Fruit Cocktail for A Taste of Yellow Event

Fruit Cocktail

I came across a recipe for mixed fruit juice in my grocery store’s magazine.  The original recipe called for fresh/frozen mangoes, fresh/canned pineapples, and freshly squeezed orange juice.  Since I had mango pulp which I got from the Indian store and orange juice in hand I thought I could use them instead and get canned pineapples alone.

Mango pulp – 1 cup
Canned pineapple chunks in juice – 1 can (20 ounce)
Orange Juice – 1 cup

The measurements really don’t matter, you can change the ratio as you wish.


Empty the canned pineapple with its juice in a blender and blend it smooth.  Then add the mango pulp and orange juice and blend it once again.  That’s it.  The fruit cocktail is ready!  The juice tasted very good but the flavor of mango was dominant.  I personally like mango juice very much, but if you don’t like it you can decrease the quantity of mango pulp.

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  1. varsha

    hey madhuram , I tried this yesterday, as didn’t know what to do with a tin of mango pulp ….excellent …..yummy……..irresistible !!! 😛 super nice …all loved it … .

    Thanks Varsha.

  2. Madhuram

    Barbara, thank you for hosting such a wonderful event.

    SS, missed your comments here.

  3. SS

    Cool, this is exactly what I want to sip now 😛

  4. barbara

    Fabulous colour, fabulous drink. Thank you for supporting LiveSTRONG With A Taste OF Yellow.

  5. Madhuram

    Thanks everybody. Give it a try this summer.

    Spillay and Trupti welcome to my blog. Hope you find it interesting.

  6. Trupti

    Fruit Cocktail looks delicious Madhuram. I tasted this cocktail recently at my friends home

  7. sagari

    beautiful color madhu

  8. sushma

    😀 Thats luks so nice..nice entry

  9. Madhavi

    Lovely n refreshing drink!!!

  10. dhivya

    love the color 🙂 great entry

  11. kamala

    Refreshing cool drink

  12. Uma

    so refreshing fruit cocktail 🙂 . nice entry.

  13. ranji

    lovely cocktail madhuram…delicious entry!!!

  14. Roma

    The fruit punch looks refreshing. What better way to beat the heat this summer!

  15. Cham

    Beautiful and refreshing entry 🙂