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I’m Madhuram living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA with my husband and my son who is two and a half years old. Although my mother tongue is Telugu, we are convenient with Tamil because we were born and raised in Tamil Nadu. The language we speak is a mixture of both.

I’ve always had interest in cooking. Back in India I used to follow all the cooking shows regardless of language, eagerly look for recipes in magazines be it veg or non veg. Being vegetarian, I used to think maybe I can use cauliflowers/potatoes in a non-veg recipe. But the truth is I didn’t cook as much as I watched the shows. Occasionally I used to try some interesting recipe or cook when my grandmother or mother was not feeling well which was very rare.

Like many others who come to US from India after their marriage I also packed as much as I can, which included a LOT of books on cooking. But again I didn't get a chance to experiment all those recipes because my husband was a VERY VERY VERY DIET/HEALTH CONSCIOUS person. He didn't want anything fried in oil, nothing spicy or salty, nothing very sweet. God that was a tough period to learn a different kind of cooking altogether! So again I was just reading recipes, now from websites. That was the only difference. We didn't have cable TV connection then, so was not able to watch FOOD TV.

We had to move to Canada for a couple of months. There I started watching Food TV regularly, or to tell the truth, I was watching only Food TV. I was so thrilled to see the hosts baking cookies and cakes, breads and muffins. I just fell in love with baking. Until then I did not know what to do with the oven, I was just using it like another kitchen shelf, storing my oversize cooker, Dosa pans etc.

One day my husband and I were watching an episode in Food TV. Yes my husband also, even though he doesn’t eat much, he likes to watch Food TV. In that episode, the host was preparing potato puffs with puff pastry sheets. My husband told me that I should also try that, and to my surprise he also said that he will go to the store immediately and get the puff pastry and baking sheet and meanwhile I can prepare the potato stuffing. So I prepared the masala and switched on the oven to preheat it. My God, that was a big process because I had kept so many boxes etc in my oven, remember I was using it as a storage only. I had to remove all of them, find a place for it. (Now that I’m using the oven more often, not for baking per se but for preparing the store bought frozen French fries and making pizzas, my mother in law has converted the dishwasher into a storage area, seeing me moving things out each time I want to use the oven) My husband got the cookie sheets made in aluminum foil and the puffs came out very well. Hey I can hear what you guys are telling, this is not baking, it’s just using the oven. Yes I agree, but that was by itself a big deal for me.

Sometime later I bought a baking set because it was on sale. It was just lying idle. I didn't know from where to start. Because I’ve seen in the Food TV shows, that they were using the big hand mixers etc. I didn’t want to invest in them without having a clue how to use them. So I used to google to see if there were any classes for baking nearby. But found none. Earlier I had bought the Magic Bullet blender and one day I was going through the recipe book given with that. There were some recipes for muffins. The process of preparing the batter was so simple, just put flour, oil etc in the blender’s big jar and pour it in the muffin pan. I wanted to try it, but I had to use eggs. As mentioned earlier being a vegetarian I was hesitant to bring eggs home. (But the secret was I started eating eggs after coming to US, I love Dunkin Donuts’ egg and cheese sandwich very much. Sshhh….. don’t tell my mother.) Then somehow I mustered some courage to buy eggs and try the recipe. I simply followed the instructions and it came out well, but both my husband and myself couldn't tolerate the smell of egg in the muffins. I don’t know whether it was psychological or something, we didn't feel like eating it at all.  We do enjoy the pastries bought from the store, we are conscious of the fact that they are made with eggs only, but the idea of bringing it home and baking with them made us uncomfortable. The same happened when I tried chocolate chip cookies also. So I didn't bake anything later. But I did want to learn to bake and got a book “BAKING FOR DUMMIES”. I did see some eggless recipes in that book for cookies, but I don’t know why I didn’t try them. With a newborn and related pressure I forgot all about this.

We moved back to US again. Once I was googling to find out how to break the Jaggery mounds we get in the Indian store. That time I found a link to Indira’s site. I was really dumbfounded after visiting that site. It was EXCELLENT. There I found a recipe for an eggless cake made with bananas and carrots. I tried it the next day itself and it came out very well. I have tried that cake with so many variations and each time it’s a hit. This rekindled my passion for baking.

From Indira’s site I visited lot of other fabulous blogs. Until then I had no idea what blogs were and was not aware of the fact that there were so many other passionate cooks out there. Shilpa’s www.aayisrecipes.com, sunitha’s blog and so many other food blogs inspired me so much that I also wanted to become a part of this delicious world.

So that's how egglesscooking.com was born.

Back in Canada again, since 2009.

