  7. Add some water in a frying pan and let it get hot.
  8. Now keep an idli plate inside and arrange the peppers on the plate, close the frying pan with a lid and let it cook for 8-10 minutes.
  9. Steam the stuffed pepper

  10. Turn off the stove and let it cool completely before you cut it lengthwise and drizzle some chutney all over and serve.
  11. Steamed Green Bell Pepper Stuffed Upma

My Notes:
  1. In the original recipe, the method mentioned for cooking the bell pepper was to add 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan, arrange the bell peppers in it and sprinkle some salt water on top of the peppers and to cook for 8-10 minutes. But this did not work, the pan started to brown in the inside and the pepper was no where close to get cooked. Then only I got this idea of steaming the pepper and it worked. But don't steam it too much, the pepper will become very flimsy and cutting will become a problem.
  2. Also add salt and chilies a little more than you always use for the regular upma, because the pepper does not have any flavoring.
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  1. Pooja

    that is indeed a creative idea Madhuram 🙂 . I just loved the pic too . thanks for being a part of VoW-JFI and sharing this.
    As I was off to vacation couldn’t respond to you earlier.

  2. Madhuram

    Thank you very much Cham, Asha. But I can’t take credit for the idea, because I saw it in a magazine.

    Mansi, thanks for the heads up. I’ve sent it now.

    Arundathi thank you. Sunlight plays a major role in getting good pictures.

    Madhavi, Trupthi, thank you very much.

    Shubha, I saw the recipe in a magazine. I’ll definitely check your blog.

    Sukanya, Krystyna, A-kay, Swati and Jayasree thank you very much. Jayasree, even I make usili stuffed capsicum quite often.

    Nitu, thank you for conducting this wonderful contest. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Nithu

    Hi Madhuram, Thanks for participating in our contest with a wonderful recipe. Stuffed upma is new to me and looks delicious. Nice step by step instruction. Good luck for your entry…

  4. Jayasree

    Lovely idea of stuffing upma in peppers. I usually stuff paruppu usli in capsicum. Shall try ur method next time. Good pics.

  5. Swati Raman

    woowww.. i too stuff bell peppers wth potato n sometimes with paneer, this one is a cool nice idea…

  6. A-kay

    Reminds me the orzo-stuffed green peppers but I think I would love this better 🙂

    Btw, got your mail – thanks Madhu! Will send you an email with my response.

  7. Namratha

    This is so pretty Madhuram, loved the idea! 🙂

  8. krystyna

    Beautiful pics and yummy, elegant, healthy food.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. sukanya

    This is a very different recipe. Nice idea. 😀 The stuffed peppers looks so good. Lovely try…

  10. Shubha

    Lovely real real lovely…:) I love bell peppers… Ur too good and soo soo innovative madhu…

    Lovely entry to the lovely events… Ur too good..:)

    “Hey check my blog for updates.. My uodates are not showing up in TOI…:)” – http://chutkibharpyar.blogspot.com

  11. Madhavi

    Oh Upma looks great, and with bell pepper, awesome just divine madhu. Wonderful entry!!!

  12. Trupti

    wow madhu..nice idea & nice photos

  13. arundathi

    madhu – the upma looks great. i posted a rice in capsicum a few weeks ago and the photos were atrociously bad! lol! yours look great – love the green of the capsicum…

  14. Mansi

    Nat idea indeed Madhu! i love how its steamed, and that should’ve tasted amazing!:) btw, this sounds like a nice appetizer recipe, so you can send it in for monthly mingle 😉

  15. Asha

    That’s clever Madhu, nobody has come with that before. Looks great!:))

  16. Cham

    Ha ha , upma got a glamour look! Looks great in capsicum Madhu 😛

  17. Madhuram

    Siri, Kamala as I have mentioned earlier try to increasing the spices/salt in the upma or drizzle some pickle water all over as I did and it tasted so good.

    Ranji, Bhags, Swati, Hetal, Anjali, Uma thank you very much.

    Anjali, you can have it for tiffin with coconut chutney, instead of eating the upma by itself. Or else this can also be like a starter, where each one can have half a pepper. Now that you mentioned pasta, I think we can also stuff pasta in the pepper, or a salad.

  18. Uma

    Yum, yum, yum, delicioso! Perfect entry for both events.

  19. Anjali Damerla

    Nice post.

    Just one tiny question – what does this go well with? You know how our Indian cooking is. It has to go with rice, roti or something 🙂 Would you say that this would go well as a side for pasta?

  20. Hetal

    Watta wonderful way to serve upma…gr8 idea..

  21. Swati: Sugarcraft India

    A lovely idea Madhuram.. Like the semiya upma too ..

  22. bhags

    Nice idea of upma flled bell peppers….looks delicious

  23. ranji

    stuffed bell peppers looks delcious..very creative idea to stuff semiya upma…great entries.

  24. kamala

    Love the pcitures Madhu..Sounds interesting .I am going to try this soon

  25. Siri

    arey wah!. this is one smart idea to stuff Upma into bell peppers Madhu.. 😀 Love the pics..I am gonna try for sure 😆