EnerG Egg Replacer Recipes – Round Up

Egg ReplacerYet another time my food blogging buddies have whipped up some amazing goodies to make the EnerG egg replacer event a huge success. When I chose egg replacer powder (EnerG) as the egg substitute for last month’s theme, I was really not sure if they would take the trouble to find it, buy it and bake with it. Boy was I wrong! The entries have poured in more than ever this time. Many of them have sent more than 3 entries. I thank each and everyone of you for such an enthusiastic participation.

This page specifically describes how to use Ener-G Replacer as an egg substitute in various baking recipes. Check out other possible egg substitute ingredients, quantity, and best suitable baking recipes here.

Priya has outnumbered her previous record by sending 10 entries this time. I can’t appreciate her enough for taking the trouble to get the egg substitute powder and baking so many delicious and healthy treats with it, when she usually bakes with eggs. Debra, another amazing egg free baker has sent 5 entries. It’s difficult to believe that the amazing cakes she bakes and decorates are eggless. Look it for yourself. Vaishali a compassionate cook, who bakes healthy and delicious vegan treats has sent 4 entries. Sweatha, another buddy of mine managed to bake in the midst of a big move and has sent 3 gorgeous treats. Dhanya, a cake decorating pro has sent 2 entries. Pavithra, Uma and Libby have sent 1 entry each.


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  1. Hi everyone I am new to “egg free” I used this in my egg breakfast casserole and it was horrible. Did I do it wrong? It was clear and slimy. I used the correct directions for one egg. I also used it in my brownie mix and had to throw it away because it was very runny. What is going on?
    Did I also mention we are gluten, dairy and egg free due to allergies ūüôĀ I am really struggling with using this egg subs.

    • Hi Jessa, I’m sorry to hear about your allergies and also the baking disasters. I have heard from many people that Ener-G does not work well in brownie recipes, so I didn’t bother about even trying it. Also Ener-G does not work well in cake mixes too. It is already stated in the box itself. But I did get some decent cookies using Ener-G in a cake mix. What Ener-G works best in is “right from scratch cookies”. You can’t go wrong with it at all. I’m completely satisfied with Ener-G in cookie recipes. I have dozens of such recipes. Also gluten and egg free baking is a very tricky one. You definitely need to use xanathan gum if you want to bake gluten and egg free. I have not tried it myself.

      What sort of casserole are you taking about? Is it an eggy one like a frittata? In that case silken tofu should be the preferrd egg substitute. If you send me the recipe, I’ll figure out what could be the best egg substitute.

  2. Hi Madhuram,
    I tried Debraís Eggless Devilís Food Cake and I know u might not know much about it but a general question for you – on baking the cake looked good and when I turned it on cooling rack, after 5 min it started diving into 3 portions starting from center! Any idea? Your suggestion will help me a lot!!

    • Hi Simmy, by turning it on a cooling rack, do you mean that you inverted the cake on the rack from the pan? If that’s the case, then the reason for the cake breaking is you did not give enough time for the cake to cool. I don’t know if you lined the pan with parchment paper. If you didn’t line it and used a non stick cooking spray etc for greasing the pan, you will have to leave the cake in the pan for at least a couple of hours before you invert it. From my experience I feel that the best method to bake cakes is to line the pan with parchemnt/wax paper. In that case you could remove it from the pan just after 15-20 minutes. It works like a charm each and every time. Please feel free to write to me if you have any other questions.

      • Thank you so much for the reply. I will use the parchment paper from now on. Another question for you though – I did the Wiltonís course 1 this month and baked almost 4 cakes in a month. Butter cream icing is fine. But I am sure during your visit to India you would have seen these days how the bakery chefs use the whipped cream icing and their Eggless pastries and Eggless cakes are sooooo moist and soft but NOT raw/under cooked/ gooey or stiff. How do they do that? Any idea? I have done the whipped cream icing with success but the softness in the pastries is a dream. Any input will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

        • I too have been wondering that Simmy. I think they add some sort of soda (like sprite/7 up and coke maybe in chocolate cakes) before putting the pan in the oven. I have been meaning to try that, but didn’t get a chance yet.

  3. hi,

    Does the Ener-G Replacer gets spoiled? how long can we store it? Since we need only a very small quantity for each use how do we store the rest?


  4. hey guys i love to bake cakes and i have a few questions to ask
    1.what can i use as an egg replacer or egg substitute in cakes?
    2.in microwave cooking how long should i bake cakes and brownies?
    (like i tried for 20 mins in power level 3 i did not turn out good so please suggest me time and power levels in microwave baking).
    3.can cookies be baked in microwave.if yes what power and time?
    4.where can i get egg replacer products like ener-g in chennai

    • 1. We can’t have a blanket approach when it comes to egg substitutes. We have to choose one seeing the recipe.
      2 & 3. I don’t have experience baking in microwave oven.
      4. Egg replacer is not available in Chennai as far as I know. Other substitutes like flaxseed meal, applesauce, banana, yogurt/buttermilk can be used.

      • thanks for your reply .i want to know how to choose a flax seed can you tell me how to choose one like i saw a flax seed packet it was deep red in color and it’s size was as long as a basmati rice. can i use that for baking.

        • Usually flaxseed comes in three colors; golden, brown and red, but it is not as big as basmati rice. More like the size of cumin maybe. Actually I have only seen golden and brown flax seed, so I don’t know if the red one is bigger. It’s called alsi in hindi.


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