Chana Dal and Bulgur Sundal

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Bulgur Channa Daal

I had some leftover bulgur after preparing this upma. I don't know how or why I got this idea, but decided to make chana dal (split yellow gram or kadalai paruppu, not garbanzo beans) sundal and mix the bulgur with it. Sundal is a very famous South Indian dish and is especially prepared everyday for 9 days during Navarathiri. Dried legumes or lentils are used to prepare it. I was so excited about this idea and started preparing it. I was pleasantly surprised and (proud, I think it's ok once in a while. Right?) of my creation, because it was absolutely delicious. Even though the bulgur gave a nice chewy texture, it was not at all apparent. So this is another way of sneaking extra fiber and whole grains to the usual sundal recipe.


Chana Dal and Bulgur Sundal Recipe

Prep TimeCook TimeMakes
45 Mins15 Mins1.5 Cup
Chana Dal and Bulgur Sundal
5.0 from 1 reviews
Delicious way to sneak bulgur in the regular chana dal sundal recipe.
  • 3/4 cup Cooked Bulgur
  • 1/2 cup Dry Channa Daal
  • 1 cup Water
  • 1/2 tablespoon Grated Ginger
  • a pinch Turmeric powder
  • 1 teaspoon Oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon Mustard Seeds
  • a pinch Hing
  • as required Green chillies, split into half
  • 1/4 cup Grated Coconut
  • As Required Salt
  1. I used leftover bulgur which I had prepared already. If you want to start with dry bulgur, soak bulgur with equal amount of boiling water (1:1) and a pinch of salt. It will take about 30-45 minutes to absorb the water and then it's ready.
  2. Add washed/rinsed chana dal (kadalai paruppu), 1 cup of water, turmeric and little salt in a pressure cooker. Also add the ginger, if using. I always use ginger while cooking lentils and legumes to aid easy digestion. Leave it for only one whistle and remove the cooker from the stove to stop the cooking process. If you cook it for more than 1 whistle the daal will become mushy. After the opening the cooker drain the daal in a colander. No need to reserve the water.
  3. Once you have the bulgur and channa daal ready, in a frying pan heat the oil.
  4. Once the oil is hot add the mustard seeds and hing. After it splutters add the green chillies. I used one chili, split in half.
  5. Now add the drained channa daal, little salt and fry for a minute. After that also include the prepared bulgur and combine it thoroughly. Leave it in the stove for another minute.
  6. Switch off the stove and add the grated coconut and mix it well. Garnish it with chopped coriander.
My Notes:
  1. If you don't have a pressure cooker you can cook the chana daal on stove top but it will take more time. Also you may have to increase the quantity of water.
  2. I have a very small size pressure cooker, so I cooked the chana dal directly. Instead you can also add the daal and water in a vessel, place it in the cooker and leave it for a whistle.
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  1. Pawan Rana

    so sweet and nice healthy food

  2. Sapna

    Hi, saw this and made it immediately (within 15 mins) just with chana dal (do have a very small pressure cook) and enjoying it while writing this message here…..great recipe…. thanks for sharing.

    You’re welcome Sapna.

  3. Saundarya

    Dude, u just did a great job.This post is really helpful.Thanks for sharing, I will feed your posts.

  4. Kay

    Interesting Sundal! will give it a try, Madhu.

    I guess what Puzhungal arisi is to Rice, Bulgur is to wheat.

    I have wanted to try kadalai paruppu sundal ever since I read kadalai paruppu balances bloood sugar well. Your picture makes me want to give it a try right away. 🙂

    Thanks Kay. I didn’t know about kadalai paruppu and blood sugar balance.

  5. Sri

    Making this one now! Loving the recipes!

  6. Usha

    I absolutely loved this idea Madhuram, very creative ! I have some bulgar in my pantry I am going to try it in sundal pretty soon 🙂

  7. Cynthia

    I’m bold over at how perfectly cooked your chana dal is.

  8. Priya Sriram

    I dint know what was bulgar (did google to find out 😉 )
    Nice and creative entry Madhu! 🙂 Looks delicious too…

  9. Siri

    thats one healthy creation Madhu 😀

    Have a great weekend ahead.

    Siri 🙂

  10. Aparna

    We make kadalai paruppu chundal, but this addition of bulghur sounds unusual. Looks very inviting.

  11. Bharti

    It’s more than OK to be proud, esp. some one as modest as you. The sundal looks and sounds yummy.I’ve never tasted this. Seems like I am severely limited in my exposure to South Indian dishes.

    You should try it Bharti. Even without the bulgur, it’s a quick and healthy snack.

  12. Cilantro

    Nice tasty Sundal. Sundal usually reminds me of Navarathri and I make them only then. It raining out here and Sundal pic is soo tempting.

  13. Soma

    Very innovative Madhu! All goodies in one bowl. I love to eat this kinda thing for my lunch.. quick, yummy & everything together.

  14. Priya

    Very creative, this is definitely a healthy dish..wonderful Madhu..

  15. mahimaa

    nice idea to add bulgur in sundal.. very healthy. nice pic madhu.

  16. A&N

    Every reason to be proud, I’d say 🙂

  17. FMB

    You would think only personal achievement blogs and success stories can inspire people. Little do we know that inspiration can come from any source, in any form at unexpected places/time.

    I love your recipes! They inspired me to do so much (especially during the times I got so busy with newborn and now when I’m occupied with a demanding 8 month old boy)!!

    Keep them coming!

    Thank you very much FMB.

  18. DivyA Vikram

    Lovely recipe madhu.I am always a fan of bughur. will try this..

  19. Asha

    Delicious, looks good Madhu, protein and carb, perfect meal. I baked something for your event today, will post in 2 weeks.Have a wonderful weekend, I might dig my veggie patch this weekend! 🙂

  20. SandhiyaKannan

    Very innovative idea madhu…You always got wonderful ideas..Great job..Sundal looks yum and inviting.

  21. Sweatha.j

    Absolutely inviting pic.Love the idea Madhu,you can definitely be proud not just this once,but always as all your dishes are too tempting and inspiring.

    Love the bulgur sundal.Hope you got my mail,I am yet to hear from you .

    Thank you so much Sweatha. My memory is so bad these days, I was checking the admin mail ID and was wondering why you haven’t replied. After reading your comment only I remembered that I sent you a mail from ere ID. I’ll write back to you. You are totally right, you can write it after a trying some more recipes and we can also get other bloggers’ reviews. Thanks for the idea.

  22. madhu

    one more thought for those who dont have pressure cooker… we can always soak the channa dal overnite or for few hours which will reduce the cooking process w/o cooker.

    That’s right Madhu.

  23. madhu

    awesome job madhuram…. but where can i find bulgur? i looked for it in indian stores but didnt find it… they referred to the broken wheat with the finest texture as bulgur… is this rite?? and thats what i have in hand… can i use that for this recipe?

    You will find it in the American grocery stores. I get it in the organic products aisle. It’s Bob’s Red Mill brand. Whatever we find in Indian stores is cracked wheat only, in whatever name they call it.

  24. Vidya

    What a neat idea. Absolutely creative.

    btw I am a regular visitor of your site. Nice job. Keep up the good work!


    Thanks Vidya.

  25. SS

    It is perfectly okay to take pride in what you do all the time 🙂 Especially this one -fiber protein all in one 😛

    That’s so sweet of you!