Red Lentil and Vegetable Soup

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I found this recipe in the “Good Housekeeping” magazine.  This recipe was featured under Heart Smart Dinners and Healthy in a Hurry category.  With 16gms protein, 13gms fiber, 0mg cholesterol and just 1gm saturated fat per serving, it’s definitely heart healthy.  Added bonus, very tasty and easy to prepare too.

I reduced the quantity of ingredients.  Even then it was a lot of soup for the 2 of us.  I have another serving left for tomorrow.  Check the original recipe for actual quantities and detailed nutritional information.

Red Lentil and Vegetable Soup Recipe
4.0 from 1 reviews
Prep time: 20 Mins
Cook time: 25 Mins
Yields: 3-4 Servings
Red Lentil and Vegetable SoupA very easy recipe to prepare red lentil soup in a hurry.
  • 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
  • 3 Chopped Medium Carrots
  • 1 Chopped Small Onion
  • 1 Teaspoon Ground Cumin
  • 1 Can (14.5 Oz) Canned Diced Tomatoes (I Didn’t Have This, So Used Crushed Tomatoes)
  • 1 Can Vegetable Broth (14.5 Oz)
  • 3/4 Cup Dried Red Lentils (Masoor Daal)
  • 1 Baby Spinach (5 Oz Bag) (I Used Frozen Spinach)
  • As Per Taste Salt
  • As Per Taste Ground Black Pepper
  • As Per Taste Grated Ginger (This Was Not Mentioned In The Original Recipe, But I Chose To Use It Because Red Lentils Especially Has The Reputation To Cause Gas)
red lentil soup ingredients

  1. In a saucepan heat oil and add carrots, onion and cook until lightly browned and tender. Stir in cumin; cook 1 minute.
  2. Add tomatoes, broth, lentils, 2 cups of water salt, ground black pepper cover and cook until lentils are tender. Stir in spinach.
  3. red lentil soups served

My Notes:
  1. I soaked the lentils before starting to chop the vegetables. I did this because I thought that this will reduce the cooking time and it did. Later only I came to know that soaking the lentils and throwing away the water and then using the lentils aids in easy digestion. Just be sure to throw away the soaking water. Enjoy!

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Red Lentil Vegetable Soup
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32 Responses to “Red Lentil and Vegetable Soup”

  1. Madhuram says:

    Thank you Trupti, Asha, Madhavi, Vanamala, Cynthia, Sukanya, Divya, Sunita, Rupa and Kumudha. The soups tastes as good as it looks. Try it definitely.

  2. Holidays. Ginger Garlic Lentil Soup: A recipe. « A Life (Time) of Cooking says:

    […] Madhuram’s Eggless Cooking has a lovely red lentil and vegetable soup. […]

  3. Vegeyum says:

    Oh what a hearty soup! My style exactly.

  4. Dee says:

    Love the soup recipe and great pictures Madhu!!

  5. Madhuram says:

    Mine too Vegeyum.

    Thanks Dee. My husband took the pictures.

  6. Janet says:

    Hi Madhu,

    This is the best soup i ever made in my life..My hubby commented the same and relished it.

    Thanks for your wonderful recipe. Great job. Well done.


    Thanks for trying the recipe Janet.

  7. Arpita says:

    I had leftover spiced lentils made from 2 nights ago, and decided to make this soup. i used a can of diced tomatoes that had basil and garlic in it already. super healthy and delicious! thank you madhuram! i’ve become quite addicted to your website over the past few weeks and look forward to trying more of your recipes!

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