Oats and Coconut Milk Pudding

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Oats and Coconut Milk Pudding

Palada Pradhaman (pudding) is a very famous sweet dish in Kerala. It is made using rice flakes, jaggery syrup, and coconut milk. These days the rice flakes (called ada) are readily available in Indian grocery stores. Also originally the whole coconut is grated and ground to extract the milk in 3 stages, which is called the first milk, second milk, and third milk. But nowadays both coconut milk and coconut milk powder are readily available, making the process of preparing pradhaman very easy.

I found this recipe for preparing Oats Pradhaman in a magazine. As I have mentioned earlier the recipe calls for coconut milk prepared right from scratch. So I have modified the recipe to simplify the procedure by using store bought canned coconut milk. The pradaman was yummy. It did not taste like oats at all.

Oats and Coconut Milk Pudding Recipe

Prep TimeCook TimeMakes
05 Mins15 Mins2 Servings
Oats and Coconut Milk Pudding A very simple Pradhaman (coconut milk pudding) recipe with Oats. It is very delicious twist to the traditional recipe.
  • 1/4 Cup Quick Cooking Oats
  • 1/4 Cup Jaggery Powdered (Or More If You Have A Very Sweet Tooth)
  • 1/2 Cup Water
  • One 13.5 Fl.Oz Can Coconut Milk
  • 2 Teaspoons Coconut Oil
  • 3 Tablespoons Cashew Nuts Broken Into Small Pieces
  • 2 Tablespoons Raisins
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Cardamom Powder
  1. In a heavy bottom sauce pan add the powdered jaggery and water.
  2. Once the jaggery dissolves completely, pour this syrup slowly into another vessel so the impurities in the jaggery will remain in the bottom of the sauce pan itself.
  3. Now clean the sauce pan and transfer the syrup back to the sauce pan itself.
  4. Let this syrup boil for 2 minutes. Now add the oats to the syrup and let it boil for another 3 minutes. By this time the oats would have cooked.
  5. Now add the coconut milk to the oats/jaggery mixture and combine it well. Once it boils, switch off the stove.
  6. In a small frying pan add the coconut oil. Once it heats add the cashew pieces and raisins and fry until golden brown. Add this and the cardamom powder to the oats pradhaman.
My Notes:
  1. Those who have ate oatmeal (or oats kanji) would know that oats tends to get sticky. I think toasting the oats in a dry skillet for 2 minutes before adding it to the jaggery syrup would make it less gooey.
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    Madhuram, Made this today for my husband’s b’day..Came out very well..will be posting mine sometime..thanks for sharing..

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  4. hemamalini

    Good and healthy recipe indeed. I too recently prepared this as palada payasam. yet to blog the stuff. looks yum and delish madhu. 😉

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    Looks delicious..beautiful clicks..

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    This is a creative pudding recipe. Looks so good. Lovely color. Nice picture…

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    Sounding very new & different,
    will surely try with yummy combination of Oats & Coconut milk.


  9. Uma

    never heard of this pudding before. looks like a nice combo or oats and coconut milk. Looks great. 🙂

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    Lovely healthy recipe. I am looking out for ways to add oats in our diet and this will definetly help. Thanks Madhuram.

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    I love your quicker version of a traditional recipe. It looks absolutely gorgeous and delicious. Thanks for this lovely entry.

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    Sounds interesting …. tasty recipe

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    Readymade powders sure make life easy!Great idea to replace rice flakes with oats..

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    Madhuram, lovely recipe wt oats..read ur notes abt toasting them too..good one!

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    Looks like Dhal payasam ! An healthy way to indulge the sweet bowl 😀

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