Nupur’s Spicy Cauliflower Soup for YRR & T&T

cauliflower soup

Zlamushka of Burnt Mouth (Tried and Tasted) has come up with this brilliant idea of visiting one blog every month and cooking from that blog.

This month it’s Nupur’s, One Hot Stove.  Since I have started “Your Recipe Rocks” event, where we have to cook a non-rice wholesome food, from another blog, I chose to make this Spicy Cauliflower Soup.  Also, cauliflower is my husband’s favorite vegetable and I have not tried a soup out of it.

If cauliflower is your favorite vegetable and you are looking for more recipes, then try this oven roasted cauliflower recipe.

I did not have red pepper flakes, so I substituted it with half a red chili, dry roasted it with the cumin, coriander seeds and powdered it.  Other than that I did not make any changes to the original recipe.  The soup was very tasty.

Originally this soup is from a book, “The Art of Simple Food” by Alice Waters.  Nupur thank you very much for introducing us to such a wonderful recipe.  We all loved it absolutely and I’m gonna keep making it regularly.

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  2. Zlamushka

    this one is very popular with T&T bloggers. I love creamy soups, regardless of when or where I am. I am glad you had fun cooking with Nupur.

  3. sukanya

    Spicy Cauliflower Soup looks so good. So creamy YUM!

  4. ranji

    oooooooooooooo..that soup really rocks..especially since its made out of my fav veg.-cauliflower….superb choice:)..

  5. Nupur

    Thank you for trying the soup, Madhuram. It is truly one of my favorite recipes from Alice Waters. For me, it was very unusual to include cauliflower in a soup too. Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. kamala

    The soup looks really yummy Madhu!!!

  7. Asha

    That looks really good!:))

  8. Laavanya

    Nice looking soup and i like the presentation too.

  9. bhags

    nice soup, with that bread by the side, makes it more inviting

  10. Uma

    you have chosen a lovely recipe from Nupur’s! so mouth-watering. Yummy!

  11. Jayasree

    Good choice from Nupur’s. This one is among the many bookmarked recipes of hers. Good presentation.

  12. Purnima

    Madhuram, lovely pick from Nupur! She is an awesome blogger! The link to ice-cream —
    I didn’t post recipe as I had posted this recipe with Deeba’s link and I tweaked wt alphonso firm pcs this time round. Surely be creative with ur choice of fruits (cherries/strawberries etc) Tks so much for ur comment (Hope u didn’t mind that lengthy previous comment of mine, as u said experience..hee am used to ‘chatting n sharing’ so sometimes go overboard!!)

  13. Cham

    The soup sounds Good to me 🙂 Would be great light dinner 😀