No Bake Almond Butter and Oats Cookies

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No Bake Almond Butter and Oats Cookies

Thanks a lot everybody for the anniversary wishes. We went to a temple in the evening, had dinner in a very famous South Indian vegetarian restaurant. The food was okay and I was definitely missing the restaurant we used to go regularly in US. I miss a couple of other things too here. Phone companies here don't have the free calls to US plan (we had free calls to Canada back in US).

The other day I wanted chocolate flavored graham crackers to bake something and couldn't find it in 4 stores. Really! Finding graham crackers should not be this difficult! They had the honey flavored ones. And what's with the mosquitoes? But I have to agree that we have access to other cool things/facilities which was not available in US. For example, doctor visits and couple other medical expenses are covered by the government itself.

So no co-pay each time you visit a doctor. (But the income tax rate is very high, especially if you are single. Once you are married and have dependents the rate goes down.) Very good public transit system. People here feel that it's not good enough but for me it's excellent because we didn't have that facility back in US. The most important thing I feel that people here are very warm and friendly. So I guess we can't have it all!

I'm still not in the mood to bake/blog but my DH is constantly nagging me to start blogging regularly. So I once again went back to the Eagle brand book for a simple "no-bake" recipe. Found a no bake cookies recipe for peanut butter drops made with peanut butter, chopped peanuts, condensed milk and quick cooking oats. I made something similar a year back and remembered that my son did not like it. So I substituted peanuts with almonds and peanut butter and almond butter. And guess what? my son can't stop eating them. This no bake cookies take only 10-15 minutes to prepare this but it is unbelievably delicious.

No Bake Almond Butter Oats Cookies Recipe

Prep TimeCook TimeMakes
10 Mins15 MinsApproximately 5 Dozen Cookies
No Bake Almond Butter and Oats Cookies A very easy recipe to prepare no bake cookies using almond butter, oats and condensed milk.
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) Butter or Margarine
  • 1/3 cup Unsweetened Cocoa
  • 2 and 1/2 cups Quick Cooking Oats
  • 1 can (14 oz/300 ml) Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 1 cup Chopped Almonds
  • 1/2 cup Almond Butter
1. From left: Almonds, oats, condensed milk, almond butter, cocoa and butter
Melt Butter
2. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, melt butter.
Melt Butter
3. Stir in cocoa powder to the melted butter.
Cocoa Powder + Melted Butter mix
4. Mix both cocoa powder and butter using a whisk. Bring mixture to a boil.
Add Oats
5. Remove from heat. Add oats.
Add the sweetened condensed milk.
6. Add the can of condensed milk.
Add Almonds
7. Add the chopped almonds.
Add Almond Butter
8. Add the almond butter.
Drop teaspoon full into sheet
9. Line 2 baking sheets with a wax paper. I sprayed a half tablespoon with non stick cooking spray, scooped out the mixture and dropped onto the baking sheets. Chill 2 hours or until set. Store loosely covered in refrigerator.
Make them into balls
10. You can either leave it as it is or shape them into balls. After about 30 minutes in the fridge, the mixture will be in the right texture to shape it. Put it back in the refrigerator for another 2 hours or until it firms up.
My Notes:
  1. Add your choice of nut butter and chopped nuts. You can also go for fat free condensed milk.
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  1. Yojana

    Hey MAdhu

    Want to thank you for all your recipes.. You always come to my rescue when I have nothing sweet at home to serve unexpected guests and also if I am going to somebody’s house and want to take some sweets.. I made these quick no bake cookies for a pizza party at my friends house and they all loved it .. Thanks to you.. All your recipes are awesome.

    Thanks a lot Yojana.

  2. Dee

    recipe sounds lovely but i cant find any almond butter or cracker crumbs… 😕

    Do you live in UK Dee? I think most big supermarkets should be having both. But I have not mentioned cracker crumbs in this recipe. You should be able to find almond butter in the organic aisle or health food stores. For the cracker crumbs, you can get some chocolate cookies or graham crackers and powder it yourself.

  3. InCanada

    Graham crackers are easy to find here in Ontario at walmart and most grocery stores.

    I have not spotted chocolate graham crackers until now. But I did find graham cracker crumbs in Bulk Barn. I love BB.

  4. Sis Eeda

    I,m from Malaysia. Thanks a million on your fast feedback. tq 😉

  5. Sis Eeda

    Can I know what is almond butter or any substitute. Tq

    It’s just like peanut butter but made with almonds instead (just grinding almonds into a smooth paste). So you could substitute peanut butter.

