Juice Recipes

Find a collection of fantastic juice recipes including Strawberry milk, Blueberry flavored milk, fruit cocktail, homemade cherry cola, raspberry lemonade and more.

Homemade Cherry Cola

Homemade Cherry Cola

Make caffeine free cherry cola at home using natural cherry juice and sparkling water.

Care For Some Homemade Strawberry Milk?

A very simple recipe to prepared Strawberry Milk at home with fresh/frozen strawberries, without any artificial additives. Your kids are going to love it!
Juice Recipes

Yummy Blueberry Flavored Milk

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A very simple recipe to prepare blueberry juice using fresh/frozen blueberries and for preparing blueberry flavored milk.

Raspberry Lemonade and Pops

Raspberry season is almost around the corner. Make your annual trip to your favorite "pick-your-own" farms, bring the berries home and prepare this vibrant and refreshing lemonade with your kids and see it becoming your family's summer tradition.

Fruit Cocktail for A Taste of Yellow Event

I came across a recipe for mixed fruit juice in my grocery store's magazine.  The original recipe called for fresh/frozen mangoes, fresh/canned pineapples, and freshly squeezed orange juice.  Since I had mango pulp which I...

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