Eggless Baked Spring Rolls

Happy Ugadi to all of you!

eggless baked spring rolls

I have wanted to try baking spring rolls for a long time now.  While in Canada, I saw an episode in Food TV where the host was preparing baked spring rolls using phyllo pastry sheets.  I remembered the procedure, but forgot the temperature and time it has to be baked.  I searched for the recipe in Canada’s Food TV website but could not find it.  Then I found it here.  I got spring roll pastry from the Indian store.  I checked the ingredients and it doesn’t have eggs.

1. Shred cabbage and carrots, slice scallions finely.  You can also add thinly sliced green peppers.
2. In a frying pan add a tablespoon of oil and saute all the vegetables, add salt, soy sauce and pepper powder.
3. Let it cool.

1. Thaw the spring roll pastry as per the instructions in the package.
2. Carefully remove a sheet and spray with non stick spray on both the sides.  (I don’t know whether spraying on both the sides is necessary, but I did it anyway.)
3. Keep the filling in the bottom and wrap it as you would wrap a tortilla.
4. Grease the baking sheet and place the wrapped spring rolls and bake it at 350F for 30-35 minutes or until they are golden brown.
5. I also flipped the rolls after 15 minutes and flipped them back again after 30 minutes.

The spring rolls were very crispy and tasty.  Everybody loved it, especially my son had 2 of them at one go.  You would never deep fry your spring rolls again, once you taste this.

My Notes:
1. The sheets have to be removed very carefully, because they are fragile and tend to tear easily.  A couple of mine tore but I was able to wrap them anyway and the filling did not come out.  The author of the recipe has clearly explained how to remove the sheets in the “Reviews” section of her post, but I did not go through it at first.  I saw it after putting the rolls in the oven.  Next time I’ll surely follow her tips. 

1. I think we can make potato puffs with these wrappers instead of using the puff pastry sheets which are very high in fat content.
2. As I have mentioned earlier, baked spring rolls can be made with phyllo pastry sheets also, but I have not tried it.


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  1. the dry wrap is actually rice paper roll, they will not brown. they are supposed to be consumed after using water to soften it(wrap it with lettuce and cooked protein).

  2. All I can find is the dry spring roll wraps you put into warm water to soften. I rolled my rolls and brushed with oil cooked in oven. They didn’t even brown ,they just split and were so rubbery you couldn’t eat them. Need help

    • The wrapper I used was available in the freezer, Susan. I had to thaw it before using. I haven’t tried it in the wrapper you have mentioned.

        • I got mine in the Indian grocery store, but you should be able to get it in the Oriental stores too. I think yours is not browning because you dip it in water.

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  4. Dear Madhu,

    Looks awesome! I am really keen on trying it out. Just had a couple of queries. Can we use rice sheets for making spring rolls? Also, Incase I need to make these ahead of time for a get together…Can we roll them and refrigerate and then bake them last min?


    Hi Devika, I’m not sure about the rice paper thing. You can definitely roll them ahead of time and then bake it. I would suggest freezing it if you are going to bake it after 3 or 4 days. You may have to bake it a couple minutes longer if it is frozen. I have tried this with the vegetarian empanadas. I froze it for a month or so and then used it. If you want to bake the same day, then you can roll it in the morning and bake it in the evening.

  5. Thanks Sagari, RedChillies and Vaishali.

    Vaishali, I tried it with the spring roll sheets only. But I have seen an episode in Food TV, where phyllo sheets were used.

  6. Thanks Roma. Yes indeed, you have to keep the pastry sheets moist covering them with a wet towel. The same holds good for these spring roll wrappers also. Inspite of keeping them wet, mine tore. Later I read in the original recipe, that it has be rolled and unrolled back and forth to remove the individual sheet.

  7. Yesterday I was watching a recipe show in which the chef said that we need to work very quickly with phyllo pastry sheets as they dry up fast. I never got a chance to used them.

    Spring rolls look great!

  8. Anjali, SS, Divya, Sunita, Cham, Laksh, Hima, Akay thank you very much. It was very delicious indeed. It disappeared just like that. So next time I will be preparing a lot more.

  9. This sheet has no egg Madhu and the rice sheet too 🙂 I make it too but different filling, looks perfect. I wish u Happy Ugadi to u and ur Family.


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