Almond Butter Laddus

Almond Butter Laddu

Earlier last week, I stumbled upon Rachna’s blog and found a an interesting recipe for preparing laddus using peanut butter.  It’s such an easy recipe, with no cooking at all.  Surprisingly I had all the ingredients at home and moreover it was my friend’s daughter’s birthday, so I went ahead and made it immediately.

First I tried it with peanut butter.  One thing I forgot to notice was, the peanut butter had sodium in it, so the laddus were both sweet and salty.  But we did like the taste.

Later I remembered about the almond butter which was lying in my pantry after using it for the almond butter bread.  Immediately I checked the nutrition label and I saw 0gm Sodium.  So I made the ladoos again with almond butter and it was absolutely delicious.

For my laddoos I used 1/2 a cup of almond butter, 1/4 a cup of regular icing sugar, 1/4 cup of khoya and a pinch of cardamom powder.  Simply combine all the ingredients and shape it into balls.  I got 13 small ladoos for this measurement.

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  1. Sue


    My daughter was recently found to be allergic to eggs, milk, gluten, soy and cane sugar. She used to love eating cookies. I am finding it extremely difficult to find cookies without the abovementioned ingredients. Would you be able to post some recipes excluding these so she can still eat her sweet treats once in a while? I love your blog.

    I will keep your request in mind Sue. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Sharanjit

    I made them last night and they tasted heavenly. Thanks again for quick and easy recipe.Now only problem is weight control because they were so good I could not stop myself with just one or two. 😆

    That’s true Sharanjit. We couldn’t stop eating it too.

  3. Neena


    I read the Almond laddu recipe, and was wondering where you got the khoya from? can I find it somewhere in the California? or, please advise if I could use ricotta in its place?


    Hi Neena, I did get the khoya in the Indian grocery store in PA, so you should be able to find it in CA too. They usually keep it with the paneer in the freezer. I think ricotta cheese should work too, or simply try milk powder.

  4. Sukanya

    Delicious looking laddoos….Amazing photos….You have a wonderful blog

  5. Usha

    Hi Madhuram,this looks delicious…..

  6. dee

    btw will post herb mania today.. have been busy last two weeks …

  7. Shreya

    Cute yummy laddoos:-)

  8. Madhuram

    @Bhawana: You don’t need ghee Bhawana. The oil in the peanut butter or almond butter is sufficient. I made these again today, it’s just combining, the nut butter, khova, confectioner’s sugar and elaichi powder and making laddoos. Very easy and delicious dessert. Do try it and let me know how it comes.

  9. Bhawana

    after looking at ur laddus I bought khoya, ghee, and butter few things related to laddu. now will make it :)). Looking wonderful.

  10. sumarajesh

    hai ..thanks or ur comments dear…yes with the help of knief my hubby shaped that parathas….i really liked ur laddos ..its soo cute looking and unique dish….lov to grab one of those…its mouthwatering 😛

  11. Vidya

    Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it. I tried registering at Taste of india, but for some unknown reason it’s not getting added there 🙁 I try to use more oatmeal as part of our meals too:)

    I went thro’ your blog and you have very unique and nice recipes and i have bookmarked your site. I love the photos as well.

  12. Rajitha

    yum!! that is a great idea…and those ladoos would be finished by me in a single sitting :mrgreen:

  13. sivajini

    oh cool… thanks 🙂