Here is a collection of baking and cooking recipes using soy as one of the ingredients. This page will be updated on regular basis.

Roasted Soy Beans or Soy Nuts

In the mood for something crunchy to eat? But too bad all such store bought snacks are deep fried in oil. That's when it's time to try these roasted soy beans. It's easy to make, doesn't use any fancy ingredients or tedious procedure. Plain and simple yet great on taste and health.

Eggless Baked Spring Rolls

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Happy Ugadi to all of you!I have wanted to try baking spring rolls for a long time now.  While in Canada, I saw an episode in...

Whole Wheat and Sesame Crackers

A very easy to bake whole wheat cracker recipe.

Moroccan CousCous

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Looking for an interesting vegetarian couscous recipe? This Moroccan couscous recipe is the answer! Flavorful, healthy and easy to make, all in one, this dish is a sure crowd pleaser. No doubts!

Soy Beans Crepes (Dosa)

Unbelievably soft soy beans dosas.

Egg Substitute 101