Announcing Whole Grain Baking Event - Quinoa

Whole Grain Baking Event - Quinoa

Wish you all a very happy Tamil New Year! After a small hiatus, I thought its high time that I kick start the whole grain baking event with Quinoa (pronounced as Keenwah) this month. Quinoa is not exotic any more. I would say that the credit for the popularity of quinoa (and other similar healthy ingredients) goes to the enthusiastic food bloggers who bring it to light.

The protein content in Quinoa is very high making it very popular among vegetarians, vegans and athletes. In fact it is considered even superior to rice and wheat. It is also a good source of fiber, phosphorous, magnesium and iron. Another fact worth remembering is it is gluten free too. To know more about the benefits and nutritional value of quinoa check here.

Whole grain forms of Quinoa includes any type of whole quinoa, quinoa flour and quinoa flakes. Please do let me know if you are aware of any other form of whole quinoa.

Quinoa Recipe Ideas:
Rules of the event:

1 Bake anything egg less using one or more of the whole grain forms of quinoa (whole quinoa, whole grain quinoa flour, quinoa flakes, quinoa cereal, etc).

2 Post it in your blog between April 14th 2010 and May 13th 2010. The dish can be anything sweet, salty or spicy. The recipes must be either vegetarian and eggless or vegan. If the recipe is from books/blogs/websites, please link back /mention the original source.

3 Multiple entries are more than welcome. Recipes posted prior to the announcement of this event are also welcome provided it qualifies the above criteria and is linked back to this event. Reposting is not necessary.

4 Email me your name, blog URL, name of the recipe, recipe URL, photo in 150w x 120h size to wholegrains(at) with Quinoa as the subject.

5 Non-bloggers you can submit your entries in Eggless Cooking Forums under Share Egg Free Recipes. You have to register first and it’s free! Send me an email after updating there and I’ll include it in the round up.