Eggless Cumin Cookies

Cumin Cookies

Since I’m also new to baking, I want to try very simple recipes only. This is one such cookie recipe. So if I can do it, anybody can do it. I’m stressing this point because I know how I used to think that “baking” and “difficult” were synonyms. So don’t hesitate to bake, just start with this recipe. You need not prepare a big shopping list to get the ingredients. Your pantry is not complete without these basic items. There is no creaming of butter and sugar, you don’t need any electric mixer. It’s as easy as kneading dough for rotis. Click here for the recipe.

My Notes:

1. I scaled down the entire recipe to half the original quantity. So I took 1 cup of all purpose flour, 1 tbspn cumin etc.
2. I added 1/4 tspn pepper powder. That’s the only addition I made, otherwise I just followed the recipe.
3. Once you form a ball of dough and roll it, it looks kind of flaky.
4. The recipe calls for baking at 180 C, so if you are in US you may want to bake it at 350 F for about 25 min.
5. I got around 20 cookies. It was a bit spicy for my family, so I would just reduce the amount of pepper and not totally omit it. It was a nice crunchy tea time snack. Each cookie had 2 layers. I have not captured this properly in my picture, but if you watch carefully Sunita’s picture of the cookies you can get an idea.

Stage 1:

In a mixing bowl combine all the dry ingredients and oil except milk.

Flour Mix

 Stage 2:

Add the milk and knead the mixture.


 Stage 3:

Roll the dough, cut into desired shape and place it on a prepared baking tray.

Shaped Out Cookies

 Stage 4:

 Bake it in a pre-heated oven at 350F for 20-25 minutes.

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  1. sai

    I got my biscuits turned out brown and changed to chips! for just 18 minutes of baking. I think I have to remove this quickly for 14 min itself.

    • Madhuram

      The baking time depends upon how thin or thick you cut the shapes. If it’s thin, then you need to bake it for a lesser amount of time.

  2. richa

    Will try them today i think, not with jeera but ajwain! cant wait..

  3. Amber Sackett

    these turned out lovely, perfect for wine.
    they became more of a biscuit, maybe because i used baking powder and soda.

    i made changes because i love to do that.

    i used
    1 cup of soy flour
    1 cup of regular flour


    i added a dash of cloves and bitter coco, also shredded unsweetened coconut.
    i cut them in half and put some margarine on them. so good.

    Wow, that’s a lot of changes Amber. Sounds great.

  4. abc

    Hi Madhuram

    I tried these cookies, added sesame seeds as well. All the friends liked it and was asking for these more poories 🙂

    Thank you.

    That’s great ABC.

  5. kavita

    hi madhu

    I tried the cumin cookies, they turned out really well, second time I tried to use half all purpose flour and half whole wheat flour….taste is not really up to the mark.

    That’s a nice idea Kavita.

  6. gg

    when i click the link to the recipe it asks for some information and to install wordpress. so please can u give the recipe .thank u

    Check here.

  7. bindu

    Do you have a recipe for atta biscuits we have in India. I remember going to bakery with ingredients to get these fresh baked biscuits whole weaht flour, ghee fennel seeds and milk is all i remember.

    Sorry Bindu, I don’t have that recipe, but will definitely try it and post it when I find one.

  8. varsha

    hi madhuram…I’m a lover of salty cookies And this one was awesome 😆 Everyone loved it . I added little ajwain for extra flavour. Actually it reminded
    me of the biscuits we used to get in Khadi…. hoping to see more salt & spicy varieties 🙂

    Thanks Varsha for trying the recipe. I can imagine how good the cookies would have tasted with ajwain.

  9. sai

    Will try this right away. Madhu, u can also add flax seeds instead of jeera for some omega 3s.

    But I hear that at very high heat the omega-3’s are lost. But anyway I keep adding flax seed powder to my chapathi dough.

  10. Madhuram

    Thank you very much for the feedback Priya. The original recipe is from Sunita’s blog and I was inspired by her and many others to bake.

  11. priya

    Hi madhuram,

    I must say your site inspired me to bake.I tried out the cumin cookie and I must say for a novice like me it came out well.Thanks for the step by step instructions.

  12. D Sharma

    🙂 Hi Chayya, Looks delicious. I’m going to try it out. Love if you could give the temperature in Fahrenheit for folks in the US.
    I’ve been looking for a recipe for crunchy butter biscuits we used to get in India. Any suggestions?

  13. Madhuram

    Hi Chhaya,

    Thanks. I saw many comments in various blogs asking for eggless recipes and even I was blog hopping to find them. So I thought why not put everything under one roof. Glad you like my site.

  14. Chhaya

    Hi Madhuram !
    Very nice site 🙂 I also love to bake and am experimenting with eggless recipes because I dont use eggs at home…so yours will be a great site to come to when I want some recipes 🙂
    Keep posting and Happy Baking !

  15. Madhuram

    Hi SS,

    Sure anytime. You can go ahead and try this for the actual quantity mentioned in the original recipe itself. It was sooo good. It was over as soon as it came out of the oven. Wish I had made another batch for later!

  16. SS

    Would like to sample some 🙂