Pureed Fruit as Egg Substitute – Round Up

When I first announced Egg Replacement Event I was not sure how well it would be received. I need not have doubted after all, because my food blogging buddies have consistently given their support for this one of its kind event by sending a lot of entries. Thank you very much DK, Uma, PG, Sweatha and Priya especially for sending the most number of entries each and every month.

This page specifically describes how to use pureed fruits as an egg substitute in various baking recipes. Check out other possible egg substitute ingredients, quantity, and best suitable baking recipes here.

Also thanks to my wonderful husband for putting together this beautiful round up. He spent 3 hours on this yesterday afternoon.

Mashed Banana
Prune Puree

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  1. Eggs are actually good for you. Would never want to bake anything ‘eggless’ but for those who are allergic, I guess this site is an alternative.

  2. Glad I found your blog! I’ve been baking for some time but only simple, basic recipes. I want to learn to bake more healthy goodies and I’m determined to learn a better way. Your posts are very helpful in that way. Thanks!


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