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  1. Aadhya

    Hi Madhuram,
    Nice to read abt u.. Am from Hyderabad living in Canada Mississauga city.. U r inspiration to many who donno how to start baking.. Even am worried and didn’t try any time to bake as I don’t have any idea on over spclly setting temperatures… Still finding a day wn I can start up baking…

    • Madhuram

      Great Aadhya. I will mail you. Please let me know if you have any questions, will be more than happy to help you with your baking escapade. If I can, you can too.

  2. Huey

    Hi madhuram have tried many recipes fr u…love them. I have same issue being vegetarian cant stand smell egg in baked goods.tq for starting n continuing to blog even after motherhood.tq for sharing

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Huey.

  3. Kamna

    Hi Madhuram,
    I was hunting around for some eggless recipes for muffins and just came across yours . Iam going to try your banana muffins this week. They seem to be great. I’ve been making banana bread but it uses eggs and this time I wanted to make some eggless ones.
    Loved to read ‘about eggless cooking’. Thought I saw a bit of myself there … All the best!

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Kamna.

  4. jayashree

    Hello, a very nice collection of eggless recipes. Loved your collection as I too beleive in making them eggless.

  5. Laxmi

    Loved reading your post about your history
    I am a pinky that also loves to cook we strictly vegetarian and do not eat eggs
    We mostly eat Indian food love just finished making DOHSA and Italy my family loves them
    My husband Jai maha Dev has Indian relatives
    Enjoyed your comment about the oven many of my Indian friends also put things in their oven like that and I could never understand why
    Now I do thank you for that
    Just made your vanilla cupcakes with the orange zest love them
    Have a great day keep cooking !

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Laxmi.

  6. Mazee Africa

    Hi Madhuram,

    Hi im from Kenya and am interested in cooking cakes from eggless recipes please let me know how to begin many thanks and please keep in touch a fan for ever thanks

    Mazee Africa

    • Madhuram

      Thank you for contacting me Mazee and all the best for baking egg free. All the recipes I have on the blog are quite simple, especially with the extensive notes and suggestions I have mentioned. Start with basic cookie or simple cake recipes. Do contact me if you have any doubts on a specific recipe, so that I can make your baking experience less frustrating.

  7. Anshumee

    Hi ,

    Read your story. I can totally relate to your story parts where the oven initially was a storage place for me too and toasting store bought garlic bread was a big deal for me. Slowly started baking (eggless, ofcourse) and still not a pro with it as with my 11/2 year old son , I don’t find that much time. I am so much inspired by your story to do it more often. Thanks for posting your story.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Anshumee.

  8. Pragyan

    Hi, I do hv donut recipe, both egg n eggless, pl mail me if u want.

    • Madhuram

      Sure, send it to me Pragyan.

  9. Hema

    Hi there!
    after years of hunting i finally found your site to help vegetarians like me bake with ease. Thanks a ton for making life easy for all vegetarians! will try the recipes from your site. i have a request though… could you please help me with a donut (doughnut) recipe? I have the energy egg re-placer but sadly never attempted to use it, with your help finally the product is put in use. Thanks a ton once again.


    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome Hema. I too am in search of a good donut recipe. Last year I tried one and was not completely satisfied. So will post one for sure when I find the best.

  10. Rekha

    Hi Madhuram,

    I came to your website looking for “egg-less cake”, that is not hard like a rock and doesn’t taste like a wood-bark 🙂

    I haven’t tried your recipe yet, but I will.

    In the mean time I checked out your “About” page and it compelled me to write this comment here. I’m not a good cook, but I am a healthy-eater. Mostly don’t cook using any of the Indian recipes, because of health reasons. Anyway, but once in a while I do indulge in less-healthier dishes 🙂

    Good luck with your cooking and thank your for these egg-less recipes; I will visit again, definitely. I’m glad I found your site.

    By the way, Indira’s website has moved – your link is still pointing to old one (I was a regular visitor to Indira’s site)


    • Madhuram

      Thanks for the feedback, Rekha.

  11. mustardseed

    Loved reading your story! I have visited your blog a couple of times and a lot of people I know have heard about your blog. Your blog is the go to place for finding eggless recipes. There aren’t many blogs as good as yours with successful and delicious eggless recipes. Keep up the wonderful work!

  12. CurryLeaf

    Hi Madhu,
    I have sent an email on your hotmail id. Pls do check and get back. 🙂

  13. Manjeeta

    Hi Madhuram,


    I was looking for ideas on how to cook beet leaves and stems and came across your site. I did not use the recipe but ventured to be creative! I made it with ‘rai’, garlic, ginger, an onion, salt to taste and turmeric. It turned out delicious.

    Thanks for your wonderful website. I relate to what you shared that you watched but did not cook. I did that and recently took out my late mum’s recipes and have been having fun with cooking – that’s a new line :).


    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Manjeeta.

