Twirly Whirly Pizza

twirly Whirly Pizza

I don’t know what it is with the oven and me, I just love to use the oven. Before starting the new adventure of baking eggless cakes and muffins, I started simply with cooking store bought frozen French fries and pizzas. We prefer making them at home because we can control the amount of cheese and increase the quantity of veggies. I’ve not yet tried to make the dough myself. Recently I have also found a simple recipe to make home made pizza dough using whole wheat flour. Can’t wait to try that!

But before that a simple one to make at home with store bought ingredients. I saw this recipe in Parents Magazine a couple of months back. I wanted to try this for a long time now, but got a chance only today. You need just 4 ingredients to make this beautiful looking and tasty pie. Refrigerated pizza dough, sauce, any cheese of your choice (I used the part skim pizza blend cheese) and fresh baby spinach. This can also be considered a healthy pizza, because it requires only half a cup of cheese and has spinach. Not bad for a pizza, which has a bad reputation as greasy food. The process is also very easy, but a little messy at the end. The next time I bake it I would add some pepper powder/chilly flakes too. It was very bland for our taste. Other than that, this recipe is definitely a keeper. Kids will also enjoy doing this. Find the recipe here.

1 tube (13.8 ounces) refrigerated pizza dough
1/2 cup pizza sauce
1/2 cup shredded Italian-mix cheese, divided
1 cup fresh baby spinach leaves

Stage 1:
Preheat the oven to 400F/200C for 15 minutes. Unroll the dough.

pizza dough

Stage 2:
Spread the pizza sauce and sprinkle half of the cheese.

Sprinkle Cheese

Stage 3:
Top with the spinach leaves. (I used more than 1 cup, so rolling was a bit difficult)

put spinach on top

Stage 4:
Roll the dough starting with the short end.

roll dough

Stage 5:
Cut into 8 pieces and place it in a greased pie tin and sprinkle with remaining cheese.

pie tin

Stage 6:
Bake it for 22-25 min and indulge!


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  1. Vegan Dinner Date |

    […] Whirly Twirly Pizza from Eggless I made two of these, one with spinach and basil (I added fresh basil to the recipe) and then one with just basil. For this recipe too I did buy a Vegan cheese. To be honest I though this was good but not as good as the chili. I followed the recipe and used the roll out pizza doughs in the cans (like the crescent rolls, etc) but I always always always homemake my own pizza dough, so I’m not sure if I just didn’t like the “crust” or if it was the cheese I wasn’t super fond of. Regardless this recipe was soooo easy to make and to me is a brilliant idea! They are so fun, cute and creative! I love that you can make these with any ingredients you can think of! It’s also super kid friendly!! Seriously, what kids wouldn’t love helping make this? […]

  2. Pablo Calixte

    I would like to say, excellent post. Im unsure if it has been talked about, however when using Explorer I can never get the whole page to load without refreshing many times. Maybe just my CPU. Thanks

  3. Madhura

    I absolutely love the recipes on your site. They are sooo easy and soo tasty. For this recipe, did you cover with aluminium foil while baking the pizza or uncovered?

    Thank you very much Madhura. I did not cover it while baking.

  4. Tanvee

    Hi Madhuram,

    Thank you for your simple and delicious recipes. I am a university student and don’t have too much time to cook. This pizza is perfect for my schedule 🙂
    All your recipes look interesting and fun. Thanks!

    You’re welcome Tanvee and thank you very much for your compliments.

  5. snageta

    hi madhuram,
    first of all thanks for dropping by……..n the suggestion,i found all your recipes very interesting, i am a cooking-baking enthusiast too so i think i shall keep coming to your blog in the future…………

    You’re welcome Sangeeta.

  6. sarah

    I had fun making this with my son. It was easy,fast and delicious! I did add garlic salt and onion powder to it and cooked it at 425 for 35 minutes. Please if you have other easy recipes send them my way.

    Thanks for trying it and for your feedback as well Sarah. Sent you an email.

  7. Deepa

    Madhu, WHich pizza dough did you use (as it probably has no eggs, if you used it!). –deepa

    I use Pillsburry’s Pizza Crust. I hear that even pizzeria’s sell the dough alone, I should try that too and make my own pizza dough too sometime.

  8. rekha

    Hi Madhuram,
    Iam rekha I just saw your blog and loved it alot beeing a vegetarian I like all your recipes and this pizza is just amaizing can I try this and post it in my blog? Ineed your permission for this please leave a comment in my blog and please visit my blog waiting for your reply
    Thanks a lot

  9. Gopi

    Hi Madhuram, first time to ur blog. it is suberb. I love ur pizza recipe…will try it soon!!

  10. Madhuram

    @Siri: It’s healthy one too, with just half a cup of cheese and lot of spinach. But you might want to add something to spice it up. It was a little bland. Try adding some red chili flakes.

  11. Siri

    this is one sensational Pizza Madhu, just loved it.. and I am sure will make it soon. 😆

    Siri 😀

  12. Arundathi

    That looks delicious. I just tried home made pizza for the first time last evening and enjoyed doing it. I doubt we can find prepared pizza dough here in Chennai, but this recipe is a keeper. Thanks very much for sharing.

  13. Madhuram

    Gary, thank you very much for trying the pizza. I really appreciate it. Just use half a cup of sauce and 1 cup of spinach that should work out fine.