  6. sunshinemom

    This is a delicious recipe! Belated anniversary wishes too!

  7. sowjanya


    Good to hear you are settling down and belated anniversary wishes. That almond butter cookies look delicious.

  8. nithya

    Glad to know you are settling down.I was surprised to read your blog…no Graham crackers???? thats strange.Belated Anniversary wishes.And wat to say,yet another mouthwatering recipe from you.Would love to try this:)

  9. DK

    hey Madhu – enabled the comment section

    Had to do a little bit of tweaking! I am still working on the many things to correct and with my job, it gets difficult to do everything myself…:)

  10. Parita

    Hi Madhu…i have got something special for you on my blog..pls do visit 🙂

  11. Eswari

    Hi Madhuram,
    First let me tell you how wonderful your site is and with loads of creative recipes for endless blogers like me.
    I really like to try Almond Butter & Oat Cookies but I don’t think we get almond butter in Melbourne. Is there any other option?
    Do pls let me know.
    Thanks. Eswari

    Thank you very much Eswari. I think you would get it in organic/specialty food stores. Otherwise you can make it with peanut butter.

  12. Namratha

    These look so good Madhu, I have to try these as soon as I get a chance! Happy belated anniversary 🙂 And good to know you are settling well in Canada, I’m sure you will get used to all the things that aren’t there!

  13. roma

    Congrats on your anniversary. Nice to know you have settled smoothly in Canada.

  14. Ashwini

    wow, looks delicious. Kids will love it. Yummm

  15. Kevin

    These sound really good! I like the fact that they are no bake.

  16. Theresa

    Namaste Madhu. You know, we do have lots of chocolate graham crumbs here in Canada, and sorry to hear you find it a difficult adjustment. Our country is vast and beautiful, take some time, and explore, you’ll see there’s a lot more to be offered in Canada than the American media would portray. Try your US Walmart up here, they have baking crumbs, maybe you’ll feel more at home…

    Thank you very much Theresa. Actually I do like Canada, because I have lived in Winnipeg back in 2005 for about 16 months. I really was expecting the move, but sometimes the initial period is a bit tough. You always tend to compare with the previous place.

  17. Vrinda mahi

    Hey Madhu how r ?Did Arjun like the new place?Oat cookies looks yummy and healthy

    I’m fine Vrinda. See it did not strike me to get your email ID from here. Will send you a detailed mail.

  18. Pracheta Sharma

    Well…there r lots of products that u won’t be able to find in canada..for eg. ener g egg replacer or grits…I guess it’s just that US is a bigger market so they have more variety…Next time u plan a trip across the border do ur speciality grocery shopping…that’s what I do 🙂

    I somewhat guessed about EnerG and got some from there.

  19. a2zvegetariancuisine

    Welcome back, used to check your website to see if you are back and didn’t check for a week and there are already two recipes. Belated anniversary wishes.
    As usual very nice and innovative recipe.


  20. A&N

    This is great for kids! 🙂

    And happy settling down!

  21. DK

    Great to see you back madhu 🙂

    Actually we went to Vancouver last year and the downtown was horrible, esp the ppl! As of now I have no great memories of the place although since its similar to Seattle weather I was ok……I got some good whole grains not v easily available in my local stores – so that was one good point to remember there….yes I heard about free medical expenses ( but they make sure they collect it by way of taxes!!) anyways..

    Have u settled down? – heard from Dee about schools and accom. If u have skype -lets do a con cal sometime..

    Now dee is also too bc – u know – for the obvious reasons…between you two its going to b hell getting a concal together! LOL 🙂

    Kisses to arjun…hugs to u

    Did you move too? I saw it in your blog. The new blog layout is really awesome DK. Wish you had the comments section in the about page. Will call you and Dee after getting a calling card.

  22. kalyani

    looks interesting madhu …. Nice tempting picture ……

  23. prathibha

    hmmm …no bake….quite interesting and u made it so simple…looking perfect..

  24. Parita

    Delicious almond and oat cookies…love the pics…i am not surprised i dont find graham crackers here in swiss too..i guess there may be a different name for it in canada?

  25. Sweatha

    Wow,happy to know you r in the settling down process.Definitely after being in the US,I know you must be missing it.No Graham Crackers there ,thats something unbelievable.Nice to know about the life and things there as you said you lose some you gain some.You MUST come back to blogging and expecting many many baked goodies from you..
    The no bake cookies are delicious and healthy.I will try with peanutbutter.