  14. Rachel

    Hello my name is Rachel and I am 12 years old. At 2 I had a cake with eggs in it. I had a reaction to it and we went to the docter. They tested me for allergies and the result said I was allergic to eggs and penuts. I couln’t have any cake,cupcakes or brownies for 10 years. Until one day I came home from school and my grandma showed me your website. I was so happy I was crying. My grandma said she made some “THE BEST CHOCOLATE COOKIES”. I took a bite and fell in love. I have made some by myself and turned out great. I thought my egg allergy would stand in my way of my dream to cook. You have proven that thought wrong. You are a blessing to me Thank you Mrs.Madhuram. Your friend Rachel

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome dear. I’m very happy that you can now pursue your dream of cooking. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to help you. Thank you very much for the feedback.

  15. nitya & viji


    Me and my Mom are so excited going through your blog. Both of us are really keen on trying new recipes and we also eat pastries outside but NEVER brought fresh eggs home to try.

    Can’t wait to give a few of your recipes a go will keep you posted on how lovely they turn out.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Nitya and Viji.

  16. Joanne Chua

    Hi Mad,
    I am from Singapore. The fact is I have been experimenting at least 10x for a good sponge cake to make a layered cake for my Master (monk).
    They either turned out to be too milky, too moist & dense or too light & fluffy.
    May I ask, from the pix of the vanilla cake, you mentioned it is good for layered. Is there anyway to make it lighter and fluffier? Otherwise, can I use your cupcake recipe for the cake? Is it too fluffy as in easily breakable?
    Btw, I have been substituting butter to oil, vinegar to lemon, flour to cake flour.
    Kindly advise & definitely thank you so much!

  17. Jade

    I am so glad I found this site, after years of being egg intolerant and never being able to find a good recipe with out eggs that worked well and tasted fantastic, it is almost a godsend that I found this. Thank you so much for creating this site with absolutely delicious recipes! I cannot wait to try them all.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Jade. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have regarding egg free baking. I’ll be glad to help you.

  18. Daniela

    Hi, I’m an italian Personal Chef with a daughter allergic to eggs. This afternoon I tried your eggless muffins (I made simple vanilla ones without bananas as in the original recipe). They were delicious. Thank you very much for the recipes 🙂

    • Madhuram

      Thanks Daniela.

  19. CWE

    Really this is the most fabulous site I have been to in a long time! My son was just diagnosed with an allergy to egg whites. I don’t do a lot of baking/cooking as it is but I know I’m going to have to start because I can’t trust what is sold in stores. I’m so so thankful you created this!
    My sister in law found your site and sent me here. Truthfully, I was expecting it to be like other sites that say they are eggless, but actually just use processed egg substitutes (which usually still contain some sort of egg in it!).
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

    • Madhuram

      You’re very welcome CWE. Thank you very much for taking the time to leave your comment.

  20. J

    This is a great site. Not being able to make delicious cakes without eggs is a thing of the past.

    God bless You and Your family.

    • Madhuram

      Thanks J.

  21. Chetana

    Hi Madhuram,
    I just bumped into your eggless world and simply love the site.
    I have never worked with any egg replacer and it makes everything interesting, since I hardly bake any eggless cakes.
    Your site is very clever and interesting, will pick few ideas and post you the results.
    Till then happy baking.
    ‘The Gourmet Table, Down Under- Live India A Little’

    • Madhuram

      Thanks for dropping by Chetana. You have a lovely blog too.

  22. radhika

    I have a Onida Microwave-grill-convection at my home. But I donot know how to use it for baking. I am using it for heating only. Any site or advise on how to start baking.

  23. Srimala

    Hi Madhuram,

    Like how you discovered many blogs, in the same way I chanced upon yours. Very nice to know that you have so many wonderful recipes and I have already tried the banana muffins. They are wonderful. Will be trying more 🙂 Keep up the passion 🙂

    • Madhuram

      Thank you very much for your compliments, Srimala. I’m glad that the banana muffins turned out good for you.

  24. Sarah

    Thanks for these egg free recipe. I’m trying to find a recipe we can use for our sons first birthday coming up. He is allergic to milk, wheat, eggs, peanuts, rice, and pears. Can you possibly recommend a recipe for us? Thanks so much.

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Sarah. Allergic to wheat is the biggest challenge. I haven’t tried a lot of gluten free baking especially cakes but for this Gluten-Free, Flourless, Vegan Chocolate Cake. Do Google for gluten free vegan baking recipes and you might come across some useful information.

  25. Kylie

    Thanks for the great site Madhuram. I teach cooking to kids through the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme. Having just started at a new school with a high focus on New Arrivals to Australia I found majority of the kids do not eat eggs. I did not learn this until after my first class where we cooked QUICHE and eggplant pasta. Thank goodness for the pasta.
    So I am on the path to learn how to cook without eggs. I look forward to using your site regularly.

    Thanks Again…

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Kylie. Hope you will like the recipes I have here.

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