Big Batch Brownies

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Big Batch Brownies

Hi friends, hope you all had a wonderful summer. I’m back from India after almost 2 months of vacation. We went to celebrate the little one’s first birthday. Fortunately everything went on very smoothly this time unlike the last visit where my eldest fell sick and it was very scary especially with the swine flu scare at that time. After this visit my eldest has picked up a lot of Tamil and these days he is easily switching between Telugu and Tamil. Initially I had planned to post recipes from there regularly but with a busy schedule I wasn’t able to do that even though I had a couple of recipes lined up.

I baked these brownies long back for a get together here in Canada. I bought the brownie mix in Costco. It’s the huge pack. The instructions in the package were given for two 9×13 inch pan and three 8 inch pans. Since I wanted lot more brownies I used a bigger pan which I got from a restaurant supply store.


Big Batch Brownies Recipe

Prep TimeCook TimeMakes
20 Mins35 MinsAbout 12 Dozen Squares
Big Batch Brownies
5.0 from 2 reviews
Want to be the star in your next pot-luck gathering? Then bake these brownies and it will become a huge hit.
  • 4 Pouches Ghirardelli Brownie Mix
  • 1 And 1/3 Cups Water
  • 1 Cup Vegetable Oil
  • 1 Cup Yogurt (Plain)
  • 1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract
  • 2 Cups Chopped Walnuts
  1. Preheat the oven at 325F/160C for 15 minutes. Line the baking sheet with aluminum foil (leaving enough sheet around the edges so that you can lift it off easily once the brownie is cooled enough) and grease it lightly with non stick cooking spray. I used a very big cookie tray. It measured to 21×15 inches.
  2. Empty the contents of the brownie mix in a large bowl. Then add the rest of the ingredients one by one and mix it using a big wooden spoon.
  3. Pour the batter onto the prepared pan and spread it out with a spatula. Bake it for about 30-40 minutes. Doing the toothpick test for doneness in this case could be tricky because it has a lot of chocolate chips in it and the toothpick might get in the melted chocolate chips and it would be difficult to say whether it is done or not. So see if the brownie is pulling away from the sides of the pan and you should be fine.
  4. Transfer the pan to a cooling rack and leave it for 15-20 minutes to cool. Then slowly lift off the sheet and let it cool for another hour or so before you can slice the brownies.
  1. The brownies looked and tasted great. It sliced very well too. I baked it for a big party and it was a huge hit.
My Notes:
  1. I did not grease the aluminum foil, so it was a bit difficult to remove the brownies from the sheet. So do not forget to grease it with non-stick cooking spray or shortening.
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Big Batch Brownies

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  1. Are these measuremwnts for 1 pouch of mix or 4 packets. Please let me know. How much will it yield if we are using only one packet. TIA

    • I think for one pack you might get about 16-24 pieces depending upon the size you cut. The simple measurement is 1/4 cup yogurt for each egg to be replaced.

  2. I just tried it and loved it. I am staying in school for the holidays, and wanted some brownies and realized i didn’t have eggs, luckily i had yogurt. After trying this recipe,I don’t think i will go back to making brownies with eggs. They are so good

  3. hi madhuram, I am a first time baker and am sooooo nervous to try this one!!!! I have to make a big batch of egless and nut-free brownies or muffins. this recipe of urs looks simple enough. what can I substitute instead of walnuts? also, I just have a 9×13 tray, can I bake it in batches? wont the batter change consistency by the time I come to bake the last batch….. also, shud I put it in the bottom, middle or top rack?? sorry for soooo many questions, as I said, I am a first time baker!
    regards, bhavani.

    • If I remember right I think the pack comes with instructions for a 9×13 inch pan. Put the batter in the fridge while one portion of it is baking. Baking in the middle rack is ideal for almost everything like cookies, cake, brownies, muffins etc.

  4. Hi Madhuram,
    Those brownies look fudgy and delicious. The brownie mix you mentioned, can you specify what kind it is.Because I looked for it but there are 4 or more kinds of Costco mixes . Also is it a vegan friendly mix ?

  5. Wonderful to see u back with a bang after ur India’s trip, thanks god everything went well for u..Mine was somewat hectic there..

    Btw brownies looks super delicious and addictive..

  6. Few weeks ago I tried a ready made box approximately 18 oz and added only one can of 15 oz Libby’s pure pumkin mixture. Just these two ingredients and nothing else, not even water is needed. Just keep stirring and mixture will come out right. Than bake. It was so delicious, and moist too. You have to buy a box that says moist on it. If anyone wants to try.

  7. It looks really great! Will definitely try this out. but if i need to used just one box how many pouches do i get and what will be the measurements of the ingredients? Pleass let me know.
    Thanks, Vani


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